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General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/7/06


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Sonny calls Emily and tells her he’d like her to join him on his trip to the islands. After Monica has asked Emily to travel with her, Emily now knows she must choose. She tells Sonny she can and will cancel her other plans. But right then, Carly, Michael and Morgan appear at the hospital to overhear Emily on the phone talking about going away with somebody. Carly and Michael ask her where she is going and whom she is going to be with. Right then, Monica appears and confirms that Emily has no “plans”. She’s going to spend the time with her mother. And it looks like Emily is busted.

Nikolas has persuaded Mike to sign over Courtney’s ashes to him without Jax’s approval or knowing. He hides the urn in his home while Jax is at the hospital telling his premature infant son that he will be looking out for him his way. Right then, Alexis and Ric appears and ask Nikolas what he’s holding in his hand. He tells them this is Courtney’s ashes. He informs his aunt that he wants to scatter her ashes at sea as she had wanted. He asks them why they are there. Alexis tells her nephew she and Ric are there to see if he has any hidden files about Niko, the biological father of her long lost baby. He tells Alexis he can go and find the info for her. Ric reminds Alexis that she has not admitted to Nikolas that she is looking for her daughter.

Alone with her mother, Emily informs her that she got a call from a female friend at Stanford inviting her to go on a trip with her. Hearing that, Monica tells her daughter it’s perfectly ok if she wants to cancel their trip. But she reveals that she knows all too well what it is like, as she did it herself, when she wanted to sneak away with a man.

Knowing that Sonny is sleeping with Emily, Max asks him what he’s supposed to tell Jason. Sonny tells Max that he respects Jason. But Jason is grieving the loss of Courtney and helping Sam grieve the loss of her brother. And he does not want Jason knowing his business with Emily. Max protests that he hates lying to Jason. He knows Jason will ask him where Sonny has gone, when he knows that Emily is also gone. He’ll be able to conclude what has happened and ask a lot of questions. Max asks Sonny if he’s supposed to lie to Jason. Sonny then demands that Max realizes that Jason works for him(himself). He reminds Max that so does he. And he demands that Max keeps his mouth shut if Jason asks him anything.

Right then, at the hospital, Carly finds out from Nikolas, that he’s taken Courtney’s ashes without Jax’s knowledge or consent. And she tells him he must realize that this is not going to turn out well.

Sonny is on the phone making all his plans to be with Emily. He instructs his contact to have all the finest wine and food and asks for a special favor that they make themselves scarce. Right then, Courtney’s mother enters and tells Sonny that since she’s lost her little girl and he’s lost his sister, she believes that they should put their differences aside. He tells her they can do that. But he’s busy and she needs to leave him alone. She tells Sonny that she’s concerned about the fact that Courtney’s entire estate is going to the foundation. She won’t inherit any money from her daughter. And she implies that she believes that maybe Sonny “owes” her something. Sonny tells her if she thinks for a moment that he will support her, she’s out of her mind. She better get out of his home and leave him alone. She then reminds him that she spent a lot of time taking care of that worthless idiot he calls a father. She tells Sonny if he does nto cooperate with her, she can hurt Mike. Sonny then tells her she’s made a big mistake to threaten his father and to threaten him.

Lorenzo and Skye are at Kelly’s. He asks her if she’s talked to the doctor about carrying the baby to term. She reveals that she is not certain what to do. He tells her that all he wants is for her to be ok.

Alexis and Ric are still at Nikolas’ home looking for records about where to find Niko. She tells him that she believes she may be overly obsessed about this. But she cannot give up on this. She just wants to find out that her adult daughter is ok. She does not wish to disrupt her life. She doesn’t want to mess up his life or her own children’s lives. She just wants to meet her daughter and see her for herself. He tells her she mustn’t blame herself or be in such a panic. She says she’s afraid that when she goes to look for her daughter, she might run up against another brick wall and find nothing. She’s also worried that when she does find her, she won’t know what to say. Right then, Ric discovers a clue about the clinic for unwed mothers at Chatham, ME. He tells her that their mystery has been solved and now they can seek and find her daughter.

At the hospital, Michael asks Carly why it is that she’s always gone and spending time with Courtney’s baby and with Jax. She attempts to explain to her son that she loves him and Morgan. She knows that he and his little brother are growing and able to take care of themselves. And she tells him that she hopes they can be good big brothers to little John and make him part of their family. She also tells Michael that part of that will involve welcoming the baby’s daddy into the family.

After finding out that Nikolas is ready to do what he chooses with Courtney’s ashes behind his back, Jax tells Nikolas he has no right to do that. He tells him that he needs to have consideration for his son and let him visit his mother’s grave. Nikolas tells Jax he knows a lot better than Jax would what is best for Courtney and the baby. Right then, Carly enters, hearing their argument and tells them they better stop this. She tells them if Courtney were there, she’d kick both of their butts.

Lorenzo tells Skye that all he cares about is her. Knowing that she was told a long time ago that she could not carry a baby to term, he doesn’t want to take any chances. She tells him she’s sure with all these modern medical advances, she can find a solution. She also tells him that this is so new for them. They have only dated a short time and only slept together once. And now they are thinking about parenthood.

Courtney’s mother tells Sonny that she struggled to raise her daughter without any help from her father. She admits that she took money from her own daughter in order to do so. But now he’s going to help her. And she’s not above sending Mike on another gambling trip that will ruin him. Hearing that, Sonny throws money at her and demands she gets out of his home. Right outside, the door, Emily is watching through the window. He turns and lets her in and asks her how much she was able to hear. She says enough to know that he was upset. HE informs her that Courtney’s mother came looking for money. Emily tells him that she knows it must have been more than that in order to make Sonny so upset. Right then, Sonny is able to see something he’s never seen before in Emily’s eyes. He tells her he has never wanted to see this. It looks like she is afraid of him.

Carly tells Jax that Nikolas feels very strongly about scattering Courtney’s ashes. He knows that’s what she would have wanted. She asks him why he cannot give Nikolas that. Right then, Jax agrees. But he tells her he did not do this for Nikolas.

Skye tells Lorenzo that she is kind of stalling about calling the doctors and making an appointment. She tells him she does not want to get too attached to a pregnancy that might end. He asks her if she plans to stay glued to that chair and wait to get hit by lightening. He tells her that during the epidemic, he had to look at his world in a whole new way. It made him think of how much he enjoys her and wants to be with her. And when she got sick, he had to think of a way to save her. She then tells him that when that was going on, they were faced with a life-and-death situation. He tells her now they are thinking about a baby. She tells him she does not have a clue how to feel or what to do.

Alexis and Ric go to the clinic where she had her baby all those years ago. She relives herself as a pregnant 16 year old, being assured by the director that they will find her baby a good home. Right then, they go into a room to talk to Dr. Abel about tracking down a girl who would have been born in this place May 11, 1980. Ric tells the man all the information that they have about the 16 year old pregnant girl and the baby. Dr. Abel tells them that there are confidentiality laws to prevent them from finding any information about the mother or the baby. But he’s revealed to them that their laws were broken, when Alexis remembers what happened when she was there. She then informs him that she can protect him from a lawsuit if he discloses the “illegal” information for them. She reveals to him that she is Alexis Davis, the girl who had the baby. Dr. Abel then tells them the information that can help them find Alexis’ daughter but he reveals that he does not know what they need to find out. He tells them that when people reconnect with a baby they gave up, it can cause problems.

Lorenzo tells Skye that this is a major thing going on. It’s bigger than the both of them. And he refuses to let it go on without him. She then gets on the phone to make an appointment for the prenatal exam and answers the question that the father of the baby will definitely be there.

Assuming that Emily is judging and afraid of him for witnessing his angry behavior toward Courtney’s mother, he gets on the phone to cancel their reservation. She tells him that she wants him to talk to her directly without making assumptions about what she thinks and feels. She tells him that she is not afraid of him. She is concerned that he is upset, doesn’t want him to be in pain and wants to help. She asks him to tell her what is going on with him. He tells her he lost it when Courtney’s mother entered and asked him for money. She tells him she believes he was more than justified to be angry after what she’s done. He tells her he does not want that sick part of his life to be anywhere near her. She deserves better. But she tells him that she does not want or expect a safe or perfect romantic life. She knows that that does not exist in the real world. She learned that in her past experiences. She wants to be with him. She wants them to go places together and be able to be in the moment, together, with whatever they are feeling or whatever is going on in their lives.

Elizabeth tells Jax and Carly that maybe she should go and talk to Nikolas. Maybe he will listen to her. Alone with Jax, Carly asks him how he can be so selfish as to take away from Nikolas the only thing he has left of Courtney and her baby. Why does he want to leave Nikolas with nothing?

Dr. Abel tells Alexis and Ric that they must realize that not all adoptees want the parents who gave them up to go looking for them. Alexis tells Dr. Abel that she only wants to find out that her daughter is ok. He tells her that he’s very sorry but cannot help her. They leave. Alone with Ric, Alexis tells him that she never knew how much she would want to find her daughter, until she found out she could not. Right then, he informs her that he was able to uncover information that will help them find her daughter. He’s found the law firm that Niko hired to arrange the adoption. And now she can thank him over dinner.

Right then, Sonny and Emily are on their flight together. He asks her if she wants him to tell her exactly where they are going. She tells him it does not mater as long as they are together.

Right then, Carly goes to find Sonny. Max informs her he’s gone. She tells him she needs Sonny to take care of the boys this weekend while she has plans. Max does not reveal to Carly where her ex husband has gone. She tells Max she needs him to give Sonny the message that he needs to get back there and realize he is not the only person here with a life. Max tells her he will agree to give Sonny the message.

In the hospital, Jax tells baby John that he knows the Cassadines have ruined Nikolas and other family members. And he’s not going to let them ruin him. He tells him he promises to keep him safe and give him the best life he can possibly have. He knows that’s what his mother would have wanted.

Right then, Nikolas goes to the sea with the urn in hand and is ready to scatter Courtney’s ashes. He pours the ashes into the ocean.

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