GH Update Wednesday 3/8/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/8/06


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At the hospital, Robin is friendly to Jax and encourages him to bond with his infant son. But when she finds out he trusts Carly, she is very disappointed and asks him when he’s going to realize that Carly is just setting him up.

Right then, Carly is drawing up legal papers with Justus. It’s something Jax knows nothing about and Justus tells her that Jax needs to be told at some point.

Alexis and Ric are on their mission and ready to meet with Edmund Oliver, the lawyer who handled the adoption of Alexis’ daughter all those years ago.

Jason and Sam are doing their own investigation.

Carly tells Justus that Jax can’t handle this situation right now on his own. He has his hands full with baby John. He reminds her that he knows that she embezzled money from Jax when they were in partnership together. She tells Justus that she and Jax have talked about this and he’s let it go. He reminds her that Sonny and Jax are not exactly best friends. He also knows that she attempted to sabotage Jax’s wedding to Courtney. She tells him that that her differences with Jax have ended because of baby John. She tells him that she has to draw up this contract for him.

Jax tells Robin that he does not believe that carly would double-cross him. She tells him that she is concerned that he may be vulnerable after losing Courtney and all that has happened with the premature baby. He tells her that he believes that Carly has a good heart. Hearing that, Robin tells him that now he’s really scaring her. He tells her he realizes that Carly and Courtney were best friends and he is trying to understand why. She tells him if he does not watch it, both he and little John could get hurt. Right then, Patrick tells Robin that only days after she’s gotten out of the hospital, she might want to wait to get back upon her soap box. She tells him he needs to stay out of this.

The computer guy comes by Jason and Sam’s and informs them that he found only three baby girls who were born May 11 in Maine and none were adopted. Sam concludes that in that case, it means she was born somewhere else and they can do another search. He tells them it won’t be easy. Jason tells him he needs to find hospitals, clinics, support groups; any place where people might go for private adoptions. The guy leaves. And Sam admits that she should not have gotten her hopes up. It’s obvious that her biological mother does not want to be found.

Alexis tells Edmund Oliver that she knows that her father, Nikos Cassadine arranged for the adoption. Edmund admits that he knew Nikos but recalls he had no daughter. She admits that she was illegitimate and her father referred to her as his niece. He arranged for her to go to a clinic in Chatham, ME where she gave birth on May 11, 1980. She tells him at the time, her name was Alexis Davidivic(spelling?). He says perhaps they should try to find the clinic in Maine. Ric tells him he did and they told them only he would have this information. Edmund tells her he is bound by confidentiality laws. Ric gets up to go check on something. Alone with Mr. Oliver, Alexis tells him that he is her last hope. She does not wish to disrupt her daughter’s life nor violate any laws or anybody’s right to privacy. She tells him she needs his help. Outside the office, Ric gets on the phone and tells somebody he’s going to need their help after all.

Georgie reads a letter she got from Diego Alcazar. It reveals that she is keeping in correspondence with him while he’s in prison. She runs into an old friend named Guy Richardson and informs him that she and Dillon just got married. The male friend tells her he knows that she and Dillon have a good thing but questions if they are not a little young for marriage. He also notices the letter and asks if Dillon writes letters to his wife whom he lives with. She informs him that this letter is from a friend.

At Kelly’s, Lucas asks Dillon to serve Lanie, since he feels weird serving his shrink. Lulu tells Lucas that she doesn’t want too get to comfortable in this place doing this type of work. She’d rather get a liquor license and have more ambitions in the service industry. It looks like they are all holding down the fort in Mike’s absence.

Robin tells Jax that she is concerned about Calry ruining his and his son’s future and suggests that he tells Carly to take a hike. Right then, Carly enters and tells Jax that she is there to save him from Robin. Robin asks Carly if she does not have somebody else’s life to ruin. Carly asks Robin if she should not mind her own business. Carly and Jax go off together and Patrick whispers to Robin that this has “gotta hurt”.

Sam admits to Jason that this unsuccessful quest to find her mother has depressed her. They have to think about other things. He tells her she has to go upstairs while he plans a surprise for her.

Alexis tells Mr. Oliver she realizes he would have only had the best of intentions with the baby and would have put her in a good home. She tells him she only wants closure. And since her father is dead, he cannot sue him for breech of confidentiality. But he tells her that he cannot get into the Cassadine records. Right then, Ric enters, thanks Mr. Oliver for his time and tells Alexis they have to leave. Alone, he tells her that there’s no way that Oliver would have helped them if he could have. She asks in that case, who can? Right then, an attractive blond woman appears. Ric hugs her and indicates she might have been a previous romantic interest. Alexis views them looking uncomfortable.

Carly takes Jax to a house she’s found for him, telling him he must admit that this place is perfect for him and baby John. It has a yard and is in a great neighborhood. She also informs him that it would have been bought a long time ago, were it not for her. Hearing that, he asks her how she prevented the place from getting sold. She then informs him that she’s asked Leticia to have the boys go screaming and disrupting the neighborhood whenever she sees new prospective buyers. Jax tells her that was very devious of her. She says the boys get to act like little monsters whenever they see somebody looking at the house. He then informs her that he’s put her down as baby John’s emergency contact and asks her to sign. She then tells him she has something for him to sign. He then notices that this is hotel business and right again assumes that once again Carly has betrayed him. He tells her that Robin was right about her. She’s just using her concern about baby John as a smoke screen to screw him out of his business.

Robin tells Patrick that Carly always has an agenda. And right now, she wants to ruin Jax when he’s in a vulnerable state. Hearing that, he tells her she’s jealous. She says it’s absurd for him to believe she’s jealous of Jax. He’s merely her friend. Patrick tells her she’s jealous of Carly and the way men surround her. She tells him that if he thinks she wants to be just like Carly, he’s got another thing coming. He tells her he knows that she is annoyed by the way Calry is not afraid to go and get what she wants. She’s just afraid to “go and get it”. Hearing that, Robin asks Patrick if he wants to see her “go and get it”. And she kisses him.

Ric introduces Alexis to his friend, Claire, as his cousin. Claire says she bets all Alexis’s friends had crushes on Ric. Alexis responds that Ric chased after all the girls. Ricthen dismisses Alexis, telling his “cousin” he does not want to bore her with his old stories with his lady friend. So he’ll let her go and get her shopping done. Alexis then knows that Ric has some private business with this Claire woman. Hopefully she can help them find Alexis’ daughter.

Sam comes down the stairs to notice that Jason has lit candles, built a fire and is pouring them some wine. She tells him that he’s really sweet. Hearing that he may not like to be characterized as “sweet”, she then rephrases what she said by telling him he’s strong and manly. He tells her he knows she’s been through a lot with losing her brother and then finding out she was adopted. He tells her that she is his family. He wants to be there for her and they will get through all of this together. He tells her he wants to marry her as soon as she is ready.

Robin tells Patrick that maybe she’s getting used to him. She used to be annoyed by him. But now she doesn’t know whether to laugh or just feel sorry for him. She then invites him to have dinner with him.

Jax tells Carly that he believes she’s attempted to trick him into signing away his hotel by using baby John’s birth. She tells him that that is not the case. He needs to read it in order to see that she handled a plumbing contract for him that he forgot with all that’s been going on in regard to Courtney and little John. He then admits he does not know what to say. She tells him that this is the part where he can apologize for jumping to conclusions and putting his foot in his mouth. And she tells him that there is something else they can talk about that maybe he can help her with. She says he must know that Robin hates her and will stop at nothing in order to poison his mind against her. She tells him he has a choice of either believing her and not listening to Robin. Or he can believe Robin and keep listening to her. But if he makes the latter choice, she will have to stay away from the hospital whenever Robin is there and she won’t get to see baby John. He then tells her that he apologizes for listening to Robin. But given their history, trust will take a little time. He asks her how about the next best thing. He says he can take her to dinner at one of the best restaurants; their own metro court.

Alone with Claire, Ric tells her that he’s attempting to investigate the deceased Nikos Cassadine’s adoption of his daughter’s baby. He informs her that Mr. Oliver has refused to help him with that. Not far away, a guy is hitting on Alexis assuming she is single and alone. Claire tells Ric she can help him and reminds him that his “wife” is a lucky woman. She gets up to leave and Alexis joins Ric, telling him that she hopes his little encounter with Claire will be worth it.

After hearing that Jason wants to marry her, Sam tells him that she cannot. She does not believe it would be fair to him.

At Kelly’s, Lulu is telling Dillon and Lucas that she does not want the responsibility of making chicken potpie. Right then, Justus reminds her that his girlfriend is sitting over there starving. Lulu tells him that she placed Lanie’s order 10 minutes ago. Justus tells her it was more like 25 minutes. Dillon then tells Justus that they are just trying to work together there. Justus then brings Lanie a shrimp dish. But she informs him that she’s allergic to shellfish. It looks like Justus is going to help out in the kitchen. Dillon and Lucas remind Lulu that she has been making up an imaginary boyfriend named Elvis. But Lucas reminds her that he does not have a boyfriend either. He’s worried that the dude who tried to kill him is still out there.

Georgie talks to her friend, Guy Richardson about her correspondence with Diego, knowing that Dillon would not approve. She tells Guy, revealing that he is gay, that he might like her cousin Lucas. He tells her no offense but he hates being set up on blind dates. He tells her he has to get back to work and hugs her goodbye.

Carly is getting ready to meet Jax for their dinner date at the metro court. Michael asks her where she’s going. She informs him that she’s going to have dinner with Jax. Michael asks her if it’s a “date”. She tells him that Jax is her friend and business partner. Michael reminds her that his dad does not care for Jax and neither does he. Carly tells her son that her personal life is none of his business. Jax is Courtney’s baby’s father. And she expects him to be courteous to him. Right then, Michael gets on the phone and tells somebody he needs their help.

Jason tells Sam that she must realize that whatever happens when she finds her mother, it will not change what they mean to each other or what they’ve been through. She then admits he’s right. Who she is and what they share is all that matters and she puts her arms around him.

While waiting for Claire to come back, Alexis approaches her husband. Ric tells her that the whole purpose of this “exercise” is to help her find her daughter. She asks him why he seemed so friendly to Claire and why he introduced her as his cousin to her. He tells Alexis that by telling Claire that she was his cousin, it might motivate her to believe he has important business that she needs to help him with. He tells her he knows how important it is for her to find her daughter and admits that if his mother had been as diligent in finding him as Alexis has been with her daughter, then it might have enabled him to let go of the resentment he’s been feeling all these years. Alexis asks Ric what will happen if Claire expects him to “show his gratitude”. He tells her she must know that the two of them are only friends and if she eavesdrops, she’d know about that. Right then, Claire enters and sounds like she’s gotten the information on the Cassadine baby.

Justus returns to Lanie and tells her that he walked all the way to the metro court to get her her special dish. And she concludes that from now on, the two of them are going to order all their meals inside. Right then, Georgie enters and tells Lucas that she ran into an old gay friend of hers’ named Guy Richardson. He’s smart, cool, friendly and totally ok about being gay. So there’s nothing to lose if he and Lucas meet. Lucas then asks her if Guy wants to be set up on a blind date.

Little does she know that right at that moment, Guy is at the metro court meeting somebody else.

Michael contacts Max and tells him he has to help him spy in his mom when she’s with Jax..

Carly and Jax arrive at the metro court while Robin and Patrick are at another table. As soon as Robin catches sight of them, she’s not happy. Carly notices Robin and is equally disenchanted.

Jason tells Sam that nobody can make this decision for her. Just like nobody can make him reconcile with his parents. You have to be ready. She tells him that she has a real dilemma. She cannot give up on finding her birth mother. Knowing that she’s never met her is eating up at her. But at the same time, it’s not like she’s made any efforts to find Sam. Right then, their computer guy enters looking like he has some information.

Meanwhile, Claire looks to have delivered the goods that Alexis needs to know. Ric gives it to his wife to read. She admits she is not entirely certain she should open it and read it. She sees it and is shocked. She tells him that that is impossible.

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