GH Update Monday 3/20/06

General Hospital Update Monday 3/20/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Jax and Carly are kissing on her couch when Nikolas walks in. He says wouldn’t Courtney be interested to know the way the two of them are grieving her. He tells Carly that he’s particularly touched by the way she chooses to express her grief over the loss of her best friend. He reminds her that Courtney’s been dead for less than a month, and already Carly is ready to have sex with Courtney’s baby’s father. They both stare at him speechless.

Patrick arrives at Robin’s apartment. After she’s overheard him telling somebody on the phone that he would bet $100 that “she’d do it” and assuming that $100 is on the line if he gets to sleep with her, she is ready to have cheap sex with him. He asks her what has gotten into her. She tells him she only wants to help him cash in on the bet where he gets to nail the woman with HIV. When he does not respond to her advances, she ask shim if he is not up for the challenge of catching HIV.

Emily is on the couch at Sonny’s, closing her eyes and hearing footsteps which she assumes are Sonny’s. She tells the unseen person that she will not open her eyes until he kisses her. Little does she know it’s her brother, Jason, from whom she and Sonny want to hide their affair.

Right then, Sam and Sonny run into each other on the docks. They both admit that they are shocked and do not know what to do in response to learning that Alexis is her mother and he has slept with a mother and a daughter. They both agree that they do not intend to tell anybody else about this, including Alexis. Right then, Alexis enters and tells Sonny she needs to talk to him. He tells her now is not the time but she may call him. She tells him it’s very important and involves Kristina. She tells him that she’d like to wait by the car so that they can discuss it sooner than later Sam rips into Alexis again, telling her that she just barges in upon whomsoever and whatever whenever she feels like it. And she has no consideration for other people. She leaves and Alexis tells Sonny she’s getting tired of Sam’s attitude. And she’d like to talk to Sonny about their mutual daughter. She informs him that Carly informed her that Sonny has named her(Carly) Kristina’s legal guardian. And there is no way Alexis is going for that. Right then, Sonny has a memory of hearing Jason confirm to him that Alexis Davis is Sam’s mother. And he appears not to be paying attention to what Alexis is saying t him. He tells her he cannot deal with this right now.

After being found out by Jason, she tells him that she thought he was Morgan. He likes to play Sleeping Beauty. Jason obviously does not buy that.

Jax tells Nikolas how dare he come in there and pass judgment. He knows nothing about what they were doing. Nikolas tells him he knows what he just saw. Jax tells Nikolas that he accepted his(Nikolas’) tantrum at Courtney’s funeral. Nikolas had to rub Jax’s nose in the fact that Courtney only loved him. Nikolas slept with Courtney when she was married to Jax. And he’d like to know what Nikolas means when he says that Jax is dishonoring Courtney’s memory or what business it is of Nikolas if Jax were to sleep with another woman. Nikolas reminds Jax that he never loved Courtney. She was only a possession. So is her baby. Carly then steps in and tells Nikolas the last time she checked, this was her home and she wants him out. He leaves and Jax tells her he can see that Nikolas got to her. She tells Jax that Nikolas got to him also.

After hearing Robin assuming he has reservations about sleeping with her because she’s HIV positive, he tells her that if he were to do that, he would intend to use a condom. He’s knows all the medical information about how he doesn’t have to risk getting AIDs He seems very uncomfortable knowing that she is angry. She tells him that she overheard his phone conversation where there was $100 on the line for him to get her into bed. He gets up to leave And when he goes out the door, she informs him that he has just lost the bet because she would not sleep with him even if she were virus free and he were the last man on this earth. She tells him when she first met him, she thought he was the shallowest person she’d ever met. And she concludes that this just proves that her first impression was right. He tells her that he remembers her complimenting him on how well he handled everything during the epidemic. She tells him she would have only said that if she was sick and delirious. He tells her even after that, when she reassured him about the situation with his father. She tells him that maybe he fooled her for a while, coming across like a human being with a soul. But she knows that Patrick the surgeon is only flash and technique. His skill for getting into somebody’s brain is all about his arrogance and inability to connect. Hearing that and realizing she’s jumped to conclusions after overhearing his phone conversation, he tells her he’s sorry that she had to hear his side of the conversation.

Carly tells Jax that she is attracted to him. But Courtney was her best friend. And if Courtney were still there, she would never consider being with Jax. He tells her that since Courtney is dead, that is no longer an issue. She tells him that she wants to be with him but does not want to be sorry later. He tells her that it’s ok if she’s saying they may proceed with caution and not to put on the brakes entirely. He tells her that he’s ok with knowing if they were to take their relationship any further, there would be no regrets. He kisses her on the cheek and leaves.

Nikolas goes to the hospital to see baby John. He finds Elizabeth and tells her he knows for a fact that Jax is not there. So there’s no reason he cannot see his son. She then informs him that she cannot let him do that. Jax has put out a restraining order from Nikolas having any contact with the baby. It’s in their administrative files. And all hospital personnel are instructed to call the cops if they see him near the baby.

Emily tells Jason that she does not think it’s ok for her to disappear from Sonny’s kids’ lives. He tells her that’s fine with him. And he reveals to her that he has a lot on his mind. She asks if it’s anything he’d want to share. He tells her that Michael informed him that she went out of town. She lies and tells him that she went to Arizona with a girlfriend. They make small talk about how maybe he and Sam should travel and how she he’s glad she had fun on her trip. But when he leaves, she can sense the tension.

Sonny goes to Sam’s and tells her that he hopes they are on the same page. He does not want Alexis to ever know that she’s Sam’s mother, solely for Kristina’s sake. Hearing that, Sam tells Sonny that she is so tired of always hearing Alexis talk about how everything is for Kristina’s sake. Alexis can bully anybody she wants, take stem cells, let Danny die. And she can say it’s all for Kristina. Sam assures Sonny that she agrees with him that Alexis should not know that Sam is her daughter. Sam would never in a million years hurt Kristina. She is Sam’s little sister. But Alexis will forever use Kristina as an excuse to avoid responsibility for the fact that she threw her eldest child (Sam) away.

Lulu goes to the Haunted Star and is very surprised to see her father remolding the place. She freaks when she sees a picture of Nikolas’ naked grandmother. Luke tells his daughter he kind of misses the old gal. She gives the place a kind of cheesy flare.

Robin later walks into the doctor’s locker room to overhear Patrick and a colleague confirming that the $100 bet was that he could get somebody to agree to let him teach a seminar.

Alexis goes to meet Nikolas at the hospital after he’s called her to get legal representation. She looks at the restraining order. Nikolas tells her he cannot let Jax get away with this. Elizabeth confirms to Alexis that Nikolas has not done anything wrong when he’s come to visit the baby before. There was not a problem until Jax made it one. Nikolas protests to Alexis that he would have been the baby’s stepfather and Courtney would want him to be in the baby’s life. Jax then enters and Alexis tells him that she is asking him, as a friend, to drop the restraining order. And she tells both guys that it wouldn’t be a bad idea if they’d make a little effort to get along and put their differences aside. Jax tells Nikolas that he has done some bad things. Nikolas informs Alexis, for the first time that he walked in on Jax ready to have sex with Carly. She seems to “take note” of that.

Carly enters Sonny’s to see Emily. She asks her about the trip. Emily informs Carly she just got back and has come to see the boys. Carly tells Emily that she’s come because she’d like to take the boys home with her. She tells Emily she knows that something is “going on”. She informs Emily that Nikolas is having a big fat public melt down. And Emily needs to do something to stop it.

Sonny tells Sam that he would not get into something so personal in her life. It’s a good thing that she found her mother although a bad thing that it’s Alexis. He informs Sam, however, that he realizes she has every right to claim her mother if that’s what she wants to do. Sam says she does not intend to. He tells her that he realizes it’s her decision and he won’t try to get in the way. But he believes this is about Kristina and two people who made a mistake, chose to be irresponsible, and conceived her that way. He tells Sam he’s just concerned about Kristina asking questions of her parents about how they made her and what was involved. And he doesn’t want her to have to hear about her daddy making a baby with her older sister. Hearing that, Sam says it sounds really awful, as though their daughter’s life was a mistake. She tells Sonny that even if she were to hit Alexis with the fact that she had Sam and gave her up for adoption, she knows all too well that Alexis will just back pedal and make up more excuses in order to justify herself. So she concludes she will not waste the energy. Sam tells Sonny that she wants this secret to remain between herself, himself and Jason. She leaves and Jason walks in and informs Sonny that he’s just been by his house and had a “conversation” with Emily.

Lulu tells her father that she knows he’s in shock from finding out that Skye is pregnant with Lorenzo’s baby. She reveals that she was afraid he’d run off again. He tells her that he has no trouble facing things head-on. She tells him this time he did not disappear. Congratulations. But what is this whole thing about? He tells her he has to start working again. He needs to reopen this place. She tells him she knows this is about Skey. He tells her this has nothing to do with Skye. He’s tired of just sitting around the Quartermaine’s. She tells him she knows he’s kidding himself if he says this has nothing to do with Skye.

Robin hears more information from Patrick’s conversation with his colleague about the heroic thing Patrick did to convince a terrified mother that her daughter needed surgery. And the $100 the guy is giving him is for saving a little girl’s life. Patrick then notices Robin has overheard their conversation and he silently walks away from her.

At the hospital, Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she’s not defending Jax. But she’s concerned about him(Nikolas). She believes that he’s spending too much time with the baby in order to avoid dealing with the loss of Courtney. And that is unhealthy. She tells him that the baby is not a living memorial to Courtney.

After hearing Nikolas reveal that Jax was ready to sleep with Carly, Alexis tells him that he’s making a serious mistake. He tells her it’s none if her business. She tells him that since he is her oldest and most cherished friend, it is. She tells him that the restraining order was wrong. And messing around with Carly is outrageous.

Carly tells Emily that she’s not so concerned about Sonny. She just thinks that maybe Emily needs to be concerned about Nikolax. Emily tells Carly she knows that she(Carly) is messing around with Jax and provoking Nikolas.

Sam and Sonny inform Jason that they ran into Alexis on the pier. And they agree to keep the secret between the three of them. Sonny is ready to leave. Jason reminds Sonny that he’s been trying to reach him for a long time because he’s had concerns about Manny. Sonny bluffs about where he’s been and whom he’s been with and says they can talk all about this in the morning. Sonny goes out the door and Sam tells Jason that she feels as though the temperature has dropped 100degrees since he walked in the door and she asks Jason what is going on. He tells her that both Sonny and Emily have lied to his face.

Carly goes to the bar and sees Coleman. He tells her that Courtney was very special to him. She asks him what kind of “bond” the two of them had when he was not making Courtney strip. He tells her that he and Courtney were friends. He admired her and will miss her. She then concludes that perhaps they had something in common; Courtney. She goes over to the pool table and racks up the pool balls. Right then, Patrick enters and tells her he can challenge her to $20 a game. He’s already won $100 on a bet tonight and he’s feeling lucky.

At the hospital, Robin asks the attending doctor if he’s seen Patrick. He tells her that he’s at the bar.

Jason tells Sam it’s very obvious to him that Sonny and Emily are sleeping together. She tells him he cannot be certain of that. He tells her he knows it’s true and they are both lying to him.

Emily informs Sonny that Jason is probably onto them. He tells her, again, that he wants her but he believes they need to keep their relationship under wraps.

Lulu tells her father that she believes that he’s throwing himself into this “project” so that Skye might get the idea that he does not need her when maybe he really does. He tells her that’s absurd. And he calls Tracy. Lulu tells him that he cannot be serious about caring about the step witch. He tells her he is. Tracy, if nothing else has no expectations or emotional power over him. He tells his daughter that she should have some sort of teenage habit to partake in that will get his attention so that she doesn’t have time to get into his business. Hearing that, she reminds her father that she has to make up imaginary boyfriends named Elvis in order to get his attention. And she tells him what he had with Skye was precious and rare. He does not listen and asks her why she’d make up a boyfriend named Elvis.

Jax tells Alexis that he believes that Carly has made the best choice she can for her children. He respects her concerns but is not going to refuse to see Carly just because Alexis wants him too. Alexis looks upward and asks God to be with Jax. Again, Elizabeth and Nikolas attempt, unsuccessfully to get Jax to drop the restraining order.

At the bar, Carly and Patrick are dancing. Robin walks in to see them together.

Emily informs Sonny that it’s not a big deal that Carly may suspect that they are sleeping together. He tells her hat they have a healthy relationship that they should not have to hide. They are not doing it in order to hurt anybody or for any other dishonorable reason. Sonny tells Emily that he loves her.

Sam tells Jason that maybe he could consider that Sonny and Emily are in love. He tells her he cannot accept that because Sonny loses himself to a place that is so dark, he does not know what he’s doing and has no control of his actions. He tells her that if Sonny were ever to go to that place and hurt Emily, then he will have to kill him.

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