GH Update Friday 2/24/06

General Hospital Update Friday 2/24/06


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[This is going to have to be shorter and a different format than normal because I'm running short on time.]

Alexis is cutting a lock of Molly's hair for her memory box. Kristina looks in the box and sees a lock of hair from another baby. She asks Alexis about the lock of hair and Alexis (after seeing an image in her mind of her younger self rocking a baby to sleep) lies and says that the hair belongs to her. Later, Alexis has a memory from when she was a teenager -- in the

Carly is knocked out from behind during a phone conversation with Jason. Jason heads off to go find her. She's unconcious as Holly and her henchman make plans about what to do with the antidote. They decide to bring Carly with them to the Haunted Star. Carly manages to write the initials "H.S." (for Haunted Star) on the floor with the blood that spilled from the wound at the back of her neck.

Jason arrives and sees the blood spelling out the message "H.S." Later, he and Luke try to figure out what "H.S." could possibly mean.

Georgie comes in to visit Maxie. They discuss Georgie's marriage to Dillon. Outside the room, Patrick and Mac discuss the fact that Dillon has been giving blood for new serum but that they can't risk taking anymore than they already have from him. Mac and Patrick are scared of failing Robin if they can't get her the serum in time. Dillon comes by with a surprise visitor...Jesse. Maxie talks to Jesse about how she would like to be some place beautiful before she dies. Jesse doesn't understand -- he thinks she should stay in the hospital with nurses. After he leaves, Maxie calls Lucas and tells him that she needs his help.

Patrick runs into Lainey in the changing room and they talk about how hard it is to deal with this atmosphere of death. Elizabeth also comes in and informs Patrick that Mike is close to giving up hope -- she wants Patrick to go talk to him. Patrick finds Mike out on the roof and he urges Mike to take a "gamble" on the chance that Courtney's baby might pull through this. Mike agrees not to give up hope.

Ric finishes up his visit with Sonny (in which Sonny agrees to watch over both Kristina and Molly for him in the event of Ric's death). Later, Ric gets a visit from Elizabeth. They talk about her decision to give up her artwork in favor of nursing. Ric asks Elizabeth not to tell Alexis how sick he is.

But Elizabeth DOES inform Alexis of Ric's condition and she rushes to his side to be with him. They talk about their relationship and she admits that she never felt more than "just fine" in her life before she met and fell in love with him. She says that she needs him to stay with her. Ric brings up the fact that she has been keeping a secret from him and she admits that when she was a teenager she had a daughter that she gave up for adoption.

Holly has brought Carly to The Haunted Star. Holly tells Carly that her dead husband was an investor in Crylium and that's how she got her hands on the antidote. Carly is surprised when Holly admits that she herself used to live in Port Charles. She is angry with Holly for trying to sell the antidote when there are people who need it badly. Holly places another call to Robert -- she disguises her voice but something she says to him about how he is always trying to play the hero obviously doesn't sit well with him.

Luke and Jason show up at the casino -- Luke is not happy to see Holly and accuses her of dirtying her hands since their last visit. He signals to Carly to fake a fainting spell and when she does, there's a shoot-out between Jason/Luke and Holly and her henchman. Holly and her henchman escape after Luke is shot. Carly urges Jason to run after the antidote and he does. Carly and Jason eventually find the case of the antidote.

Holly surprises Robert by visiting him. He is shocked to see her but they immediately bicker about the virus and the antidote. He tells her that Robin is one of the ones ill -- he's angry that she's trying to turn a profit off of the virus. She informs him that if she doesn't cooperate, the virus will be dumped over the city of Port Charles. Robert thinks that she's bluffing.

Sonny sits with Sam as she drifts closer and closer to death. Emily hovers nearby. Sam is worried that she won't be able to find out what Danny meant when he told her that she had been "chosen" by their parents. She also admits to Sonny that she never felt like she belonged anywhere until she found him and Jason and became part of their lives. Sam's monitors start to go off as Sonny tries to revive her.

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