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General Hospital Update Friday 2/17/06


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COURNTEY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Kelly, Courtney's doctor, informs her that the baby's vital stats are good and since Courtney's fever's down they can perform the C-section. She warns Courtney that the baby will be premature. Courtney says she knows the baby will be all right.

LUKE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Lulu is disappointed that Luke won't be able to give anymore blood for the serum but she assures him that she doesn't blame him...she is just worried about Nikolas. She leaves the room. Luke asks Noah again to let him undergo the procedure. Noah refuses, saying that Luke is too weak. Robin says that there is another way they can help Nikolas.

DILLON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Dillon is about to be discharged since he's fully recovered, and Georgie is thrilled. Just then Noah comes into the room and asks Dillon if he wouldn't mind staying awhile longer?

THE MARKHAM ISLANDS: Against Jason's advice, Carly injects herself with the vial of fluid. She says that they will find out soon whether the vial was the cure or the virus.

THE HOSPITAL ENTRANCE/EXIT: Emily bids goodbye to Sonny, Michael, Kristina, Molly and Morgan. After they've gone, she collapses on the floor. Elizabeth and Monica rush in to help her. Monica is worried that Emily is infected with the virus.

COURTNEY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Nikolas and Jax are outside of Courtney's room looking worried and talking about how concerned they are that Courtney could lose the baby. Jax goes into the room to see Courtney, who tells him that this baby is their miracle and that it is going to survive. She wants Jax to promise her that they will raise the baby in peace. He promises.

DILLON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Noah informs Dillon that he (Dillon) has the same antibodies in his blood that Luke does. Noah would like to take some of Dillon's blood to make a serum to cure other patients.

THE MARKHAM ISLANDS: Jason is upset with Carly for injecting herself with the fluid but notes that now they will have to wait to see what happens. Lucky calls Elizabeth and assures her that he is all right. Elizabeth is relieved. Lucky tries to tell her that he and Jason and Carly are trying to find the cure for the virus, but the static on the phone prevents Elizabeth from hearing him clearly. The phone goes dead. Carly, meanwhile, opens up the fridge in the lab and gets a beer out. She talks to Jason about a memory from her childhood in Florida, how it would get so hot that she'd use her family's fridge to cool off. She comments that no matter what has ever happened to her she has always managed to hold onto Jason.

GREYSTONE: Sonny and the kids have arrived back at home. Leticia, the nanny, and Max the bodyguard go upstairs to get the kids ready for bed. Sonny gets a phone call from Elizabeth telling him that Emily collapsed. Sonny hangs up the phone and looks worried.

EMILY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Emily is awake and in a bed in her own hospital room. Patrick tells her that she passed out. Monica comes in with Emily's test results...she is negative for the virus but she appears to be mentally and physically exhausted. Monica and Elizabeth want Emily to go home and rest. Emily reluctantly agrees.

LUKE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Tracy comes by Luke's room where she finds Luke and Lulu visiting. Tracy worries that Luke doesn't look so good. She wants to go find a doctor. Lulu wants to know why Tracy's being so nice and Luke tells her that Tracy made a deal with God to be a nicer person in exchange for Dillon's life.

DILLON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Georgie doesn't want Dillon to give blood for the serum because of the risk involved. Dillon disagrees with her and tells Noah that he'll go through with it. Noah leaves to get everything set up. Georgie remains worried but Dillon reassures her and asks her for her support.

COURTNEY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Nikolas has come inside to see Courtney again. Courtney tells him that she is sure the baby will be fine. She also says that she is lucky to have Nikolas, the man she loves. Nikolas thinks they should hang on to their chance at a future and never let go. As they talk, Emily is watching them from the doorway.

THE HOSPITAL ENTRANCE/EXIT: Sonny is just outside the hospital asking to be let in. The guard doesn't want to allow it, per hospital orders. Emily comes outside and prevents Sonny from getting into an argument with the guard. Sonny asks her if she's all right and she says that she is.

THE MARKHAM ISLANDS: Jason wants Lucky to go on without him and Carly, but Lucky wants to stay. Carly comes over to them while they argue and interrupts them, saying that her fever has broken, meaning that the vial is the antidote.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Lucas comes by to visit Maxie. Maxie comments that she owes her life to Nikolas Cassadine. Lucas is worried about Maxie and she is worried about HIM, because of Tony dying. Lucas says that he hasn't had time to process that yet. He is glad that Maxie will be okay. But Maxie doesn't think she will be.

DILLON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Dillon is preparing to undergo the procedure. Noah and Robin look on. Noah comments that he hopes that Nikolas can hold on until they get the serum they need.

THE HOSPITAL HALLWAY: Courtney is being wheeled down to the operating room. Jax has brought Mike (Courtney's father) to see Courtney. Mike is certain that Courtney will pull through the surgery and that the baby will be fine. Courtney admits that she is a little worried, but Mike tries to assure her. Kelly wheels Courtney into the operating room but tells Nikolas that he can't come in since he is sick and the environment has to be sterile. Nikolas promises Courtney he'll wait outside for her.

THE HOSPITAL ENTRANCE/EXIT: Emily is surprised that Sonny knew that she collapsed. Sonny wants to take Emily home with him to rest.

THE MARKHAM ISLANDS: Lucky gets the vial and he and Jason and Carly prepare to leave. Carly admits that she's still a little weak. Suddenly a man comes in and starts shooting a gun at them. Lucky falls to the ground near the table...he looks unconcious.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Maxie admits to Lucas that she thinks that she's going to die -- that that's been at the back of her mind since she got BJ's heart. She thinks that she has always known she was living on borrowed time. She tries to change the subject because she doesn't want to burden Lucas, considering that his dad just died. Lucas urges her to say whatever it is she feels. She isn't sure what's going on in her mind right now...and she doesn't want to share any of it with Jesse because he wouldn't understand. She wants to leave the hospital to go somewhere peaceful to die. She wants Lucas to promise to take her somewhere beautiful if she nears the end. He promises.

DILLON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Georgie, Noah, Luke, Robin and Lulu are in the room as Dillon's blood pressure drops. Robin assures Georgie that Dillon will be fine. Tracy comes in and demands to know what's going on. She thinks that this is all Georgie's doing. Georgie corrects her, saying that it was Noah's idea. Luke urges Dillon to pull through the procedure. Noah announces that they have enough blood for the serum. Dillon asks Georgie if she's mad and she says that she's actually very proud of him. Lulu thanks Dillon because this serum will help Nikolas.

THE MARKHAM ISLANDS: After the gun fight between the men from Crylium and Jason, Jason asks Carly and Lucky if they're all right. Lucky stands up and reveals that the vial of antidote broke during the shoot-out.

GREYSTONE: Sonny has set Emily up on the couch where she can rest comfortably. Michael comes into the room and is happy to see Emily. Michael says that he came downstairs because he was hungry for something to eat. Sonny urges him to go into the kitchen and make something. Once Michael is gone, Emily admits that she feels like being away from the hospital is heaven. Suddenly they hear Michael crashing dishes in the kitchen. Sonny goes to take care of it, but before he leaves Emily thanks him for all he's done and he tells her, "Don't mention it."

THE HOSPITAL OPERATING ROOM: Mike and Nikolas are out in the hallway outside the operating room, both of them worried about Courtney. Nikolas tries to be optimistic but Mike realizes that he's actually quite sick. He thinks Nikolas should go see a doctor.

Inside the operating room, Courtney is awake for the procedure but can't feel anything because of the epidural. She admits that she's a little afraid, but Jax is with her. Kelly wants Courtney to focus on Jax and their child. Suddenly an alarm sounds. Kelly says that the baby's monitors are going off.

DILLON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Tracy surprises Dillon by saying that she thinks that he did an amazing thing donating his blood for the serum. She tells him that she has decided to turn over a new leaf, by bonding more with him. She also notes that she wants to end his ridiculous marriage to Georgie. Dillon balks, saying that he and Georgie are husband and wife and there's nothing she can do about it. Tracy says, "Don't be so sure."

THE HOSPITAL OPERATING ROOM: Kelly works to get the baby's heart rate back up to normal. Courtney sees Jax next to her but hallucinates that he is really Nikolas. Outside, Nikolas is watching through the window. Suddenly he collapses. Elizabeth sees and rushes to his side.

GREYSTONE: Sonny and Emily are sitting on the couch talking. He thinks she's been incredible through this crisis. Emily admits that she had a problem for so long with her lack of confidence in her doctoring abilities, but now she has found out that she is good at making a difference. Sonny thinks that she should get some rest. He says, "I had the gatehouse prepared, so let me get you to bed." He breaks off when he realizes that that didn't come out exactly right. Emily stops him and asks, "What if it did?"

THE MARKHAM ISLANDS: Lucky berates himself for not taking better care of the antidote. Carly assures him that it's not his fault. Jason goes to one of the men he shot, who is now lying on the floor and demands that the man tell him where the new batch of antidote is. The man says that the batch is gone.

DILLON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Georgie says that she and Dillon are married and nothing Tracy can do can change it. Tracy reminds her that she isn't of legal age yet to marry without parental consent. Dillon reminds her that Mac consented and Tracy reminds HIM that Mac is not Georgie's custodial parent. Suddenly Georgie's phone rings -- it's her mother Felicia, calling from Texas. Tracy says that she will leave Georgie and Dillon to work it out. She goes outside to the hallway where Luke is waiting for her. Luke notes, "It sure didn't take you long to revert to form."

THE MARKHAM ISLANDS: Lucky and Jason and Carly are searching for the antidote when Carly finds a shipping bill saying that Crylium sent 40 vials of something late last night. The shipping bill doesn't say whether the package contained antidote or virus, and it doesn't give the exact destination address...all it says is that the batch is headed for Port Charles.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Alice opens up the front door and finds a package there on the doorstep. She bends down to get it but is suddenly shot with a dart (looks like a sedative). Someone with black gloved hands takes the box away.

THE HOSPITAL OPERATING ROOM: Nikolas is propped up against the wall in the hallway. Robin and Noah are there with Elizabeth. Noah says that it might be too late but he's going to give Nikolas the serum anyway.

Inside the operating room, Kelly announces that the baby is a boy. Courtney and Jax are happy. Courtney realizes the baby isn't crying and asks what's wrong with it?

GREYSTONE: Sonny has set Emily up in the gatehouse, with food in the fridge and anything Emily might need. Emily reminds him that he promised to take her to bed. Sonny says that's not exactly what he meant but Emily interrupts him, saying that she wants to feel alive again. They start to kiss.

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