GH Update Monday 2/6/06

General Hospital Update Monday 2/6/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

There’s a mad scene at the hospital as the staff hustle to save the people who have caught the deadly virus. Carly and Jason sneak outside. They notice the chimp running into the parking lot and into a vehicle that’s moving away. And right then, a vehicle drives by and there’s gunshot fired. It looks like somebody either wants to kill the chimp or kill them. They duck and are ok but have no clue who the shooters were. Right then, they notice a group of guys that appear to be a SWAT team with guns aimed at them.

While Luke is in his hospital room, Robert tells Luke that he probably does not have encephalitis. Luke tells him that must be because of the booze. No germ could ever survive in that petri dish Luke calls a liver, he tells him. Robin’s long-lost father, Robert tells Luke that maybe it’s paid off because his body is producing anti-bodies. He suggests getting a blood sample in order to save the infected people. Luke tells him that he does not like the idea of being a government guinea pig unless it will save his daughter. Robert tells Luke that there may be a downside to Luke’s noble sacrifice. He tells him it might be able to save the other infected people but it could put Luke’s life in danger. Luke tells Robert and Patrick that he does not care what happens to him if it can save his daughter. Patrick then tells Luke that it’s not a sure thing. Although Luke has the anti-bodies, he might not have the plasma that they need in order to cure the epidemic.

Lorenzo is looking for Skye. Elizabeth tells him that they are doing all they can and there are many other people they need to treat. She then notices Nikolas on a gurney out in the hallway.

Right then, Jesse goes looking for Lucky in the cabin.

Emily is taking care of Sonny in his hospital room. He looks like he might be delirious. He admits to Emily that he faked the kiss with Carly in order to push her(Emily) away. She tells him that that is not important, right now. The main thing he should be concentrating on now is getting well for all the people who love him. And she tells him there are a lot of “us”.

Jason and Carly tell the SWAT team that they know nothing about the shooters either and wish they would catch them so they don’t get killed. The SWAT team leaves and Jason gets on his phone to call Justus to investigate the shooting.

In Sonny’s hospital room, Monica tells Emily that she and Alan are required to be there but as a med student, Emily does not have to put herself at risk. Emily tells her mother that she’s not going anywhere, regardless. And Monica obviously knows it’s because of Sonny. Monica leaves. Sonny comes to and asks what happened.. She tells him he passed out. And she tells him about what he said right before. He tells her he’s sorry and did not know what he said. She tells him it doesn’t matter and he must try and rest. He tells her she must be careful. She goes outside and Elizabeth notices that Emily is stunned. Emily reveals to Elizabeth that Sonny told her that his kiss with Carly was false and only intended to push Emily away. But Elizabeth tells Emily maybe she should not take so seriously what was said when Sonny was delirious.

In the room where all the uninfected people are, Michael talks to Sam’s brother Danny about Michael’s concern for his father and Danny’s concern for his sister and how they are both uncomfortable having to sit in a hospital and wait. Max turns to Michael and tells him he better not get any bright ideas about leaving. Georgie reveals to Maxie and Lucas that she is very worried about how Dillon suddenly got sick. Maxie tells Georgie that she must have faith that Dilllon will be back good as new before she knows it. Georgie then turns to a silent Tracy and lashes out at her telling her she needs to just say it. She knows Tracy wishes it were Georgie who was infected instead of her son so that way Dillon would be rid of her. Tracy angrily tells Georgie it was she who said it and Georgie needs to leave her alone. Lucas asks Tracy why she has to be so awful to Georgie. Tracy asks Lucas if anybody was talking to him. Maxie calls Tracy a miserable old witch. Alice asks Georgie and Maxie if Tracy is upsetting them and if they want her removed. Right then, when everybody is distracted, Michael and Danny are able to leave unseen.

Right then, Jesse discovers Lucky passed out in the snow.

Patrick comes and tells Luke that they tested him for malaria and he doesn’t have it. And Robert tells Luke that they have very limited options for what to do if people start dying. Noah tells Luke if he wants to donate anything to save lives, he must sign a release form. Luke tells him he will certainly do that if it can save his daughter’s life. Robert tells Luke that he, Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, will be responsible for saving many people’s lives. Luke reminds him that he(himself) was the one who brought it to town in the first place. Robert tells Luke he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He asks the doctors what is going on. Robin informs him that they are on overload. Too many people needing care than can get it. He tells his daughter she better get used to it because it won’t get any better.

Alexis and Ric are both passed out and unconscious in their home. Only Kristina is awake. She tries to awaken them but they do not respond.

Jesse gets a passed out Lucky into the cabin and puts a blanket over him and builds a fire. He then gets on his phone and informs Elizabeth that he found her husband. She asks if he’s ok and if she can talk to him. Jesse tells her that Lucky needs medical attention. He informs her that the roads are blocked and his cell phone battery is dying. So she needs to call a chopper.

Noah tells Luke of the risks involved in the procedure. He might go into shock and experience some hallucinations. Luke tells him that he’s survived the 60s and knows all about acid trips. Patrick then pulls his father outside and tells him he cannot put himself in danger because of his own damaged liver condition. Noah tells his son that because of the situation, he is the perfect candidate to help the infected patients. He has nothing to lose.

Lorenzo demands that Alan treats Skye. Alan tells Lorenzo that they are too swamped and will get to Skye when they get to her. He also tells Lorenzo he needs to be in the isolation room with all of the other uninfected people. Lorenzo tells Alan that he will pay whatever price he needs to pay in order to save Skey. Alan tells Lorenzo he just doesn’t get it. There is no price. They cannot play favorites. Right then, Emily comes and makes a similar demand of her father in regard to Nikolas. Alan tells his daughter that she of all people must know better if she expects to be a doctor. He cannot play favorites. Emily tells her father she believes he’s discriminating against Nikolas because he believes Nikolas has hurt her. And she urges him to get Nikolas out of the hallway and into a room where he can get medical care.

Michael goes to see his father and discovers that neither he nor Sonny can find Carly. But once again, Emily is there to take care of them both.

Outside, Justus meets Carly and Jason. He tells them he intends to investigate who the shooters were. But he has things on his mind. Carly assures him that Lanie is ok.

Alone in his room, Luke is having a dream where gets up out of bed and puts on his robe. He goes into the waiting room and discovers it’s empty. He talks and hears his voice echoing. He walks into the hallway alone. He then notices his daughter standing in the hallway. He calls to her and notices she is crying. He asks her why and she says her dad died. He awakens and Robert tells him that he needs to stay with them. Right outside the room, Lorenzo is hearing their conversation.

Jesse tells Lucky that he needs to keep himself alive. He then makes a call to get some help for Lucky. Right then, the SWAT team enters and they pull their guns on the two Port Charles cops.

Bobbie tells Elizabeth that as a nurse she needs to stay focused. Right then, Ric and Alexis are rushed in. Alexis hysterically tells them that she cannot be there without her daughters. It looks like Ric is still unconscious.

Right then, there is a news report about the shooting and how Jason was almost murdered.. Sam awakens in her room and removes her nose tube.. She goes into the hallway demanding that the staff get out of her way so she can help Jason. But Robin and Patrick stop her and tell her she cannot go anywhere. She then collapses.

Outside, Carly is ready to put her life in danger although Jason tells her she cannot do that. She must think about Michael and Morgan and not get herself killed. He tells her he will go and investigate the shooting and she needs to be with her kids. She tells him she must call Sonny. But right when she dials, Emily picks up Sonny’s cell phone. Calry does not look happy. Carly asks Emily to put Sonny on the phone. But Emily knows that’s against her better judgment. She puts Sonny on the phone. Michael is also there. He assures his mom that his dad is ok and Emily is taking care of them. But right then, Sonny slips into unconsciousness. Carly is not ok with her ex husband in the care of Emily.

Jason then tells Calry that they can now go to the metro court and attempt to get some answers.

The SWAT team says nothing to Jesse or Lucky. They just take Lucky away. Jesse demands to know if they are government spies or what they deal is and where they plan to take Lucky. They say nothing and knock Jesse out.

Robert puts Luke into his sedatives to prep him for the procedure. Luke looks very groggy. Lorenzo enters. Luke asks if this is another hallucination. Lorenzo informs Luke that Luke’s daughter and Skye are both deathly sick because of him. And he tells Luke if there is any justice, then Luke will live and have to face what he did to them. Right then, Tracy enters and demands that Lorenzo backs away from her husband.

Jason and Carly go to the metro court to investigate the mysterious shooter. But Carly wants to let Jason go and check on Sam so that she can do her investigation alone.

Sam is unable to stand up. Patrick tells her she has to get back to bed and takes her back to her room. She then notices Alexis sick and lying on a gurney in her room. The nurse informs Alexis that her daughters are ok. Sam screams at them that there is no way that she will be in any room with that woman. She tells them they should put Alexis in a room with Manny so he can murder Alexis and get away Scot free. Patrick tells Sam she’s acting just like a child. She then becomes calmer and admits to him that that is just how she feels. She feels so helpless in the face of something terrible happening.

Jason goes into the empty metro court and uncovers something in the trash about a company and a guy named Mr. Rush whom he knows. He calls Justus. Carly then finds a woman who looks like a call girl and demands to know what is going on.

Emily takes Michael into the isolation and explains to him that he can’t keep running around this place because he’s putting everybody else in danger. Hearing that, he promises to stay put. She then asks him if anybody else snuck off with him. He tells her nobody. Right then, Danny is walking around and then returns to the coffee shop.

Tracy comes to see Luke. He asks her why she’s not in the coffee shop lockdown. She tells him she had to see Dillon. He informs her that the doctors told him that something in his blood might help save the sick people. Right then, Elizabeth enters. And instantly Luke seems to know that something has happened to Lucky.

Right then, Jesse awakens alone in the cabin to find that it’s been set on fire. He gets up and runs out.

Emily tells Nikolas that he needs to rest and be safe. And it just so happens that they have him in the same room with Sonny. Sonny awakens to see Nikolas and remarks that this could “get interesting”.

Maxie and Lucas tell Georgie that she knows in no time Dillon will be recovering and start rambling about his crazy conspiracy theory. But Georgie is still very worried.

Danny returns to the coffee shop. And Michael notices that Danny does not look ok.

In the OR, Tony announces that they have a choice about how many antibodies they attempt to get from Luke. Alan tells them there is a limit to how many they can get before Luke goes into shock. Robert tells them that they have limited options. Patrick questions what it means when people play God.

Justus gets on his phone and informs Jason of what he’s found out about Mr. Rush.

Carly talks to a guy whom she meets who tells her he’s into pharmaceuticals. He tells her that something about her is very familiar.

Right then, the mysterious thugs dressed like a SWAT team take Lucky somewhere and put him on what looks like an operating table. They shine a flashlight in his eyes. He demands to know who they are and where they are taking him.

Jesse gets to the hospital and informs Robert that those crazy people have taken Lucky.

Emily leaves the room where both Sonny and Nikolas are passed out. She tells Elizabeth that the doctors will soon have all the antibodies they’re going to get and it’s a big question about who gets treated first. She reveals that with all that’s going on there and how crazy it’s been, it wouldn’t be hard to “juggle” things. Elizabeth asks her if she could really do that. Right nearby, Lorenzo is overhearing their conversation.

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