GH Update Monday 2/27/06

General Hospital Update Monday 2/27/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

The mysterious woman with the antidote is an old flame of Robert’s named Holly. She tells Robert that she could dump enough of the virus into the river in order to contaminate the entire city. He tells her he cannot believe that she would actually do that. Could she actually want to profit from this epidemic and kill a lot of innocent people? She asks him if he really wants to take a chance with that.

In Sam’s hospital room, she goes into cardiac arrest. Monica and Emily attempt to revive her with Sonny watching silently. They stabilize her. But this is not the first time they’ve done this.

Carly and Jason finally find the brief case with the vials that could save everybody from the virus. But right at that point, some gunmen come and point their guns at them and tell them they better not move.

Holly reveals to Robert that she left Luke alone and bleeding at the haunted star and no longer cares since she and Robert had an ill-fated romance, long ago. She gets up to leave and grabs the briefcase with the money, telling him she just wants to take her money and disappear. He tells her she must come back and give up the antidote. His daughter is dying. But she tells him that it does not matter to her. Whatever they had is gone since he left her to believe that he died for all those years. He did the same things to Robin, she reminds him. So she does not buy his heroism for his daughter. She tells him if he does not let her go, the entire water supply will be contaminated with the virus. He then lets go of her and she gets into her cab. And of all people to be driving her, it’s Luke Spencer.

In Ric’s room, Alexis reveals to her husband that when she was 16 and in boarding school, she got pregnant. She gave birth, got to see the baby girl once and then they took her away. She reveals that a kind nurse let Alexis have a lock of her hair. But she was put up for adoption. She tells him she thought, at the time, she made the right choice to have given up her daughter. He asks her if she might have reconsidered. She tells him that she realizes it is now too late. Even if the law could bend in her favor and let her find her now adult daughter, she believes she has given up her rights as a mother and has no business disrupting her child’s life.

After watching Monica and Emily reviving Sam for the second time, Sonny asks them if there’s anything more they can do for Sam. Monica tells him that it looks as though they’ve tried too many times and must now stop. She tells him that Sam has fought too hard. And now, after losing her brother, Sam might have now lost her will to hang on and might not regain consciousness again.

As the gunmen hold their guns on Jason and Carly, Carly sounds like she’s trying to appeal to their sense of compassion for all of the dying people. She seems to know, however, that that will not work. So she and Jason work together to knock them out and they take the briefcase.

Jax talks to the premature baby in the incubator telling him how sorry he is that he never got to know his mother.(Courtney) Outside the room, Elizabeth informs Nikolas that the baby is a fighter just like his mother is. He’s already defied all the odds by living this long, she tells him. But the doctors are not hopeful. Noticing Nikolas outside the door, Jax reveals to the baby that his real father is outside and he must soon tell Nikolas the truth. He goes out and informs Nikolas that the baby is getting weaker and he must now be with him. Right then, Jax gets a call from Carly, informing him that she and Jason have just found the antidote and the baby might have one last chance.

Patrick goes to see Robin in her hospital room. She tells him she’s fine but he knows she’s a terrible liar. She admits to him that she might, soon, start hallucinating and losing strength. So she’d like him to shut up and listen to her for once. He tells her this is him listening. She tells Patrick that he has another chance with his father and must realize no matter how badly he has messed up in the past, Patrick must realize that Noah is trying.

Lucas goes to see Maxie in the hospital. She tells him that she does not think she’s going to make it. She believes that her heart will fail. He tells her she must believe that she can beat the odds. But she tells him that her days might very well be numbered and so she needs his help. She tells him she does not want to die this way, in this place. She wants to be near the stars and moon for her final moments of life.

Jesse is ready to get up out of his hospital bed. But Mike, who is also in a hospital bed tells him he’s not doing Maxie any good pushing himself in this manner. Mike asks him why he decided to become a cop. Right then, Sonny enters. Mike asks Sonny what he wants. Sonny tells his father he’s there to give an update on Courtney’s baby. Mike tells Sonny that he realizes that maybe Sonny is making an effort after all this time. But Courtney is gone. And this grieving and caring son number that Sonny is playing is too little too late. Sonny tells Mike that if he wants to hate him(Sonny) for being alive when Courtney is dead, that’s ok. But Mike cannot give up and die also.

After grabbing the antidote, Carly and Jason drive to the hospital where a SWAT team is guarding the door with shotguns. Carly protests that they must let them in because they have the antidote. Patrick then lets them in and grabs the briefcase. Alan tells them they cannot use it on the patients yet before testing it. But Jason tells Alan he needs to save Sam right now and cannot wait. Patrick tells Alan he must save Robin before it’s too late. But Alan tells Patrick that he’s done such a good job so far. So he cannot blow it.

Georgie is very worried about her sister when she notices Maxie is not in her room. Dillon tells her there is nothing to worry about. Right then, Georgie concludes that she knows that Maxie has always hated hospitals and she’s afraid her sister has gone away somewhere to die.

Elizabeth is telling Courtney’s preemie baby that he must hang on. Outside, Nikolas and Jax are very worried that he will not make it. Right then, Carly comes by with a doctor informing them that they’ve found the antidote. The doctor tells them they cannot guarantee that this stuff will work and they might be risking the baby’s life. But he also tells them if they’re going to give it to him, they cannot wait. Jax asks Nikolas what he believes Courtney would want. Nikolas says he knows that Courtney would want them to give her son the antidote. The doctor runs in and does what Nikolas has asked and Carly tells him he did the right thing.

Right then, Monica is able to give Sam the antidote. Jason and Sonny stand by her bed and Jason tells her she will be better now.

Georgie tells Dillon she cannot believe that “this” is happening. She cannot believe that Maxie is gone. He tells her perhaps Jesse let her get outside. But she tells him she knows that Jesse is too protective of Maxie and would never let her go anywhere. She’s worried that after losing Tony, Maxie has given up on her will to live. He tells her she cannot be certain that Maxie is gone. Right then, Bobbie comes in and informs them that they have finally found the antidote and it can save Maxie.

Maxie and Lucas go to BJ’s grave. He asks her if she’s given up and does she not want to live. She tells him that she wants to be a mom and have a career. He asks her why, then, she will not keep fighting. She tells him she’s made a lot of mistakes and survived many odds. She then tells Lucas that he cannot take his life for granted. He must savor every moment. He must not be afraid to live life to the fullest and love every moment of it.

Monica tells Ric that the antidote might not take effect immediately. But hopefully, it will save him. Alexis asks her what the verdict is for Sam. Monica replies that Sam has been fighting as hard as she could but she’s not certain that Sam is going to make it. She leaves and Ric tells a silent Alexis that he knows what she’s thinking and blaming herself for. She tells him if she had waited just a little longer, Danny would be alive now. And she cannot help but see the monumental injustice.

Monica and Elizabeth go looking for Maxie but cannot find her.

In Mike’s room, Bobbie informs him that he can have the antidote and live. Sonny comes in and Mike asks him what he wants. He tells his son that he is not happy that both he and Sonny, who have wasted their lives, get to live. But Courtney has to die. She is a mother. She deserves to live more than they do. Sonny tells Mike he agrees and knows that it’s wrong. Mike goes on to tell Sonny that Courtney tried so hard to love him. But he shut her out just like he shut Mike out. Courtney wanted to stay in Sonny’s home and take care of his children. But he kept her away so he could be with his new girlfriend, Emily. Sonny tells Mike he’s sorry and realizes Mike has good reason to be angry with him. Mike tells Sonny that he will live to regret all of his failures and selfishness.

Luke confronts Holly, telling her he knows that she is so selfish over her problems with Robert that she would risk innocent lives by withholding the antidote that could save many lives and threatening to dump the virus in the water system. She informs him that her late husband was a shareholder for the kryleom fortune. So she inherited and decided to turn over a profit. She then pulls out a pistol and tells Luke she doesn’t want to have to kill him. Right then, Robert appears and holds a gun on her. He tells her he will have her arrested, one way or another. She tells Robert he mustn’t arrest her. He must run away with her. She reiterates that she’s always loved him. Hearing that, he tells her he wonders what she’d do if she hated him. She tells him she’s spent the last 15 years of her life believing he was dead. She tells him that throwing away what’s left of her life might make up for lost time. She tells him they can leave this country tonight. He still holds the gun on her and says nothing. Luke tells him he cannot trust her. She’ll stab him in the back the moment he gets on the flight with her. Robert asks her why he should believe her. She tells him that this is their last chance. He asks her what about the antidote. She tells him she can let all the patients have it so they can live. He tells her ok. She then tells him thank God he believes her and she runs to hug him. But right then, he pulls the gun out of her hand and tells her she’s going to prison. He might have let her off the hook if it were not for his daughter.

After Robin has gotten the antidote, she tells Patrick she feels awful but is relieved that it’s over. She asks him how he’s feeling and reminds him he’s had a big burden on his shoulders and some life and death emergencies to deal with. Now he can be relieved in knowing that it’s finally over. He tells her it’s not over until he knows that everybody will be saved.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas that he cannot lose his faith in his baby boy. Inside the incubator room, Carly tells Jax that she knows he’s going to make it. He has the will to live. But he tells her perhaps she’s just seeing what she wants to see. She tells him she knows that Courtney would not want it any other way. He tells her IF the baby is ok. She then correctly him by telling him he cannot say IF. He then rephrases by saying WHEN he’s ok, he does not know what to do. She tells him she always gets what she wants. And right then, miraculously, the doctor comes in and informs them that the baby’s fever is down, he’s gaining strength and he will make it.

Right when Lucas and Maxie are at BJ’s grave, Georgie comes rushing to them telling Maxie she cannot do that. She must not give up on her life. She must get back to the hospital.

In Sam’s room, Jason and Sonny ask Emily what Sam’s chances are. Emily does not guarantee that Sam will make it but she encourages her brother to know that Sam is in peace and he must know he’s done everything he can to find the antidote as soon as possible. She then tells Sonny that she knows Jason has found love with Sam. And why can’t that be enough? He tells her she must be strong for her brother because if Sam dies, Jason will need both of them. Jason tells an unconscious Sam that he knows so many people in her life are gone now; her daughter and Danny. And if she needs to be with them, he understands. But he wants her to stay because knowing her and loving her is the most important thing that’s ever happened to him.

They get Maxie back to the hospital and give her the antidote.

Patrick monitors Robin’s progress and he hugs her.

Ric looks like he’s getting better and Alexis smiles and snuggles with him.

Sam is still unconscious while Jason holds her hand. She then opens her eyes. Sonny and Emily stand by the door and go outside when they see there is hope for Sam.

Carly and Jax stand in the incubator room and observe Courtney’s little preemie.

Maxie awakens in her hospital room with her family and friends surrounding her.

Sonny and Emily go outside the hospital and return home.

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