GH Update Friday 2/3/06

General Hospital Update Friday 2/3/06


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[Note: Since nearly all of this episode takes place at the hospital, the format for this update will be slightly different than normal. Instead of listing locations, each scene will just get its own paragraph.]


An ambulance pulls up to the hospital -- Nikolas is inside, and Emily is with him. Nikolas is wheeled inside the hospital and Emily informs Patrick and Robin that she was with Nik at Kelly's when he collapsed with fever.

Noah comments that this is the fifth patient with encephalitis symptoms in less than an hour. Robert tells him that they have an epidemic on their hands and if they don't get a handle on it, it's going to take out the entire town.

Elizabeth, frantic with worry for Lucky, calls his cell phone. But Lucky is unconcious at the cabin and doesn't get the message she leaves on his voice mail.

At Greystone, Sonny, Carly, Michael and Morgan are all eating dinner, when suddenly Sonny collapses. Carly rushes to help him, but Sonny insists that he's fine.

Jason has brought Sam to the hospital -- Sam's brother Danny is with them. Sam lays in bed asleep as Robin checks her out. Sam has a strong fever. Robin tells Danny and Jason that the chimp that Luke brought back from the Markham Islands is probably the carrier for the illness. Jason realizes that both he and Sam were exposed to the chimp.

Dillon and Lucas watch as more and more people are brought in with flu symptoms. Both can't believe how many patients there are to take care of.

Lorenzo is at Skye's side, trying to take care of her. Luke sees that Skye is sick and urges his sister Bobbie to go and take care of her. Bobbie warns Luke to get back in bed. The nurse with Luke says that his fever has gone down. Bobbie comments that that makes Luke the only one who is getting better, since everyone else seems to be getting worse. Lorenzo, seeing Luke, lashes out at him, saying that the chimp he brought back is the reason that the whole town is getting sick. Lorenzo says that if Skye or anyone else dies, it will be on Luke's head.

Emily is with Nikolas, who is out in the hallway due to the lack of rooms. He tries to reassure her, saying that all he has ever wanted is for her to be happy. Elizabeth comes over to them and asks Nikolas if he has a headache. Nikolas says he does. Elizabeth comments that the hospital thinks that the chimp that Luke brought back from the islands is the carrier for this disease, meaning that she, Nikolas and Lucky were exposed when they went to see Lulu at the Quartermaine mansion. Elizabeth leaves to try to get a hold of Lucky.

Emily is on the phone with Alice, the Quartermaine maid. Emily tells Alice that everyone at the house could have been infected. Alice says that she herself feels fine, and Emily's father Alan is still out of town. Emily warns Alice to come to the hospital with the cook to get themselves checked out.

A nurse informs Robin that they're running out of beds. Robin says that they have to set up a triage center for the most critical patients. Robert watches Robin working, then directs hospital staff members to interview patients about anyone they might have come into contact with before coming to the hospital. Robert, Patrick, and Noah discuss the illness -- Robert says that they need to quarantine the one leaves, and no one comes in unless they're symptomatic.

As Noah and Robert talk about how dangerous the situation is, Patrick's face suddenly becomes panic-stricken. He leaves Noah and Robert, rushes to Robin's side, and informs her that he's getting her out of the hospital right now.

Sam, meanwhile, is hallucinating because of the fever. Danny starts to freak out, especially as the monitor next to Sam's bed starts to beep faster and faster. Jason goes to Sam's side and asks her if she can hear him?

Back at Greystone, Carly wants to take Sonny to the hospital because of his fever. Micahel wants to go with them, and won't take no for an answer. Sonny and Carly agree and they all leave together.

Meanwhile, Robin tells Patrick that there's no way she's leaving the hospital. Patrick begs her, saying that they are about to quarantine the hospital and as someone who is H.I.V. positive, she is at risk for developing full-blown AIDS. Patrick warns Robin that if she doesn't leave, he will carry her out himself. Suddenly, Jason comes running down the hall toward them -- he wants Robin to come and help Sam right away. Patrick tries to stop Robin, who shrugs him off, saying that she has to get to Sam.

Robin reaches Sam's bedside, where Elizabeth has already upped the antibiotics. Robin wants to give the antibotics more time to work.

Monica is out in the hallway dealing with an irate couple who is trying to leave the hospital. The couple insists that they are not sick, but Monica argues that they must stay put because they have been exposed to the virus.

Robert, meanwhile, is dealing with a mob of angry people who want to leave the hospital to go home to their families. Robert explains that the hospital is under quarantine and therefore they can't leave. The people start to argue with him. Robert grumbles that the police commissioner is suppsoed to be here to handle this situation.

Suddenly he hears a voice over his shoulder -- "Looking for me?" It's Mac. Mac promptly punches Robert out. As Robert recovers from the shock, Mac informs the mob of people that no one is leaving. He turns back to Robert and says, "I just wanted to see if you were real. Now that I see that you are, I can kill you." He is furious that Robert pretended to be dead for 15 years. Robert thinks that maybe they should deal with Mac's anger later, after the crisis has passed. But Mac wants to deal with it right now. He reminds Robert that he spent these years raising Robert's daughter Robin. Robert thanks Mac for that. Mac says, "I was in over my head, Robert. This amazing girl, looking to me for answers. Half the time I got it wrong, and the other half I screwed it up." Robert insists that the circumstances were beyond his control. Mac notes, "You'll just never get it through your thick skull. When you died, you gave me a life -- you and your buddy Frisco Jones -- and it was my privilege to raise those girls. I've got a real family, Robert. What do you have? You know what? You don't have to apologize to me. Apologize to your daughter, Robin. Remember her?" With that, Mac stalks off.

In another room of the hospital, Patrick, Noah, Monica, Robin and Bobbie are all discussing the virus. Noah thinks that once any of the patients get sick enough to have seizures and delirium, there might not be any coming back from it. Robert comes into the room and informs them that the people outside are getting restless. Bobbie comments that Luke is the only patient who is getting better instead of worse. Patrick thinks that maybe Luke has a natural immunity to the virus. Bobbie points out that they have another problem as well -- the chimp has escaped and is roaming somewhere in the hospital.

Elizabeth stops by to see Nikolas, who is still waiting out in the hallway for a room. Nikolas asks her how she is and she tells him that she can't find Lucky, that he won't even answer his cell phone. Nikolas admits that Lucky was supposed to be planning a romantic evening for Elizabeth at Nikolas' cabin.

Lucky is shown at the cabin -- he is still passed out on the floor. His cell phone sits a few feet away.

Robin returns to Sam's room and tells Jason and Danny that they've discovered that Luke might have something in his body that can fight the disease. Jason asks how long it will take to use whatever's in Luke to cure Sam. Robin says that they need to find the chimp first. Danny spots the chimp nearby and Jason rushes off after it.

Lucas, Dillon and Georgie are all with Luke, keeping him company. Lucas reassures Luke that it's not his fault that the chimp turned out to be sick. Dillon thinks that this is all one big government conspiracy -- he thinks that the government infected the chimp on purpose in an attempt to study how the disease would spread. Luke admits that he likes a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, but he thinks that that's a little over the top. Dillon replies, "Then you give me another reason why Robert Scorpio chose this time of all times to come back to life."

Robert is outside addressing a bunch of reporters about the state of quarantine. He shows the press a picture of Luke, calling him "Patient Zero" and asking anyone in Port Charles who has come into contact with Luke to report to the hospital immediately, as they could have been exposed to the virus. He warns people not to panic, because the goal is to save as many lives as possible.

Back inside the hospital, Patrick runs into Elizabeth and notes that she looks like she's on a mission. She admits that she has to find her husband Lucky. Patrick warns her that she can't leave the hospital because that would be breaking quarantine.

At that moment, Sonny's limo pulls up to the hospital with Sonny, Carly, Michael, and Max the bodyguard inside. A policeman tries to stop them, until Michael tells him that Sonny is sick. The policeman waves them through and allows them to enter the hospital.

Inside the hospital, Emily is checking on patients when suddenly Sonny comes in. The second Emily sees him she runs to him and hugs him gratefully. She soon realizes that he is burning up with fever. Carly and Michael watch Emily hugging Sonny.

Elizabeth has managed to contact Jesse on her cell phone. She begs Jesse to try to find Lucky in Nikolas' cabin. Jesse says that he has to stay with the other policemen to try to control things outside the hospital. Elizabeth pleads with him, saying that Lucky could have been exposed to the virus since he was with Luke earlier. The phone starts to cut out, and Elizabeth loses phone service.

At the cabin, Lucky is barely awake. He tries to reach his phone but is unable to do so.

Emily is taking care of Sonny, who is under the impression that he has the flu. Emily has to explain that it's really a disease Luke brought back from the Markham Islands with him. Sonny thinks that there are other sick people who need Emily more. Emily insists that he is the one who needs her now. Sonny asks Carly where Michael is and she says that he's at the coffee shop with Max, that that's where they're keeping all the people who aren't sick. Emily asks Carly how she is and Carly insists that she's fine. Carly leaves to go be with Michael.

As Carly goes out into the hallway, she sees the chimp run by her. Jason follows behind the chimp. He stops long enough to tell Carly, "I got to catch it!" then rushes off in the direction the chimp ran. Carly looks very confused, but follows Jason anyway.

Robin has gotten the blood test results back on the chimp -- the chimp is not infected. Patrick realizes that Luke must be the real carrier. Robert gets on his walkie talkie and informs hospital staff to find Luke and put him in isolation immediately.

Lucas, Georgie and Dillon have been moved to the coffee shop, where they've been told to wait. Dillon thinks that this is just like the plot of a movie. Lucas gets upset that Dillon keeps forgetting that Lulu is in danger of dying. Dillon apologizes. Georgie worries that Lulu spent her whole life waiting for Luke to notice her...and then when Luke does, he brings a chimp back to town and infects everyone with a virus in the process. Lucas asks if Georgie really blames Luke for the epidemic? Georgie says she doesn't blame anyone, she's just scared for all of her loved ones who work in the hospital.

Elizabeth comes by to check on Lulu. She's happily surprised to see that Lulu is awake and aware of things going on around her. Lulu is worried about Luke, and Elizabeth assures her that he's doing much better. Lulu asks if Luke was with her the whole time and Elizabeth says, "Right by your side -- until we made him leave." Lulu is concerned about the things she might have babbled in her sleep when she was delirious. She wants to be strong for her dad, because it's that strength that makes her a Spencer. Elizabeth tells her that Luke is proud of how she is acting right now.

Luke has been brought to a hospital room, where some orderlies strap him down to the bed. Luke becomes furious and demands to be released. Robin comes in and says that they have to restrain him because they have to make sure he won't leave. Luke jokes, "Well, it's kind of kinky and it might be fun if I were in the mood, but...." He suddenly realizes that the chimp is not the carrier -- HE is. Robin confirms this for him and Luke muses that Lorenzo was right, that he is the one who brought this on everybody.

Jason and Carly are still chasing the chimp through the hospital. Maxie informs them that the chimp escaped through the vent. She warns them that they aren't supposed to leave the hospital. Carly tells Jason to follow her.

Emily is still tending to Sonny. Sonny warns her to leave before she catches the virus from him. Emily insists that she has already been exposed to it. Sonny thinks that he's already hurt Emily too much, and that there are sicker people than him who need her help. Emily says that she is right where she wants to be.

Dillon and Georgie are sitting with Michael in the coffee shop trying to reassure him about Sonny. Georgie tells Michael that they have to stay in the coffee shop until it is safe to leave. Michael says he doesn't care if he gets sick. Max (the bodyguard) says that if Michael got sick, Sonny would be mad at him. Suddenly Dillon collapses at the table. Georgie rushes to help him.

Elizabeth is checking on Lulu again. Tony comes in to see how Lulu is doing. Elizabeth says that she knows there are other patients she should be checking on, but she doesn't want to leave Lulu alone. Tony assigns Elizabeth to Lulu's case, which will allow Elizabeth to spend 15 minutes out of every hour in the room with Lulu to take care of her. Tony thinks that Elizabeth is doing a very good job. She admits that she wanted to sneak out earlier to try to find Lucky. Tony says that that's fine, that it just proves that she's human. The important thing, he says, is that she is here doing her job, and that's all anyone can ask of her.

Tony goes back out into the hallway, where he runs into Lucas. Lucas says that he had to see Tony, in case something happens. He continues, "If get sick and -- and become delusional and start blurting things out, I -- I thought that you would deserve to hear this from me. Dad, I'm -- I'm gay."

Skye wakes up in her bed and finds Lorenzo by her side. She's embarrassed that their evening together has ended like this. She says, "You know, you're not supposed to see me like this the first time we get naked together. I'm supposed to be backlit and looking fabulous." Lorenzo laughs. Skye continues, "And I had a whole other idea for that word 'delirious,' you know? I wanted to -- I wanted to save it for the high sweats and fever and exploding head for the second time that we're together." Lorenzo assures her that there will be a second time.

Patrick brings Robert the test results from Luke's blood work. The results prove that Luke's body is producing the antibodies to fight the disease. Robert says, "Now, one of us has to ask him to do the unselfish thing. Do you want to draw straws?"

Tony and Lucas are still talking. Tony says he's glad that Lucas told him. Lucas is amazed that Tony doesn't have a problem with him being gay, since Bobbie did. Tony says, "Mom loves you just as much as I do. She just found out you were gay and she had to revise her expectations. But she just wants you to be happy. That's all I want for you." Lucas apologizes for not being honest with Tony before. Tony says that he knows it wasn't easy for Lucas to tell him. He continues, "Lucas, I have loved you l your life. I am so proud to be your father. So proud." Now, he wants Lucas to go back to the coffee shop to wait until it's safe.

At the coffee shop at that very moment, some orderlies are wheeling Dillon out to be examined. Georgie wants to go with Dillon, but she's not allowed. Elizabeth and Maxie step in to reassure Georgie. Elizabeth says that at least Dillon's in the hospital -- that's something to be grateful for. It's obvious she's still worried about Lucky.

Jesse enters the cabin where Lucky was unconcious earlier. He looks around and calls Lucky's name, but doesn't find him anywhere. He does, however, see Lucky's cell phone on the floor.

Elizabeth stops by to check on Skye, who will now be sharing a room with Lulu. Skye is happy to have a bed to rest in. Elizabeth tells Lorenzo that if he doesn't have symptoms he's supposed to go wait in the coffee shop. Lorenzo doesn't want to leave Skye. Suddenly Lulu starts calling out for Luke. Elizabeth rushes over to take care of her.

Skye notes that Lulu must be delirious...she worries about what she might have been calling out in her sleep earlier. Lorenzo promises her that it was nothing too embarrassing. Skye thinks he's being a "perfect gentleman" by not trying to embarrass her. She wants him to stop being so wonderful because it's only making her more scared. Lorenzo promises her that she's going to be fine, and he's going to see her through this whatever it takes.

Lulu continues to call out for Luke as Elizabeth tries to reassure her. She promises Lulu that Luke is nearby and going to see her as soon as he can.

Robert and Patrick come by to see Luke. They inform him that his body has started to get over the encephalitis all by itself. They want to go in and isolate whatever's in Luke's blood to produce a serum to give to other patients. Robert warns Luke that there's a chance Luke could die in the process. Luke doesn't care -- if it could save Lulu, he wants to take the chance. He tells them to do whatever they have to do.

Sonny is rambling to Emily about all of the lies he has told her. He tells her that the kiss with Carly was fake, designed to push her away. Emily looks shocked.

Jason and Carly have successfully snuck out of the hospital, through an exit that Carly used to use when she was a nurse there. They chase the chimp through the parking lot. Suddenly, the chimp jumps into a black car filled with masked men. The masked men shoot guns at Jason and Carly, who have to duck behind a row of cars to shield themselves from the bullets. The car zooms off before Jason and Carly can do anything about it.

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