GH Update Monday 2/20/06

General Hospital Update Monday 2/20/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny pulls away from kissing Emily once again. He tells her she’s vulnerable and exhausted. It’s going too fast. And he tells her he doesn’t want her pushing herself into doing something she’s not ready to do.

Carly discovers that her fever has broken. And she tells Jason that they must find out where that package with the supposed kryleum has gone. He tells her she cannot assume anything. She then realizes that it’s entirely possible that they sent more of the virus instead of the antidote.

Right then, Alice is on the ground at the Quartermaine house after being injected by an unseen person. Right outside, they’ve delivered a package of something.

Right then, the doctors deliver Courtney’s baby. It’s a boy. Jax is there although they’ve asked Nikolas to go back to his room because he’sill and could be endangering his health. Courtney asks if the baby is ok, afraid that he may not be. He looks like he’s unable to move or make any sounds. They try to assure her that they will do everything they can to make sure he is ok. Right then, they put him in the incubator and move him while Nikolas is in the hallway watching. Noah, Robin and Elizabeth are telling him he needs not stress about this. He needs to rest in order to give the serum a chance to work.

Right then, at the Quartermaine house, after some mysterious person has injected Alice and knocked her out, they open the package and pull out an entire brief case of vials and syringes.

Carly and Jason are on the jet on their way home. She tells him that it’s great that she got the antidote in order to cure herself, but it’s a real bummer that they are not taking any back for anyone else. He tells her they are still going to find the shipment. She says she hopes so and asks what if they are sending more of the virus instead of the antidote. He asks her why they’d send more virus when they can sell the antidote and make tons of money.. She tells him that he could have made greater efforts to go and search for the stuff instead of stay with her after she injected herself with the antidote. He tells her that it was pretty stupid on her part to inject herself with that stuff. But it was brave. She found the antidote and saved her own life and he’s glad she’s ok. She tells him the two of them make a great team and they should do this more often.

Sonny tells Emily that he cares about her and is attracted to her. But they have to take it slow if they’re going to do this. He tells her he knows she has not been with anybody except Nikolas ever since she got raped. And if she freezes up or if something is not right, she needs to tell him . He tells her they don’t have to do this right now. They can always wait. And he won’t stop caring about her. But she tells him that after the rape, she went numb. She had problems with Nikolas. At first, she and Sonny were just friends. But she found herself attracted to him and she knew that she had feelings for him. She admits that she has had many fantasies about him throughout that whole time. He asks if that scares her. She says a little. But it also made her feel alive. She tells him she wants to be as close to him as she can. She wants to know him and have him know her. She tells him tells him that she needs to kiss him again. He kisses her.

After the delivery of the baby, Courtney asks Jax to go out and check on him. He then goes out and informs Nikolas that Courtney is very worried and the baby boy has had trouble breathing and is too weak to cry.

Noah comes in to see Alexis and Sam and notices that Sam is delirious. He tells Alexis if Sam gets worse, he will have to adjust her drugs and restrain her although he does not like the thought of doing that. Sam is mumbling about somebody taking her daughter from her and she asks them why they cannot let her be happy. Noah tells Alexis she needs to attempt to calm Sam down. Alexis tells Sam that she is right there. Sam has done nothing wrong. It appears that Sam believes Alexis is her mother telling her she did something terrible.

IN the doctor’s locker room, Patrick is still trying to get Robin to go out with him. She then tells him that this would be a real interesting thing for a shrink to analyze. During the brink of exhaustion from an epidemic, he still has the energy to make his cheap come-ons. He tells her that he is sincere. She tells him she doubts he’s ever been sincere a day in his life. He then gets up and tells her he has to go back to being arrogant and unfeeling and doing what he does best. Right then, Elizabeth walks in and informs them that Nikolas Cassadine got the last vial of the serum. Hearing that, Patrick tells her good for Nikolas. He admits that he doesn’t really pay much attention to names. He’s primarily concerned about stats and vital signs. But he inquires to her if it’s true that Cassadine has plenty of money. He informs Elizabeth that she may ask Dr. Scorpio here, to confirm that he is as shallow as a mud puddle and has the moral integrity of a gossip columnist. But right then, they turn to Robin and notice that she’s passed out. He discovers that Robin is burning up with a fever and then instructs Elizabeth to get her into a hospital room. Robin tells him she will be fine and won’t put up with his arrogance. He tells her that he is now her doctor and she must follow his orders. And he carries her out the door and into a room.

Carly tells Jason she realizes that she has made some errors in judgment. But she believes that she can be his partner at his job. They should work together. He tells her that Stan can handle all of the details. She tells him that he must realize that Stan is just a computer geek. He tells her that the mere thought of her accompanying him on his job is absurd. He tells her as soon as he gets home, he’s going to go and see Sam. She tells him she realizes that maybe he’s got a point. But she wants him to know that they can be good together and she trusts him more than anybody else she’s known in her life.

Right then, Sonny and Emily are ready to sleep together. Romantic music plays. They undress and kiss and jump in bed. When they are done, she tells him that she can see that his eyes look softer and he has dimples. He tells her she must be careful not to ruin his “reputation”. He admits to her that now that he’s been with her, he’s not about to give her up. No matter what he has to do or what it takes. He needs her in his life.

Right then, the unseen person, puts the vials in an envelope and is ready to send them off.

Sam asks her “mother” (Alexis) why she says she loves her and wants her now. Alexis tells Sam that she does love her and realizes she did not know how to be a mother. Ric comes in and tells Alexis she’s already told Sam what she wants to hear and now she needs her rest. But Alexis tells Ric that it’s very ironic that both Sam and himself have believed she’s their mother while delirious. She worries about her own role as a mother in real life. He tells her that he’s worried that her fever has gone back up. He asks her if she is ok. She tells him she’s not delirious. She’s just confused.

The doctors and nurses try to assure Courtney that the baby is ok. But she needs her rest. They tell her that her fever has gone back up. Dr. Lee tells Courtney that she knows she wants to see her son but she cannot get out of bed. She cannot push herself. She needs her rest. Jax tells Dr. Lee he will make sure Courtney does not get out of bed. He sits beside her. She asks him about the baby. She asks if he thinks her baby is in pain. Jax tells her he bets the baby is not real comfortable with all the tubes, but he sounds positive to her. She tells Jax he needs to stay with their son. But he tells her he knows that they will want to fill out lots of paper work and won’t let him stay with the baby for more than half an hour. She smiles and tells him that she knows what to name the baby. She wants to name him John after Jax’s father and Michael after her father. SO his name will be John Michael Jax. She tells Jax she wishes she’d known his dad. From what Jax has told her, his dad must have been really special to have spent all the time with Jax encouraging him to believe in himself. She tells Jax she wants him to do that for their son.

Sonny and Emily are dressed and downstairs after sleeping together. He tells her that it meant a lot to him. And if things were “different”, then they could spend the night together. Right then, he gets a call from Carly. She asks him what has happened. He tells her he’s all better. So are the kids and the doctors and nurses are hustling to help the others. She informs him that she and Jason are on their way back. Jason tells her he needs to talk to Sonny. He asks him how Sam is. Sonny informs Jason the last time he saw Sam in the hospital, she was stable. Sonny asks Jason what the deal is with the antidote. Jason tells Sonny he’s found an invoice with an invoice number for one shipment of the antidote that they call kryoleum. And right then, they lose their connection. Sonny, again, addresses Emily about what they just did and admits that it might be a problem.

Jax tells Courtney that he is a bit concerned about Helena Cassadine. She tells him that the main thing is keeping the baby safe. And given that Nikolas is not the baby’s father, Jax won’t have to worry about Nikolas’ grandmother hurting the baby. She assures him that Nikolas would never try to take his place as he realizes that Jax is the baby’s father. But right then, Jax admits to her that he is not the baby’s father. Nikolas is.

Sonny talks to Elizabeth on the phone about Courtney’s baby. She tells him he’s hanging in there and Sonny has a little nephew. She says she has to go. Right then, Michael, Morgan and Kristina come in through the door. Sonny informs them that Courtney just had a baby. A little boy. Michael asks when they can see him. Sonny tells his son it will be a while. He has to stay in the hospital. Kristina asks when Mommy and Daddy Ric will be home. He tells her that they need some more time and will be home soon.

Robin is in her room and Patrick tells her all the precautions she has to take. She tells him that she knows the drill since she’s been helping him treat all of the infected people. He reminds her that because she’s HIV positive, she really needs to watch it. Right then, Robert comes in and lectures his daughter with his: “I told you so”. She yells at her father about how she was doing her job and he has no business acting like the concerned father all of a sudden. He leaves and she tells Patrick, in a more calm way, that maybe she should not have gone off on her father when he was just concerned. But she’s in no mood to deal with a dead-beat father. Patrick tells Robin he knows all about dead-beat fathers.

Sam awakens from her delirium and tells Alexis that she realizes her mother is dead and whatever secrets her mother had died with her.

Jax admits to Courtney that he was spying upon her and Nikolas when she was at the hospital having her tests done after finding out she was pregnant. He paid off lab technicians to falsify the paternity. She asks him how he could do that. He tells her he did it to protect her and protect the baby from Helena Cassadine. He tells her that he knows she loves the baby and loves Nikolas. But he asks her if she really wants to raise her son as a Cassadine. She angrily tells him that how she and Nikolas raise their child is none of his business. She tells him she that he did what he thought was best for the baby and now it’s her turn. She asks the nurse if she can get Nikolas Cassadine in there right now.

Carly comes by, asks Sonny if Michael is ok, and goes up to see her son. Right then, she notices Emily coming down the stairs and asks what she’s doing there. Emily explains that Alexis brought Kristina and Molly to be with Sonny since she and Ric were both sick. And she just came by to help. She leaves Sonny and Calry alone. Carly tells Sonny that she’s surprised that Emily would be there when Leticia is willing and able to take care of the kids. He tells Carly that Emily was working non-stop at the hospital and passed out from exhaustion. Carly asks why Emily is with him if she needs her rest. Sonny admits that he asked Emily to come to his house. Carly tells Sonny she knows he slept with Emily.

At the hospital, Robert talks to Monica and Noah about Luke and Dillon being the only donors of the serum and whether they should get more from them when they are both sick. He’s also worried about what has just happened to Robin. Right then, Patrick informs them that he’s just found a package dropped off that says it has kryolene. Monica says she hopes that is the antidote. Robert looks at it revealing he is surprised.

Right then, the person with the briefcase full of the vials is revealed. It’s a woman with short brown hair.

Jason comes to see Sam. She tells him she’s glad he’s back. She’s been having the worst nightmares about her mother not wanting them to be married and wanting Sam to be alone. He assures her that those are just dreams. Sam’s mom is gone. And he is never leaving her.

Courtney later tells Jax that she is sorry. He tells her he’s the one who should apologize. She says she remembers his telling her that she did not quite believe that he loved her. She tells him she knows he loved her and she loved him too. And he gave her so much more than she gave him. He tells her everything is ok and she needs her rest. She tells him that he has a good heart. And she’s going to tell Nikolas about their son but she wants to make him understand that Jax did the wrong things for the right reasons. But they cannot go back now. The only thing that matters now is that she loves their baby. And right then, it looks like she’s drifting off. She tells him she just wishes she could hold her baby. Right then, Nikolas appears. Jax tells him she’s been waiting for him. He comes to see her and hold her hand and asks her how she’s feeling. She tells him she loves him. They both look at her and right then the beeping signal goes off. And Courtney has passed away. Sad. I will miss her.

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