GH Update Monday 3/6/06

General Hospital Update Monday 3/6/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

While Sam is alone by Danny’s grave, after his memorial service, Alexis comes by and offers her condolences. Sam tells Alexis how dare she show her face when she killed Sam’s brother. Alexis protests that it was not her decision that she gets the antidote before Danny. It was the decision of the doctors and she chose not to leave her daughters without a mother. Sam blasts Alexis, telling her she is a selfish, worthless bitch. She not only killed Danny. She bullied and harassed Sam into going into early labor, causing Sam’s baby to die in order to save Kristina. She asks Alexis how she can live with herself.

At the hospital, Nikolas meets Mike and apologizes for his outburst at Courtney’s memorial service. Mike tells Nikolas it’s all right. He understands that Nikolas was justifiably angry. Nikolas informs Mike that the reason he arranged to meet him is because Courtney told him that when she lived in Atlantic City, she used to stand by the ocean and reach her arms out to find the person she was destined to meet. He knows that when he was living in Greece, he saw himself reaching out to find the love of his life. So he asks Mike if he can throw Courtney’s ashes over the ocean. Mike tells Nikolas that he knows there may be other people who will fight him on that. But he will grant Nikolas his wish, as he believes it’s a beautiful thought.

At Sonny’s, when he’s ready to get it on with Emily at the guesthouse, Michael and Morgan are outside attempting to get in. Max finds them right before Michael finds the key and catches his father and Emily together. Hearing their voices from outside, Sonny and Emily hide behind the couch. They hear Max telling Michael that the guesthouse is only for emergencies and that he needs to go and play in the tree house instead. Right when Sonny and Emily hear Max asking Michael to beat it, they can tell that the coast is clear.

Carly and Jax argue about whose opinion is better than whose. She tells him that they must both realize that losing Courtney has taught them that life is short and that they should live their lives to the fullest with no regrets. He tells her that he appreciates what she’s done for him and for baby John. But he thinks she should focus her energy on her own family. Hearing that, she tells him that she believes that Michael and Morgan should get to know little John. He needs to have two older brothers. And they can benefit from taking care of him so it will be a win-win situation.

At the hospital, Elizabeth finds Nikolas and tells him he’s grieving. He doesn’t have to apologize for his behavior at Courtney’s memorial service. But she’s worried about him and believes he might need some help.

Jason catches Alexis and Sam arguing at Danny’s gravesite and he tells Alexis she needs to show some respect for Sam and go away. He reminds her that Sam just lost her brother and all Alexis cares about is easing her conscience. She protests to him that she is there out of compassion. Hearing that, he tells her he understands that she wants Sam to forgive her and tells her it’s ok. But it’s not Sam’s job to help Alexis feel better about herself. He tells Alexis she either stays away or he will have to keep her away. Right then, Ric shows up and tells Jason he better not ever threaten his(Ric’s) wife again. He tells Jason that Alexis did not know that Sam was still there. She was just there to offer her condolences for Danny’s death, privately. Jason tells them that Alexis needs to stay away from Sam and he does not buy their “concern” for Danny. They leave. Sam cries and tells Jason she cannot stand to be near that woman. She tells him that she killed her brother and she will never forgive Alexis for that.

At the hospital, Elizabeth tells Nikolas that he must realize that Courtney loved him. She would not want him to be beating himself up over this. She’d want him to let the people who care about him help. She tells him he should come and have dinner with her and Lucky and visit with Cameron. He tells her he has things to do. Noticing the cut on his head, she asks him what happened. HE informs her that he drove his car into a ditch. The doctor stitched him up and told him he will live.

After almost getting caught by Michael and Morgan, Emily tells Sonny that the downside is all the secrecy. He protests that he’d like to take her everywhere he goes. He’s not ashamed. He’s proud to be with her. But he realizes that his two boys cannot see what they would have seen if they’d gotten in the door. Morgan is just a toddler. And Michael just lost his aunt and it wouldn’t be good for him to see that. He tells her that this situation forces them to go slow, savor every moment. And no matter how careful they need to be, he ain’t giving her up. He then tells her he must go and get the kids. She tells him she will leave but wants him to call her. She realizes she must go out the back so that nobody sees her. They kiss and depart.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth that when he and Courtney first became friends, they spoke about their childhoods and what it was like to grow up in different worlds. She told him that she would stand by the beach as though she was looking to find a person on the other side. He knows that when he lived in Greece he was doing the same thing. So he wants to honor Courtney’s memory by scattering her ashes by the ocean. She tells him that sounds like a good idea. He tells her that he believes he should be able to decide what to do after Courtney’s death because he was the man she intended to marry. But he realizes he has no legal rights. Mike is her next of kin and Jax is legally still her spouse. She tells him she knows all about grief. He reminds her that Lucky came back to her but Courtney can never come back to him.

When Sam and Jason get home, she admits to him that she and Danny may not have been much of a family. But she knows she loved him and he loved her. He tells her that he doesn’t even remember his past or childhood because his entire memory of his life only dates back to when he woke up from his accident. He tells her that his only family is her and he’s ok with that. Sonny and Carly are his friends. He feels connected to Emily and Monica although he doesn’t remember them as his family. And he even realizes Alan cares about him in his own way. Sam tells Jason that she remembers her mother as very cold and unfeeling. She now knows that that woman was not even her flesh and blood. And she cannot rest until she finds out who her biological mother is. He tells her that he doesn’t understand why it would matter to her. But she tells him she needs to know where she came from. Was her mother a prostitute or junky? Was she raped? And there are also medical issues she needs to know about her biological family if she plans on having a baby. Hearing that, he tells her he understands. But he tells her that going after her biological mother because she’s scared is a mistake. She tells him when her father died, she felt like she’d lost her only friend. And now with Danny gone, she wants to find out where she came from. She wants to find her real mother.

Alexis and Ric get home. She thanks him for defending her. She admits she’s never had a white knight before. He tells her that Jason is intolerable. She admits to him that she still wants Sam’s forgiveness. He tells her he understands that. But she must realize that Sam is grief-stricken, may not be thinking clearly and needs somebody to blame. She tells him that if the roles were reversed and she was in Sam’s place, she does not know that she would be so willing to forgive either. He tells her he loves her and sees her heart and her compassion even if Sam and Jason do not. Right then, he gets on his computer and notices there are messages, which may be from the birth-search inquiry they made earlier. He asks her if they are ready for this. She says she needs to find out some time. He then tells her that something cannot be right. It says that there is no record of a baby girl born May 11, 1980 at Chatham, ME.

Emily and Elizabeth meet at Kelly’s. Elizabeth can sense that something is going on with Emily. She tells her she’s concerned about Nikolas and asks Emily if there is anything she can do to help him.

Carly goes to see Sonny and informs him that Michael informed her about what “happened”. She tells him that Michael came by to find his father because she told him she was running late and could not pick him up. She admits that she was with Jax and little John and went to Kelly’s with Jax. Sonny reminds Carly that after Courtney’s death, Michael needs to believe he has somebody he can count on. He tells her he understands her need to bond with little John. But he and she need to communicate better. Hearing that, she tells him he’s right. She sometimes loses time when she’s with little John. She didn’t have the chance to bond with a baby. She never had that opportunity with Michael or Morgan after they were born. She tells him she wants to have that with little John. She realizes Courtney will never have that experience with him. And she also knows that little John is getting stronger, may not need her as much and she will have more time to devote to Michael and Morgan. Hearing that, he tells her, in that case, hopefully, she will be able to stay with them while he’s gone.

Elizabeth tells Emily that Nikolas told her he wants to scatter Courtney’s ashes at sea. Emily tells her that sounds like a good start. Elizabeth tells Emily that right now, in this stage in Nikolas’ life, he needs them; herself, Emily and Lucky. Emily asks her what if she’s wrong. What if they are all a constant reminder of how it all blew up for Nikolas?

Nikolas tells Jax that he knows that what Courtney would want is to have her ashes scattered by the ocean. Jax totally disagrees and tells Nikolas that when little John asks about his mother, he wants to be able to take him to see her and not have to tell him that her memory was scattered into ashes in the wind. Nikolas tells him he doesn’t want Courtney’s memory to be on some cold headstone buried in the dirt. He reminds Jax that he(himself) and Courtney were in love. Courtney chose him and they were going to be married. Jax tells Nikolas that all of his decisions right now are for baby John, and what is in his best interest. Nikolas asks Jax if that means he does not care what Courtney would have wanted. Jax admits that Courtney’s wishes are of lesser importance to him than the baby.

Sam and Jason get on their computer to investigate all the clues she remembers about her childhood. She asks him what kind of a woman would do something like that. She tells him that the mother who raised her made her feel so unwanted. So she can only wonder whether her biological mother was better or worse.

Meanwhile, Alexis and Ric are trying and failing to find birth records for the date that she knew she gave birth. At that point, Alexis concludes that the baby’s father must have switched the birth records and paid somebody in order to register the birth to a Jane Doe in another county. He tells her that everybody has a birth certificate or some kind of record. And they will find it. He tells her they will not give up on finding her daughter if that is what she wants.

Sam tells Jason she realizes that after her parents had Danny, they didn’t want to have more babies who could have his disability. They wanted a bigger family so they adopted her. She knows her father had a mistress. He then tells her if they can find out where Danny was born, it’s possible she was born there too. Hearing that, Sam remembers Danny must have been born in Maine. She says she remembers him talking about living there with how cold it got with the ice and snow and all his experiences living there. Jason then enters that information into the computer.

Nikolas tells Jax that he believes Jax is using his legal authority over baby John in order to push Nikolas out of Courtney’s life. He tells Jax he can see how easy it is for Jax to put Courtney aside and move on. How long did Jax mourn her? An entire week? Jax tells Nikolas that everybody mourns in different ways. Nikolas tells him it must be a relief for him that Courtney is dead. He gets to have her son all to himself. Right then, Elizabeth and Emily hear them yelling and ask what is going on. Emily asks Nikolas if he is ok. He tells her he’s standing and breathing and nothing else matters. He knows nobody cares about Courtney. And Jax is taking revenge upon him.

Sonny tells Carly that he needs to get to the island for a couple days. Some business at the casino. Nothing serious. But he needs to nip it in the bud. Right then, the boys come down the stairs. She asks them to come down and wish their daddy a good trip. It’s obvious that he doesn’t plan to go alone.

Alexis tells Ric he realizes that her baby’s father wanted to hide the fact that she got pregnant by him and that they have a daughter. She tells Ric she does not intend to disrupt her daughter’s life. She just wants to find out whether she had a decent life and is alive and well now. She then goes to search clinics for unwed mothers in Chatham, ME.

Sam is also obsessing about finding her biological mother. She tells Jason it’s entirely possible she had many brothers and sister and a big family in addition to her mother. Maybe her mother was a decent and honorable woman who gave her up for the right reason. And when she meets her, she will be happy. But then, maybe she’s just getting her hopes up only to find out that her mother is a disgrace. He then tells her no matter what happens, he loves her.

Jax tells Carly that little John is his number one priority. He knows that is what Courtney would have wanted.

At Kelly’s, Nikolas asks Mike to sign release papers to have Courtney’s ashes scattered. He lies to him that Jax agreed. Mike signs and seems to approve of Nikolas’ idea. He tells him that maybe now his daughter can rest easy, knowing that Nikolas and Jax have resolved their differences.

Monica tells Emily that they both need a break. She suggests that the two of them fly down to Key West. She tells her they can indulge and have spa treatment. If any two people deserve to be pampered, it’s both of them. Monica tells her daughter she cannot have anything planned. Can she? Emily then tells her mother that that sounds like a great idea and she may make all the arrangements. Right when Monica departs, Emily gets a call from Sonny. He tells her that he is making plans to go away to the island for the weekend and would love for her to come with him. She informs him that she made other plans. He tells her maybe another time and he will miss her. But she tells him that she can cancel her plans. Right then, Michael, Morgan and Carly show up and overhear Emily’s phone conversation. Michael asks Emily where she plans to go for the weekend. Carly reiterates Michael’s question, asking Emily where she plans to go and whom she plans to go with.

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