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General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/14/06


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At the Quartermaine house, right in the middle of all the arguments between Tracy and Luke, in regard to Dillon and Georgie and the inquiries about Lorenzo and Skye, Alice announces that Mr. Alcazar has a guest. Diego enters. Dillon demands to know what Diego is doing out of prison. Georgie grabs the phone to prevent the others from calling the cops on Diego. Lorenzo asks his son what brought him there. Diego explains to his father that he called his house and Lorenzo’s staff said he was not there. Tracy says she does not believe a word Diego says and Luke must do something. She wants that criminal out of her house. Lorenzo shouts to her not to insult his son. Skye then feels a headache coming on and is ready to faint. She asks everybody to just be quiet. Lorenzo then blurts out that Skye does not need any stress because she is pregnant. Tracy instantly slaps Luke off his chair, calling him a pig and assumes he is the father.

In the metro court, Max is asking his brother to help him prevent Carly from sleeping with Jax. His brother tells him they will need more men and asks why he’s so concerned about this. Max informs him that Jason asked him not to let Carly do anything stupid. They stand outside the door of the room where they believe Carly and Jax have slept. But they see that the bed has not been touched. Right then, Carly enters and asked them if they are disappointed.

Jax goes to the hospital and finds out that the doctors and nurses have discovered that baby John’s blood type is not compatible with his or Carly’s. Right then, Robin comes out to talk to Jax. He asks her how her date went with Patrick. She tells him she hopes he can assure her that he did not sleep with Carly.

Right when Sam and Jason are on the docks, mulling over whether Sam should inform Alexis that they are biological mother and daughter, and Sam concludes that it’s better for everybody that Alexis never finds that out, they are interrupted by Kristina running toward the pier. Right then, Sam stops her, tells her she needs to be careful and looks at her in a “big sisterly way”. Kristina smiles at Sam almost as if she sees her as family. She informs Sam that her mom always tells her that very same safety rule. Alexis comes behind her daughter, then smiles at Sam and thanks her for saving Kristina from a possible accident. Sam then hears herself telling Alexis that she hates her and will never forgive her for giving her up for adoption although she does not say it. Kristina can tell by Sam’s silent expression, that she is unhappy about something and asks her what is wrong. Sam courteously tells Kristina that she was just thinking about her brother Danny. He used to love the ferryboats too. Kristina tells Sam that she looks so sad. Sam responds to Kristina’s question by informing her that her brother is now in heaven along with her little girl. Knowing that this will end in a confrontation, Alexis has Ric take Kristina. Alone with Sam and Jason, Alexis tells Sam that Kristina is just a little girl and probably cannot understand the pain that Sam feels. Sam asks Alexis if she was afraid that perhaps Sam would tell Kristina that her(Sam’s) brother died because of her(Alexis). Alexis tells Sam she’d certainly hope Sam would never do anything like that. Sam asks Alexis what about if she were to tell Kristina what a hypocrite her mother is. Would that be appropriate, she asks Alexis? Because that’s what Alexis is. Alexis tells Sam to please be careful what she says to Alexis’ daughter. Alexis gets up to leave. Sam tells her she may enjoy her dessert at Kelly’s. And she hopes that one day Alexis’ daughters realize what kind of a mother they got stuck with. Alexis is a hypocrite and she is not any kind of a mother. Jason then tells Sam that she doesn’t want to do this here.

Carly goes to the room where Max and his brother are attempting to find her with Jax. She asks them why they are sneaking into one of her hotel rooms. She frisks Max. He informs her that he had orders from Jason. She tells him she’s just looking for a camera. She then concludes that she knows the reason why they are there is not because they are spying for Sonny and Jason. She then attempts to blackmail Max into having his brother believing that he has “feelings” for her. She tells them that she will keep her mouth shut if she promises to have Sonny and Jason stay out of her life.

Tracy tells Luke that he is a sleezeball to cheat on her and get Skye pregnant. Lulu protests that Tracy leave her father alone. She asks him what kind of an example he’s setting for Dillon, not to mention for his own daughter. Right then, Lorenzo “clarifies” the situation by informing them that Skye is pregnant by him. Hearing that, Luke asks Skye why she’d want to be trapped with that guy. Hearing that, Skye tells him that “trapped” is when she sits by the phone waiting to hear from him (Luke) while he’s off on one of his little adventures. “Trapped” is sitting around pining for him when he’s there. “Trapped” was her believing all this while that he would really divorce Tracy when it’s obvious that he’d never do that. She admits that the pregnancy is a hock and a surprise. But it confirms that she really wants to be with Lorenzo,, especially now that they have a baby on the way. Hearing that, Diego gets up to leave. Georgie tells them that they must realize that Lorenzo has caused his son to go away by blurting this out.

Robin tells Jax that she wishes he’d realize what kind of a person Carly really is. He tells her that maybe they disagree. She tells him she is very concerned that Carly could treat baby John just like she treated her own children. He responds by telling her that he “really needs” Carly in his life. Right then Carly enters to “confirm” his “need” for her and kisses him in front of Robin

Patrick tells Nikolas that even if he was Courtney’s fiancé, the hospital does not have to grant him any rights to her baby. Only the father of the child can authorize that and Jax has chosen not to. Right then, Lucky and Elizabeth appear and ask if there is a problem. Nikolas then asks them to remind Patrick that Cassadine money, his money, is what keeps this hospital open. It should give him certain privileges including being able to see his dead fiancé’s child.

Alexis tells Sam she can hate her as much as she wants. But she refuses to apologize for protecting her daughter. Sam has to rub Alexis’ nose in the fact that she does not know how to protect her daughter when she came running out and could have fallen into the frozen river. Alexis tells Sam that she appreciates Sam helping prevent Kristina from falling but she does not believe that Sam has the right to judge her as a mother to Kristina. Sam tells Alexis she knows that Alexis believes she is mother of the year. Hail to Alexis Davis. Alexis is such a great mother to Kristina. She must remember that it’s Sam’s baby who saved her. She gets really heated and Jason leads her away from Alexis. Alexis stares at her speechless.

Georgie asks Lorenzo and Skye if it’s not just the slightest bit insensitive to be talking about a baby that is not even born yet, right in front of Diego? Tracy and Lulu asks her why she’s so concerned. She says that she is concerned about how it feels for Diego to suddenly get out of prison, go to see his father, find out he’s gotten somebody pregnant and be completely ignored. Dillon leads her out the door before there’s another confrontation. Skye then tells Lorenzo it’s ok with her for him to go after his son.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Nikolas, Elizabeth and Lucky that this is not an amusement park or museum. This is a hospital. They can’t just let anybody walk in and attend a maternity ward to see babies when they are not on the list. Nikolas asks Patick why he is so concerned about this when he is a neuro surgeon. Elizabeth tells Patrick that she and Lucky will clear this up. He tells her he hopes they can and walks out. Lucky then tells Nikolas that Patrick Drake is an arrogant jerk. But Nikolas’ attitude is not helping anything. He tells them that the baby is all he has left of Courtney

Noticing that Carly wants to give the appearance to Robin that she’s sleeping with him, Jax then gets on the phone to book a room with her. She asks him what he’s doing. He replies that if she is so interested in having people believing they are sleeping together, why not do it?

Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she understands what the baby means to him. But if he is not on the list, hospital policy will not let him see him. He reminds her that after Courtney, died, Jax told him he was ok with Nikolas visiting the baby. Lucky suggests that maybe Jax had second thoughts because of the way Nikolas went off at Courtney’s funeral. He also tells Nikolas that he was way out of line with the way he spoke to Elizabeth at the funeral. Nikolas apologizes to her. She tells him she will forget all about it if he promises to approach Jax as the reasonable, rational person she knows he can be. And she knows Jax will put him on the list to see the baby whenever he wants

Jax demonstrates to Carly that he is very capable of having cheap, shallow meaningless sex with her. When she indicates that she does not find that funny, he tells her that he let her get on an elevator with him in order to mislead Max. But he will not tolerate her using him to wave in Robin’s face. He also remembers her using him to make Courtney think he was cheating on her and make her think she was back with Jason. She protests that his very attraction to Courtney in the first place was founded upon “the chase”. He tells her that he really did fall in love with Courtney. She apologizes and acknowledges that she really misses Courtney. And she tells him that if she ever kisses him again, it will be for real

Right then, Max is standing outside Jason and Sam’s apartment rehearsing with his brother what he’s supposed to tell Jason that he saw Carly doing. It seems not to be an issue with Jason, when he arrives home however. He is preoccupied with Sam’s revelation about Alexis. Sam tells Jason that she does not want to forget her biological mother. What she wants is for Alexis to be somebody else.

At Kelly’s, while having desert with the girls, Alexis tells Ric that she knows that Sam hates her and will never forgive her for the fact that her baby died in order to save Alexis’ baby and that her brother died in order to save Alexis. And Sam is obsessed about proving that Alexis is a bad mother.

Sam tells Jason that when she found out that Evelyn was not really her mother, she was relieved. She did not care for that woman. And she felt a sense of hope that her real mother might be somebody whom she could really love and appreciate. She tells him that she created this perfect mother in her head. This woman who loved her, who did the right thing and fought really, really hard in order to keep her and did not want to give her up. She thought about a woman who would celebrate Sam’s birthday and sit alone in the park and think about her. Of all the women on this earth who could be her mother, it would have to be somebody she hates. It’s so unfair that it would have to be Alexis. Kristina and Molly get to have a great mother. But she cannot.

Ric tells Alexis that she needs to stop beating herself up and be so worried about Sam. He tells her that Sam is in shock, very angry and living with pain and grief. She lost her baby. She lost her brother. She needs somebody to blame. He tells Alexis she must give herself a free pass and realize that she had to save Kristina’s life and needed Sam’s help for the bone marrow transplant. Sam had a pre-existing medical condition that caused her baby to be stillborn. And she was forced to make another decision to not allow herself to leave her daughter’s motherless. Nobody had any control over what happened to Danny. Alexis tells Ric that if she had just waited a few minutes later, she could have saved her own life without having to end Danny’s. She asks him why Danny would not have the same right to live as anybody else just because he’s disabled. And why Sam’s baby would not have the same right to live as Kristina. Ric tells Alexis she must realize that she’s not going to get through to Sam and she has to let it go. She tells him that he’s the pot talking to the kettle, in reference to his own guilt complex with Sonny. He tells her that he admits he has a need for acceptance from his brother. But she does not have that connection with Sam. She’s not family. She’s nothing to Alexis. So it’s totally different.

Dillon and Georgie go to Kelly’s and inform Mike that they need a place to stay. He asks them what is up and why they want to move in together especially in such a small place when they both have families. They inform him that they have gotten married. He’s still a little puzzled but tells them he can find them a room to live in and does not want to stand in the way of true love.

Lorenzo asks Diego how he managed to get paroled so soon. Diego informs his father that he ratted out a murderer. Hearing that, Lorenzo asks his son if he’s out of his mind and tells him that by doing that, he has jus signed his death warrant.

Right then, while Manny is mopping the hospital floors, another janitor informs him that Lorenzo’s kid just got paroled. Manny asks if Lorenzo had to call in a favor for his son. The guy says no. He knows that the kid did it for himself. He snitched on one of Manny’s guys. And right then, Manny looks very content.

Jason asks Sam if she will feel better when she tells Alexis the big secret. Sam tells him she wants to see the look on her face. He asks her what will happen afterward. She tells him that Alexis will find out that she gave up her first-born child. She reminds him that Alexis Davis is one of the smartest, most resourceful lawyers around. She knows Alexis could have and would have found her long ago if she’d wanted to. She then remembers that he told her that it would be ultimately pointless to rub Alexis’ nose in that. She will only justify herself and make it not her fault. She tells Jason she knows that he is the only person who really loves her and knows what she really needs in her life. Right then, Carly barges into their home. Jason tells her this is not a good time. But Sam agrees to leave so that he can talk to Carly. Carly asks Jason why he would have Max follow her. He tells her he’s just concerned about her seeing Jax. She tells him that she has the right to have dinner with him. She’s single and he’s her business partner. He tells her if she wants to have an affair with Jax, it’s her business. But she will regret it in the end. She asks him just what he’s going to lecture her about.

Lorenzo tells Diego that he needs to realize that his father had every intention of helping him and just wishes that he’d trust his father. But Diego reminds his father that he knows he has another kid on the way. He knows he’s on his own and cannot rely on daddy to bail him out or care about him. Diego runs off and Lorenzo calls to him demanding he gets back there.

Dillon and Georgie get settled into their new room at Kelly’s.

At the Quartermaine house, Tracy tells Lulu that her father and the new “little mother to be” need some alone time. Lulu tells Tracy that if she thinks that this means that Lulu’s dad is all hers’, that could never happen. Tracy tells her it just did. Alone with Skye, Luke tells her that a kid is a big step. He’s concerned that she might be getting into something that might not be as great as she imagines it. She tells him that she wants the future with a man and a child. He tells her that she must feel as though the two of them had some good times together. She tells him of course they did. But she cannot live on the edge any more. She tells him that when she first stopped drinking, it took a while to lose the desire for a drink But each day, she kept having less and less of a desire and eventually found that other things were more important in her life. That’s how habits work. With him, it was a very similar habit. She sat around waiting and hoping for things to work out with him. And now she knows she is done with another “habit”. She tells him that she will always care about him. He concludes, that he knows, however, that she does not love him.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth and Lucky that he’s not going to grovel for permission to see the baby from a man who has shown no respect for Courtney’s memory. Lucky tells him, like it or not, Jax is the baby’s father and has final say as to who has access to his child. Jax comes by and acknowledges that Nikolas has no access to go near his child. He tells Nikolas he cannot be there after the crap he pulled at Courtney’s memorial service. Nikolas tells Jax they all have the right to grieve in their own way. Jax asks him if that gives him the right to steal Courtney’s ashes. He tells Nikolas if he does not stay away from the baby, he will take out a restraining order. Nikolas reminds Jax that Courtney chose him(himself) over Jax. Jax reminds him that Courtney is dead and Nikolas has no legal rights or claims to that child. He tells Nikolas that if he’s so concerned about Courtney’s wishes, he’s certain that Courtney would put her child’s needs before Nikolas’ broken heart. And if Nikolas loves Courtney as he claims, then he will stay away from her child.

Diego just so happens to find a room right next to Dillon and Georgie at Kelly’s. Georgie is ok with that but Dillon is not.

Lulu finds her dad and tells him she knows that he’s upset to have lost Skye. Luke admits to his daughter that he now knows that Skye should have never gotten involved with a guy like him. And he was a fool to think she’d sit around and wait. She asks him if he’s told Skye that he loves her. He should have, she says. He then says here’s to all the “should have, could have, would haves” that will torture him for the rest of his life.

Alone with Lorenzo, knowing about the problems he has with his son, Skye tells him that she knows she’s come from a dysfunctional upbringing. She grew up shuffled from one place to the next with people who did not love her. And she will not let that happen to their child. She tells him he may call her hormonal or crazy. But she believes that their baby has a chance. He holds her.

Carly tells Jason that regardless of Jax’s negative history, he is the father of Courtney’s baby. And she promised her best friend she’d take care of the baby. Jason tells Carly that he just cannot understand her. What is the point in giving love to somebody who will never give it back? Hearing that, she tells him that he is not talking about her. He’s talking about something else.

Right then, while Alexis is with Ric and her daughters in a happy family moment, enjoying sundaes, Sam is outside the window watching them, unseen.

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