GH Update Tuesday 2/7/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/7/06


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The epidemic is still going on at the hospital. Emily stands outside the room where both Sonny and Nikolas are sick. And she informs Elizabeth that right now, the doctors are going to attempt to get the serum to save lives, and may not have enough to  save everybody. And with as crazy as things are around this hospital, it would not be difficult to “juggle” things. She acknowledges that she knows both of those men have strong immune systems and it could look like they both got “lucky’ and got saved before anybody else did. She tells them both she loves them. Lorenzo is right outside, hearing their conversation.


Bobbie goes to see Luke. He tells her that his number one priority and the entire reason he’s donating his plasma in the first place, is to save his daughter. Right then, when Lulu is in her room, sick and delirious, Lorenzo comes in and tells her that he believes that her father wants to ruin her life.

At the metro court, the guy whom Carly has met who works in pharmaceuticals has the idea that she is with an escort service. She tells him that although she may be “expensive” she knows that he is rich. He then asks her why she’s so interested in his work.

Jesse comes in and asks Robert where those guys in the helicopter have taken Lucky. Robert asks Jesse how he would know. Elizabeth comes in and Jesse informs her that some mysterious people came and abducted Lucky and left him (Jesse) for dead in the cabin after setting it on fire. Robert sounds as though he does now know who these mysterious people are but that they must be spies.


Right then, Lucky awakens in what could be seen as a hospital bed, after he’s been taken away and asks who these mysterious people are.

Elizabeth asks Robert if he thinks it might be some sort of lab experiment. He tells her that maybe the mysterious people thought there might be some carrier of a deadly disease. But he followed Luke all the way home after Luke contracted something and nobody came and took Luke anywhere. Jesse asks if it might be some sort of research experiment. Robert says very possibly. And the fact that these people would abduct Lucky and torch the place on fire indicates that these people mean business.

Lucky is right then slipping into unconsciousness with a nose tube telling the mysterious captors that they cannot do this. Right then, a hand with black gloves is ready to inject him with something.

Carly tells the pharmaceutical guy that she is not concerned what he does for work as long as he can pay. He looks like he wants to “buy” her and get her in the sack. And right then, Jason pulls a gun on him and demands to know who hired him.

Maxie, Georgie and Lucas are getting restless in the coffee shop waiting and wondering what will happen to the deathly sick people. Right then, Danny walks in and appears sick. Maxie goes with him to help him. Georgie wants to be with Dillon. Michael walks in and tells Georgie he cannot just sit there when his dad could be sick and if she can let him escape to be with his dad, he won’t rat her out for going and being with Dillon.

Right then, Emily is taking care of Sonny while he’s in his hospital room. He awakens and reveals that he knows where he is and what has happened. He tells her that he wishes that she were somewhere else, somewhere where she cannot get sick. But he’s glad that she is there and with him.

Luke asks Bobbie why his daughter has not yet been given the serum. She informs him that nobody has been given the serum yet. He tells her the very reason he let the surgeons bleed him dry was so that he could save Lulu. But she tells him that is not the way it works in the hospital. There are many other fatally ill people that also need it.

Right then, Lorenzo goes to see Skye and tells her that now that he’s found out what she means to him, he is not ready to let her go.

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