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General Hospital Update Friday 3/3/06


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JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam tells Jason that the results of the DNA test proved that she and Danny were not biological siblings, meaning that she was adopted after all.

ALEXIS AND RIC'S HOME: Alexis admits to Ric that she does want to find out what happened to the daughter she gave up for adoption -- she is praying that the daughter had a good and happy life.

THE GRAVEYARD: Maxie finds Nikolas wandering around the graveyard. He's bleeding from a cut on his head. She tells him that she saw his car in the ditch nearby and he admits that he had a car accident on a patch of ice but that he doesn't care...he just wants to find Courtney's grave.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily gets a call from Sonny, but is reluctant to speak to him freely because Carly is listening from a few feet away. She pretends that she is speaking on the phone to a co-worker and Sonny gets the hint...he asks her if she can just meet him later at the guesthouse, and she agrees and hangs up the phone.

GREYSTONE: After Sonny hangs up the phone with Emily, he is joined by Michael, who is getting ready to go with Morgan to Carly's house. Carly is going to be by to pick them up soon. Michael asks Sonny if he ever gets lonely when he and Morgan go to Carly's and Sonny says that he worries about them all the time but that he doesn't really get lonely.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly questions Emily about the night that she found Emily with Sonny at Greystone. Emily tells Carly that she is too busy for questions about her personal life right now. Emily leaves and Carly tells Bobbie, who is nearby, that she thinks that Emily protests too much.

BABY JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Robin comes by to see Jax and to meet baby John. She talks about what a good father he will be and how she knows that Brenda would be happy for him. Jax talks about how strong John is getting and credits Carly with John's improvement. Robin is surprised to hear this and wonders how Jax could let Carly near baby John?

THE GRAVEYARD: Maxie wants to take Nikolas to the hospital but he refuses. He talks about how he went off on everyone at Courtney's memorial service. Maxie tells him that she knows how it feels to be the one left alive, how everyone expects you to be grateful but all you are is angry. They talk about how Nikolas can't find closure when it comes to Courtney. Maxie wants to help him find Courtney's grave. Nikolas admits that he's suddenly realized that because she was creamted she doesn't have a grave. He wonders how there could be nothing left of Courtney but ashes?

ALEXIS AND RIC'S HOME: Ric is trying to help Alexis research what happened to the baby she gave up for adoption. She says that Mikkos took care of everything and that she never told the baby's father (she doesn't tell Ric who the baby's father was). She does remember that she was sent to a clinic in Chatham, Maine to have the baby. She wonders sometimes if she should have just raised the baby on her own. Ric points out that then she wouldn't have gone to Yale and she wouldn't have ended up in Port Charles. Alexis replies that she would have had a daughter who knows her mother.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam tells Jason that her mind is going around in circles and she is reeling from the news that her whole life was a lie. She doesn't want to find her birth mother because she's afraid of what she might find. Jason says that she doesn't have to think about this today, the day of her brother Danny's memorial. Sam doesn't even know how they would go about looking for information about her past...all they know is that she was born on May 11, 1980 -- Mother's Day.

ALEXIS AND RIC'S HOME: Alexis doesn't remember the name of the clinic she was born in, or anything about the clinic in particular. The only thing she does remember is that her baby was born on May 11, 1980 -- Mother's Day.

THE HOSPITAL: Noah is walking by the nurse's station when he suddenly clutches his side in pain. Patrick rushes over to help him but Noah insists that he's fine. Patrick thinks that Noah is really just getting worse.

BABY JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jax and Robin are discussing Carly. Robin reminds Jax that Carly has wreaked havoc on the lives of many people. Jax thinks that Carly is seriously comitted to baby John's life. Robin thinks that Carly is working an angle, and if Jax isn't careful he'll live to regret it.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly talks to Bobbie about how upset she is that Emily has a place in Sonny's life now. Bobbie thinks Carly should just get over it already. Carly asks Bobbie how she's doing following Tony's death, and Bobbie says that she's going to get through this as best she can. Carly says that she wanted to watch the Oscars with Courtney, only to remember that Courtney is dead too. Bobbie says she'll watch the Oscars with Carly. They hug.

Just then, Maxie brings the still bleeding Nikolas into the hospital. Emily rushes over to see what happened and Maxie explains that Nikolas ran his car off the road. Nikolas insists that he's fine. As Emily checks his wounds, Sonny (who has come to the hospital for a check-up) watches her and Nikolas together. Carly observes Sonny watching Emily and Nikolas.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam and Jason are about to leave for Danny's memorial service. Sam wonders if she should invite other people to the service but decides against it since no one else really knew Danny. She tells Jason that people from Danny's group home in Hawaii are having a service there for him as well. She says that she doesn't really want to say goodbye to Danny at all.

ALEXIS AND RIC'S HOME: Alexis is looking through the newspaper -- she sees a tribute to Courtney and decides that she will call Nikolas later. Ric is still doing research on the computer about the baby Alexis gave up for adoption. They agree to search through Cassadine business papers later to find out who handled the adoption. Alexis sees a small article in the paper about Danny's memorial service and feels guilty. Ric tries to reassure her but she is worried because Sam will never forgive her for Danny's death.

BABY JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jax admits to Robin that Carly can be self-serving but that he believes she's made a real commitment to John. Robin thinks that Carly should be spending time with her own children, whom she hardly ever sees. "Carly is number one in her life and always will be -- well, except for maybe Jason if he can do something for her," Robin says. Jax thinks that Robin is furious that Jason and Carly are still friends. Robin admits that no one gets under her skin like Carly. She is just worried that Carly will use John to manipulate people the way she used to use Michael to manipulate people. Jax believes that people have complex motives and that while Carly can be as devious as Robin says, he thinks that she can also be strong and supportive and he needs that right now.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny signs in for his check-up and Bobbie asks Carly if he really looks like a man who is jealous over or smitten with Emily?

Nearby, Emily and Maxie are getting Nikolas into an exam room. Maxie thinks that Nikolas might have a concussion since he completely forgot earlier that Courtney had been cremated. Nikolas doesn't want any tests or scans. Maxie thinks he shouldn't waste time trying to fight with her and Emily. Nikolas finally agrees to be treated for his wounds.

Meanwhile, Carly approaches Sonny, who reminds her that she is supposed to be picking up the boys for their visit. Carly says that she needs to get some things straight with Sonny first.

Patrick is surprised to see Robin back at work at the hospital, pointing out that if she relapses it will make him look bad. Robin asks him if he's really upset about Noah and he admits that he saw Noah in pain earlier and Noah is refusing to do antyhing to help himself. Patrick wants Robin to help him get through to Noah about the liver transplant.

DANNY'S MEMORIAL SERVICE: Father Coates is holding the memorial service for Danny; Jason and Sam are the only ones present. Father Coates makes a speech about Danny's great love for Sam and her love for him. As he talks, Sam can't help remembering Danny's final words to her about how his parents "picked" her to be his sister. Father Coates closes the memorial service with a prayer, and they all make the sign of the cross.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly is confronting Sonny about Emily but he doesn't want to get into this with her right now. They both agree to back off of one another. Carly says that she is going to go say goodbye to baby John before she goes to pick the boys up. Sonny thinks that that's great and Carly agrees that they should all try to be a little kinder to one another along the way.

Robin and Patrick are discussing Noah when he comes over to them and reminds Patrick that he made his decision about the transplant and he's going to stick by it. Patrick argues with him about it but Noah refuses to change his mind. Robin tries to step in but they continue arguing anyway. Noah says that he can always crawl off and drink himself to death and Patrick snaps, "Don't let me stand in your way." Noah says that if Patrick doesn't back off they will lose whatever time they have left.

DANNY'S MEMORIAL SERVICE: Jason and Sam thank Father Coates for presiding over the memorial service. After he leaves, Sam wonders if Danny found her daughter up in heaven. Jason thinks that whatever heaven is it's beautiful and Danny is there and happy. Sam asks for a couple of minutes to herself and he agrees. Jason leaves and Sam is left alone by Danny's grave.

Alexis and Ric are nearby, unseen for the moment by Jason or Sam. Alexis has brought flowers for Danny's grave. Ric doesn't think this is a good idea because Alexis shouldn't feel guilty over Danny's death. Alexis goes to put the flowers on Danny's grave.

THE HOSPITAL: Nikolas is surprised to find Maxie waiting for him after he leaves the examination room. She says that she can take him home if he likes. Nikolas thanks her but declines, prefering to find his own way home. He says that in his family it's tradition to hold onto your pain as long as possible...but that he wants to find a way to say goodbye, and he has to do it alone. He thanks her for waiting and she says that because he saved her life she felt she owed him one. She leaves and Nikolas gets on the phone and tells whoever is on the other end, "I need to see you."

BABY JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Carly and Jax are checking on John. Jax says that they are going to have the latest test results back soon. Carly wants to stick around to hear them. She calls Leticia (the boys' nanny) and tells her that she will be a little late picking up the boys).

THE GREYSTONE GUESTHOUSE: Sonny meets up with Emily and they are both happy to see each other. He says that his checkup went very well. They talk about how they are both uncomfortable keeping their relationship a secret...but they agree to keep it under wraps at least for the time being. Emily thinks Carly is getting suspicious and Sonny says that he thinks that Carly believes that they are really and truly over.

GREYSTONE: Michael and Morgan are playing downstairs...Leticia goes to fix them some lunch. Michael suggests to Morgan that they go play hide and seek in the guest house.

THE GYRESTONE GUESTHOUSE: Sonny tells Emily that he wishes he could tell the whole world how happy she makes him. They kiss.

BABY JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jax and Carly are talking to baby John. Carly says that the tests were hard but they were worth it because they will tell the doctors when it is okay for John to go home. Jax says that John should listen to his aunt Carly because she loves him a lot and they are both lucky to have her.

DANNY'S MEMORIAL SERVICE: Sam is talking to Danny's grave about how beautiful and wonderful heaven must be. She admits that she knows she should be happy for him but she can't help feeling sad that he's gone. She is startled when Alexis comes over to put flowers on the grave. Alexis admits that she thought Sam would be gone already. Sam demands how Alexis can show her face here when she is the one who killed Danny?

THE GREYSTONE GUESTHOUSE: Sonny and Emily are making out and undressing one another on the couch. Little do they know that Michael and Morgan are just outside -- and Michael has a key to get in! Michael and Morgan prepare to open up the door as Sonny and Emily continue kissing.

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