GH Update Thursday 3/9/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/9/06


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

METRO COURT: Robin and Patrick are out on a date at Metro Court at the same time as Jax and Carly are out on a date as well. When Carly sends a bottle of champagne over to Robin and Patrick's table, Robin becomes upset and brings the bottle to Carly, informing her that they don't want it. Carly and Robin start to fight as Jax and Patrick try to keep them apart.

SPAIN: Emily and Sonny have arrived at a beautiful home in Spain for their vacation. Emily is thrilled and Sonny is pleased that she likes it. They are both glad to get away from Port Charles.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam and Jason are waiting for news concerning her birth mother. Stan (one of Jason's workers) comes by and tells them that his investigation into Sam's birth has turned up a paper trail leading to a small clinic in Chatham, Maine -- where Sam was born.

THE CLINIC IN MAINE: Alexis looks at the file on the baby she gave up for adoption. She is devastated to see that it says that her daughter is actually dead. Ric tries to comfort her.

KELLY'S: Lucas, Dillon and Lulu are all working at Kelly's. Dillon thinks that Lucas should meet up with Georgie's friend Guy. Lucas does not agree and points out that there are worse things than being alone.

METRO COURT: Guy is working as a waiter at Metro Court when he runs into Frank (the guy who attacked Lucas for being gay a few weeks ago). Guy, of course, does not know that Frank is a gay-basher. He and Frank talk to each other a bit and then leave the hotel to go somewhere else.

SPAIN: Sonny and Emily discuss the fact that they have to sneak around and hide their relationship from everyone back in Port Charles. Emily wants to just focus on their time here in Spain together. She and Sonny talk about the fun they are going to have tomorrow and Sonny points out how this trip is all about new experiences.

THE CLINIC IN MAINE: Alexis reads the file on her daughter and it reveals that she was three years old when she was hit by a car. Alexis thinks it's ironic that she has spent all this time trying to protect Kristina from Sonny's criminal lifestyle only to find out that her firstborn was killed in such an ordinary fashion. She feels guilty that she gave her baby up because if she hadn't, her daughter might be alive now. Ric tries to console her but Alexis says that they have to go somewhere before she loses her courage.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Stan has left. Sam wonders aloud to Jason why her mother would have given her up? She wonders if she was a mistake or the product of rape. They decide to go to Maine to the clinic where she was born to get answers. Just then Max shows up and informs Jason that Carly and Jax are going out on a date right now. Jason says that he can't handle Carly at the moment -- he orders Max to keep an eye on her for him. Max is hesitant but Jason tells him he has to. He closes the door after Max and turns to Sam and tells her that they can now pack to leave for Maine.

METRO COURT: Jax and Patrick successfully break up Carly and Robin's fight. Patrick thinks he and Robin should go somewhere else but Robin refuses to let Carly drive her away. She and Patrick return to their table. Jax is relieved that that's one disaster averted but Carly says, "Yeah -- maybe."

SPAIN: Sonny tells Emily about what it was like to grow up with his mother Adela (who taught him Spanish) and his step-father Deke, who used to beat Adela whenever he wanted. Suddenly they hear music playing turns out that Sonny has hired a band to play music for them as long as Emily likes. They dance and Sonny speaks Spanish to Emily, who appears charmed by it.

KELLY'S: Lulu gives Lucas some advice -- she thinks that he should take a chance on love. Lucas admits that he is a little afraid, because after pretending to be straight for so long he's not sure how to deal with being gay.

Suddenly they hear a crashing noise outside. Frank is trying to beat up on Guy, shoving him into a wall saying, "You queers are all alike, aren't you?" Guy fights back. Lucas, Dillon and Lulu come running outside -- Dillon is armed with a baseball bat and warns Frank not to try anything. Lucas is surprised to see Frank again. Frank runs off. Lulu asks Guy if he's all right and Dillon turns to Lucas and introduces him, "Lucas, meet Georgie's friend Guy."

METRO COURT: Robin and Carly start to bicker again and this time Jax breaks it up by taking Carly over to the dance floor to dance. Max is spying on Carly and Jax from the bar, and looking very worried that he's going to be caught. Carly and Jax dance as they flirt. Robin, seeing the flirting, comments to Patrick that Carly has no shame at all. Patrick is annoyed that Robin isn't focused completely on him. Carly and Jax continue to flirt when they are interrupted by Max, who asks if he can cut in.

SPAIN: Sonny is in bed sleeping with Emily when he has a nightmare -- in the nightmare, Emily is shot and killed before his eyes. He wakes up and Emily asks him what's wrong?

THE HOSPITAL: Dillon, Lulu and Lucas have brought Guy to the hospital. Elizabeth meets them and takes Guy to a room to have stitches done. Lulu wants to call Lucky to tell him about Frank gay-bashing Guy. But Lucas doesn't want her to -- he thinks that maybe Guy doesn't want the whole world to know he's gay. Dillon asks Lucas, "Is this about Guy or you?"

A COTTAGE IN MAINE: Alexis and Ric arrive at an empty is the place where Mikkos brought her to recover after she gave birth to her baby. Alexis thinks that visiting this cottage is the only way she will find peace. Alexis still feels guilty over her daughter's death in the car accident.

THE CLINIC IN MAINE: Sam and Jason have arrived at the clinic, and they ask one of the men on staff if they can look at records. At first the staff member says he can't release information to birth mothers because it's against policy. Sam corrects him, saying that she is not a birth mother -- she is a child that was given up for adoption. The staff member agrees to give her her records...for the date of her birth, May 11, 1980.

SPAIN: Emily tries to console Sonny who explains that he's had nightmares since he was little. Emily wonders what brought this nightmare on since he was so happy with her earlier in the day. He replies that the nightmares come when he's most happy.

METRO COURT: Carly demands to know what Max is doing here and he lies and says he just came by for a drink and now he wants to dance with her. Carly thinks that he's lying but Jax believes Max -- he encourages Carly and Max to have one dance. Carly agrees and she and Max start whirling around the dance floor. Carly is delighted as Max spins her around.

Robin is watching from her table...she explains to Patrick that it's obvious that Carly is only using Jax to make Sonny jealous and that Max is here because Sonny told him to keep an eye on Carly. Patrick continues to be annoyed that Robin is preoccupied with Carly. Robin accuses Patrick of wanting Carly for himself, and she brings up the night that he and Carly supposedly slept together at Carly's house. Patrick denies that nothing happened between him and Carly that night or on any other night.

THE HOSPITAL: Elizabeth brings Guy out to see Lulu and Dillon and Lucas -- Guy has had stitches done and will soon be good as new. Elizabeth asks Guy how it happened to him and Guy explains that Frank invited him on a date, then attacked him while they were in the car together. Guy says he's going to press charges against Frank so Frank can't hurt another person ever again.

THE CLINIC IN MAINE: The staff member gives Sam the last address they have on file for her birth mother. Sam and Jason thank him and they prepare to leave. Sam admits that she's nervous, and that they also have to consider how her birth mother would feel about meeting her.

A COTTAGE IN MAINE: Ric tries to console Alexis by reminding her that when she gave up her daughter for adoption she was only a frightened teenage girl. Alexis describes what it was like to give birth, and to hold her baby and then have to leave. She describes how she had second thoughts and wanted to keep the baby, but that Mikkos told her she had done the right thing. She admits, "Mikkos may have arranged to have the baby adopted, but I'm the one who gave her away."

SPAIN: Emily wants to help Sonny get back to sleep. She asks him what the last happy dream he had was and he admits that it was a dream of the first time they kissed. Emily wants to re-create the dream. They kiss.

METRO COURT: Carly thinks that Max is a great dancer and teases him that she's going to call him "Twinkle Toes" from now on. Max begs her not to and she demands that he tell her what she's really doing here.

Meanwhile, Patrick explains to Robin that he and Carly didn't have sex that night but Carly wanted Robin to believe that they did and he went along with it to annoy Robin.

Max admits to Carly that he is supposed to be keeping an eye on her and Jax for Jason. Carly gets upset. She drags him over to where Jax is sitting and warns Max to take notes and not miss anything. Then she kisses Jax.

Robin comments to Patrick that Carly is such a slut. Patrick gets up out of his chair and announces that they are going somewhere where her focus is on him.

THE HOSPITAL: Guy is preparing to go to the station to give a statement to the police about Frank. Lucas asks if Guy is afraid of what Frank might do to him and Guy replies that if he doesn't tell the police about Frank it's the same as saying gay people don't deserve protection. Lucas admits that he was also attacked by Frank but that he didn't press charges. Guy is shocked and Dillon stands up for Lucas, saying that it's not easy for everyone. Guy wants to go to the station now and Lucas says that he'll go too, to back Guy up.

METRO COURT: Jax is annoyed that Carly kissed him, and he reminds her that he is not over Courtney yet. Carly mutters to him to just go along with this. She marches with Jax over to the elevator and they get inside as Max runs after them. He asks Carly where she's going and she says that she and Jax have gotten a room. Max is worried because he's not supposed to let her out of his sight. The elevator door closes, taking Carly and Jax upstairs. Max is left alone wondering what he's going to do now?

KELLY'S: Robin and Patrick arrive at Kelly's but they don't even go inside because Robin says that Carly made her lose her appetite. She rants about Carly and Patrick admits that he likes the attitude she's got going on. Robin is about to start in on Carly again when Patrick leans over and kisses her.

A COTTAGE IN MAINE: Ric again tries to console Alexis, reminding her that there was no way she could have gone against her famly's wishes. She didn't have a choice, and now she has to put this all behind her -- Ric thinks the best way to do that is to return home with him to her two beautiful daughters and make every day with them count.

A COTTAGE IN MAINE: Sam and Jason are on a doorstep of a house...Sam is about to knock on the door but is too scared. Jason reassures her. She admits that Danny's death has to count for something, and she is about to meet her real mother.

A COTTAGE IN MAINE: Alexis admits that everything Ric said is right, but she just wishes she could look into her daughter's eyes just once. Suddenly there is a knock on the door.

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