GH Update Monday 2/13/06

General Hospital Update Monday 2/13/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

After the crazy doctors have abducted both Lucky and Carly and have discovered that the “antidote” will not work on him, they determine that she must not be their next “subject”. But right then, Jason walks in and shoots them. After the crazy team of doctors are now on the ground, Jason asks them why they were going to give Carly an antidote when she is not sick. The guy replies that they did not give her the antidote. They gave her the virus.

In the hospital, Patrick approaches Emily, informing her now that Tony has died, the only candidates left for the serum to are Nikolas and Sonny. But there is only enough to save one of their lives. And she is forced to choose. She cries and tells him there is no way to make a choice. He then decides they must flip a coin. Heads and it’s Sonny. Tails and it’s Nikolas. But before he can throw the coin, Nikolas gets out of bed and tells Patrick that he must save Sonny. He tells them that he(himself) does not have a family or anybody who needs him. He tells them that he does not want to put his or Sonny’s fate at the toss of a coin. Patrick tells him that even if they do that, there is still no guarantee that it will save Sonny. Emily tells Nikolas that he does not have to do this. But she goes in and informs Sonny that Tony Jones has died. She is very upset. But there is good news. The serum which the doctors designated Tony to have first priority with is now available to him. She explains that Patrick told her that either he or Nikolas gets the serum while the other one will be likely to die. And she informs him that Nikolas told them he would let Sonny have the serum to save his life for his family. Hearing that, Sonny tells Nikolas he does not want him making that sacrifice for him.

While Dillon is in his hospital room, Tracy tells her son that she has a solution. He needs to stop believing he’s going to die. And that way, he will not have to marry Georgie. He tells his mother that the best thing she ever did to him was bring him to Port Charles so that he could meet Georgie. She taught him how to embrace life. He knows how she feels about his intentions to marry Gerogie. But he tells her that he now knows that she told him that life is not a dress rehearsal and is something that you should grab by the horns so that when it’s over, you can look back without regret. Tracy seems very cold. But she tells her son that she realizes he is of age and does not legally need her permission to marry Gerogie. And she tells him that if Georgie can convince Mac not to throw him in jail for marrying Mac’s underage daughter, she won’t stand in the way. Hearing that, Dillon and Georgie seem to realize that that is as close as they will get to hearing her giving them her “blessing”. Georgie is almost ready to hug Tracy. She tells Tracy she realizes they don’t much like each other. But Tracy has done one amazing thing that has changed her life. And now Dillon will be her husband. Tracy asks Georgie if she’s talked to Mac. Georgie tells Tracy she may leave Mac to her.

At the place where Jason and Carly have gone to rescue Lucky, Jason holds a gun on the captors. But they take Lucky with them and right then Carly falls to the ground.

Jax goes to the hospital looking for Courtney. He sees tons of ambulances and Courtney is on a stretcher in one of them. The SWAT team and medics tell him he cannot go near her. But he tells her he must be able to see Courtney because she is carrying his child.

Danny comes into Sam’s room and wonders where Alexis is. He tells her he’s worried that Alexis would be mad and he was afraid that Alexis would hurt his sister. Sam explains to her brother that Alexis was feeling really sick and did not know what she was saying or doing. She asks her brother if he’s ok. He tells her he’s feeling ok but is worried. She assures him that Jason is out there looking for the medicine that will make them all better.

Right then, Carly and Jason are not having great luck.

Jax goes to find Elizabeth who tells him that Nikolas needs to know that Courtney is in the hospital and she informs him that Nikolas is in the hospital and very ill himself.

Nikolas tells Sonny that Michael might not have a mother if Carly does not make it back while she’s out looking for an antidote that may not even exist. He protests to Sonny not to let Michael pay for his(Sonny’s) pride. He can’t leave his children fatherless. Sonny tells Nikolas that he will not be indebted to him. Right then, Patrick walks in and very “methodically” and casually informs them that it is now Sonny’s “lucky day” to receive the antidote because Nikolas told him and told Emily that he refuses to take it. Sonny protests to Patrick that Nikolas is sicker than he is and needs it more. Patrick tells Sonny he knows that is not true and since he’s a doctor, Sonny must realize he knows what he’s talking about. Sonny tells Patrick that he cannot do this just because Nikolas asked him to. And he refuses to comply with Nikolas’ wishes. Patrick tells Sonny that he does not get a vote in this any more than Nikolas does and quite frankly, he doesn’t really care about Sonny’s little family dramas. He then injects the serum into Sonny’s IV tube without emotion or thought. Emily watches stunned.

Maxie runs into Mac and she tells him that she’s been checking on Jesse who is better. He tells his daughter he wishes she were home so she was away from all this. Right then, he notices that she signed a form to authorize Georgie to marry Nikolas. He asks Maxie if Georgie is pregnant. Georgie comes out and informs her father that she is not pregnant. She’s in love.

Patrick admits to Emily that he lied about Sonny being in more dire need of the antidote than Nikolas. They are both in equal condition. He tells her that he realizes that a love-struck med student like her cannot be expected to make the decision. And so, he figures, his God complex comes in handy at a time like this.

Carly is sick but safe from the captors. Jason and a doctor are with her. Jason steps outside to call Sam. She informs him that the doctors have told her that her fever is stabilizing but she’s worried about her brother. He informs her that they got really close to tracking down the antidote but Carly got sick. He asks her how everybody is. She tells him that Sonny is still sick and Michael is not sick with the fever but going crazy in isolation. Right then, they lose their phone connection. He asks the doctor what the prognosis is. The doctor tells him that this virus is an epidemic. The doctor asks just whom Carly has been in contact with. She says she’s been here, there and everywhere. Right then, the doctor pulls out a needle and tells her this will help with the headache and fever. And Jason instinctively pulls a gun on him, afraid of what that needle might do to Carly. He then grabs the needle and is ready to inject the “doctor”. The doctor panics, afraid of what the injection might do to him. Jason asks him why he’s so jumpy if this is not a dangerous potion like he’s told them it’s not. Jason tells him he suspects that those goons have sent him there to pretend to be a good doctor to them. And he demands the doctor tells him where they are and where they’ve taken Lucky. The doctor protests that if he rats them out, they will kill him.

Georgie and Maxie inform Mac that it’s very possible that Dillon will die. They tell him that all Georgie and Dillon want is to be together for the rest of their lives. Maxie asks her father if he really wants to deny them that. Mac then reluctantly signs the authorization for Georgie to marry Dillon.

In Dillon’s room, Tracy tells her son that he should not give up. He tells her that she is the only mom he’s got. She admits to her son that she realizes that she must have let him down in many ways that she cannot comprehend or go back and change. But she tells him she only wants what is best for him. And she wants him to be happy. And she tells him if marrying Georgie will make him happy, then she’s ok with that. She sarcastically tells him that she must have really failed him if he’s choosing to marry the under-age offspring of a civil servant. What choice did she give him? She tells him she will accept the fact that he’s about to marry so beneath his station. But she will not accept that he’s going to die. She leaves and tells him she will be back.

Jax finds Courtney while she’s on the stretcher ready to be taken into the hospital. He tells her he found out that Helena kept her hostage but she managed to escape. He asks her where she went after she escaped. She admits that her dad agreed to hide her and asks her how Mike is. He tells her he can find out for her. She tells him she saw on the television news reports that there’s this terrible epidemic in Port Charles. He tells her he wants to be there for her and the baby. Hearing that, she tells him that she has made a decision as to what she’s going to do with the baby. Right then, Nikolas appears and is ready to hear what she plans to do with her baby.

Emily asks Sonny how he’s feeling. He admits that the antidote is working and asks how Mike is. She says she’s checked on him and he’s ok. He asks her if Patrick’s decision to give Sonny the serum was influenced by her. She tells him she swears it was not. And, noticing Nikolas has left the room, she says she knows that Nikolas has gone down to see Courtney.

Nikolas asks Courtney how she ended up there. She tells him she had to get back when she heard that all the people were sick. Her dad was exposed and she probably got it from him. She tells him she had to leave to clear her head and think. She was so tired of all the fighting. He asks he about Jax being there, assuming that she let Jax be with her but not him(Nikolas). She tells him that she did not make that decision. Jax did not find her. And it was Helena who made her write Nikolas the letter that she dumped him and chose to invite Jax to be with her instead. Helena threatened her. She admits to Nikolas that doing this was the hardest thing she’s ever had to do and she loves only him.

Georgie goes into Dillon’s room and informs him that she got her father to sign the consent form. He asks her if they shouldn’t just wait a few weeks until she turns 18. But she tells him that they cannot wait. He tells her that the reason he wants to marry her is not because he’s dying. He is very worried, however, that there are so many people who are dying. He tells her that he cannot let her marry him only because he’s sick and she’s afraid he might die. She asks him if he knows what day this is. He cannot remember if it’s Monday or Tuesday. She informs him that it’s Valentine’s Day. She tells him no matter how upset or scared they are about all that’s happened, they must know that it’s Valentine’s Day and so she knows that they were meant to be.

Jason calls the local cops and informs them that he’s just found out from that doctor that those crazy people are injecting people with kryolene(sp?). They take the phony doctor away. Carly then comes out of her room, revealing that she is not sick and asks him if he wants to shoot some pool.

At the hospital, a nurse informs Jax that there is an emergency situation with Courtney’s baby where she may need to perform an emergency C-section in order to save the baby. But by doing that, it could put Courtney at risk. So he needs to make a decision.

Dillon goes to the chapel ready for his wedding. Lucas is there with him and tells him he wants to be his best man. Georgie and Maxie appear with flowers. Lucas tells them that his dad is there in spirit and wants them all to be happy. Tracy and Mac grudgingly agree to be there. The priest asks them all to join in the ceremony. Dillon stands with Georgie. They join hands.

Emily tells Sonny that Nikolas is risking his life going down stairs in order to be with Courtney. She asks him if he believes that she is jealous. He tells her if Dr. Jones could get sick and die from being in contact with all the sick people, then so could she. He tells her she has to get out of there and go to the isolation room. He doesn’t want to be the reason she is in danger. She tells him she wants to be with him. He admits that he wants to be with her too.

Carly looks like she is coming on to Jason. He tells her that things have changed. They cannot go out anywhere because she has a fever. She then strips down to her sexy nighty and tells him how hot it is.

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