GH Update Wednesday 2/8/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/8/06


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The epidemic is still going on. Lulu looks critical. Skye awakens next to her with Lorenzo by her side. She tells him she’s feeling better.

Sam is drifting in and out of consciousness in her hospital room and sees Manny.

The doctors are having a conference about who should be given first priority to have their life saved. Alan Quartermaine says he believes that Sonny should be given last consideration. He prays on human life and does not deserve to live. Right then, Emily walks in and tells her father he cannot do that.

Jason goes into Sonny’s room. He asks Sonny if he really believes it’s over between him and Emily.

Emily tells her father he must realize that this is not about his personal opinion about Sonny. This is about medicine. Sonny, no differently than all the other infected people has the same right to proper medical care. Robert reminds her that since there is not enough proper medical care to go around, they may all be forced to make a decision. She then protests to his father that he says that Sonny is a criminal. But he ahs family and friends who love him just like the rest of them. Michael and Morgan adore him and he gives them a loving home. He tells her that there are other patients who are in need of medical treatment. He tells her that they have to make a decision about how that antedote is going to work and who is will save. He tells his daughter that she is not a physician and will not make that decision.

Manny walks into the room where Sam and Alexis are. Sam screams as Manny walks toward her bed. Jesse rushes in and she demands that he arrests Manny because he was coming after her. Alexis tells him that Manny was not doing that.

Right then, the doctors are doing the procedure on Luke.

In Skye’s room, Elizabeth is explaining to her that Luke is donating antibodies that might save lives but there might not be enough to go around. Noticing how sick Lulu looks, Skye asks if Luke’s daughter should not be given the medicine first. Elizabeth tells her that they are not looking at names. They are just looking at symptoms and urgency. Lorenzo tells her that he’s glad that she will be ok. Elizabeth then asks Lorenzo if he can give her a hand with something. They go into the hallway. She tells Lorenzo that she knows there is a “discrepancy” on Lulu’s chart and knows that he switched it with Skye’s chart.

Sonny tells Jason that he and Emily are living separate lives. She needs to go to medical school and get on with her life. Nikolas who is sharing the room with Sonny tells him that he knows that Emily is very convenient for him. He tells Sonny he knows he is the center of his own universe and expects Emily to have her life revolve around him. Sonny tells Nikolas that Emily gave up a lot for him also. Nikolas tells Sonny that he must realize that in a situation like this, Emily will fight for him. Emily then comes in and asks Sonny how he is feeling.

At the end of the meeting where the doctors determine who’s worthy of living and who’s not, Robin tells her father that Emily is right. Sonny has as much right to medical care as anybody else. Robert reminds his daughter that Emily would have a personal bias with her feelings about Sonny. He tells her he has no particular feelings about this Corinthos individual one way or another. But he understands that Sonny is a mobster and an outlaw. She tells her father that he abandoned her and let her believe he died. She got AIDs and could have died. He was never there for her. And she tells him that Sonny has been more of a father to her than he has ever been.

Right then, Emily is with Sonny. He asks her about the kids and if they are both ok. She tells him that so far Michael is ok. And Morgan is with Leticia. He’s been checked out and is ok. He can tell that she has something on her mind. She tells him there’s nothing. She’s just tired. He tells her that she’s done so much to save so many sick people and must realize that she’s done the best she can. She tells him now she hopes the tides will start turning and they will all get well. He tells her that she needs to get some rest and something to eat. But she tells him that she needs to find out about the progress of the serum. When she goes outside, she runs into Monica. She tells her mother that she’s never asked her for anything but she is now. She urges her to get Sonny back on that list.

In the room where Sam and Alexis are, Jesse asks Sam if Manny has threatened her. Sam replies that he did not have to. He is endangering her and he cannot be wandering into her hospital room when she’s sick. But Alexis explains to Jesse that Manny has a court ordered community service job in the hospital and was not doing anything wrong. Manny explains to Jesse that he heard Sam scream and wanted to see if she was ok. He’s also very grateful to Ms. Davis for her great legal service and was concerned when he found out she caught the virus.

Luke tells Bobbie that he doesn’t care if he dies. He has to save his daughter. Bobbie tells her brother that he needs to pull through. He won’t be any good to Lulu dead.

Lulu asks Skye where her dad is and if he will die. Skye assures her that Luke will be fine and she mustknow that her dad lovees her.

After Elizabeth confronts Lorenzo about switching Lulu’s chart with Skye’s, he asks her if she would not do the same thing if it could save Lucky’s life. She tells him that Skye would not want him to do that. Right then, Bobbie brings a very sick Luke into the room. Luke cannot walk without her help and asks see his little girl. Elizabeth tells Luke he may go in and see Lulu. Elizabeth tells Lorenzo that she knows that Skye would feel very guilty to be the cause of Lulu not getting the equal opportunity for the serum. And she tells him that he will have to live with what he did. Right then, Luke comes in and tells his daughter he love her. She tells him that she loves him and cannot let him die.

Jesse tells Manny that Ms. McCall and Ms. Davis do not need any “help” from him and he needs to leave them both alone. Manny then, graciously apologizes to Sam and leaves. Maxie comes in and Alexis asks her if she can check on her girls for her. Maxie tells Alexis she will see what she can. Sam asks Maxie if she can see if Danny is ok. Maxie informs Sam that Danny has a slight fever but nothing fatal. Alone with Sam, Alexis tells her she knows she has good reason to hate Manny. But right now, they need help from anybody they can get it from. Sam asks her how she would feel if that sicko hurt her babies.

Emily tells Alan that she knows that he is making special efforts to prevent Sonny from getting the serum. He wants Sonny to die. Alan tells his daughter that this has nothing to do with what he wants. Monica then tells them both that this is a highly emotional situation and they need to step away from this. Alan reminds Emily that it’s because of Sonny that A.J. died. Emily concludes to her father that he wants Sonny dead.

Nikolas and Sonny talk in their mutual room. Nikolas tells Sonny that he’s been a mob boss and a womanizer and a player with all women including Emily. Sonny tells Nikolas that he cares about Emily. HE was there for her after she was raped and when Nikolas could not be bothered with her while being too busy making it with Courtney. Hearing that, Nikolas admits to Sonny that he blew it with both woman and not a day goes by when he does not regret it.

Lulu tells her father that Dillon always told her how cool her dad was and she did not believe him. Luke tells his daughter that he made a terrible mistake. The worst mistake of his life. He tells her that he was not cut out to be a father and believed the best thing he could do for her was to keep his distance. But the truth, he confesses to her, was that he was too selfish to take time out of his miserable life. And she is such a wonderful girl and he’s so lucky to have her. She tells him that he is a wonderful dad and she wants him to know that she loves him. She cries. He tells her there will be plenty of time for that mushy stuff when she gets better. HE reminds his daughter that she is a Spencer. Spencers never give up. She has to fight because she’s going to win. Right then, it looks like Lulu is afraid she will die. But Luke tells her she must hang on. He will not lose either of his kids.

Jesse finds Manny and tells him that he does not buy his “concern”. He believes Sam. And Manny is very lucky that he got by with a slap on the wrist. He tells Manny he knows about people like him. He thinks he can do whatever he wants and gets away with it.

Tony comes into Alexis and Sam’s room. Alexis tells him he’s failed to answer her question about Ric. He tells her that Ric is stabilized and asking about her. Right then, Sam is having a dream about when she awakened in the hospital and found out her baby died. Jason was there for her and she was devastated. Alexis then dreams about her demanding that Sonny authorize for Sam to donate her stem cells from her dead baby when Sam could not make the decision herself while in a coma after losing the baby.

Monica tells Emily that realistically, Alan cannot do anything to save Sonny. Emily tells her mother she must know that taking Sonny off that list is a death sentence. Alan tells his daughter she must let it go. There are so many other people in that hospital who are suffering and need their help. Ric comes by and asks them if they are going to let his brother die.

Nikolas tells Sonny that he knows Sonny wanted him to lose both Emily and Courtney. Sonny admits to Nikolas that maybe when he sees him(Nikolas), he sees himself.

After it looks like Lulu is fatal, Skye gets up and tells Luke and Elizabeth that she wants to help. He tells her that since he donated the serum, he should be able to authorize that his daughter be next on the list.. Lorenzo then goes to the hospital chapel

Right when Jesse is confronting Manny, he passes out and looks like he’s contracted the virus himself. Manny looks like he wants to “help” Jesses. Right then, Luke comes out and tells him he will haul Jesse on the gurney. He can’t just sit around. He wants to help the detective. There's obviously another trick Luke has up his sleeve for wanting to "help" an unconscious cop. HE is able to take Jesse's gun.

Lorenzo then goes into the chapel and tells God that he could not let Skye slip away. But now he knows hat Lulu is getting sicker and closer to death. So he’s now pleading with God to save her. No matter what he has said about Luke he cannot let Luke go through the hell of watching his daughter die.

Alexis dreams about urging a devastated Sonny to donate his and Sam’s baby’s stem cells for Kristina. She remembered if Kristina did not get those stem cells she would die. She then awakens and sits up, afraid that her worst nightmare came true and Kristina was in danger of death without the stem calls. She then runs to Sam and awakens her and tells her she must give her baby’s stem cells to Kristina.

Sonny tells Nikolas that Emily would not have left him. But he did the selfish thing. He tells him that he thought he’d done what was best for all of them. Sonny tells him when you betray a woman, you throw away your honor and your self respect. Nikolas tells Sonny he’s right and he hates himself for what he did to Emily. Sonny admits to Nkolas that it could have been worse. At least he did not kill her.

Ric has Emily wheel him into the doctor’s conference and asks them if they really believe that his brother is not worth saving. He admits to them that he felt very much the same way about Sonny when he first came to town. But they must realize that Sonny loves his family and has as much right to live as anybody else does. Alan tells Ric he must know that Sonny is a criminal. But Ric tells them that they are not his brother’s judge and jury and must realize that everybody’s needs are the same. Tony tells Ric that Alexis and Sam and Sonny and Lulu and Skye and Nikolas and himself are all in very similar conditions. So he asks Ric what he would choose. Robert informs Ric that the reason for this council is to be impartial. Tony informs Ric that they all have family and friends that are ill. Monica tells Ric that the best way to take care of Sonny and his family is to take care of himself. Ric then leaves. Monica tells them all that Ric kind of has a point. And she believes that maybe they should nominate the most impartial person to make the decision. Hearing that, Robin tells them she nominates Patrick.

Alexis is still reliving the time when she depended on Sam’s dead baby to save Kristina. She screams at Sam and grabs her. Danny then comes and pulls Alexis away from his sister afraid she will hurt her. And Sam urges Danny not to anything he might regret to Alexis.

Sonny and Nikolas talk about how he cannot put Emily at risk. Sonny tells Nikolas that years ago, he let the woman he loved die. And he cannot do that again.

Skye asks Lorenzo why it was that she was given medicine but others were not when Luke and Lulu are both terribly sick. He tells her she cannot blame herself. She was given life. Right then, Lulu goes into a convulsion. Lorenzo regrets what he just did.

Robert asks that all in favor of Dr. Drake making the final decision raise their hands. Almost everybody does. He concludes that Patrick will now call the shots about life and death. Right then, Luke comes in and congratulates Dr. Drake on his nomination to play God. And he tells him his first commandment is to save Luke’s daughter. And Luke pulls out a gun on all of them.

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