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General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/14/06


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While Emily is with Sonny in his hospital room, he tells her the last thing he wants is for her to get sick because she chose to be with him. She tells him what she wants is to hold him and to be with him. He admits to her that that’s what he wants also. Right then, Sam comes in with an attendant pushing her in a wheelchair. She informs Sonny that Jason just called and informed her that Carly got sick. She says that Jason and Carly are still working to find the antidote. Sonny concludes that Carly will be ok as long as Jason is with her.

While they are on their mission, Carly tells Jason she’s “hot”. He tells her that she needs to get her rest so she does not get sick. But she wants to mess around.

At the hospital, the nurse tells Jax that without the C-Section Courtney’s baby will die. He asks her what Courtney’s chances are. She tells him that there are risks.. But she won’t tell him exactly what Courtney’s chances are.

At the hospital chapel, the priest is starting the ceremony for Dillon and Georgie.

Ric attempts to get out of his hospital bed. But Patrick catches him and tells him he has a real problem following orders. By running around the hospital, he’s risking his life. He reminds Ric that in case he has not heard, this thing has killed a few people,. Even the medical staff are not safe. Ric acknowledges that he’s heard that Dr. Tony Jones has died.

Sonny tells Sam that she cannot torture herself worried about Jason. Emily reminds him that Sam is merely worried about the man she loves on the other end of the world. She tells Sonny that she is also concerned about Jason because he’s her brother. But he tells them all they can do is have faith.

Carly wants to mess around with Jason. But he’s worried about her fever. He tells her he knows it’s the fever talking and she must realize that they have not “been together” for years.

Courtney is sick in a hospital bed. She apologizes to Nikolas for the bad things she’s done. She tells him she regrets deceiving him and running away. He tells her that there is no time for regrets now. He tells her that she can make it up to him by being his wife. She tells him that she knows she will love him for as long as she lives. Jax is nearby.

The priest tells Dillon and Georgie that these vows are sacred and should not be entered into without commitment. Dillon says that throughout his life there was something missing. And he did not know what it was until he met her. He tells her he knows that she is his soul mate. The best day in his life was the day when she told him she loved him too. She is his best friend. She gave him the courage to live and to dream. And now she is part of that dream. She tells Dillon he changed her life. He had faith and trust in her. He taught her to believe in herself and all of her possibilities. And right then, the priest tells them that with the joining of hands and exchange of rings, he now pronounces them husband and wife and tells Dillon he may now kiss the bride. Mac, Maxie and Lucas all congratulate them but Tracy asks them if they can please get Dillon back to his room. They put him in a wheelchair and he goes. Right then, Lucas notices that Maxie does not look well. She tells him she’s fine. He tells her she cannot take any chances. After what’s happened to his dad, he’s not going to let another person be in danger. He tells Maxie she must find Monica right now and have her check her out.

Monica tells Courtney they need to go over her options.

Carly tells Jason that she needs his help. Tony and AJ hate her and she’s afraid they will take her baby. She must be hallucinating and believing that she’s pregnant with Michael. She reveals to Jason that her real name is Caroline and her mother is Bobbie Spencer. She tells him that she’s told them that he’s the baby’s father and asks him to please not be mad at her. He tells her he will help her with whatever she wants.

Monica catches Nikolas and tells him he must get back to bed. He tells her he’s already infected and walking downstairs to be with Courtney is not causing any further damage. But she tells him his fever could get worse and he must get back in his room. Jax then tells Monica he needs a moment with Courtney. It’s important. He tells her he realizes that trying to save the baby could cost her her life.

Maxie and Nikolas are on the elevator together. And it looks like they are stuck.

Sam runs into Ric in the chapel. He tells her he does not know how to pray. Are you supposed to light a candle? He admits to her that his parents never really went to church. He’s ready to admit how he felt about his father but realizes it’s not the best thing to admit in a place like this. He tells her he knows that his parents never took him to church or Sunday school. But Sonny’s mother, their mutual mother, always took Sonny to church and Sunday school. He admits that he never knew his mother. He tells her that his and Sonny’s mother would be happy that Dr. Drake gave Sonny the serum because she loved him.

Carly yells for Jason. He runs in and assures her that she is ok. He knows that she just awoken from her delirium and probably doesn’t remember what she just said. So he informs her that she asked him to be her baby’s father. She tells him that she remembers that he was always there for her. And that was why she fell in love with him. She asks him if he has ever wondered what might have happened if things had happened differently.

Afer Dillon has gotten back into his room, he’s ready to get back up. Georgie asks him what he’s doing. He tells her he wants to have just one dance with his bride. She tells him he needs to get some rest but dances with him. But right then, he falls over and she yells for help.

Patrick tells Sonny that everything looks good for him and the serum must be working. But he tells him he must stay there a while longer for observation and not push himself because this was the final dose of serum.

Carly tells Jason that they had two real chances. He asks her why she says that there were two chances. She tells him that before Robin told Michael that AJ was his father was the first time. And if that had not happened, she might have had a future with Jason. But he tells her that he is not in love with her and she cannot break his heart and that way they are both better off.

Sam notices that Alexis is awake. Alexis admits to Sam that she is awake and she apologizes to her for her recent tantrum. Sam asks Alexis if Danny hurt her. She says no and realizes that Danny just wanted to protect his sister. She asks Sam if Danny is ok himself. Alexis gets out of bed. Sam asks her if she should be doing that right now.

Jax explains to Courtney that giving birth by C-section could kill her. She asks why they would want her to have the C-section in the first place. He tells her that the virus could kill the baby if she does not. Hearing that, she tells him she needs to have the C-section immediately because she will not lose that baby. But he tells her she must realize that their baby will probably die anyway and she cannot put herself in danger. She protests that she is a mother and must protect her child no matter what. He reminds her that he overheard her pledging her love for Nikolas and he asks her if Nikolas does not get a say in this.

While stuck on the elevator, Maxie informs Nikolas that Dillon and Georgie just got married in the chapel and know they will have a life together with no doubts. She tells him she wishes she had that kind of stability and security with Jesse. He tells her that he knows that if a relationship doesn’t work, you can find love again, as he did. She tells him it’s just so complicated to be in a situation like what she’s in with Jesse.

Alexis goes into the chapel and tells Ric he has to come back into his room. But he’s hallucinating from the fever and sees his mother instead of Alexis. She tells him she loves him and cares about him. But he yells at her telling her she does not love him and only loves Sonny. And he demands that she tells him why she left him alone with his abusive father. Sam is right there witnessing that.

Carly tells Jason she knows she will always love Sonny but she needs to have her own life. She knows that she and Sonny were way too intense and they almost destroyed each other.

Sonny and Emily go up on the roof. It’s snowing. He tells her he feels good to no longer be trapped. She tells him maybe they should not stay long. He then confesses to her that he’s not going to go back to Carly. When she walked in on them kissing, it was not real. He just did that in order to push her away. And he tells her he regrets it and he’s sorry. He tells her that she’s been nothing but kind and honest. And when he was sick and in bed, he realized that he betrayed her trust. And he’s not going to let her live with a lie. She then tells him that she now knows that he wanted to push her away and believe he was back with Carly. He tells her he wants her to be safe and be happy. She asks him if she gets a say in how that happens.

Carly tells Jason that she has to go with him to save Lucky and find the antidote. And she’s not going to slow him down.

Ric asks Alexis (seeing her as his mother) why she abandoned him. He tells her that he’s a father now and he cannot even imagine abandoning his kids and missing out on his little girl taking her first step, saying her first word and going off to school. He cries and asks her if she can just cut out her heart and forget all about him. How can she get up every morning and forget that she has a child out there? He demands to know if she regrets it? Is she sorry? What kind of a woman would give up her child? Alexis tells him (knowing, probably that she is playing the role of his mother) that she did not have a choice.

In the elevator, Maxie passes out. Nikolas yells for somebody to help them.

Georgie tells Dillon that this is their wedding day. And she doesn’t care what anybody says. She wants to spend this night in his arms. She gets in his bed with him and they hold each other under the blanket.

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