GH Update Wednesday 3/15/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/15/06


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At the rooming house above Kelly’s, Georgie is going into the hallway to shower and runs into Diego who’s just come out of the shower. He tells her that the wateris pretty hot. She can wait for it to cool off or she can let it steam. Dillon comes out, reminds her she’s forgotten her loofa, and is able to see that his girlfriend has just encountered his enemy in the hallway.

Carly takes Morgan to the hospital for a checkup. On the way out, she runs into Monica whom she thought would not yet be back from her trip with Emily. Monica informs her that there was a change of plans and Emily decided, instead to visit an old college friend. Carly obviously doesn’t buy that.

Sonny awakens to find that Emily has been up for a long time and he’s slept very late. She has a basket with fruit. They are happy to see each other again. She tells him she’s decided to stay. She can see that this place is good for him. He tells her what is good for him is her. And he kisses her.

Jason is on the phone asking Sonny to call him as soon as he shows up. Sam is on the computer planning on getting her GED. She tells him that she’s doing it because she cannot go to college without a diploma. And you cannot go to law school if you don’t go to college. He asks her why she’d want to go to law school. She asks him why does he think? She wants to be a lawyer.

Dillon acknowledges that it does not get much weirder than this to be running into Diego in the hallway and find that they are bathing and sleeping and working together in such close quarters. He tells Georgie that she needs to get a bathrobe. He tells her she needs to get to school today. She tells him she’s not going to class. Mike needs help and they need money. He tells her that after she’s almost ready to graduate from high school and has been accepted to just about every college in the country, she mustn’t give up now. He asks her if she wants their parents’ nightmare of their lives ruined to come true? Does she want to work for minimum wage and tips and live in sleaze holes like this? She tells him it doesn’t matter. She’s not going to college.

Sam tells Jason that he must know that her idea to become a lawyer has nothing to do with finding out Alexis is her mother and wanting to follow in her foot steps. She wants to get an education and a real job. He tells her he thinks it’s great that she has goals even if it will take a long time to get there. But being a lawyer is a little too much. She tells him that long before she found out that Alexis was her mother, she was “inspired” by Alexis when she saw her defending Manny and being able to twist the law. She wants to be able to have the same power. No longer be helpless to fight back. And then it hit her that the only thing Alexis has that she does not is a law degree. She wants to get married and have babies. But she also wants to use her brain and make something of herself.

Right then, Manny is outside of Kelly’s talking on the phone about a guy named Santiago who had some dealings with Lorenzo Alcazar’s son 6 months before he was due to be released. Lorenzo comes by and informs Manny that his son got paroled. He ratted out another inmate. He wants to make sure that his son is safe. Manny can help him by keeping his ears open. He needs to resolve it so that they can get back to business. Manny reminds Lorenzo that he has nothing against him or his son. He just wants to ruin Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan. Lorenzo leaves. Right then, Kristina runs out in front of Manny. Before she can get into Kelly’s, she drops her doll and Manny picks it up for her. He makes contact with her and smiles, all friendly. Right then, Ric appears to see Manny speaking to his stepdaughter.

Emily is asking Sonny what they can eat and drink and do for the next few hours. Perhaps they can go to a casino. He tells her that he can think of many ideas and she must tell him how she wants to spend this time.

Carly runs into Max at Sonny’s.  She asks him if he’s been working out. She tells him that a woman would feel really safe to be around him. He’s a big strong man. He tells her he has to go. She tells him they need to have a little talk. Right then, Leticia comes downstairs. Carly asks her if she can take Morgan to her home so he can take a nap. Right then, Max tells her he can do it (obviously to get away from Carly). But she tells him it’s not his responsibility. She asks him to sit and stay and tells him he needs a drink for this one. He tells her he cannot drink during the day. He could get fired. She reminds him that Sonny is not there. She tells him that the two of them have a lot to discuss. She hopes he can be honest with her. She knows that Sonny is with Emily. She knows that Max knows also. And she tells him he gets to tell her where they went.

Maxie walks through the hallway at Kelly’s to see her sister, runs into Diego and eyes him coldly. He tells her that he has no choice except to live there. She reminds him that his dad is the richest guy in town. He has other choices. He tells her that he has the right to freedom after paying his debt to society. She tells him she will never forget what he did to her. But she’s willing to overlook it if he promises to stay away from her sister. He asks her if that is not up to Georgie. Maxie then walks in to hear Dillon and Georgie arguing about money, how she believes she should wait to go to college because they can’t afford it. Maxie then walks in and tells them maybe she can help with a check that she got. They don’t want to accept her “help” but she tells them they can consider it a belated wedding gift. Georgie gets up to go to work. Maxie tells Dillon that she knows it’s not great for them to be living across the hallway from a criminal. But she tells him he has nothing to worry about and informs her that Jesse pulled a gun on Diego the last time he made contact with Georgie. Hearing that, Dillon is not happy to find out that Diego made contact with Gerogie and she did not tell him.

Ric says nothing to Manny while he(Manny) “makes nice” to Kristina. But he’s not ok. Ric picks her up to go inside. Manny tells Ric that he and his little girl were just chatting and getting to be friends. He informs Kristina that her momma and step daddy are his heroes. The saved him from going to jail. Manny tells Ric that his stepdaughter is an angel. Ric tells Manny that from the day that the verdict was handed down, their “relationship” ended. Manny smiles and asks Kristina to tell her mommy that Manny says hi.

Sam tells Jason that this has absolutely nothing to do with Alexis. She has to do this for herself. He tells her that he just has concerns about her having to make this commitment to work so hard and take all this time. She tells him that maybe he doubts her ability to succeed in law school. He tells her he has no doubt that she is smart enough. But he’s concerned about her attention span. She might get bored. She tells him that maybe she could be similar to Erin Brochovich. Maybe she can represent him and Sonny and be on their payroll. He tells her that he’d prefer to keep their personal and professional lives separate. He believes that she is smart. She’s a good talker. She can do anything she puts her mind to. And she would make a great lawyer. She smiles at him.

Carly asks Max if he is afraid of her. He tells her maybe a little. She tells him that maybe a little fear is good. She tells him she wants to save Sonny and Emily and all the people she loves and he gets to help her do that. He tells her that any questions of a personal nature she will have to ask Sonny. She asks Max how long they’ve known each other and he must know that he can trust her. If she makes a promise she will keep it. She promises if he does not divulge to her what she wants to know, the whole world is going to know about the “hot love affair” they have been having behind Sonny’s back. She then gropes him and looks like she’s going to kiss him. She tells him that many people saw them dancing and believe they got a room at the metro court. Sonny would feel very betrayed to know that his best body guard is boinking his wife. Max then looks very panicked and afraid of her. She tells him that he needs to tell her where Sonny and Emily have gone.

Emily tells Sonny that she’s been reading about all the cultural events in the area. She tells him she has a bad habit of always reading. Jason makes fun of her. But he reads travel books for fun. Hearing her talking about Jason, Sonny tells her that Jason is his best friend and her brother and he has his opinions. He’s trusted Jason’s instincts for many years. But since they’ve been together, he’s starting to trust something else a little more.

Lucas meets Guy at the docks and informs him that his cousin, Lucky, the cop, has some insider information on Frank, the gay basher. Frank has apparently hired a high-power lawyer and is going to get a good defense for what he did. Guy asks if he’s going to allege that they asked him to assault them. Lucas says that he will make it look like they both came on to him and he defended himself. Guy says Frank must have a good opinion of himself if he thinks anybody would believe that. And why would he have to assault them both? Lucas reminds him that they were too separate indcidents. Hearing that Lucas must be a real “rookie” with gay rights and court testimonies, Guy asks him if he’s going to lose his cool when he testifies against Frank.

Jesse tells Dillon that he can tell it will be a very sticky situation when Diego has just recently made parole and makes a B line straight for Georgie. And right then, at Kelly’s Georgie and Diego are both working. He tells her he worked a lot in prison. She tells him she can imagine how hard that was for him. He tells her there was a lot of noise. Many guys in one room, everybody talking. You couldn’t get any rest in there. And last night, he just sat in his room and listened to silence for the first time in a long time. Maxie comes in and tells Georgie she mustn’t let Diego interfere with what she has with Dillon. She tells her sister that for somebody so smart, Georgie is really thick. That guy knows just how to push Dillon’s buttons. Jesse approaches Diego and tells him one slip up and he’s back to Pentonville. Right then, Georgie looks like she’s going to slip and fall. Diego catches her. And Dillon grabs a hold of him and tells him he better not put his hands on his wife.

Carly tells Max he better tell her where Sonny and Emily are.

Sonny is on the phone leaving messages to the people who are waiting for him. He tells Emily he’d like nothing more than staying there with her. But he has to get back

Sam tells Jason she has to go and get some studying materials and do some reading. He tells her he’s happy to see her so excited about something. She then goes out the door and Ric is there. He enters and informs Jason that Manny got dangerously close to Kristina today. He’s been trying and failing to get a hold of Sonny. So he needs to tell Jason. Jason wants to rub Ric’s nose in how he is responsible for Manny’s release from prison. And he asks Ric what he wants from him. Ric spits it out that he wants Jason to kill Manny.

Guy asks Lucas if he plans to back out of pressing charges against Frank. Lucas tells him of course he plans to press charges. The guy nearly killed them. Guy tells Lucas he needs to be a little more committed to the cause. Lucas tells Guy he may not want to march in a parade. This is not about politics. Guy tells Lucas that gay bashing is all about politics. Lucas tells Guy that he may not be the poster child for gay rights that Guy is but Guy needs to respect the way he chooses to deal with it. Guy then walks away and tells Lucas that maybe what Lucas does is none of his business. He looks very disappointed in Lucas.

Diego tells Dillon that he is aware that Georgie is not available to him. He knows the two of them are married and in love. She told him that. He walks away and Georgie tells Dillon that that is the truth. Dillon then apologizes but asks her how they are going to do this and pay the bills and protect their sanity. She tells him they need to realize that they love each other. And if they can do that, then they can get through anything.

Sonny tells Emily that he knows how good she is for him. He has no doubt that he should be with her and that this is right. But now is not a good time. He needs to be with his kids. He attempts to explain to her about how Michael might be getting older and getting a life of his own. Kristina is with her mother. But Morgan is just a baby. She tells him he does not need to explain.

Max tells Carly that she cannot be making up stories to Jason and Sonny that the two of them are having an affair. And he tells her that Sonny did not take Emily to the islands, knowing that Sonny has demanded that he keeps his mouth shut about it. He tells her hypothetically, if a “certain somebody” thought that Sonny was sleeping with his sister off on some island, she must know what this individual would do.

Ric tells Jason that he may call him crazy, but he is not going to accept the fact that Manny is free to roam the streets and be in close proximity to Kristina. Yes, the system failed. But he needs to protect his stepdaughter. He cannot get a hold of Sonny. He was hoping that Jason would want to protect Sonny’s daughter. Jason asks Ric if Alexis knows that he’s doing this. Ric tells Jason that he needs him to rid the streets of that piece of trash, Manny. Jason tells Ric if he kills Manny, then Ric will always have something on him. Ric tells Jason if he kills Manny, he promises never to go after him again.

Lucas finds Maxie and admits to her that he cancelled his session with Lanie. He doesn’t want to think he’s mentally ill and in need of a shrink. He has his own fantasies about a picture perfect life of being gay. But there’s the cold reality of what he has to live with in the way of gay bashers as well as fellow gay men who believe he has no integrity. She tells him that being heterosexual is no picnic. Dillon and Georgie are living with that.

Lorenzo meets Diego and warns his son that he’s in serious trouble. He asks him how much he knows about this man he turned in. Diego admits he knows very little beyond his name being Chico. Lorenzo tells his son that he will handle things from here on out. Diego can live with him and they can get out of the area. But Diego tells him that he knows it will not work. He doubts his father’s pregnant girlfriend would want an ex-con living in her home. She should not have to have that and neither should Lorenzo. He tells his father that he’s made it on his own before without any help. Lorenzo tells him he doesn’t have to. But Diego protests that he is not a kid and he will be fine. Lorenzo tells his son all right. He’s free to change his mind any time he wants. He tells him he must watch his back. And he hugs his son. Diego tells his father that watching his back is second nature for him. Lorenzo leaves and Manny is hiding and spying upon them.

Sonny and Emily are ready to go back to Port Charles.

Jason calls Max to talk to him. Max assumes that Jason wants to get involved in carly’s personal life. Jason tells him that’s not what he wants to see him about. He asks him if he’s seen Manny Ruiz around Sonny’s kids or around Carly. Max replies no. Jason informs Max that Ric came by and informed him that Manny was making contact with Kristina. Max asks Ric if he wants Manny “eliminated” and reminds him that Sonny had strict orders not to kill Manny so that they could be able to link him to Lorenzo Alcazar. Jason asks Max to keep a close eye on Manny to see if he comes near the kids or Carly or Sam so that they can catch him before he makes his next move. Right then, Carly enters and informs Max that she’d like to talk to Jason alone. He asks Carly what the problem is. She informs him that they have been lied to.

Georgie rereads a letter she got from Diego where he tells her that he so appreciates hearing from her and knowing about her dealings in the real world. Dillon then comes in and asks her if she’s studying. She obviously does not admit to him what she is reading. He then tells her that perhaps he can fit a matinee into their budget.

Right then, Diego is at the dock reading a letter that he wrote but does not plan to send to Georgie where he reveals that he loves her although she is married. Right then, two guys come from nowhere and start punching and assaulting Diego. He fights them but there are two against one. Manny is hiding and watching.

Ric finds Sam sitting and reading at Kelly’s. She tells him she’s busy and in no mood to hear his lectures about the way she treated his precious wife. He tells her that he’s very worried about Manny endangering Kristina. He’s already asked Jason and might be able to use her help. Knowing she saved Krstina once, she might be able to do it again. Little does he know what Sam is to Kristina.

Sonny and Emily are flying back. She tells him that she thinks she should head to the hospital first. That way, maybe nobody will suspect that they’ve been together. He asks her if she really wants to hide and sneak around. She tells him that she doesn’t want this to be like they are having an illegal affair. They are both single, consenting adults. And she so wishes that they did not have to lie to Jason. He tells her some day they can go back to the island.

Jason gets a call from somebody who tells him that there is a reason why Sonny has not gotten back to him. He tells the contact that this is urgent. He doesn’t care if Sonny does not want to be disturbed. If Sonny does not contact him, he’s flying down there himself. Carly is standing there listening to Jason on the phone. He turns and asks her what her problem with Sonny is about.

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