GH Update Thursday 2/9/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/9/06


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

ALEXIS AND SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis is hallucinating that she and Sam are replaying their roles from when Kristina was sick over a year ago. She begs Sam to help her save Kristina. Sam starts to cry as she begs Alexis to calm down. Danny rushes into the room and pulls Alexis away from Sam -- Sam tells him to stop.

THE MARKHAM ISLANDS: Carly and Jason are at the hotel where Luke stayed last month. The bellhop tells them that "Dr. von Skimmerman" (Luke) disappeared from the islands some time ago. Jason demands that the bellhop give him answers right now.

UNKNOWN LOCATION: Lucky is getting sicker and sicker...a doctor comes in and Lucky begs him for the medicine. The doctor says that Lucky isn't dying and only when Lucky starts to die will the treatment begin.

LULU AND SKYE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Lorenzo helps Elizabeth take care of Lulu. Elizabeth goes to get some medicine to stop Lulu's seizures. Skye urges Lulu to stay strong.

THE DOCTOR'S COUNCIL: Robin has nominated Patrick to be the one to make the final decision regarding disbursement of medicine. All of the doctors in the room agree to hand the position over to Patrick. Luke suddenly comes into the room -- he's armed with a gun. He says to Patrick, "Congratulations, junior Drake. You've been elected God. Here's your first commandment -- my daughter gets the serum or somebody in this room dies." Luke points the gun at Robert and asks if he will volunteer to be the first to die? Robert reminds Luke that killing people won't save Lulu. Luke continues to point the gun at Robert and Robert says that since they are all going to die anyway, Luke can take his best shot.

DILLON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Georgie is at Dillon's bedside when he wakes up. Georgie asks him if he remembers what happened before he lost conciousness. He says yes, that he remembers he asked Georgie to marry him. He tells her how much he loves her and she says that he should prove that by living. Georgie says, "I know how you think. How could I refuse a deathbed request, right? I mean, I'm sure it's in a movie somewhere -- the big pledge of love right before the hero dies." Dillon says that if Georgie says she'll marry him, that will give him a reason to live.

ALEXIS AND SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Danny continues to attack Alexis for making Sam cry. Sam urges him to stop but he doesn't listen. Alexis hallucinates that Danny is really Jason. Ric comes running into the room and separates Danny and Alexis. Alexis cries that she needs someone to help Kristina. Ric assures her that Kristina is fine, then he yells at Sam to get Danny out of there. Sam protests that Danny was only trying to protect her. Alexis tells Ric that they need Sam's help to save Kristina.

THE MARKHAM ISLANDS: The bellhop insists that he has never heard of Crylium Industries. He says that "Dr von Skimmerman" spent a lot of time at the local bars and never met anyone that looked like a corporate businessman. The bellhop adds that everyone on the island was warned to stay away from the village because of local unrest...the village burned to the ground several days ago. Jason pays the bellhop to allow him and Carly to stay in this hotel room. Then he and Carly leave to go look at the burned village.

UNKNOWN LOCATION: The doctor tells Lucky that he has a rare illness and they probably have the antidote for it, but they need him to get really sick in order to test it on him. Lucky asks if the doctor's corporation invented the virus? Before the doctor answers, he gets a call on his cell phone from the bellhop at the hotel. The bellhop tells him that someone named "Lucky Spencer" (Jason) and a woman checked in at the hotel and were asking questions about Crylium. The doctor hangs up the phone and tells Lucky that someone used his name to check into the hotel. Lucky claims to know nothing about it. The doctor says that Lucky must tell him what's going on, it's his only chance to survive the virus.

LULU AND SKYE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Elizabeth gives Lulu some medicine to try to prevent the seizures as Lorenzo and Skye look on. Lulu suddenly goes nonresponsive. Elizabeth pages Tony and then tells Lorenzo and Skye that Luke needs to come be with his daughter.

THE DOCTORS' COUNCIL: Robert tries to get the gun from Luke, but Luke doesn't want to give it to him -- Luke doesn't care about saving anyone else in the hospital, he just wants Lulu to get the medicine. Suddenly Tony's pager beeps. Tony tells Luke that there's trouble in Lulu's room, but before he goes he wants Luke to put down the gun. Luke complies and Tony leaves to check on Lulu. Luke begs the doctors present not to punish him for bringing the virus to town by allowing Lulu to die -- he really wants her to get the medicine. He reminds them that Lucky is missing and Lulu is on death's door. "Do what you want to me, but give my little girl a chance to live -- give her the medicine," he says.

DILLON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Dillon tells Georgie that he knows that they are young, and he knows that she is a practical person who wants to do a lot of stuff before she settles down. He says, "I'm your first love. But where does it say that I'm the love of your life?" Georgie assures him that he is the love of her life, and that she'll love him forever. "Is that a yes?" Dillon asks. Georgie says that it IS a yes, and she will marry him right this minute if that's what he wants.

ALEXIS AND SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Ric tries to get Alexis to calm down as Sam takes Danny back to his own hospital room. Alexis cries that she can't keep this secret she's been keeping any longer.

THE MARKHAM ISLANDS: Jason and Carly are walking around the burned out village, but they don't see any evidence of anything. Jason thinks that the corporation burned down the village to cover their that no one would ever find out that the virus was manufactured. Carly thinks that there must be a lot of money involved. Jason thinks that if Crylium made the virus they can definitely make a cure for it.

UNKNOWN LOCATION: Lucky is getting sicker and sicker. The doctor talks with another man about whether or not it is time to give Lucky the medicine. Lucky manages to escape from his restraints without the doctors seeing him. He goes over to where the medicine is being stored and tried to grab some...but he faints before he can take it.

LULU AND SKYE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Tony informs Luke that Lulu had a seizure and they've given her medicine to stop it. Unfortunately, Tony says that Lulu's organs are shutting down and it looks like she might die. Bobbie urges Luke to go inside to be with Lulu now before it's too late, or he'll regret it for the rest of his life.

DILLON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Georgie is taking care of Dillon when Maxie comes in. Dillon and Georgie inform Maxie that they're getting married. Maxie warns Georgie that Mac and Felicia are going to be upset. Georgie says that the ceremony will be finished before they've even found out. Maxie is still hesitant, pointing out to Georgie that Dillon is not exactly at the top of his game right now. Georgie insists that she wants to marry him. Dillon and Georgie ask Maxie to go find Father Coates. Maxie finally agrees, and leaves to get him. Georgie turns to Dillon and says, "We're actually going to get married."

THE DOCTOR'S COUNCIL: Patrick thinks that Robin picked him to decide who lives and who dies because she believes he doesn't have a heart. Robin insists that he is their best shot at keeping as many people as possible alive. She also notes that she's jealous of how gifted a doctor he is. They talk about their fathers, comparing Robert and Noah's faults. Patrick warns Robin that she is going to regret nominating him for this difficult job of administering the medicine, because he's already picked his four candidates and Lulu isn't one of them.

ALEXIS AND SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis doesn't want to tell Ric her secret, even though Ric asks her to. She starts to hallucinate that Ric is Sonny. She pleads with him to help her save Kristina's life.

DANNY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sam has brought Danny back to his hospital room -- she warns him to get some rest. He says that he's worried about her. She assures him that she's feeling great, she just wants him to get well. Sam leaves the room and suddenly collapses in the hallway. Luckily Tony is on the scene to keep her from hitting her head on the floor.

ALEXIS AND SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Ric is still with Alexis when Tony brings Sam back to the room to get her back into her bed. Ric tells Tony that Alexis is hallucinating. Tony says that there's no medicine they can give her for that. Ric wants to do something to help, and Tony urges him to just go back to his own room. Suddenly, Tony groans in pain. Ric asks him if he's all right and Tony replies that he's fine and has patients to see. But it's obvious that there's something wrong.

THE MARKHAM ISLANDS: Jason is on the phone with Max, who tells him that Sonny and Sam are both sick but stable. Carly asks about Michael and Max says that Michael is fine health-wise but that he left the isolation area earlier to go be with Sonny. Max assures Carly that it won't happen again. Carly gets on the phone to talk to Michael -- she warns him not to leave isolation again. She also tells him that she and Jason believe they have found medicine to make Sonny better. They exchange "I love you's" and then Carly hangs up the phone. She turns to Jason and asks him what will happen if there's no cure -- what will happen to everyone back in Port Charles?

THE DOCTOR'S COUNCIL: Robin looks at Patrick's charts and points out that if they gave each of the four patients a slightly smaller dose, there'd be enough left for Lulu. Patrick is worried about the risk of giving out smaller doses, but Robin reminds him that "the biggest successes come from the biggest risks -- no guts, no glory, Patrick." Patrick asks if he can really make this decision. She assures him that he can, because he's one of the best doctors she's ever seen. She notes, "Look, on a good day, I can barely stand the sight of you. So if I think you can pull this off, you can damn well pull it off."

LULU AND SKYE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Luke comes in to sit at Lulu's bedside. He tells her, "I'm here, Princess. Papa's here. And Aunt Bobbie's here, too. She says I should tell you how much I love you and let you go. I'm not going to do that. I can't. I need you earthbound with me. We're just starting to get acquainted, you and I, and already I know you're so much like your old man it's scary, and that means you're a hell of a fighter. You won't give up. I know you won't. So -- please do a tired old man a huge favor and fight like it means something. Fight like there's someone waiting who loves you. Because I promise, you won't be disappointed." Robin comes into the room and announces that they have enough vaccine to include Lulu.

THE DOCTOR'S COUNCIL: Robert is on the phone with someone -- he says that they have had one success with the serum and four more are waiting; he will call back with the results later. He hangs up and Patrick tells him that they're dividing the serum up differently so that they're able to include Lulu. Robert is glad to hear it, and he thanks Patrick for making it possible. Patrick says, "I would love to take the credit for being the genius, but your daughter's the one who came up with the solution."

THE MARKHAM ISLANDS: Jason tells Carly that if she wants to go home she will have to fly commercial because he needs to keep the jet in case he finds the antidote. He warns her that she would also have to promise not to go to the hospital, even to be with Michael and Sonny, because then she'd risk getting sick. Carly insists that she is not going to sit at home while he tries to find the cure. She wants to stay with Jason. She leaves to take a shower. Jason's cell phone rings -- it's one of his men, Stan, with some new information.

THE HOSPITAL NURSE'S STATION: Georgie is looking at some flowers in a vase, trying to find some for the wedding. Maxie comes over to her and says that she found Father Coates and he agreed to marry Georgie and Dillon -- she lied to Father Coates and told him that Georgie is already 18. Georgie wants to find "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" but Maxie has already taken care of that. Georgie is happy that Maxie is going to be her maid of honor. Maxie worries that Georgie doesn't realize that this is a lifetime commitment. Georgie urges her sister to look around them -- this is really the best time to follow her heart. Maxie warns Georgie that when this is over, she will still be a highschool student and Dillon will be a college freshman dependent on his mother for financial support. Georgie reminds Maxie that SHE has always been practical while Maxie has always been the romantic. Georgie says that she loves Dillon and would make this commitment five years from now, so why not do it now? Maxie gives her blessing and Georgie thanks her. They hug.

DILLON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Lucas has come by the room to talk to Dillon about Dillon's decision to marry Georgie -- apparently Maxie told him. Dillon warns Lucas not to tell anyone until it's all over. Lucas knows he's not supposed to be outside of the isolation area, but he wanted to come by to make sure that Dillon knows what he's doing -- "Marriage is huge, man," Lucas says. Dillon says that he loves Georgie and plans to be with her for the rest of his life. Lucas tells Dillon that they are working on getting a cure for this virus and Dillon replies that there's no telling right now who will live and who will die. He says he wants to survive this thing, and wants to live 100 years as Georgie's husband. He wants the whole world to know that he has made this commitment to her.

THE HOSPITAL NURSE'S STATION: Robert comes over to Robin and tells her that Patrick told him that she is the one who figured out how to include Lulu on the list. Robin insists that all she had to do was the math-work. Robert says that it was a good call and adds, "Too bad you're still a little skittish about compliments. Deal with that." Robin replies, "I just looked at the situation from a different angle -- kind of the way you taught me."

ELSEWHERE IN THE HOSPITAL: Elizabeth has found Tony to update him on another patient's condition. Tony is obviously very weak and tired. He says, "I can't take any more patients." Elizabeth insists that he has to, as they are already strtched to the max. Tony says, "I have the fever, and I'm dizzy. And I'm not good for this place anymore. I'm part of the problem."

LULU AND SKYE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Bobbie is happy to report that Lulu's fever has come down. Lulu opens her eyes and sees Luke at her side. She seems surprised that he's there, and he tells her that she had him really worried. Lulu asks, "You didn't think I was going to make it?" and Luke replies, "I didn't think you'd do anything BUT make it, baby."

DILLON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: The wedding ceremony is about to begin with Lucas and Maxie standing in as witnesses. Georgie comes into the room in a white shirt and jeans, carrying pink and white flowers. Father Coates begins the ceremony. Georgie wants to just hurry and skip ahead to the "I do's" if no one objects. Suddenly Tracy enters the room, saying that SHE objects! Dillon asks Tracy not to interrupt and Tracy says that she has to interrupt because she objects with every fiber of her being. She adds, "And if common sense is not enough, then I have the law on my side. The bride is underage." Dillon and Georgie are busted.

ALEXIS AND SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sam is having a dream in which her mother appears to her. Sam's mother says that Sam should take off her engagement ring because she won't be getting married or having kids or any happiness of her own. Sam begs her mother to leave her alone. As she dreams, Alexis is wide-awake in her bed, watching and listening to Sam.

THE MARKHAM ISLANDS: Carly is finished with her shower and Jason tells her that Stan was on the phone with info from the PDA they stole from Anton Rush, including a phone number connected to Crylium. Jason wants to call it right away.

UNKNOWN LOCATION: Lucky wakes up and finds that he has been put back in his restraints. The doctor notes that it was actually good that Lucky strained himself in his escape made him weak enough for them to give him the new version of their antidote. Apparently, according to the doctor, the old version of the serum had a high mortality rate. He is about to inject Lucky with the new medicine when his phone rings. It's Jason, asking, "Is this Crylium Industries?" The doctor realizes that Jason is the man pretending to be Lucky Spencer. Jason warns the doctor to let Lucky go. The doctor says that Jason is hardly in a position to threaten him...considering that he and his companion (Carly) have both been exposed to a lethal virus. He says that when Jason gets sick, he can give him another call so he can save Jason's useless life. Carly and Jason glance at one another.

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