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General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/1/06


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While awaiting Tony’s funeral, Luke tells Lulu that he’s so proud of her. She reminds him so much of her mother when she was Lulu’s age. She tells him she really appreciates that and knows that her uncle Tony’s death has really affected Luke and she knows that Luke really cared about Tony. Right then, Tracy enters and affirms that she doesn’t want to cause any trouble. She thought a great deal of Tony. But she tells Luke she hopes that “that girl” did not spend the night (meaning Georgie). Luke tells Tracy she needs to give it a rest.

Right then, Bobbie is at BJ’s grave telling her she so wishes she could be there to help them get through that. Carly observes her and comes by to say hi She tells her mother that she thought she’d find her there. She informs Bobbie that she woke up this morning with every intention of going to Tony’s funeral. But she realized that maybe she should not do that. She feels as though she has been responsible for breaking up Bobbie and Tony’s marriage. She asks her mother a direct question and asks for a direct answer. She asks if Bobbie believes she (Carly) should make herself scarce.

Lorenzo meets Manny Ruiz at the chapel. He tells Manny that he does not appreciate being summoned and he tells Manny that he knows he’s been very convincing in looking, to everybody, like he’s reformed himself. Manny tells Lorenzo that he’s kept himself scarce for a while. There was no point in terrorizing sick people. But now that everybody is well, he’s bored. Now he wants to go after Jason and Sonny. Lorenzo reminds Manny that he knows that the brain surgery did not transform him. Lorenzo has proof that Manny has not reformed himself. He has a microchip that proves that Manny attacked Sam McCall. He can turn that over to the cops and have Manny back in prison. So Manny better follow everything Lorenzo says or he will end his freedom for him.

Tracy tells Dillon that if he lives under her roof, Georgie will not spend the night with him. Right then, Mac enters and informs Georgie that right after Tony’s service is over, she’s coming straight home with him.

Before the memorial service, Lucky and Elizabeth tell Lucas that they know that his grief for his father is real and if he needs either one of them, he must call them any hour of the night or day. Elizabeth gets up to leave. Alone with Lucas, Lucky tells his cousin that he really thought highly of Tony. He really listened to whatever he had to tell him. Hearing that, Lucas concludes that perhaps he could have told his dad that he was gay a long time ago. He tells Lucky he realizes that time is a terrible thing to waste. He would give anything in order to have more time with his dad so that he could make him know that he loved him.

Carly tells her mother that she will completely understand if she does not want her daughter to come to Tony’s funeral. She tells her that she knows how appalling it was for her to do what she did. She didn’t understand what she did to her mom and to Lucas. She did not understand the magnitude of what it meant to tear a family apart or what it meant to have a family until she had one of her own. She tells her mother she is so ashamed and so sorry. Hearing that, Bobbie tells her daughter she appreciates her apology and knows it’s sincere. But it’s not necessary. Not now.

In Robin’s hospital room, she reveals to Patrick that she knows she’s getting better. And he needs to get out of her room so she can get dressed in order to go to Tony’s funeral. He is not going to let her do that however. He tells her that she is still recovering and her fever could go out of control if she pushes herself. She tells him she’s going whether he likes it or not. Right then, Robert enters and tells his daugher that Patrick is right. She cannot go anywhere until.

Skye talks to Lorenzo on the phone, telling him she is ready to go to Tony’s funeral. He tells her he’s worried that it might be too soon. She tells him she intends to go. And since they have not seen each other in a long time, she wants to treat him to lunch afterward. When he gets off the phone, while still in the chapel, Elizabeth confronts him. Manny overhears while she tells him that she knows that he deliberately arranged for Skye to have the antidote at the risk of Lulu’s life. Manny overhears their conversation and sounds really interested.

Georgie asks everybody what is wrong with her and Dillon wanting to live together. Mac tells his daughter that until she is 18, she lives with her father and not with Dillon. Tracy says she agrees. Dillon is ready to go out the door but Tracy tells her son she is not done with him. He tells his mother that he is done with her. He’s not Georgie and she’s not Mac. He’s of age. But she tells him that there is something she has to say that may be of interest to him.

Robin tells Robert that he needs to know that Tony meant a lot to her. He was there for her and more like a father to her than he has been. Robert reminds his daughter that Tony once left her for dead in a cabin in the cold. She says she knows that but it was after Tony had a nervous breakdown and did not know what he was doing, when Carly shattered his world. She tells her father she’s going to Tony’s funeral whether he likes it or not.

Luke meets Lucas and tells him he respected Tony the way he cannot say about many people. He believes the world will be a much colder place without him.

At the chapel, Lorenzo tells Elizabeth that he does not justify his behavior that night when he risked Lulu’s life and right to equal treatement in order to save Skye. But he admits to her that if he had it to do again, under similar circumstances, he’d do that same. And he tells her she cannot honestly say that she would not do the same in order to save Lucky’s life. She says nothing. And he concludes that that was what he thought. Manny hides and listens very intently. Lorenzo admits to Elizabeth that he is indebted to her for not telling anybody. He knows that Skye would not want anybody to know this. She then concludes that she knows there is nothing to gain for telling this to anybody. He tells her he meant what he said. He owes her.

Bobbie tells Carly that her marriage to Tony ended for many reasons. And mainly because they could not sustain the loss of BJ. She tells her daughter she knows that they both completely lost it and Tony could not cope with their daughter’s death. And she tells Carly that they had marital problems long before BJ passed. She also knows that after they lost BJ, Carly found her and was really angry that her mother gave her up for adoption. But the main thing she tells Carly, is that they were able to forgive each other and get past that. Carly then tells her mother that she is humbled by her compassion and her capacity for forgiveness. She is deeply regretful for what she did. And she loves her mother so much. Bobbie hugs her daughter and tells her she needs her today more than ever.

Tracy tells Dillon that he and Georgie can see each other as much as they want, if they are married. But he must make Georgie realize it’s not practical for them to live together. He asks her what she will do if he refuses. She tells him he must know about her history of crushing marriages. So she tells him he either does it his way or she will do it her way.

Outside of Kelly’s, Luke meets Bobbie and asks her how she is. He tells her he remembers hate first time he heard that his wild-child baby sister married the straight-laced Dr. Jones. She tells her brother that she always admired him. He left a real impression on her. That was the reason she was always attracted to bad boys. That was until she met Tony. He changed all that. Luke tells her he realized that Tony was the real deal. She tells her brother she’s worried that she ruined the marriage. Luke tells his sister he does not believe that. He knows that Tony was happy with her. But he knows part of life is that so often, despite our best efforts, we don’t end up with the people we love. Luke hugs his sister.

Dillon meets Georgie revealing to her that somebody has discouraged him from living with her. She asks if it was his father. He tells her that his mother is far worse than her father. He tells her that Tracy is on the warpath and intends to destroy their marriage. Hearing that, Georgie is not as worried as Dillon suspects she will be. She laughs and tells him that Tracy has been blowing hot air for a long time. After what they have all just been through, it’s made them stronger. She is not afraid of Tracy’s threats.

Patrick tells Robin that he knows she’s as stubborn as he is. So he’s going to accompany her to Tony’s funeral. He really respected Tony as a fellow physician and he wants to be there. She agrees and they leave together..

Luke meets Carly before the memorial service. She assumes that her uncle does not want her there and she’s ready to justify herself to him. He tells her that he did not expect her there but is very happy that she is there. Robert appears and Luke tells him that is another surprise. He tells him he’s tries and failed to reach Frisco.

Bobbie informs Mac that she found out about what happened to Mariah. Mac informs Bobbie that after what happened to Tony, she suffered a mild heart attack and Felicia wanted to be with her. Maxie is with him. He tells her that his family owes Bobbie’s family so much. Bobbie and Tony have given them so much for saving Maxie’s life. Bobbie tells them she cannot take full credit for that. And she admits that she was horrified by the thought of taking BJ off life support so soon. And it was Tony’s idea that they do so in order to save Maxie. Maxie tells Bobbie she owes her life to her and to Tony. Tracy asks Luke if he will stay close today as her husband. He tells her nothing would make him happier. But today belongs to his sister.

Skye comes and Elizabeth tells her she looks tired. Skye tells Elizabeth that she is just having mild headaches but is certain she is ok. Elizabeth’s grandmother comes and greets Carly. Bobbie then tells Carly she needs her to sit by her. Carly sits by her mother and uncle.

The priest tells the people that he’d like to yield the pulpit to anybody who’d like to say a few words to Dr. Jones. Luke comes up and says he liked Dr. Tony Jones. Not at first and not always. But with proper hindsight. He says that Tony was his sister’s proverbial prince. He relives how young Tony proposed to young Bobbie, saving her from her troublesome youth and gave her a family. He says Tony was a loving father to his own children and a stabilizing influence on Luke’s. He was a dedicated surgeon and a great man. If you doubt that, you may ask Maxie Jones. He relives Tony saving Maxie. Luke admits that Tony was not perfect, as nobody was. And when he crashed and burned it was right in your face. He admits that his ex brother in law did not do anything half-heartedly. He remembers running into Tony at a bad time in his life. And it looked like he took a buzz saw to his head. They got into a fight in the cold woods. Luke admits that Tony was bruised and battered but he did find his way back. And he did it with the honor and grace that he did everything. Luke concludes that he loved and respected Tony and will miss him. And we see Tony as a young father with his family and most recently admitting to Lucas how proud he is to be his father.

Robert tells Robin he will stay or go or do whatever she wants. She tells him she’s gotten along without him just fine all these years and no longer needs him. Hearing that, he tells her he realizes that is her answer. He gets up to leave and tells her if she needs him for anything, she may contact him. Right then Patrick enters and knows what has happened. She tells him that her father said the right words but she knows they mean nothing. She concludes if they meant anything, he’d have chosen to say.

Manny meets Lorenzo and tells him he knows that he(Lorenzo) risked the little Spencer girl in order to save Skye. So unless Lorenzo wants Manny to reveal that to everybody, Lorenzo will now follow orders from him. Right then, Skye appears. Manny tells her that he and Lorenzo were just having a discussion. He asks her if she remembers anything about her recovery before she got the antidote. She admits she did not and has no clue how or why she got better so suddenly. He leaves. Skye is very puzzled as to why she is always noticing Lorenzo talking to Manny. Right then, it looks like Skye is ready to pass out.

Robert meets Luke at the metro court. Luke asks him if he’s cleaned up his act. They both order some strong drinks. Luke tells Robert he needs to realize he’s getting older and slowing down. Robert tells Luke that he “tied up” the virus. Luke says it was himself who found the candy wrapper. And this is just like old times when Robert takes all the credit for anything. They keep arguing about who is the real cavalry and who is always saving whom.

Bobbie and Lucas stand by Tony’s grave. She tells her deceased ex husband he will always be in her heart. Lucas tells his dad he loves him and will miss him forever.

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