GH Update Thursday 2/23/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/23/06


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

THE DOCKS: Robert and Luke bicker about the fact that the mysterious person with the antidote got away. Each blames the other. Luke thinks that it's obvious they were ambushed.

BABY JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny watches from the window in the hallway as Carly stands vigil over baby John. Jax approaches Sonny and tells him that Carly seems to be good for the baby.

SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Patrick wants to speak to Jason outside. They go into the hallway and Patrick informs Jason that it looks like Sam is close to death, and all they can do is make sure she's as comfortable as possible. Jason thinks that if Patrick can't help he has to go find someone who can. Sam asks Jason what's wrong?

BABY JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jax and Sonny discuss baby John. Jax informs him that the baby has contracted the virus and all they can do is sit and wait. Sonny urges Jax to love John as long as he's here.

THE DOCKS: Luke and Robert have found a wrapper from a piece of chocolate candy. Luke thinks that this might be a clue. They bicker some more about whether or not Luke is right. They do agree that they are dealing with a person who knows the area of Port Charles very well. Suddenly Lucky shows up and orders both of them to raise their hands and turn around slowly.

SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jason tells Patrick that if he can't figure out how to help Sam then he can get out. Patrick leaves and Jason sits by Sam's bedside. Jason admits he doesn't like Patrick. Sam tells Jason she's been having dreams of the two of them together with their baby. Suddenly she tells him that she's having trouble breathing. Jason calls for a doctor as the alarms on Sam's monitors start to go off.

THE DOCKS: Lucky insists that Luke and Robert are compromising a crime scene. Luke and Lucky hug, and then Luke introduces Lucky and Robert to one another. Robert is amused that Luke's son became a police officer. Lucky says that this is not Robert's case to deal with. Luke assures Robert that they can trust Lucky.

RIC'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Elizabeth has come in to check on Ric. He admits that he took himself off the monitors (and lied to Alexis about how sick he is) so that Alexis would leave to go be with their daughters. Elizabeth doesn't think that that was a good idea. Ric replies that if he doesn't make it, at least his family will.

BABY JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Dr. O'Donnell informs Jax and Carly that John's prognosis isn't good. He tells them that he's sorry and leaves. Jax is upset but Carly doesn't want him to give up on John. She thinks that John is going to fight to survive. Carly wants to stay but Jax wants her to go get some rest. She reluctantly leaves.

SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny comes by to talk to Jason about Sam's condition. He also tells Jason that baby John has the virus. Jason admits to Sonny that Sam is dying.

THE HOSPITAL WAITING AREA: Luke, Lucky and Robert have returned to the hospital. They discuss the candy wrapped Luke believes is a clue and Lucky agrees to take it to forensics. Robert questions Lucky about anyone Jason might have talked to on the islands. Carly, who is nearby, comes over and accuses Robert of trying to pin the lost antidote on Jason. Luke introduces Robert to Carly. Carly looks at the candy wrapper and Luke asks her if she happens to recognize it.

ALEXIS AND RIC'S HOME: Alexis is at home when Emily brings Kristina and Molly back. Alexis is thrilled to see her daughters. Emily explains that Sonny heard Alexis was released and wanted the girls returned to her as soon as possible. Alexis explains to Kristina that she is all better now thanks to the fact that Kristina knew to call 911 when she and Ric contracted the virus.

SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jason is worried that Sam is going to pass away since she has the same symptoms Danny had before he died. Sonny urges Jason to fight for Sam. Jason comments that Sam's mom ran out on her, that her father used her and stole from her, that she lost a brother and her baby and now she's losing her life. He thinks maybe she's tired of fighting.

BABY JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jax is inside the room talking to John about Courtney. Jax wants John to survive to prove the doctors wrong. He wants John to live for Courtney's sake. Nikolas comes by and Jax tells him that John has the virus and is not expected to live.

THE HOSPITAL WAITING AREA: Carly denies knowing anything about the candy wrapper and leaves. Just then a call comes into the nurse's station for Luke. Luke takes the call -- it's Holly on the other end, using a device to disguise her voice. She chews Luke out for following Robert to the docks. But she agrees to give him a second chance to get the antidote -- 2 million dollars for each vial. She asks Luke to drop the money behind The Floating Rib, then hangs up. Luke informs Robert and Lucky that they just got their most solid clue -- The Floating Rib no longer exists, it became a massage parlor sometime after Robert left town. This means that the woman used to live in Port Charles, but has since moved away and has been gone for a very long time.

BABY JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Nikolas and Jax talk about baby John a bit more -- Jax says that Carly thinks that love is the thing that's going to pull John through. He asks Nikolas if he'd like to go in and see John and Nik agrees. He goes inside and talks to John...telling him that everything happens for a reason, and that he wants to believe that a miracle for John is possible.

SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny says that when they gave him the serum he should have turned it down and asked that it be given instead to Mike, Courtney or Sam. Jason warns Sonny not to feel guilty over having lived. Elizabeth comes by to get Sonny -- apparently Ric wants to see him. Sonny leaves with Elizabeth and Jason goes back inside the room to see Sam. He asks her how she is feeling and she asks him to tell her the she dying?

RIC'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny has arrived to see Ric. Ric saysa that he has realized that life is too short to keep score, so he wants Sonny to know some things in the event that he dies.

SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sam says that she has some thing she wants Jason to hear. She wants him to know that she is not afraid anymore...that she feels peace and calm when she is with him, and she thinks that that makes her the luckiest woman in the world. Jason asks her not to make this hard on herself and she insists that it's easy to tell him how she feels. She just wants him to know that she doesn't feel alone, because he loved her. All she wants is for him to just hold her hand.

METRO COURT: Carly is talking to one of the workers on staff -- apparently the candy wrapper that Luke found can only be obtained at the Metro Court, since the hotel has an exclusive contract with the candy company. Carly also asked the worker to check on anyone who has checked in on a foreign passport in the past few days. The worker replies that the only person was someone registered under the name "Frederick O'Dell." Carly thanks the worker, who leaves. Carly then enters the room of this "Mr. O'Dell" and pokes around looking for clues. But she is interrupted by the sound of someone unlocking the door.

RIC'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Ric and Sonny talk about their past and how much they used to hate one another. Ric regrets never taking the time to really get to know Sonny. Sonny admits that he also should have tried harder to get to know Ric, instead of pushing him away. Ric asks Sonny to please look after Kristina and Molly, even if means having to get along with Alexis.

THE HOSPITAL HALLWAY: Alan runs into Nikolas and gives him contratulations on making a full recovery. He wants Nikolas to go ahead and go home now. But Nikolas doesn't want to leave as long as baby John is fighting for his life in ICU. Alan insists that Nikolas has to leave because he's well and can't stay at the hospital any longer. He thinks Nikolas should go home and say a prayer that he lived. Alan leaves as Nikolas stands in the hallway, visibly upset.

BABY JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jax is talking to the baby, telling him that he wanted to tell Nikoals the truth but couldn't find him anywhere. He thinks that it would be a good idea to tell Nikolas so that Nikolas can spend time with John before it's too late.

METRO COURT: Holly enters the room and inspects the antidote, which is in a briefcase. She puts the briefcase in a safe and then goes into another room. The shower water in the bathroom starts running. Carly comes out of her hiding place and leaves the room.

ALEXIS AND RIC'S HOME: Kristina comes into the room and finds Alexis cutting a piece of Molly's hair as a keepsake. Alexis says that she did the same thing for Kristina. Kristina wants to know why and Alexis explains that she will be able to keep the lock of hair to remember it when Kristina is gone off to college. Kristina finds another little lock of hair in the memory box and asks Alexis who the other baby is?

SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jason gets a call on his cellphone and goes into the hallway to answer it. It's Carly, who informs him that she found the antidote and the woman who has it is staying at the Metro Court. Suddenly, Carly gets hit over the head from behind. Jason asks, "Carly? Carly?" but has no way of knowing that Carly is lying on the floor unconcious.

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