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Carly asks Sonny why Emily is in his home. Leticia is perfectly capable of taking care of the boys and Emily needs her rest of she passed out from being at the hospital taking care of all of the people. And she thought Sonny agreed to get out of Emily’s way while she’s busy in med school. Sonny then admits to Carly that he asked Emily to come to the house. Calry tells him she knows he slept with Emily. Sonny confesses to Carly that Emily is the reason why he is able to live and function right now. She saved his life.

At the hospital, they discover the mysterious envelope with the supposed samples of the antidote. Robert, Monica, Noah and Patrick all wonder what they’re going to do next. Robert tells Patrick that the next person who needs to be cured is Robin. He asks Patrick if he has a different opinion. Patrick does not argue.

Courtney is on her deathbed with both Jax and Nikolas there. It looks like she’s going to die. The medical team comes to revive her. But it does not work. Nikolas tells them they must do it again. He tells her she must breath. But Dr. Lee tells them that they must realize that Courtney is gone. Nikolas won’t give up. But Jax is silent. Nikolas is ready to attempt to revive her himself. But Jax restrains him. They doctors them conclude that they must call the time of death for Courtney.

Jason sits by Sam at her hospital bed. He tells her she must rest. She tells him he must do her a favor by checking on her brother Danny. He must be really scared, she tells him. Monica then comes and privately informs Jason that somebody sent them a secret dose of the antitdote and they are holding the rest as hostage for money. Knowing that her son wants Sam to have that last dose, she informs him that she’s afraid that it’s going to Robin.

Right then, Patrick is ready to inject Robin with the final dose that was sent in the mysterious envelope. She argues and tells him he cannot. He needs to save somebody else. But he tells her that he is making this decision whether she likes it or not.

Nikolas, Jax and Elizabeth observe Courtney after she dies. Nikolas asks Elizabeth how it is that a woman so full of life could lose her life, right after she was able to have her miracle baby. Elizabeth tells him that Courtney had to save her little boy and she gave up her life for him.

Robin tells Patrick that she’s not going to take the one dose just because he feels sorry for her. Robert tells her that she needs to take this dose and listen to Patrick. She tells them that she does not want special treatment just because she’s HIV positive or because she’s a doctor. She tells them that there are many other worthwhile people in this hospital who have as much reason to live as she does. She tells them she refuses.

Right then, Elizabeth gets a call from Emily. Emily asks her how Courtney’s baby is. Elizabeth informs her that the baby, so far, is ok. But Courtney did not make it.

While they are both recovering and ready to leave the hospital, Lulu talks to Skye about her history with guys. She illustrates finding out that a guy whom she was very attracted to was somebody with whom she had nothing in common. And she tells Skye that might be similar to her(Skye) and Lorenzo. But Skye protests that she and Lorenzo do have something in common. She likes him and believes that they have a future. And she’s not just using Lorenzo in order to make Lulu’s dad jealous. Luke then comes in and reminds his daughter and Skye that they have to get out of the hospital in order to make room for sick people. Luke privately tells his daughter that this time it was himself that saved her. And it should have been that way before, when her life was in danger. He then tells her that it’s just the two of them against the world. And he kisses her on the forehead.

Jason informs Sam that it will be Patrick’s decision who gets the antidote. But she tells him she has to get up out of bed and see Danny.

Sonny asks Carly if it is really true that she wants him happy. She admits that she gets no joy in seeing him miserable. He tells her if that is true, then she needs to understand some things. He tells her that he realizes she may not like the decisions he makes and where his life goes and with whom. And right then, Emily enters and looks very upset. They ask her about Courtney’s baby. She tells them that the baby is dangerously premature but might make it. And right then, Carly knows exactly what has happened. Carly tells her that she will not believe that Courtney has died. Emily tells Sonny and Carly that Courtney did not make it.

Jax talks to the baby, telling him that he must always know that his mommy loves him. She may have never had a chance to hold him and count his little fingers and toes. But she loves him very much. He tells the baby that he promises to do the right thing by Courtney by keeping the promise she asked of him. But he tells the baby that he must make a promise for his mommy also. He must promise to live. Nikolas then comes and joins Jax. Jax informs him that Courtney has named the baby John Michael Jax after Jax father and Courtney’s father. Nikolas tells Jax that he cannot believe that Courtney is gone. Her life was just a heartbeat away. But now he realizes that Courtney’s heartbeat is this little boy. Nikolas then tells Jax that he knows this may not be the right time. But he got a feeling that Courtney had something she wanted to tell him before she died. And he asks Jax if he has any idea what that might be.

Sam goes to see Danny. He admits to his sister that he does not feel so good and keeps having bad dreams. She tells her brother that he needs to get some medicine. Monica then comes and demands to know what Sam is doing out of bed. Jason asks her what Patrick’s decision will be now that Robin has refused the antidote. Why won’t he consider Danny? Monica tells him it’s not that simple. Alexis is in just as critical of a condition and needs it just as much.

Right then, the mysterious Australian woman calls Robert and reveals to him that she’s sent him the antidote and if he does not cough up more money, more people will die. Luke hears the phone conversation. Robert asks Luke if he can scrape up a million bucks. Luke tells Robert he can sure find somebody who does.

Jax tells Nikolas that Courtney was determined to have the c-section in order to save the baby. And he could not talk her out of it. Nikolas knows that that was not what Courtney tried to tell him. Jax tells Nikolas that Courtney admitted to them both that she loved them and they need to do what is best for her son.

Sonny goes and talks to his deceased sister, telling her he realizes he was never really good at this brother-sister thing. He tells Courtney that he hoped and believed that in time he would be a good brother. But he now knows that he ran out of time. He admits that she was a good sister when he “let”her be. Michael and Morgan loved their aunt. She was a great daughter and would have been a great mother. He just wants her to know that when she left this earth, so many people loved her. He looks ready to cry. Carly cries and tells Courtney that she was not just her best girlfriend. She was the only girl with whom Carly never felt she had to compete. She tells Courtney that Sonny was right in that she never got back what she gave to so many people. And now it’s too late for Carly to be as kind and as loving and as patient with Courtney as Courtney was with her. But she tells Courtney there is still one thing she can do for her. Courtney’s beautiful baby boy is fighting for his life. She tells Courtney that when her son gets out of the hospital, she promises her that he will be loved and cared for and cherished and Courtney will always be able to count on Carly for that.

Sonny then comes and sees Mike. And it seems he will have to break the tragic news to his father that his beloved Courtney did not make it. Mike is very happy to know about the baby and assumes he will be ok although he has no clue what has happened to his daughter. He asks Sonny if the baby looks like Courtney did when she was a baby. He relives all of his memories of raising Courtney. Sonny then tells his father that Courtney did not make it. Mike then tells Sonny that it’s true that only the good die young. Only the selfish bastards make it. He cries and demands Sonny gets out of there and leaves him alone. Sonny leaves.

Emily finds Nikolas in the chapel. She tells him how sorry she is and asks if he wants to be alone.

Sam returns to her room and informs Alexis and Ric that Danny is in bad shape. And the doctors are now ready to decide between her(Alexis) and Danny. Jason leaves the room and runs into Sonny. Again, Sonny must break the news about Courtney to another person who loved her. Jason has no clue. He’s heard that Courtney got sick and was pregnant. He asks about the baby. Sonny informs him that he’s in ICU. Jason is ok with that until Sonny informs him that Courtney died after giving birth.

Knowing that Robin refused the last dose of the antidote, Sam hysterically tells Alexis that she must give that up for Danny. She screams at her telling her that she must save Sam’s brother. Alexis must know that she can beat it because she’s stronger than he is. Ric demands that Jason gets Sam out of there and he goes and comforts Alexis.

Elizabeth sits in the chapel with Carly and tells her she’s really sorry knowing how close she was to Courtney. And she tells her she may visit Courtney’s son. Carly goes to the incubator room to see Jax with the baby. He tells her that he’s premature but is likely to make it. She asks Jax if he’s held the baby. Jax tells her the doctors told him the baby is in no condition for that. Carly tells Jax that he needs to get the doctors to let him break the rules. This little guy needs to bond with his father. And she made that promise to his mother.

Sonny again tells Nikolas that he apologizes if he has disrespected him or his relationship with Courtney. He tells him he knows that he and Courtney loved each other.

Luke informs Robert that he’s found a way to get some money for the extortionist. Robert tells him that when he finds out who is responsible for this whole thing happening, they will be charged with the murder of Tony Jones. He then gets the call from the mysterious woman instructing him when and where to meet her. Luke tells Robert he assumes he’s going alone. Robert tells Luke he wouldn’t think of it and asks Luke to change his clothing. Luke remarks that this is just like old times for the two of them.

Alexis tells Ric that she has two little girls. She cannot leave them. But she knows that many people need and deserve the serum as much as she does. She cries. Ric tells her she doesn’t need to make the decision right now.

While with Danny, Sam tells Jason she knows if they had “picked” Danny, they’d be in there right now. And she knows it was a total waste to expect Alexis not to be selfish and arrogant. She tells Jason that her brother is so sweet and innocent. And she was supposed to protect him. Danny then awakens and tells Sam that he is not scared when she is there because she’s his little sister. She tells him that’s why he needs to get better. Danny informs Sam that when their parents first brought her home, he knew how special she was. And they told him that they picked her just for him.

Sonny tells Emily and Nikolas that he only wanted to protect his sister. But now she’s died. And there’s not a damn thing he could do to stop it. And he now knows that he just wanted to get in the way of two propel who love each other. He turns to Emily and tells her that it’s nobody’s place to decide how they should be happy or whom they should be with. They hold each other.

Nikolas goes and sees Courtney and tells her that she had so much love in her and should have had so many more years of love and joy. They had so much to look forward to. She was supposed to teach him how to cook and find out what a terrible cook he was. He tells her he remembers when she told him about how she’d stand on the beach and wonder who was waiting on the other side. And he now realizes that was him on the other side, looking back at her and wondering the same thing. He tells Courtney that he knows she’s changed his life. He tells her that was really important to him. Because in the end, a moment is really all they have. He then kisses her on the forehead.

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