GH Update Monday 3/13/06

General Hospital Update Monday 3/13/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Emily tells Sonny that she’s run away from other people in situations when she could not deal with the truth. But that’s not why she’s leaving him now. He asks her what the reason is. She tells him she has figured out the reason why he’s moody and having these nightmares and not telling anybody what’s going on. It’s because he feels guilty about sneaking off to Spain with her and for going behind everybody’s back. So, for that reason, she believes that it’s better she leaves now than to stay and watch him wrestle with his conscience.

Right when Georgie is getting ready to leave with Dillon, Diego comes by. He informs her he’s been paroled from prison and came to see her. He hides when Dillon comes back and Dillon asks Georgie if there is something wrong.

Alexis and Ric return from their mission and meet their daughters at Kelly’s . She tells them she’s missed them so much. Kristina tells her mom she thought she was never coming back. Alexis assures her daughter that she will always, always come back. No matter where she goes or what she does. She loves her and Molly and Ric. Right then, Nikolas enters and informs his aunt that he just got a call from a mysterious Mr. Oliver who used to work for Nikolas’ grandfather back in the 80s. And he told Nikolas about some cousin he never knew he had. Alexis is not ready to tell her nephew the reason for that call quite yet at that point.

Right then, Jason and Sam sneak into the administrator’s office at the private girl’s school where Alexis went before she got pregnant. Although the woman has told them that she cannot divulge the name of the girl who was out of school the year in question for an entire semester,(whom they believe could be Sam’s mother) the woman has gone to the lady’s room and they are looking through the year book. Still having no clue who Sam’s biological mother is, they look and discover an entry where no photo is available and assume that might be Sam’s biological mother. Right then, Jason notices the name Davidovich leaping out at him and he remembers where he’s heard that name before. Sam asks him if he knows anybody by that name. He reveals to her that they both do. And he informs her that he remembers somebody with that name now goes by the name of Davis. Hearing that, Sam is shocked to find out that it’s possible (probable) that Alexis Davis is her mother.

Sonny tells Emily that he does not feel guilty being with her. He’s uncomfortable keeping their relationship a secret. But he believes it’s kinder than flaunting it in everybody’s face. She tells him she knows that something is different. There is something in his voice. It sounds like sadness or regret. He tells her that he wants it to work out and has his worries. But it’s not about her family or Jason or Carly. It’s about him. She tells him that she’s worried about how he cannot sleep. He tells her that the cause of his sleeplessness can come from many things. But the point is, when it happens, he cannot control it. And he cannot control himself.

At the Quartermaine house, Skey is getting ready for another date with Lorenzo while Tracy and Luke are contending with their feelings about that. Right then, Lulu enters. Tracy tells her husband that he needs to teach his offspring some manners. She tells Lulu that after she booted Dillon and Georgie from the house, her dad is not going to make the same mistake that she made. So she will do whatever she wants. Right then, Tracy goes out the door to catch Dillon. She tells her son perhaps she was a bit hasty to have run him out of her house.

At Kelly’s Alexis is ready to tell Nikolas her secret while Ric goes off with the girls and the nanny. She tells her nephew that they have to discuss this now. He asks her if this is the reason why she and Ric came by his home to ask for information about Mikos’ secret files. He asks her what kind of deep, dark Cassadine secret this involves. She tells him for the first time that she got pregnant when she was 16 and gave the baby up for adoption.

Right after Jason and Sam have entered and then left the school office, the woman can tell that they’ve gone through the yearbook. When they get in the truck and on their way back, Sam tells Jason that she really needs to find out whether it’s true that Alexis is her mother. Jason then gets on the phone to ask his contact to get any and all information he can come up with on Alexis Davis. She tells him she knows he’s hoping that it’s a mistake and Alexis is not her mother. He asks her if she is not hoping for the same thing.

Emily asks Sonny how long his “bouts” last. He tells her a few days or weeks. But he tells her it’s no big deal. Although he cannot sleep or work when it happens, he can get a lot done. He sometimes feels a big rush. Then he will crash. Then it will go away. He tells her that sometimes it last a little longer and it gets to the point where he cannot function. She asks him if he’s ever talked to a doctor about this and suggests that it could be a chemical imbalance. Hearing that, he almost snaps at her that he does not need a doctor. He informs her that the reason he shared this with her is because he’s not ashamed of it. He has nothing to hide. He’s glad he can be with her. The only thing he regrets is that it has to end. Hearing that, she asks him why it has to end.

Skye and Lorenzo go to the hospital together to find out about her pregnancy. She admits to him that she felt tempted to lie to Luke and Tracy about seeing him and sneak her way out of there, just like a teenager defying mommy and daddy. She tells him that it may have something to do with the fact that she’s pregnant and not ready to tell anybody. She asks him if he’s told anybody. He tells her he wants to keep this private as long as possible. She tells him she’s very afraid that what all the doctors told her will happen and she will not be able to carry this baby to term. He tells her she should not assume the worst.

Outside of Kelly’s, Georgie gets on her phone to call the state Prison and asks them if they know if a certain individual has gotten early parole. And right then, Diego comes out of hiding, obviously eavesdropping and tells her she must know that he would not lie to her about that.

Alexis tells Nikolas the story about how she accidentally got pregnant when she was a teenager attending a boarding school. She tells him she was in denial all through the pregnancy, wearing loose clothes and not telling anybody. And throughout the years up until now, she’s blocked it out. Now she and Ric suddenly decided to investigate and track down her daughter. And they’ve found out that her daughter was killed by running out into the street when she was 3 year old.

Sam shares with Jason that she remembers when Ric was delirious and seeing Alexis as his mother, he asked her what kind of a woman would give her child up. And Alexis said the most puzzling thing to him. She remembers Alexis said she had no choice. And that could be a clue that Alexis gave a baby up for adoption at one point in her life. She also concludes for the first time that the reason why her deceased baby daughter’s stem cells saved Kristina was not simply because they were both Sonny’s daughters. It was because Sam’s daughter was Alexis’ granddaughter and Kristina’s niece.

Sonny tells Emily that he wants to be with her but realizes he cannot make any promises. She admits to him that nobody can predict the future. She tells him she realizes that any plans they could make are only suggestions or the best-case scenario. Whatever will happen will happen. She tells him she promises to be honest to him about what she thinks and feels. She tells him she wants to stay with him in Spain and enjoy their time together for as long as it lasts. Hearing that, he tells her he wants that also. And he promises to be honest with her in telling her what he feels and what he wants. He wants to make her as happy as she makes him. And he kisses her.

At the hospital, Skeye comes out and informs Lorenzo that she’s found out that the baby has an excellent chance of being born. He is happy and hugs her. She cries. She tells him that the doctor told her she’d need to make sure she avoids stress and watches her health. But it looks good. And it is really happening. HE shouts happily that he’s going to have a baby.

At the Quartermaine house, Luke and Lulu brainstorm about why Skye appears to be falling for Lorenzo Alcazar. He tells his daughter that there’s no way that Skye has real feelings for Lorenzo. She’s only doing this in order to make Luke jealous. Lulu tells her father that he might have to realize that he’s sitting there waiting for Skye while wasting his life away living with the “step witch”. Luke tells her that he knows that Skey is crazy about him. She asks him why, then, doesn’t he just drop Tracy like the bad habit she is.

Tracy tells her son that she never wanted him to move out. Whether or not his marriage works, she does not want him throwing his life away. She asks him if he’d rather live above some stinky little diner. He tells his mother he’d rather live in a rat hole than have Georgie subjected to Tracy’s behaviors. Tracy then calls to Lulu and asks her if she can convince Dillon not to move out of his mother’s house. Lulu asks Tracy if she is “unkickiing” him out. Tracy tells Lulu that she better help her with this or she will make the Lulu patrol look like a walk in the park. Tracy then goes in and Lulu confirms to Dillon that she hates Tracy’s guts but Tracy has a point. Tracy comes back in and Luke asks her what she is up to. She tells him that she’s finally realized that the best way to get Georgie out of Dillon’s life is to keep her under this roof.

Outside, Georgie asks Diego if he’s followed her since he’s been out of prison. He tells her that her letters and her support of him was the only thing that kept him going and it saved his life. She asks him how he could have gotten such early parole. He informs her that he was able to find out that a cellmate was planning a murder. He turned the guy over to the warden and could have saved a man’s life. She tells him that doing that might be risky, like being a snitch. He tells her he no longer cares. He’s out of this place and with her. She tells him she’s happy for him. He tells her that he has something very important to tell her. He tells her that she’s done so much for him and he sounds like he has some very strong feelings for her. Right then, Jesse enters with Maxie by his side and is ready to pull a gun on Diego. Georgie yells to him not to shoot.

Alexis tells Nikolas that throughout all this time, she assumed that her daughter would be living in a good home and having a good life. So she has deceived herself. He tells her that she did nothing wrong by giving her up. She tells him if she had not, then her daughter would still be alive, today. Nikolas tells his aunt that she mustn’t think like that. He tells her it’s a trap and there’s no way out. He knows because he does that every day. He believes that Courtney would still be alive today, if he had done things differently. He comes up with so many if’s. And it goes on and on. She then concludes that you cannot go back. He tells her that’s exactly his point. And she must know that she made the best choice for her child at the time. She says she made the best choice for herself at the time.

Jason’s contact comes to the house and informs him and Sam that he knows about a girl who went to Brighton Grigs Academy in 1980, who took a semester off and had a secret. Her name was Davidovich. She changed it to Davis. She then went on to Harvard Law School. She’s now practicing law in Port Charles. Sam asks if there is no question about it. He tells her he knows that Alexis Davis, mother of Kristina, Sonny’s daughter, used to be Alexis Davidovich. Jason tells him he does not want him talking to anybody about this. The guy tells him he never does and if they need anything else, they must let him know. He leaves. And Sam confirms, very glumly, that it’s true. That bitch is her mother.

Dillon tells Lulu that if his mother is actually encouraging him and Georgie to live in her house, she must be up to something. Lulu tells him that he mustn’t be so suspicious. And she tells him if Tracy does something “Bad”, then he can do something bad back. It will be fun. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to go. Tracy will make her life miserable. He tells her not with her dad around. She tells him she realizes she cannot count on Luke to stay. She can count on Dillon. But she tells him she will not beg him to stay if he wants to leave. Dillon then comes inside and announces to his mother and to Luke that he and Georgie have made up their mind to stay.

At Kelly’s, after Jesse and Maxi have caught Diego with Georgie, Maxie asks Georgie what she thinks she’s doing associating with that dude. Georgie tells her sister that Diego has been paroled. Jesse then comes out and admits that the parole checks out. Diego is free. But he must stay away from Georgie. Diego reminds Jesse that staying away from Georgie is not a condition of his parole. Right then, Georgie gets a call from Dillon informing her that there’s a change of plans and she needs her to get back. Diego asks her if there is a problem. She tells him yes. She has married Dillon and his mother hates the fact that they got married.

Alexis tells Nikolas that she could have gone to a house for teenage mothers. She could have tried harder to work things out with Mikos. He tells her she mustn’t be so hard on herself and msut realize she made the best choice she could at the time. She tells him she needs him not to tell anybody what she’s just told him. She does not want Kristina or Molly to know that she had another daughter and she gave her up.

Sam reminds Jason that by demanding Sam’s baby’s stem cells in order to save Kristina, Alexis endangered her own granddaughter. Alexis told her that she would always be grateful. And when Sam’s brother was dying, Alexis could have let him have the medicine to save him. But she took it for herself because she’s arrogant and selfish. She tells Jason that it makes her sick that Alexis is so superior not to care about anybody except herself. She wants to see what will happen when Alexis finds out that she, of all people, is the kid Alexis gave up all those years ago. Hearing that, Jason asks Sam why, then she would even want Alexis in her life. She asks him if he does not believe that she should tell Alexis. He tells her the decision is not up to him. But she tells him that they are in this together. He then tells her that he does not like the selfish behaviors that Alexis has done involving Sam and Sonny and Carly and the kids. And everything she does is everybody’s fault except for her own. He’s afraid that when she finds out that Sam is her daughter, she will find a way to justify herself for giving Sam up. And it’s 25 years too late.

Alexis tells Nikolas that Kristina and Molly are too young to know that she had another daughter. And they cannot know that she could or would abandon them. He tells her he understands. She concludes that the best way to honor the life of her (supposedly) deceased daughter is to be there for the two daughters she has right now. Right then, Kristina rushes in to see her mommy and Alexis tells her how much she loves her.

Tracy tells Luke and Lulu that she puts up with a freeloading husband and his ungrateful daughter. There’s no way she’s going to “indulge” her son’s underage wife. And there’s no way she’s going to get pregnant while under Tracy’s roof. Hearing that, Dillon tells her he’s leaving. Tracy asks her son why he’s suddenly decided that right after asking Georgie to come back. Dillon tells his mother that when Georgie gets back, they are both leaving. Hearing that, Luke tells Dillon that as much as he hates to “side with his better half”, he needs to warn “young Spielberg” that he should think twice about starting a family so young. Parenthood is not all it’s cracked up to be Right then, Skye and Lorenzo enter. Luke tells them he thought they had a date. He asks them why they had to cut it short. It must have been a bore. He concludes to Lorenzo that he is just not Skye’s type. And he asks Alice to show him to the door. Hearing that, Tracy tells Luke that “wooing” another woman in front of his wife is very poor taste. Skye and Lorenzo confidently tell them that they have no worries. Right then, Georgie enters. Dillon tells her that they have to go back to Kelly’s. Tracy then tells her daughter-in-law that she and Dillon just had a minor disagreement and she does not wish to cause them any grief. Luke then tells Skye that he knows he’s “ignored” her. She’s made her point. Now she can admit that Lorenzo means nothing to her. But when Luke and Tracy observe Skye and Lorenzo looking at each other, Tracy confirms to Luke that Skye looks very non-responsive to Luke. Right then, the cops bring Diego into the house and inform Luke and Tracy that they saw him sneaking around outside. Lorenzo demands they get their hands off of his son but wants to know what he’s doing there. Skye then yells that she cannot take all of this stress. And Lorenzo blurts out that Skye is pregnant.

Sonny and Emily are in bed together.

Sam and Jason are at the docks. She tells him that it might be for the best that Alexis never finds out that she is Sam’s mother. But right then, Kristina runs out and Sam catches her. She hugs her and prevents her from possibly falling into the water. Sam then “stops” herself from what she was about to do when she sees Alexis. Alexis then smiles at Sam and thanks her for stopping Kristina.

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