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General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/22/06


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At the hospital, Robert gets the call from the extortionist. She tells him where and when to arrive with the money. Luke is there and asks him if he intends to go alone. He replies not a chance. He asks Luke to change his clothes. Luke asks Robert what his take is on the extortionist. Robert says he knows it’s a woman. Right then, Elizabeth approaches Luke and informs him that Carly, Jason and Lucky are back.

Carly talks to Jax and Courtney’s baby in the hospital and tells him that he is in good hands and many people love him. Jax is with her. She encourages him to talks to the tiny baby. He tells her he’s not certain he won’t ruin something. But she tells him he must trust his instincts. Jax talks to the tiny baby and tells him he’s his dad. Nikolas comes in and wants to greet his son.

In Danny’s hospital room, Sam tells Jason that there must be a way to get some of the antidote for her brother. Right then, Robert comes and tells Jason he needs to talk to him. Jason tells him he’s busy. Robert asks Jason if he’s too busy to have a conversation that could save the life of this young man here.

Patrick tells his father that he believes that he did the right thing by believing that Alexis should have priority for the antidote because he did not want her daughters to grow up with out a mother. But he admits to Noah that he has one other personal preference. Noah asks him if that is Robin Scorpio. In Alexis’ room, after she’s gotten the antidote, she tells Ric that she still feels sick and very possibly the antidote came too late. She tells him they must stop meeting like this. Here they are again. He’s hovering over her while she is sick. She confesses that she’s loved him every moment, even when she could not stand him. She breaks down crying, telling him he’s been so good to Kristina loving her so unconditionally.. She now admits that maybe she should not have kept her daughter away from Sonny. She really believes she’s going to die. But he tells her she cannot think that way. He’s going to take her home.

Robert tells Jason that he must realize that they have a win-win situation out there that could save Sam’s brother. He tells Jason that if there is an antidote out there, it’s being ransomed. And Jason must realize it’s immoral not to attempt to find it at any cost. Jason asks Robert why anybody should trust him, reminding him that he lead his own daughter to believe he was dead for many years.

Luke asks Elizabeth where Lucky is and why he’s not home yet. She tells him perhaps he was on a later flight. Right then, she gets a call but loses her connection from Lucky.

But the maternity ward, near the baby, Carly asks Nikolas how he’s doing. He tells her that he loves and misses Courtney and cannot understand how something like this could have happened. He goes and looks at the baby through the window and tells Jax and Carly that he can see Courtney in that baby. He admits that that little guy has a lot of weight to bear upon his tiny little shoulders. But he believes that he can handle it. He comes from good stock. Right then, an attendant comes and suggests drawing blood from the baby. But Jax tells him absolutely not. He tells him he’s not running any tests on his son. Carly asks him why he’s taking such a hard line on him. But he tells them he does not want his son stuck with any needles. But she reminds him that the doctors says that right now, regardless, it might be crucial for his son’s survival. Nikolas, still having no clue that the baby is his son, tells Jax that he understands how Jax feels. If it were his son, he’d feel the same way. But he believes that the doctors know what they are talking about. Hearing that, and knowing that Nikolas has “parental rights” that he doesn’t even know about, Jax does not argue and lets Nikolas’ wishes be carried out.

Sam, Jason and Elizabeth stand by Danny’s hospital bed. She asks her brother how he feels. He tells her he feels cold. And she’s very worried she will lose her brother.

Alexis is drifting off. Ric screams for help, afraid he’s losing his wife. Right then, Alexis is having a dream, reliving something that happened to her long ago.

Luke brings the briefcase with the money that he got from Lorenzo Alcazar into the hospital. Robert, Jason and Patrick are not certain if they can trust Lorenzo with the money, much less that they can trust the extortionist with the antidote. Patrick then concludes that since Carly got some of the stuff, there may be something in her bloodstream that could narrow down the chemical equation or at least give them a clue as to how it works. Jason informs Luke and Robert that Lucky overheard some conversations about the business dealings for kryleum. And he believes that the fact that Luke showed up in the Cayman Islands when he did forced them to put their plan into motion before they were even ready. Jason informs them that he and Carly found the invoice. Robert concludes that their “mystery woman” is either the dealer of the antidote or she’s intercepted the deal. And Luke and Robert go to meet their mystery woman

It looks like Danny is slipping away. Sam cries and Elizabeth tells her how sorry she is and that she wishes there was something she could do. Sam tells her unconscious brother that she loves him so much and she tried so hard to protect him. But right then, he shocks her by awakening. He tells her she mustn’t cry. But he knows he’s going to die. He tells her he’s so glad their mom and dad made her his sister. She loved him when nobody else could. She tells him she knows that any angel would welcome him with open arms. He tells her that everybody knows that angels have wings. He tells her he wants to see them and he knows the angels are coming closer. She asks her brother if he will do her a favor when he gets there. Can he say hello to his niece and look out for her? Take care of the little girl that Sam lost. She will make certain that nothing bad ever happens to him. He tells Sam that he thinks he can see her now. The machine beeps and Danny is deceased.

Alexis awakens and tells Ric that she was having a dream that she was holding Kristina but it was not Kristina. It was a baby that was slipping away from her. And she let it go. He tells her that she does not have to let anybody go. The antidote is working and she will be ok.

Patrick tells Carly that they’d like to analyze her blood, hoping that it will give them some chemical knowledge about the antidote. She tells him she can do that in a minute. But she tells Jax and Nikolas that they must take heart in knowing that they will not lose the baby. Fate would not be that cruel. The two guys make arrangements to have a memorial service for Courtney. Right then, Jax tells Nikolas that there is something he must tell him. Nikolas asks him what is going on. Jax then admits that he’s struggling with the truth that he created. But he realizes it’s time because he does not want that little boy to suffer. He admits to Nikolas that Courtney loved him. And the baby will need all the love and support he can get especially with Courtney gone. There is now a big hole to fill. He tells Nikolas that he knows that Courtney would want him to spend time with his(Jax’s) and Courtney’s son. Nikolas thanks Jax but still has no clue what Jax is working up to telling him.

Patrick draws blood from Carly and tells her that he knows there is not much privacy there. She tells him that he looks like he could use a nap. He tells her that real men don’t nap. He asks her about her own situation, as wonder woman, traveling all over the world in search of the antidote. And right at that moment, it looks like she’s ready to pass out. Right then, Elizabeth gets a call from Lucky. But again, they lose their connection. She goes and informs Carly that she keeps getting calls from Lucky but the connection is always broken. Carly tells her she doubts that there’s any foul play because the captors already got what they wanted from Lucky and have no reason to keep harassing him.

Right then, Luke and Robert go to the docks. It’s very foggy. They both hide behind crates and hold guns. They make jokes about shooting each other and running off with the money.

At the hospital, Monica informs Jason that Sam watched Danny die. She tells him she’s very worried about Sam. She’s one sick young lady and she sent Sam back to her room.

Ric is with Alexis. She tells him the sooner he gets better, the sooner they can get home and be with their girls. Right then, Sam returns. They know that she’s not in good spirits and has good reason to be very angry at Alexis. She tells them not that they give a damn but her brother just died.

Jax talks to the baby through the incubator. HE tells him he knows this is not exactly the hands-on daddy experience he expected. He apologizes and tells him in spite of all the manipulating and maneuvering he’s done, his mom, Courtney, is gone. He tells the baby that he hopes he does not hate him for this. But he wants the baby to know that he could not love him any more if he was his own.

Alexis tells Sam she is so sorry for what happened to Danny. Sam is distraught. Ric tells Sam she mustn’t blame Alexis. It was the doctor’s decision to give Alexis the antidote. Sam says that just sitting there, she can come up with countless things that should make Alexis sorry. She does not know where to start. But she can start at the beginning. She was “sorry” when she went screaming that Sam saved her(Alexis’) daughter’s life at the risk of her own. She was “sorry” when Sam’s baby died, but not enough to demand that she gets the dead baby’s stem cells. Alexis was “sorry” when she was forced to defend Manny, a rapist and murderer. And she put him back on the streets instead of in a prison cell, where he belongs. Ric then tells Sam she must calm down. Sam yells at Ric to shut up. She says poor Alexis. Poor, pitiful Alexis. Always desperate. Always sorry. She tells her the funny thing was she thought that she learned something from her. She thought that you were supposed to fight with everything to save your family. But Alexis gets to walk away from this with her family when Sam’s family is gone and she has nothing. Alexis tries to defend herself by telling Sam if there was anything she could do…. Sam tells Alexis that there was plenty she could have done. She could have refused to take the serum so that Danny didn’t have to die. She could have refused to demand that Sonny donates the stem cells of their dead baby in order to save Kristina. She might just have well have put a bullet to Danny’s head with what she did. She screams at Alexis that she hates her guts more than she could ever hate anybody. Alexis cries. Jason come in and tells Sam she must calm down. Sam is hysterical.

Elizabeth goes to her locker and observes her wedding picture of her and Lucky. She falls down and cries.

On the docks, Luke and Robert are hiding. They watch the briefcase and then they see a woman appear with her face covered. As soon as she opens the briefcase, Luke fires a shot at her. But she escapes without the cash. They then realize that maybe they did the wrong thing by scaring her off. And they may never hear from her about the antidote again. Elizabeth gets another call but cannot hear anything. She breaks down crying. But right then, Lucky walks into the room. She is so happy and relieved that he is ok and back in her arms.

Carly goes to see that Jax is crying while in the incubator room with the baby. She asks what is wrong and he tells her that he just heard that the baby is infected with the virus. She tells him he must not give up. This little boy is going to pull through no matter what anybody says. They are going to find a way for him to prove them all wrong. They are going to do this for Courtney. Nikolas is in the chapel talking to Courtney. He tells her he does not know if heaven exists. But if it does, he knows she’s there. And he wants her to know how amazing that baby boy is. He tells her he will love and miss her for the rest of his life.

In Alexis and Sam’s room, while everybody is silent, Ric tells Alexis that Sam was very upset about her brother dying and just needs some time. But she tells him she knows that there is no justice for Sam. Her baby died and she saved Kristina, and now her brother has died. She may never get over this. Jason stands by Sam’s bed. Monica tells him that Sam’s fever is dangerously high and she might not make it through the night.

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