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General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/21/06


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Lorenzo and Skye are at the metro court mulling over what to do with her pregnancy. They talk about cravings and morning sickness and what it will mean to have the baby. Right then, Tracy enters and tells them they may congratulate her. She talks to them about their “bundle of joy”. But right then, Jax enters and tells Tracy she must leave them alone or he will get them thrown out of there.

Carly and Patrick are slow dancing at Coleman’s bar after playing pool. Right then, Robin walks in and sees them.

Sonny tells Emily that she means so much to him. He’s honored to be with her. And he confesses to her that he loves her. Hearing that, she hugs him and tells him that she is the one who is honored. But Sonny turns away to make it clear to Emily that he is lost in thought. She asks him what is wrong and asks him to talk to her. He tells her she doesn’t know what he’s capable of.

After Sam has suggested that Sonny and Emily could be in love and Jason may have no cause for alarm, he tells her that she does not know what Sonny is capable of. He goes to these places where he has no control over his actions. And if he were to hurt Emily, Jason won’t hesitate to kill him in order to protect his sister.

Alexis meets Ric and admits that she’s late because something happened that shocked her. She reveals that Carly is sleeping with Jax and he’s named her as little John’s legal guardian. Hearing that, Ric does not seem as shocked or worried as Alexis is. She then informs him that Sonny has named Carly as Kristina’s legal guardian if something were to happen to him. Ric tells her even if that were the case, it’s highly unlikely that both Alexis and Sonny will die and leave Carly to raise Kristina. She tells him he must realize that death threats are everywhere. The train wreck and so many things that have happened make her afraid that anybody could die. He then tells her that he doubts that her panic about this situation has anything to do with Carly or Sonny or Jax or Kristina. It’s about losing her first daughter.

Lorenzo asks Skye if she might want to talk about marriage. She tells him absolutely not.

At the bar after seeing Patrick dancing with Carly, Robin approaches them and tells Patrick she is there to apologize. She admits that she made some assumptions that she should not have about them. He asks her if she mistakenly thought that he had a $100 bet to sleep with her. She asks him if he expects her to spit that out in front of everybody. She then admits that shewas wrong and made a complete fool of herself to do what she did. She asks him if he wants her to grovel. Carly hears that and tells Robin she is amazed.

Sam tells Jason that she really thinks he’s over reacting about Sonny and Emily. He informs her that he was with Sonny once when he got drunk and cut himself and got blood all over the room. He was talking to his dead wife, believing Carly was dead. Carly was afraid to go near him.Sonny has these kinds of episodes that could happen for no reason. And he cannot risk having Emily anywhere around him. Sam tells Jason that maybe that’s in the past and it won’t happen with Emily.

Emily admits to Sonny that her marriage was destroyed because she could not face the truth. And she will not let that get in the way of another relationship again. She tells him that they both need to tell the truth. He tells her that a lot of people will be hurt if this gets out. She says she knows. He then reveals to Emily that Alexis is Sam’s mother. He now has to live with the fact that he’s slept with a mother and a daughter and has fathered children with both of them.

Luke calls Tracy to the Haunted Star, admits that this joint is back in operation. He wants her there as his wife and co-owner. She makes a joke about not being able to make it because she has a root canal. She then admits she is lying about the root canal. She has time to be there. But she believes that a root canal would be more enjoyable than entertaining the low life who will be there. Lulu tells her father that perhaps he should not put her step witch on the line. They both talk about Tracy’s suit with the fur collar. Luke talks about her wearing something more seductive. And they both make it clear to Tracy that she is only there to replace Skye.

Carly tells Robin that she is obsessed about morality and truth. She thinks she knows so much more than other people. But this time, it came back to bite her. She tells them she will go and get a drink. Alone with Robin, Patrick tells her that he knows that apologizing was more important than saving face. He asks her if she has anything else to talk about.

Sam tells Jason she understands his instinct to want to protect his sister. But maybe he needs to realize that Emily needs to make her own decisions. He must know how he does not appreciate people getting into his business. He admits to her that maybe he’s being a hypocrite. But he’s concerned.. She then reminds him that Danny had a protective instinct for her and didn’t want Jason around her. She asks him if he could walk away from that. He admits that he cannot. And she tells him that that is proof that love is stronger than anything else.

Emily asks Sonny if he already knew that Sam and Alexis were mother and daughter and did he sleep with the two of them at the same time. He admits he did not. But he is still not ok with that. She says she realizes this may be a bit creepy. But he cannot be so hard on himself. He tells her that he realizes that he slept with both Sam and Alexis in order to use them both. She asks him if he ever promised either of them to love them. He admits no. She tells him that he did not lie to them. He tells her that what he did was a different kind of lie. He then tells Emily that he did not know how to love a woman in his life until she died. And he does not want Emily to suffer because he does not know how to love somebody until he hurts them. She tells him that she has had her fair share of heart ach. But he must realize that what they are right now is a big step in the right direction. Her eyes are wide open. And she is not wrong in loving him. She kisses him. And again, they both know that it’s her cue to leave. She goes out the door.

When Skye admits to Lorenzo that she would not even consider marriage, she rationalizes that she is uncomfortable with Tracy in her business. But he knows that it has nothing to do with Tracy. She then admits that they barely know each other and are having a baby. And this is happening so fast. He tells her that he invited her to dinner for a reason.

Carly is shooting pool. Robin then tells Patrick that she may have been wrong about this one assumption. But she knows she’s not wrong about him. He is the most arrogant, shallow man on this side of the Atlantic. And even on the other side. She views Carly, tells Patrick he’s a jackass and confirms that he’s found the perfect woman to be with. Robin walks out and Patrick goes to Carly, asking her where were they. She tells him that she has to put on the brakes.

Right then, Sonny goes to the confession pulpit to confess his sins. The priest asks him what is on his mind. Sonny admits that he is afraid.

Right then, Jason goes to the docs and sees Emily. He informs her that it’s late. She informs him that she’s lost track of time. He tells her that it’s not a good idea for her to be out alone. She tells him he need not worry. He tells her she must know that Manny is on the loose. She tells him that Manny has no reason to target her. He tells her that Manny will go after anybody connected to Sonny. She tells him he has nothing to worry about because she and Sonny are just friends.

The priest asks Sonny what he wants to say to God. Sonny confesses that he slept with a mother and a daughter. Not at the same time. It was years apart. He did not know that they were mother and daughter but did not love either of them and used them and got them both pregnant. The priest asks if he committed adultery. He admits that he was separated and ready to divorce his wife. He is concerned about using those two women. He informs the priest that there is somebody else in his life and he does not want to use her in a similar manner.

Jason tells Emily that for a long time she needed him and he was not there for her. She tells her brother that her life is not his responsibility. Jason tells her that when she was in need of somebody to be there for her, she went to Sonny. And that’s because he was not there for his sister. Jason tells her that he will protect her whatever it takes.

Lorenzo tells Skye that they can plan for their baby’s future, build a nursery. She tells him that she could not picture him as a typical baby daddy. He tells her that he knows that the Quartermaines’ do not appreciate her and will not help her through the pregnancy, especially knowing that it is by him. She tells him that the Quartermaine’s are her family. And she wants to take this one-day at a time and see how it plays out. Right then, she gets a call from Gerald at the Haunted Star. He informs her that Mr. Spencer is kind of “out of control” and he does not know who else to call. She tells Gerald if Luke is drunk, she doesn’t want to get involved in that. He tells Skye that Luke is pounding holes in the wall. He thought she’d want to come down and protect her investment. And he wants her to come and see. Right then, Gerald gets off the phone and Lulu pays him, revealing that she’s put him up to calling Skye to get her to come down there.

Sonny tells the priest that the woman who is in his life is an amazing woman. She’s been really good to his kids. But he’s very concerned because so many people believe he’s not good for her. And there is one person who is afraid he’s going to hurt her in the end. When the priest hears him say: “in the end”, he tells him that only God can predict the future. He asks Sonny if he believes he is not good for Emily. Sonny admits that he has never felt as good as he’s felt when he’s with Emily. And he’s concluded that the only way to love Emily is to let her go. The priest then tells Sonny that maybe he should give himself a chance, let go of the past and know that God will forgive him. Not far behind, Jason appears, looking like he has a similar reason to approach the pulpit. Sonny sees Jason and tells him he cannot be following him, can he?

Luke rehearses, with Tracy what she should say to a desperate gambling addicted customer. She plays the role, acting like he’s a gambling addict, but fails to smile or project a “hostess image”. She tells him that they really don’t need to rehearse this image so intently. Half the drunks and losers that come into this place aren’t evengoing to remember anything that happens when they go to this place. Right then, Lorenzo and Skye enter and ask Luke and tracy what they are up to. Luke and Tracy appear to the other couple, as the “perfect couple” and Luke tells Skye that her days of being concerned about him are over.

At the metro court, Carly tells Jax that she was at Jake’s tonight with the newest, most eligible bachelor, a doctor. She tells him he may call her crazy but she walked away. He tells her she may call him crazy but he likes the sound of that. She asks him what they are going to do about this. He tells her that they are going to sleep together. And he does not see the harm in that.

Jason tells Sonny, at the church, that he’s very concerned about what they could both be capable of. Sonny asks Jason if he means in regard to Jason’s sister.

Luke asks Skye if she and Lorenzo should not be out buying diapers and cribs. She informs him that Gerald called her because he was concerned about Luke putting holes in the wall. He asks them why Lorenzo has accompanied her if that is the case. Lorenzo informs Luke that it was his idea to come and make sure that Luke was all right. He did not want Skye to have any undue stress in her condition. They then get up to leave and Lorenzo tells Luke and Tracy they might come to visit once they get the place set up.

Monica and Alan inform Robin and Patrick that Noah is nowhere to be found. He has not come to make his rounds and has not answered his page.

Jax looks like he might be jealous of Calry’s interest in another man. He tells her that he knows they both have a tendency of when they are warned not to do something, they want to do it more.

Jason tells Sonny that Emily is gentle and generous and easily hurt. Sonny tells Jason he may not give his sister enough credit. Jason informs Sonny that Emily reached out to help both Zander and Nikolas when they were in pain. And he’s worried. Sonny then tells Jason that he has to go. Sonny gets up and leaves.

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