GH Update Friday 3/10/06

General Hospital Update Friday 3/10/06


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SPAIN: Emily walks into the room and sees Sonny standing on the terrace. She walks up behind him and says, "Sonny--" He is startled and whirls around to face her.

THE QUARTMAINE MANSION: Tracy is on the phone with someone trying to figure out how to get Dillon and Georgie's marriage annulled. She is furious when the person on the other end tells her there are no grounds for an annulment. Luke comes up behind her and notes, "So much for your deal with Zeus and the sky gods."

A COTTAGE IN MAINE: Sam and Jason are on a doorstep of a house...Sam is about to knock on the door but is too scared. Jason reassures her. She admits that Danny's death has to count for something, and she is about to meet her real mother.

THE CASSADINE COTTAGE IN MAINE: Alexis admits that everything Ric said is right, but she just wishes she could look into her daughter's eyes just once. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. The person at the door is a neighbor -- he comments that the house has been deserted for years and so when he saw a light on he thought he would come and check if things were all right.

A COTTAGE IN MAINE: Sam knocks on the door and a woman comes and answers. Sam apologizes for disturbing her and blurts out, "I just found this news out...uh, I think you could be my mother."

THE CASSADINE COTTAGE IN MAINE: Alexis tells the neighbor that this is her family home, and thanks him for checking in. After the man leaves, Alexis admits to Ric that she had the very odd feeling that, when she heard the knock on the door, she wanted something to happen. Ric asks her what, and she replies that she doesn't know, she just had a feeling.

A COTTAGE IN MAINE: The woman at the door doesn't understand what Sam means and Sam explains that she was given up for adoption at the clinic in Chatham, Maine and she thinks that the woman is her birth mother. The woman says that there's no way Sam could be her daughter -- because even though she did give a baby up for adoption at that clinic, the baby was a boy, not a girl.

THE POLICE STATION: Lulu, Lucas and Guy have arrived. Lucas is nervous, thinking this isn't a good idea. But Guy is determined to file the report. Lucky comes over to them and Lucas tells him that he is ready to make a statement against Frank for gay-bashing him and Guy. Lucky points out that Frank is already here at the station so they will be able to confront him face to face.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Luke reminds Tracy that she promised God that if Dillon survived the epidemic a few weeks ago she would become a kinder and better person. But Tracy still wants to bust up Dillon and Georgie's marriage because they are too young for that kind of committment. She thinks she is doing the right thing. Luke warns her that if she tries to annul the marriage she will turn them into "romantic renegages -- Dillon and Georgie against the world." Tracy disagrees. Dillon and Georgie come in and Tracy tells Dillon that she has realized that his marriage to Georgie is a great idea! Everyone is shocked.

THE PRISON: Diego is sitting in his jail cell reading a letter that Georgie wrote the letter she tells him not to give up hope and to remember that she believes in him. A prison guard comes over to Diego and says, "It's time."

SPAIN: Emily apologizes to Sonny for startling him and he apologizes to her for reacting the way he did, noting that he is still keyed up from his nightmare. She says something to him in Spanish and he is shocked, noting that he didn't think she knew any Spanish. She admits that she liked letting him believe that she was "the lost, helpless female." He says, "'Lost, helpless'? I don't think so." They kiss.

A COTTAGE IN MAINE: Sam and Jason question the woman at the door -- is there anything she remembers about the clinic or about any other girls there who gave birth on May 11. She does remember one teenage girl who was studious and quiet and in a school uniform from a local girls' school called Briarton Griggs.

THE CASSADINE COTTAGE IN MAINE: Alexis berates herself for giving her daughter up for adoption. Ric tries to reassure her and get her to believe that there was nothing she could have done. She starts to cry, saying that it was a bad idea to come here where there are so many ghosts. Ric wonders if he pushed Alexis into this search for her daughter because he feels resentment that his own mother gave him up. Alexis doesn't believe he pushed her into it, and she admits that knowing is better than not knowing.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Tracy says that she thinks that Georgie and Dillon should go do what many young lovers do -- live on their own. Dillon is shocked and so is Luke, commenting that Tracy is actually going to throw them out on the street with nothing but suitcases? Tracy thinks that it would be a romantic thing for Dillon and Georgie to live by themselves, getting by on what they can. Dillon still can't believe it -- he is not happy. But Georgie interrupts and says she thinks it's a great idea. This surprises Tracy. Luke tells Tracy, "Checkmate."

SPAIN: Emily is laying in bed sleeping. She wakes up and looks next to her -- Sonny isn't there. She looks around and calls out his name but gets no answer.

THE POLICE STATION: Lucky is talking to Mac about how Lucas and Guy are ready to make their statements about Frank Rausch. He also asks Mac if he can pick up some extra shifts so that Elizabeth will be able to spend more time at home with Cameron. Mac agrees.

Lulu tries to reassure a nervous Lucas about making his statement. Guy warns Lucas not to blow his cool during the statement or it will cause more harm thatn good. Lulu thinks Guy should cut Lucas some slack and Guy snaps that he's more interested in putting Frank in jail than in protecting Lucas' feelings. Jesse brings Frank in -- Frank says that he had been drinking and that it was just a minor altercation. Jesse gestures to Lucas and Guy and says they think it happened differently. "Is that right?" Frank asks Lucas nastily.

THE PRISON: The warden is giving Diego all of his personal items back because Diego has been released on parole. He warns Diego not to blow it and Diego agrees.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Georgie is excited about the prospect of living on her own with Dillon and Dillon warms up to the idea as well. Georgie thinks this will make them grow closer than ever. She thanks Tracy for the idea. She and Dillon leave to pack. Luke comments that Tracy has those two crazy kids right where she wants them, now.

SPAIN: Emily finds Sonny at a cafe/restaurant sitting at a table by himself. She wants to know why he left and he says that it's about his nightmare. Emily is worried for him and she asks him to please let her in. He says that he can't.

BRIARTON GRIGGS SCHOOL: Sam and Jason arrive at the school...they look at trophies in a trophy case and Sam wonders if her mother won any of them. She thinks she never could have gone to a school like this. She becomes nervous. Jason reassures her. She wonders why she would want to find a mother who obviously doesn't want to be found.

THE CASSADINE COTTAGE IN MAINE: Alexis is sleeping...she has a nightmare in which she goes to Kelly's and sees Kristina sitting there. Kristina yells, "You want to give me away like you did my sister!" and runs out of the restaurant and into the road, where she is hit by a car. Alexis screams and wakes up with Ric nearby.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Luke can't believe that Tracy actually went back on her promise to God. She says that she is doing this for Dillon and Georgie's own good. She and Luke talk about young love and Luke wonders what would have happened if he and Tracy had met as teenagers. A fantasy sequence plays in which a teenage Luke comes into the mansion and meets up with teenage Tracy, who wants to run away with him. Back in the present, Tracy says that that would never have happened because she never would have fallen for Luke's "rebel-without-a-clue act."

THE POLICE STATION: Lucas goes over to where Frank is sitting and Frank warns him not to give a statement or he'll come after him later. Lucky overhears and asks Lucas if Frank just threatened him? Lucas wants to get this over with. Mac asks if he's ready to make a statement and Lucky asks Lucas, "You were assaulted, is that correct? Do you know who did it?" Lucas gestures to Frank and says that Frank is the one who attacked him.

THE CASSADINE COTTAGE IN MAINE: Alexis explains her nightmare to Ric. He tries to console her and she admits that all she wants to do is go home to see Kristina and baby Molly.

BRIARTON GRIGGS SCHOOL: Sam meets with a woman in charge at the school and asks for her help in locating a student from 1980. Sam says she thinks the student might be a relative and explains that the student was probably about 16 and Jason adds that the student would have missed some school in the spring of that year. The woman looks through a file and finds the girl that they are looking for, but can't divulge the name of the student.

SPAIN: Sonny apologizes for snapping at Emily but explains that he cannot let people in because he's not like that. He also warns her that he is a selfish person who will take whatever she can give him and then push her away later. Emily doesn't believe that. Sonny further explains that he will end up ruining her life. Emily replies that if their relationship doesn't work out it won't be because of her not being able to deal -- it will be because he cannot deal. She leaves the restaurant.

THE POLICE STATION: Lucas gives a statement naming Frank as his gay basher and Frank denies all of it. Guy also states that Frank attacked him as well and Lulu chimes in that she was a witness. Mac says that that's good enough for him and Jesse hauls Frank away to a holding cell. Lulu and Lucas hug and Lucas looks at Guy, who snaps, "Am I supposed to thank you? You should've done this a long time ago."

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Tracy explains to Luke how different it would have been if they had met as teenagers. Another fantasy sequence begins in which a security guard brings teenage Luke into the mansion and presents him to teenage Tracy as a guy who was sneaking around outside...apparently teenage Luke also stole Tracy's silk scarf. Teenage Luke admits that he wants to go out with Tracy and she snaps that she would not be caught dead with trash like him. Back in the present, Luke interrupts the fantasy sequence and points out that Tracy would have run off with him back then and never looked back. She says there is no point in speculating. He tells her that they could still do it -- they could go anywhere they want. He is directly behind her now and speaking into her ear. She closes her eyes as she listens...they are about to kiss when suddenly Dillon and Georgie enter. Dillon, embarrased, says that he and Georgie will be leaving now.

KELLY'S: Alexis and Ric are at Kelly's where Kristina and Molly are waiting for them. Kristina runs to her mom and hugs her.

BRIARTON GRIGGS SCHOOL: It's after dark and Sam and Jason have snuck into the room to try to find out the name of the woman who possibly gave birth to Sam. As Jason contemplates cracking the computer system, Sam looks at the yearbooks on the shelves and comments that maybe she can find her mother's picture in the one for 1980.

SPAIN: Sonny and Emily are now back at the house where they are staying. Sonny finds Emily out on the terrace...he goes to speak to her, to apologize for pushing her away. She is ignoring him. Her bags are packed on the bed and her passport is there too. Sonny asks her to please stay and enjoy this place with him.

THE POLICE STATION: Lucas argues with Guy about how he handled the situation with the gay-basher. Guy thinks that Lucas should have made a statement immediately and Lucas admits that he wasn't ready because he wasn't out yet...but that he ended up outing himself at the police station in front of his mom and everyone else there. Guy notes that that doesn't sound too pleasent and Lucas replies that it was not easy but it might have been if he'd known someone like Guy. He asks Guy out for coffee and Guy replies, "Maybe sometime -- when you figure out who you are."

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Luke and Tracy say goodbye to Dillon and Georgie, who are all packed and ready to go. Tracy reminds Dillon that he has a choice and he says that he just made it. He and Georgie leave through the patio. Dillon goes to ask the gardener to give them a ride to Kelly's. Georgie waits behind for him and is startled when Diego comes up behind her. "Hi, Georgie," he says softly. She is shocked to see him.

KELLY'S: Alexis is happy to be back with Molly and Kristina and she tells them that they and Ric are all the family that she will ever need.

BRIARTON GRIGGS SCHOOL: Sam looks through the yearbook and finds a picture of a sophomore girl that says "Photo not available." Jason thinks that that would make sense if she missed the spring semester. Sam thinks the name -- Alexis Davidovitch -- is a weird name. Jason, seeing the name, gets quiet. She asks him what's wrong and he says that they both know the woman. Sam is surprised, saying she has never heard that name before. Jason replies, "Because she changed her name to 'Davis.'" Sam realizes that Alexis is her mother.

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