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General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/28/06


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At the hospital, Alexis and Ric are ready to leave. They are both really happy to be ok.

In Sam’s room, she awakens. Jason tells her that her fever has gone down. She asks him how that has happened. He informs her that he and Carly found the antidote. He asks her if she feels ok. She tells him that when he’s looking out for her, how could she not be ok.

Jax and Nikolas stand outside the incubator room observing Carly with preemie baby John. Jax remarks to Nikolas that he suspects that Carly has some ulterior motive for her interest in the baby. He goes in and asks her what she really wants with his son.

Robert walks into Robin’s room, noticing she is better and already back working and going over papers in her hospital bed. She tells her father that her fever has gone down and confirms what he already knows about her not wanting any advice from him about her medical condition. She asks him why he came by. He tells her he thought she should know the source of the antidote. He tells her he ran into Holly after all these years. She asks him what Holly would have to do with the antidote. He explains to her that Holly’s ex husband was a major shareholder in the kryoleum company. She was ready to cash in on it. But when she found out he was still alive, she had another plan. Robin tells her father that he must realize that Holly’s behavior was a direct reaction of what he did. She tells him he needs to stop trying to explain away what has happened, act like it’s no big deal and expect to be forgiven.

Luke meets Holly in the hospital coffee shop. He brings her some coffee, reminding her of the threat she made to dump the virus in the river to kill people. And while he sees her drinking her coffee, he tells her she may enjoy it because he’s laced it with the virus. She almost chokes on it and tells him he would not do something like that. She asks him what he wants He tells her he remembers, long ago, how good they were together. She tells him she was never as happy as she was with himn. And they could have it back. All he ahs to do is get her out of there. She promises him he will never forget it.

Patrick comes to talk to Jason and Sam, admitting to Jason that the hospital staff owes him and Carly a debt of gratitude. Not only has the antidote saved many lives. They can use it for their research experiments to make more progress in medical science. He leaves. Sam is happy to hear that. But she tells Jason that her brother was the only family she had left and his death is like a part of herself being taken away.

Ric tells Alexis that her giving up a child all those years ago may have affected her. But he assures her that she is no longer the scared little teenager she was all those years ago. She is a strong and successful woman, a wonderful wife and mother. And there’s no reason for her to feel guilty for not choosing to keep her daughter.

Jax tells Carly he wants to talk to her. She tells him she did not realize there was a problem. She asks Nikolas to go and be with the baby so they can talk alone. Jax tells her she should not get him wrong. He’s grateful for what she’s done for his son. But he thinks she should back off just a bit and not get too attached. She asks him if he’s forgotten that she and Jason went around to the other end of the world, risking their lives in order to find the antidote. She tells him that he should not get the idea that she’s doing this for him. She’s doing it for Courtney. He asks her if she’s doing this for Courtney or if it’s really all about Sonny.

Nikolas tells the baby that for a long time, he hoped to be his father. He wanted to be with Courtney through the pregnancy. Then, realizing that Jax was the father, he wanted to marry Courtney and be the baby’s stepfather and chase monsters out of the closet for him. But now he realizes that it did not work out that way. And the things that one needs to be most afraid of are the things you cannot see. The things that sneak up on you and steal away your dreams. He then tells they baby that he needs him more than he can ever know. So he encourages the baby to hang in there for him.

Sonny comes to meet Carly and she informs him that Jax has a suspicion about her concern for Courtney’s baby. So Sonny may set Jax straight, she tells him. She then goes in to the room. Nikolas tells her that causing a lot of “friction” is not good for the baby. She tells him that it wasn’t good before he was born. But that did not stop Nikolas and Jax. Outside the room, Jax tells Sonny that the baby is not even a week old, and already Carly looks to be taking over his life. Sonny asks Jax what he is implying. Jax tells Sonny if that is his little strategy, it won’t work. Because he(Jax) is not giving up the baby to either one of them(Carly or Sonny).

Holly asks Luke if he’s happy about his life now, revealing that she knows he’s now married Tracy. He laughs about that but tells her that his life has been overshadowed by what she did to him. He tells her that when his daughter almost died and his sister and nephew and many other people he loved were in danger, this whole epidemic got very personal for him. She tells him she’s sorry and did not mean for that to happen. She just wanted to make a profit. She tells him maybe he needs to be reminded of what they were to each other. She kisses him. And Robert comes in to witness that. Luke leaves and Holly tells Robert that she’d love any man who would get her out of this mess.

Sonny tells Jax that he has nothing to fear from him. He knows how important a father is to a son especially when the mother is not around. He promises not to come between Jax and baby John. He tells Jax he has his word. Right then, Mike appears and tells Sonny he does not buy that he cares about baby John any more than he cares about Courtney. He reminds Sonny that right after he found out that his sister died, he didn’t spend a moment mourning. He went straight home and hit the sheets with Emily. Mike asks his son just how he thinks that rates for family loyalty.

Nikolas tells Emily that he wants to make funeral arrangements for Courtney. And he will never forget all she (Emily) has done for him and for Sonny. He asks her if she is ok. She assures him she is fine but asks him why he’s so worried about her.

Alexis and Ric are ready to leave. They run into Sam and Jason who do not look as happy as they are. Alexis tells Sam she’s happy to see that she has recovered. But she’s so sorry about Danny.

Patrick goes to see Robin, happy that she is recovering. He tells her she must put away her files. That’s doctor’s orders. And he gives her a fudge mocha ice cream bar. She asks him how he knew that that was her favorite. He tells her she revealed it while delirious, along with many other startling revelations. She tells him that is uncharacteristically generous of him.

Robert admits to Holly that there is no excuse for what he did to her and what he did to his daughter. He realizes that having everybody believing he’s died was unforgivable. She asks him if she meant so little to him in the end. He admits to her that in the end, she never factored into the equation. He but he tells her if what he did was in any way responsible for what she turned into; a woman who wanted to turn a profit for an antidote that could save many lives, then he is truly sorry. . She tells him he can make up for it and emotionally tells him that she’s always loved him and has never stopped. Right then, the cops come and take her away

Sonny tells Mike he knows that nothing can make up for the loss of Courtney. He knows Mike must be angry at the world and angry at God for the fact that fate made him(Sonny) and that he is still here and Courtney has died. He tells his father he does not blame him. He knows he was inconsiderate to Courtney. He also knows what it’s like to lose a child. It’s a type of pain that is bottomless that will never end and feels like it will swallow you whole. But, he tells his father if hating him will make him feel better, he may do it. Mike tells his “son” that he may take his phony empathy and go straight to hell. He tells Sonny whether Emily or anybody buys into his “selective” emotion, he does not buy it. He goes in and tells Jax that he expects him to take better care of his grandson than he(Jax) took care of his daughter. He wants Jax to raise him up smart and strong and good like his mother. Jax tells Mike that he is welcome in his grandson’s life. He knows that is what Courtney would want. Mike tells Jax he appreciates that.

Sam tells Jason that she cannot deal with Alexis. She remembers hearing Danny’s final words to her. Very odd that he told her, right before he died, that she was “chosen” by their parents. Then she heard Alexis’ voice with her manipulated guilt. She concludes that she cannot be around Alexis or she may not be able to control what she might do. Right then, a nurse comes and tells Sam that she needs to sign some release papers in regard to her “mother” because they plan to do an autopsy on Danny. Hearing that, Sam says she cannot deal with any of that, now.

Ric and Alexis are back home with Kristina who has made them some presents while they were away and baby Molly. He suggests they take some time off and take a little family trip.

Jax apologizes to Carly for accusing her of “clearing the way” for Sonny to take his baby. She tells him she realizes that all parents have a natural instinct to protect their child. And it’s ok that he reacted as he did. She tells him that that little boy will need everything he can offer him. And she tells him she has an idea about how she can help him with that.

Sonny goes to see Emily and informs her that Carly told her of Jax’s suspicions that he would take the baby from him. So he had to go to the hospital in order to justify himself. And Mike told him that he did not care about Courtney and lashed out at him for seeing Emily. Emily then admits to Sonny that she had a conversation with Nikolas where he told her he was “concerned” about her. Sonny tells Emily he doesn’t care what people think. He knows he wants to be with her. But if their relationship is going to cause everybody so much anger and pain, then there is only one thing they can do; stay away from each other.

Luke meets with Robert at the metro court bar and asks what he did with Holly. He tells him it’s fine with him if he’s got her in the trunk of a car. But he tells Robert that the years have been much kinder to Holly than they have been to him. They both ponder about their lives.

Carly tells Jax that she has great news. She has a place for him to live right by her home. She’ll be close by in case he needs any help with the baby. He tells her he wants to live in the penthouse. She tells him that there is nothing for him or for a baby at the penthouse. And her neighborhood is a great place for him to grow up in.

Sonny tells Emily that maybe they are not being fair. She tells him she does not want to live without him. He then tells her that that was not what he meant. He tells her that it’s unfair that they should have to hide, as if they have something to be ashamed of. She asks him if he believes that. He says no. She says neither does she and tells him she will never be ashamed of loving him.

Nikolas goes to the beach alone with the engagement ring he gave to Courtney. He relives proposing to her in her hospital bed, right before she died. And he tosses the ring in the water.

Alexis reveals to Ric that she is still obsessing about the hair locks she has from Kristina, Molly and the baby she lost all those years ago. Hearing that, he reminds her that since they are both lawyers, she must know that there are ways to track down her daughter. Again, she tells him absolutely not.

Sam tells Jason that the mother who raised her was very cold. It’s very odd that Danny would tell her she was chosen because she sure did not feel that way.

Alexis tells Ric there is no reason to barge into her adult daughter’s life. He reminds her that she is still Alexis’ child. She says not any more.

Jason tells Sam that maybe she was more “chosen” then she thinks. Realizing he means that it’s possible she could have been adopted, Sam concludes that there is only one way to find out. She will get Danny’s DNA to find out if he is really her brother.

Alexis tells Ric that she’s putting away the scrapbook of her lost baby. She realizes she needs to cut her losses and not try to find her.

Sam tells Jason that she wants to find out once and for all if the dysfunctional parents who raised her were her biological parents or not.

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