GH Update Thursday 3/2/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/2/06


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam has just placed a call concerning the DNA test results, which will be in by the end of the day. She explains to Jason that she's sure that the test will prove that Danny was her biological brother because she doesn't want to believe that she was really adopted.

ALEXIS AND RIC'S HOME: Ric is getting ready for Courtney's memorial service. Alexis has found a letter that her father, Mikkos, sent her concerning the baby she gave up for adoption. Ric is surrpised that she is still thinking about the baby because she'd said earlier that she wanted to let it go.

BABY JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny stops by the hallway just outside of the room and runs into Emily. They talk about baby John and Courtney's memorial service. He asks Emily to say a prayer for him and for Mike do make it through this day.

Inside the room, Carly and Jax are with baby John. Carly has brought things for Jax to change into for the memorial service. After he leaves to get ready, Carly talks to John about Courtney and how she can't believe today she will be saying goodbye to her.

WYNDEMERE: Elizabeth and Lucky arrive at Wyndemere to pick up Nikolas for the memorial service...but find the main room trashed. And Nikolas is no where in sight.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Jason tells Sam that she doesn't have to go the memorial service and she admits that she thinks that he should grieve for Courtney on his own. They exchange "I love you's" and then Jason leaves.

THE CHURCH: People are beginning to arrive for the memorial service. Mike is there with Father Coates and Lainey and Justus have arrived as well. Janine (Courtney's mother) shows up and spars with Mike momentarily...she doesn't think that Mike was a very good father to Courtney while Courtney was alive. Michael's arrival on the scene interrupts Janine and Mike's conversation. Michael admits that he had Max the bodyguard bring him...he wants to grieve for his aunt Courtney.

BABY JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny approaches Carly and they talk about Courtney and how much they miss her. Sonny says he wanted to see John before the memorial service -- he thanks Carly for taking care of the baby and she admits that she wants to do it for Courtney. Jax comes in and asks if Carly is ready to go to the service?

SKYE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Skye is in bed and Lorenzo is with her...they talk about how her temperature is normal despite the fact that Skye fainted in the park yesterday. Robin and Kelly (one of the newer doctors on staff) come in and announce that they have found from Skye's blood-work that she is pregnant. Skye is shocked.

THE CHURCH: Lainey tells Justus that she has to go out and meet the bus with the children from Courtney's foundation. Elizabeth and Lucky have also arrived -- they worry because there is no sign of Nikolas yet. Lucky thinks that maybe Nikolas is trying to avoid as many people as possible before showing up at the memorial. Jason and Michael greet one another and Michael admits to how much he misses Courtney already.

BABY JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny tells Jax and Carly that he is going to head over to the church. He turns to Jax and says that if Jax ever needs any help with John, he just has to let him know. He adds that he is sorry for Jax's loss and for any interference he previously caused in Jax and Courtney's relationship. He leaves. Jax and Carly talk about the baby -- Carly really wants Jax to move into the house next to hers so she can help him with the baby. Jax is still considering it. They say goodbye to baby John and leave for the memorial.

SKYE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Kelly and Robin leave the room to allow Skye and Lorenzo to discuss the pregnancy in private. Once they are gone Lorenzo admits that he was under the impression that Skye was infertile. Skye replies that she never thought this could happen. She says she needs a few minutes to process this. Lorenzo asks her if there is any question of fatherhood and she says no. Lorenzo, realizing that this baby is definitely his, admits that he will need a moment to process this, too.

THE CHURCH: Alexis and Ric have arrived at the service...they greet Sonny and then take their seats. Coleman shows up, which Carly is not happy about. Coleman says that he always did admire Courtney and that's why he's come here today to pay his respects. He takes his seat. Sonny is not happy to see Michael but Michael pleads with him to let him stay so he can say goodbye to Courtney. Carly, Sonny and Michael all sit down together as Father Coates begins the service.

Suddenly, Nikolas -- clean-shaven and dressed in a suit -- comes through the entrance. He delivers a stinging speech aimed at everyone he claims is "pretending" to mourn for Courtney, calling their performances pathetic. He calls out Sonny (for treating Courtney badly and not respecting her life's choices), Janine (for lying to Courtney about Mike being dead), Alan (for calling Courtney a whore and a murderer), Jason (for marrying Courtney and dragging her into his dangerous lifestyle) and Jax (for "using" Courtney to have a baby). Nikolas thinks they are all hypocrites and he wonders that the church ceiling doesn't fall down on them.

At this point Elizabeth interrupts him and warns him that this isn't going to bring Courtney back. Nikolas says that he knows it won't bring her back, which he is sure is a relief to everyone present. He storms out of the church.

Father Coates tries to resume the service, commenting that this is a difficult day for everyone. Lainey brings in the children from the foundation and they all take their seats.

Mike gets up to speak, but has difficulty because he's so grief-stricken. Sonny gets up and makes a speech instead, thanking everyone for coming and admitting his failings as Courtney's sister. He says that it is wrong that Courtney is gone and that the world has lost someone like her, and that her boy will grow up without his mother.

Carly gets up to speak for Courtney next. She addresses Courtney's portrait, talking about the friendship that they shared. She says that Courtney's smile would light up a room and that she loved everyone deeply. She adds that Courtney is alive in her little boy and in everyone present.

After the service, Ric and Sonny agree to try to forgive the past mistakes they've made against one another. Elizabeth wonders if they should go look for Nikolas but Lucky thinks they should leave him alone. Justus and Lainey talk about how much the kids from the foundation loved Courtney. And Jax and Courtney discuss the service and baby John.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas returns to the house and pours himself a drink, then decides against it. He looks at pictures of Courtney and starts to cry.

SKYE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Skye admits to Lorenzo that there was a time when all she wanted was to have a child of her own -- possibly because she always wanted someone who would love her and never leave her. Lorenzo asks her why she's scared of this pregnancy and she admits that she was told by the doctors once that because of an accident she had once, any baby she tried to carry to term would die before she was able to deliver it.

ALEXIS AND RIC'S HOME: Ric and Alexis return home from the memorial and she admits to him that she would like to find out what happened to the daughter she gave up for adoption.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam gets the phone call she has been waiting for -- Robin is on the phone, and she tells Sam that the DNA test results came back concluding that Danny and Sam are not biolgocal siblings. Sam thanks her for the information and hangs up the phone. She wonders to herself who her mother is?

BABY JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jax is talking to baby John about how happy he and Courtney were together and how he regrets not taking better care of her while she was alive. He promises never to let John down. The song "Only Time" begins to play as Jax has a flashback to Courtney saying her vows to him on their wedding day.

THE CHURCH: Mike and Sonny are together at the church following the memorial service.

CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly and Michael sit on the couch and look together at Courtney's snow globe.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: As the song continues to play, Jason returns home from the memorial and goes to look out the window. He has a flashback to a time that he and Courtney kissed in the rain. As Jason stares out the window, Sam can be seen sitting on the stairs, obviously still worried about the DNA test results.

WYNDEMERE: As the song finishes playing, Nikolas can be seen at Wyndemere looking at pictures of Courtney and him together. He has flashbacks to his time with Courtney that end with her explaining that while she loves him, she can't marry him.

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