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On the island, Jason takes Carly outside, holding her up and they walk around. She asks him what his plan is now. He tells her he plans to find the antidote and find Lucky. She asks him if he knows where to look.

Back at the hospital, Patrick tells Elizabeth that it’s very possible that time will run out on Jason and Carly finding Lucky. Even if they find him and the antidote, it might be too late. He tells her he’s never seen a virus spread as fast as this.

Jax tells Courtney that she cannot give up her life for the possibility of saving the baby. He tells her even if she goes through with the C-section, it’s unlikely the baby will live. She tells him she must at least try to save her child’s life. But he tells her that he heard her pledging her love to Nikolas and he asks her if Nikolas does not get to have a say in this.

Right then, when Nikolas and Maxie are trapped in the elevator and she seems to have suffered a heart attack, Emily looks like she’s found them and can rescue them. But she cannot get the elevator door open so she concludes that she needs to talk Nikolas through the CPR procedure to save Maxie. She asks him if Maxie is breathing and has a pulse and tells him what he needs to do in order to save her. But it looks like that will not work. Mac then comes and Emily informs him that Nikolas and Maxie are stuck inside the elevator and she is unconscious and they need to get the elevator door open.

Courtney tells Jax that they have to put the baby’s needs first. But he tells her he refuses to give up on her. Even if she tells him to go to hell and that she never wants to see him again, he won’t let her give up on her life. He tells her she has so much to live for. He tells her that he knows that all the people that love her believe that she must fight for her life.

When Jason and Carly are walking outside, she is unable to go any further. She tells him she’s fine and tells him he can go on looking

Patrick tells Elizabeth that it’s unrealistic for Jason and Carly to find the antidote. But she tells him she has faith that Jason will move heaven and earth, just like he has before, to find the antidote and find Lucky. She explains to him that they have found a pharmaceutical company that has manufactured this drug called krylene and they intend to cash in on the demand for the stuff. She tells him she knows how cynical he is but that she knows they can accomplish their mission. Right then, she gets a call from Lucky. It looks like his captor is letting him call her. But they won’t let her talk to her husband for as long as she wants to.

Right then, Jason returns to Carly after informing her that he has yet to find anything.

Tracy enters the hospital chapel alone. It looks like she’s attempting to pray for her son. She tells God that people like her must really annoy Him. He doesn’t hear from them for decades and only contact Him when they need something. He must know that people like her only know how to beg or bargain when it suits them. And she believes that when somebody has a problem, they must take care of it themselves. But she has a problem she cannot fix on her own. So here she is, she tells Him, begging and bargaining and desperately trying to remember how you pray because she does not want her son to die.

Right then, Dillon sees himself getting up out of his hospital bed all cured and wearing a formal tux . He then walks outside into the gazebo. There are lights all around and he sees a ring on a pillow. And he then turns around to see Georgie wearing a white wedding dress.

Courtney tells Jax that their baby was a miracle. She got pregnant when the doctors told her it was impossible. He tells her that miracles can happen twice. But she tells him that this baby has already fought so hard to live, surviving the train crash and everything. This child could be dying right now because of her and there is no time to waste. He tells her that her baby needs its mother. She tells him that her life would be over if she let her baby die. She’d never get over the grief and guilt and would want to die. Right then, the nurse comes in and tells them if they’re going to perform the C section, they need to do it as soon as possible.

Mac gets part of the elevator opened but tells Emily and Nikolas that the opening is too small to get Maxie out. Emily then gets the fribrulator and slides it through the opening so that. Nikolas can use it to revive Maxie. She gives him instructions on where to put it and how to use it. He does what she says but notices that Maxie is not responding.

On the island, Carly spots the chimp. It could be the same one that Luke brought back from his trip. She tells Jason that she bets the chimp can show them the way to the lab. Jason tells her this is a waste of time. But Carly goes and greets him and asks him if he can help them. The chimp smiles and nods.

Right then, the crazy doctors conclude that Lucky is going to die and they must bury him in a body bag.

Right then at the hospital, Elizabeth is crying and very afraid that something terrible has or will happen to her husband. And now it is Patrick who is being encouraging to her by telling her she must know that Lucky is strong just like she’s always told him he is. She tells him she knows that somebody will find him and save him. She asks what if Jason and Carly are too late. She’s worried that those guys want Lucky to die because maybe he knows too much. He tells her she cannot go there and must keep up hope. Right then, a nurse tells Elizabeth she needs to help somebody. And she gets up and tells Patrick she’s not going to worry about something she cannot control in regard to Lucky. There’s a whole hospital of people she can help.

Tracy tells God that she knows that Dillon is very much like her mother; good and kind a pure. She tells Him that she believes that it’s in His best interest to save Dillon. But remembering that He knows that she has selfish motives, she tells Him she confesses that she knows she’s lied and cheated and blackmailed. But she knows how to bargain. So she tells Him if He saves Dillon, she promises to be a better person, like Dillon and her mother. She tells Him she can guarantee that He won’t even recognize her. Right then, she hears a voice telling her he’s heard that. She turns around to see Luke.

In Dillon’s dream, he recites his vows to Georgie. She recites her vows to him. He puts the ring on her finger. She puts the ring on his finger. And he says he now pronounces them husband and wife. And she tells him he may now kiss the bride.

Courtney tells Jax and the nurse that it’s simple. If they do not take the baby out, he/she will contract the virus and die. The nurse reminds her that she will be putting her own life in jeopardy by having the c section. She tells her she has no choice and she asks Jax if he will offer her his support. He tells her that whatever she needs to help her through this, he can do. She then tells the nurse that she’s ready for the C section.

Emily keeps coaching Nikolas with CPR. It doesn’t work. So she gives him epinephrine to give to Maxie to save her heart. She tells him he needs to stick the needle in as quickly and firmly as he can. Nikolas is afraid he cannot do that, however and asks what if he kills her. Emily tells him that Maxie is guaranteed to die if he does not do it. So he does it. Right then, Manny appears and informs Mac that he knows how to work elevator control panels. And if he can borrow a pocketknife or something, he can help. Mac asks why he should believe him. Manny tells Mac he’s just trying to save Mac’s daughter. Mac then realizes he might have to trust Manny.

Tracy tells Luke that he must have been taught not to listen in on prayers. He tells her she cannot pray out loud if she does not want to be heard. He tells her she needs to know what a strong and determined person her son is and realize he will fight and pull through. She tells Luke she knows he’s an atheist and has no faith in any God. He starts laughing uproariously when he asks her if she is really serious about keeping her promise to God about being a better person. She tells him she’s glad he finds it funny. He then tells her that if she wants his opinion, he believes that Dillon will pull through. And he also believes that Georgie has given that boy something to live for.

Right then, in Dillon’s dream, he and Georgie are cutting and feeding each other their wedding cake. He then breaks out the champagne. It looks like they are all alone at their wedding, in his dream. And they propose a toast to each other as husband and wife and to the rest of their lives. And then they dance in the gazebo.

Carly asks the chimp if he can take them to the sick man. Jason tells her he needs to get back to their hotel and this is waste of time. She asks the chimp if he can take them to find the doctor. She tells Jason if he does not believe that the chimp can help them find the lab where the crazy doctors are holding Lucky, he can go wherever he wants but she’s going to hear him admit that she was right when the chimp helps them save Lucky.

In the chapel, Luke tells Tracy that he seriously does not believe that she can change. But he wants to stick around and see that for himself. She tells him she meant what she said. If Dillon lives, she will prove him wrong.

Again, Dillon and Georgie dance in his dream. He then asks her if life can get any more perfect. She says just a little. She then tells him she needs him to just do one more thing for her. He asks her what that is. She whispers in his ear and tells him she needs him to live. Right then, he awakens sweating and panicking in his hospital bed. She awakens and asks him if he’s ok.

Amazingly, Manny successfully helps Mac and Emily get Maxie out of the elevator. And they save her life. Mac thanks Emily and Nikolas for saving his daughter. And he turns to Manny and admits that he owes him thanks also. Manny tells Mac he’s glad he could help to save Mac’s daughter and walks away.

Right then, the attendants bring Courtney through the hallway on her stretcher ready to perform the C-secion. She thanks Jax for supporting her decision. H tells her that in a few years ago, they will both be happy and well and be able to tell their child all about this. But right then, the nurse discovers that they cannot perform the surgery on Courtney.

When Nikolas goes back to his room, Emily tells him that she never had a chance to thank him for giving Sonny the first dibs for the serum. He tells her he did not do it for Sonny. He did it for Sonny’s kids. He knows that Emily loves Sonny and wants her to be happy. She tells him she knows that he loves Courtney and wants the two of them to be happy also. Hearing that, Nikolas realizes that Courtney is in danger.

The doctor tells Courtney that they cannot do the c-section until her fever comes down. Courtney asks her what will happen if her fever does not come down. She admits to Courtney, although she doesn’t want to be negative, that if that happens, then both Courtney and the baby will die.

At the island, Carly is still determined to trust the chimp to lead them to Lucky.

Maxie is looking and feeling better and Monica is taking care of her, telling her that there are no guarantees but hopefully she will be ok.

And now Dillon discovers that his fever is going down and he’s going to be ok. Luke and Tracy stand outside his room watching him through the window. And Luke reminds Tracy that it looks like she’s gotten her miracle.

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