GH Update Thursday 2/16/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/16/06


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

NIKOLAS AND SONNY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Emily assures Nikolas that Maxie is going to be all right -- she warns him not to go playing hero again. But Nikolas wants to go see Courtney. Patrick comes in and informs Sonny that his test results are back and he is fully recovered and free to go home. Sonny asks "Home?" and Patrick notes that he can't see why Sonny would want to hang around the hospital anyway. Sonny and Emily look at one another.

COURTNEY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Courtney asks Kelly, her doctor, if she can schedule the C-section for today since she is feeling stronger. Kelly thinks that surgery is still too risky until they can lower Courtney's temperature. Jax is concerned. Courtney asks what her baby's chances of survival are?

THE HOSPITAL LOBBY: Elizabeth runs into Luke. Luke asks her what's going on and Elizabeth admits that she doesn't want to tell him because she doesn't want him to leave. He asks her if she's heard from Lucky and she admits that he called her last night, and that she could barely hear him. She thinks he was calling to say goodbye.

THE MARKHAM ISLANDS: Jason doesn't want Carly to look inside the body bag, but she wants to see whether or not it's Lucky. She peeks inside and gets a horrified expression on her face.

NIKOLAS AND SONNY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny asks Patrick why he's allowed to leave when no one else has been allowed out of the hospital? Patrick says that the research has shown that once someone has fought off the virus, the person cannot contract it or transmit it to others again. He adds that they will need Sonny's bed for patients who are still sick. Patrick leaves the room and Sonny and Emily talk about how is reluctant to leave her alone in the hospital. She assures him that she's fine and doesn't want to leave. Sonny thanks her for all that she did, he says that he couldn't have made it through without her.

COURTNEY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Kelly tells Courtney that the baby's vital signs are strong but that they can't confirm anything until delivery, which can't happen until Courtney's fever breaks. She leaves the room. Jax urges Courtney to get some rest. Courtney is still worried that the longer they wait to deliver the baby through C-section the bigger the chance that the baby will contract the virus. Jax is hesitant and Courtney says that she doesn't want him in the room with her if he's telling her that she has to accept that their baby might die.

THE HOSPITAL LOBBY: Elizabeth tells Luke that Jason called Sam earlier and told her that he was getting closer to the antidote -- and that Carly has apparently caught the virus too. Luke wants to go after Lucky. He assures Elizabeth not to count her husband out yet.

ALEXIS AND SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny is dressed and walking in the hallway outside of Sam's hospital room. He runs into Monica and tells her that he has been cleared to leave the hospital. Monica tells him that Sam has stabilized but they are trying to keep her from getting agitated, or else the fever may spike again. She urges Sonny to keep Sam calm during their visit. Monica leaves and Sonny enters the room. He and Sam make small talk and she admits that she's worried both about Jason and her brother Danny. She also worried that since Carly is sick now, Jason might be ill as well. Sonny assures her that they are going to bring both Jason and Carly home safe.

THE MARKHAM ISLANDS: Carly is thankful that the man in the body bag is lot Lucky -- rather, it is the doctor that Jason shot earlier. She wants to hurry and leave the area. But Jason checks the body first to see if there's anything useful on him. He finds a Crylium security pass, which will be helpful in getting into the lab, once they find it.

JESSE AND RIC'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis comes to visit Ric. She sees Jesse in bed and assures him that Maxie is doing well. Jesse is glad. Sonny comes by the room as well. He tells Ric that Sam told him that Ric had a rough time last night. Ric admits that he was hallucinating. He and Ric talk about how their mother Adela is probably looking down on them from heaven and watching out for their well-being. Alexis asks Sonny to take Kristina and Molly home with him and Michael since they are leaving the hospital. Sonny agrees and Ric thanks him.

NIKOLAS' HOSPITAL ROOM: Lulu stops by to see Nikolas -- she tells him that she is being allowed to go home soon. She worries because Nikolas looks so sick. She thinks that it isn't fair that she got the medicine and he didn't. Nikolas reminds her that there was a limited supply and she needed it more than he did. They talk about how he saved Maxie in the elevator last night. Lulu continues to be worried about him and he assures her again that he's fine. He does however ask her to find him a wheelchair because there is someone he needs to go see.

THE HOSPITAL NURSE'S STATION: Patrick is checking in with one of the nurses regarding one of the sick patients. Robert is there at the station as well. Luke and Elizabeth approach him and ask about the name "Crylium Industiries," the place Lucky is being kept. Robert is surprised that they know about Crylium and says that that company used to supply the military. He says he knows nothing about Crylium having Lucky. He asks Elizabeth where she heard about this and she says that Jason called and told her -- that Jason thinks that Crylium manufactured the virus. Robert says that he wishes Elizabth had told him about this sooner, because it may be too late to save Lucky.

THE MARKHAM ISLANDS: Jason is trying to re-bury the body they found. Carly gets dizzy from the fever and Jason wants her to rest, but she is anxious to find Lucky. Suddenly they hear a noise in the distance, so they run and hide. It's men from Cyrlium. They see that the grave site has been disturbed and they set out to find the culprits.

COURTNEY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny is walking down the hallway toward Courtney's room when he sees Jax talking to one of the hospital staffers -- Jax wants the staff member to see that Courtney gets the required dose of medicine in a hurry. The staff member leaves and Jax looks devastated. Sonny approaches him and asks how Courtney is. Jax says that Courtney is stable but that she still has a fever, which must go down before they can do a C-section. Sonny notes that that would be dangerous for Courtney and Jax admits that all Courtney wants right now is to save the baby. Sonny points out that Jax is risking being sick just to be with Courtney and Jax says, "I love Courtney. I always will."

Sonny goes into the room to see Courtney -- he asks her how she is. She admits that she's been better. Sonny talks about what a great mom Courtney is going to be. He doesn't want to leave the hospital while Courtney is so sick but she urges him to go since he has Michael and Morgan to think about. Jax comes into the room. Sonny asks if there's anything she needs and she asks him to please promise to come visit his new niece or nephew when they get out of here. Sonny tells her that she's in good hands, then leaves the room.

JESSE AND RIC'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis and Ric are looking at pictures of Kristina and Molly. Alexis talks about how ironic it is that they are sending her daughters home with Sonny, then admits that they are probably safer there and he will take good care of them. Ric says that they just have to hang on and be strong until the antidote comes. They each talk about how they need the other to survive. Alexis hugs him to her tightly.

THE HOSPITAL ISOLATION AREA: Michael and Max are playing cards; Michael is worried about Carly and Max tries to reassure him. Sonny comes in and tells Michael that they are ready to go home. Michael is thrilled.

THE HOSPITAL NURSES' STATION: Robert asks Elizabeth how Jason could have heard about Crylium. Elizabeth explains that when the chimp escaped, a car outside the hospital picked it up and somehow Jason linked it back to Crylium. She admits she doesn't know all the details. Robert is upset that no one told him about this sonner. Luke wants Robert to prove that he's one of the good guys in this mess by sending someone out there to save Lucky. Luke points out that wherever Lucky is, the Crylium guys must also be holding the cure for the virus there as well.

THE MARKHAM ISLANDS: The two men from Crylium can't find anyone in the area, so they leave to go back to the lab. Jason turns to see if Carly is ready to leave, and finds that she has passed out cold.

COURTNEY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Lulu is wheeling Nikolas in a wheelchair down the hallway toward Courtney's room. She is worried that this isn't good for his health, but he assures her that he's fine. She leaves him outside the room and promises to come back for him later. Jax sees Nikolas and Nikolas says he's come to see Courtney. Jax says that Courtney's fever is still high and that it doesn't look good for the baby either.

ALEXIS AND SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis is back in bed in her room. Sam asks how Ric is and Alexis says that the doctor says that Ric's fever is manageable. She tells Sam that she sent Kristina and Molly home with Sonny considering the circumstances, but that it was hard to let them go. Sam asks, "Is that what you were referring to in the chapel last night?" Alexis says that she doesn't even know what she was saying earlier, considering how worried she was and how odd it was that Ric was hallucinating that she was his mother. Sam points out that when Ric was hallucinating, he asked Alexis what kind of mother would give up her child and Alexis replied, "I didn't have a choice." Sam wants to know what Alexis meant by that.

THE HOSPITAL NURSE'S STATION: Lulu approaches Luke and tells him how worried she is about Nikolas. Robert wants to go, but Luke bellows at him first to send someone to find Lucky. Robert says that he will do the best he can. He leaves. Lulu pleads with Luke to help save Nikolas by giving more of his blood to make more serum. Luke points out that Lucky might need him. Elizabeth interrupts and says that Lucky would want Luke to save Nikolas first. Luke argues with her, because he wants to go find Lucky before they do anything else. Lulu pleads with him to just save Nikolas before he goes.

THE MARKHAM ISLANDS: Carly has come to, and she apologizes to Jason for passing out. They walk around a bit through the forest and come upon a hidden door to the Crylium lab. They use the security pass Jason found on the dead man and enter the lab.

THE HOSPITAL: Michael, Sonny and Max are on their way out of the hospital when they are stopped by Robert, who tells them that they are not allowed to leave. Sonny sends Michael and Max to pediatrics to wait for him. Once they are gone, he argues with Robert that he has been given the all-clear since he is recovered. Emily overhears this and returns momentarily with Robin, who assures Robert that they have done research that says that Sonny is in no danger of transmitting the virus to anyone else since he has already fought it off himself. Robert relents and Sonny and Emily go off to pediatricts to collect Michael, Max and Kristina and Molly. Robert notes to Robin that she seems comfortable with the criminal element in town. Robin says that Sonny has always been there for her. Robert is suspcious that Sonny has used Robin (who is, as Mac's niece, the niece of the police comish) to soften his image as a crime lord. Robin replies that Sonny would never hurt her the way Robert did.

LUKE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Luke is back on his hospital bed and ready to be strapped into the machine that will make more of his blood into serum. Bobbie is in the room and she comes over and hugs him. He admits that he's worried about her and how she is dealing with Tony's death. He thinks that it hasn't really hit her yet. Bobbie says that when this is all over she will have time to mourn Tony. Noah comes in and announces that it is too soon for Luke to be trying to make more serum. Luke says that it's worth a try to save someone that his daughter Lulu cares about.

COURTNEY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Nikolas has come into the room to visit Courtney. She is happy to see him but worried about how sick he is. They talk about her condition and how Jax is freaking out with worry. Nikolas is sure that Courntey will do what is best for the baby. She replies that she can feel that her fever is going down and when it does, the baby will be born.

ALEXIS AND SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sam questions Alexis about the "choice" Alexis was referring to last night, then stops herself and admits that it's none of her business. Alexis says that she was only going along with Ric's hallucination in an attempt to calm him down. Sam believes this and Alexis continues, saying that she now realizes that no child can ever really get over growing up believing that their mother didn't love them enough to keep them.

THE HOSPITAL PEDIATRICS WARD: Emily has brought Kristina and Molly to see Sonny and Michael. Kristina is thrilled to see her father and jumps into his arms. Emily holds baby Molly in her arms. Michael is excited that Kristina and Molly are coming to stay at his house with him. Sonny assures Kristina that Alexis and Ric are doing fine. Michael wants to know why Emily can't come home with them and Sonny answers for her, saying that Emily has to stay here to help other people the way she helped him. He and Emily share a knowing look.

THE MARKHAM ISLANDS: Jason and Carly are going through the lab...they come to a door and Jason wants to go in alone, but Carly insists on going in, too. They find Lucky strapped down to a table. Lucky is weak but informs them that the doctors gave him the antidote and his fever has since broken. Carly finds a vial nearby with liquid inside and Lucky says that it might be the antidote. Jason points out that it has the same label as the vial with the virus in it. Carly says that there's only one way to find out which one it is -- Jason must inject her with it.

LUKE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Noah wants to put a stop to the procedure because Luke is too weak to give anymore blood. Luke insists that he's fine but Noah replies that they can't save one person let alone a whole hospital with the blood of one man -- they need a real cure. Luke apologizes to Lulu and she replies that he tried his best and she appreciates it. She remains worried about Nikolas and everyone else, though.

COURTNEY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Nikolas is curled up in bed with Courtney. They talk about the baby. Courtney says that he always manages to make her feel better and show her the bright side of things. Nikolas says they have the rest of their lives to spend together. Just then, Jax and the doctor, Kelly, come into the room. Courtney asks how the test results went and Kelly says that the baby is fine and Courtney's fever is down, meaning that they can perform the C-section.

THE HOSPITAL ENTRANCE/EXIT: Emily is saying goodbye to Sonny, Michael, Kristina and Molly. Sonny is still unsure about Emily staying behind alone but she assures him that she'll be fine. The group leaves. Emily stares after them and then, after they are gone, she passes out on the floor of the hospital.

THE HOSPITAL CHAPEL: Elizabeth is in the chapel praying for God to save Lucky. She admits, "I feel in my heart that he's still alive. I need to believe that's real, that I'm not just fooling myself because I so desperately want it to be true. Lord, my husband is a gift from you. Please don't take him away from me. You know how important he is to me, and to Cameron." As she prays, she doesn't see Patrick watching her from the doorway of the chapel. She finishes her prayer, saying to God, "I love him. And I can't live without him. I just can't."

THE MARKHAM ISLANDS: Jason helps Lucky to stand up. Carly wants Jason to inject her with the vial so they can find out if it's the virus or the antidote. Jason doesn't want to take the chance that it could be the virus. They argue back and forth about this for awhile. Jason also worries about whether or not the guards will catch them. Carly still wants to inject herself. Jason warns her not to but she says that he has to let her do this.

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