GH Update Thursday 2/2/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/2/06


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

GREYSTONE: Sonny comes downstairs to see Emily there talking with Michael and Morgan. Michael tells Sonny that Emily has come to tell them something. Sonny asks, "What's that?" and Emily replies that she wanted the boys to know that they won't be seeing as much of her as they used to. Michael asks why not?

THE HOSPITAL: Carly chases down Noah at the hospital and immediately asks him why he is refusing to get a liver transplant. Patrick, who is nearby, comes over and tells Carly this isn't his idea of helping. Noah gets mad at Patrick for telling Carly about his health problems -- he says he wants to deal with this his own way and it's none of Patrick's business. Patrick says, "I am your son."

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam comes in and announces that Danny's plane is going to be in very soon. Jason tells her that Luke is sick, and now he's worried that Michael might have caught it.

AN OFFICE IN THE HOSPITAL: Robert has snuck into the office and is looking up information on the computer about various patients, in order to determine if anyone has been admitted with the symptoms of the illness he's tracking. Suddenly, Robin enters. At first she doesn't see Robert's face, and is about to leave. But when Robert turns around, she recognizes him immediately -- her face is frozen in shock. "Hi sweetheart," he says. "This is an awkward situation." Robin can't seem to say anything. Robert says he knows he has explaining to do. Robin interrupts him: "Oh, my God. It was all a lie, wasn't it?"

THE HOSPITAL: A hospital orderly is freaked out that Luke has brought Lulu's chimp to the hospital. Luke explains to one of the doctors that he brought the chimp back from the Maarkham Islands...he thinks that the chimp is the reason why Lulu is sick. The doctor examines Lulu and says that she is suffering from a severe reaction to something. Luke tries to reassure Lulu, telling her that she's going to be just fine.

LORENZO'S HOUSE: Lorenzo and Skye are making out...he offers to stop before things go to far but she tells him that it feels right. They make love.

THE HOSPITAL: Lulu is panicked, but Luke tries to reassure her that the doctors will figure out what's wrong with her. She asks him not to leave her side and he promises that he'll be with her until she gets well.

KELLY'S: Elizabeth begs Lucky to tell her where he's going to be taking her on their romantic getaway. He doesn't want to give her a single hint. She notices that he didn't touch his food, and asks if he's feeling all right? He assures her that he's fine, and that he'll be even better tonight once they are alone together.

THE HOSPITAL: Patrick argues with Noah: "I am a doctor and your only family. Now, that ought to be more than enough reason to include me in how you deawith your liver disease. Instead, you're shutting me out of the entire process." Noah says, "That's right," and storms off. Carly apologizes to Patrick, who replies that she should have checked with him first before talking to Noah. Carly says she was only trying to help with the situation, seeing that it's so complicated. Patrick says there's nothing complicated about it: he offered Noah a living transplant and Noah refused. Carly says, "Of course he did!"

GREYSTONE: Emily explains to Michael and Morgan that now that Carly is better, she can take care of them now. Michael points out that Carly's been better for awhile and they've still seen Emily around alot -- he wants to know what happened? Sonny steps in and says that Emily has to go and concentrate on being a doctor now. Michael agrees with Sonny and thanks Emily for taking care of them. Emily says it was her pleasure. They hug.

AN OFFICE IN THE HOSPITAL: Robin asks Robert if Anna was in on it -- did Anna know that Robert was dead? Robert admits that Anna has no idea he's alive. Robin is upset that Robert left them to grieve for him. She points out that Anna even lost her memory and spent years trying to remember what happened on the boat that exploded. Robert says that he has to explain it to Robin and Robin interrupts, crying, "You let me believe that you were dead! Or worse, you let me believe that you were brutally murdered! Why should I ever listen to anything you ever have to say again?" Robert replies, "Because, still and all, I'm your father."

LORENZO'S HOUSE: Lorenzo and Skye are basking in the afterglow. Skye says that tonight was more wonderful than she ever could have imagined and Lorenzo agrees with her. She thinks that everything that has happened between them led them to this moment. Lorenzo asks if she's sure she doesn't want to try to make the theater and she replies that she just wants to stay in his arms.

THE HOSPITAL: Patrick thinks that Noah refused the transplant because he'd rather die than ow his son anything. Carly says that Noah is just being a parent -- she says that if her boys needed anything from her she would die to give it to them...but that she would never let them do something like that for her. Patrick asks if she's really saying that Noah is noble for refusing the transplant and Carly replies that it proves how much Noah loves him. Suddenly Patrick's pager beeps -- he looks at it and tells Carly he's needed in the ER.

AN OFFICE IN THE HOSPITAL: Robin says, "The father that I loved died in 1991. Maybe it wasn't even real, maybe it was just a part that you were playing...but that man, my father, would've come back for me." Robert says that he tried to come back, but Robin thinks that's another lie, because he always managed to make it back to her before. Robert replies, "Your mother had never been black-boxed before! She was a double agent slated for elimination, kill on sight!" Robin scoffs, "Don't tell me that you faked your death to protect Mom!" Robert asks her to please just shut up and listen to him or else she'll never understand what happened -- he wants to tell her his story and then she can decide whether or not to believe him. Robin says, "You can say whatever you want, but it is not going to change how much I hate you."

KELLY'S: Elizabeth tells Lucky that it's a good thing she likes surprises or she would be very annoyed with him right now. Lucky promises her that tonight she will be in paradise. Nikolas comes in and Lucky tells him that Elizabeth doesn't know a thing. Elizabeth asks if Nik is in on it and Nikolas feigns innocence. Elizabeth says she's very excited and tells them to have fun planning. She leaves for work.

Once she's gone, Nikolas gives Lucky the keys to the cabin, which has been fully stocked with food and wine. He warns Lucky that since no one has been up there for months, it's probably freezing. Lucky says he's planning to go up there right now to get everything ready. Nikolas reminds him that it's snowing pretty hard up there and Lucky jokes that with any luck he and Elizabeth will be stuck up there for one or two days. Nikolas notes that Lucky doesn't look like he feels well and Lucky swears that it's just a cold, probably just something going around.

THE HOSPITAL: Patrick is checking on Lulu, whose fever is steadily rising. Luke explains to Patrick that he thinks he might have brought something back with him from the Markham Islands. Patrick looks at the test results -- it's not malaria, and they'll have to run more tests. Tracy approaches Luke and tells him how sorry she is that his daughter is suck. Luke can't believe that the chimp is what made Lulu sick. Patrick warns him not to jump to conclusions. Georgie and Dillon offer to help the other doctor to go get the chimp tested. They all leave. Tracy asks Patrick, "What if the monkey is contagious? Then Dillon's exposed." Patrick tells her that if the monkey is a carrier, Dillon and everyone else who came into contact with the chimp have already been exposed.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam have brought Danny back to the penthouse. Danny is looking at a picture of Jason shaking hands witht he chimp. Jason says that it felt like shaking hands with anyone else. Danny says he's having fun already. He notes that he knows that Jason used to be sick, but that he doesn't look sick anymore. Jason says that that's because Sam took care of him. He reminds Danny to take it easy on Sam because she's been a little tired lately. Danny promises. Jason leaves to go to work.

GREYSTONE: Emily tells Michael and Morgan to go upstairs so Michael can do his homework. The boys leave. Emily turns to Sonny and says that she thought the boys deserved an explanation. Sonny thanks her for coming by because the boys appreciated it. Emily asks Sonny to tell her one thing -- did she imagine what he felt for her...does he truly care about her?

THE HOSPITAL: Maxie and Lucas are talking about his therapy. Maxie points out that he seems to be enjoying it even though his mom was the one who forced him into it. Lucas replies, "Let's just say that what my mom wants me to get out of it and what I'm getting out of it are two completely opposite things." Georgie and Dillon head in Maxie's direction -- Dillon informs her of what has been going down with the chimp; he thinks it's a government conspiracy. Georgie tells Maxie that Lulu is sick and in the ER. Maxie is shocked and asks if they know what Lulu has? Georgie says that they think the chimp is the carrier of some disease.

Elizabeth reports for work and Patrick asks her to come and help with Lulu. He tells her that Lulu has a fever and is probably contagious, thanks to the chimp. Elizabeth points out that she and Lucky and Nikolas were exposed to the chimp as well. Luke says that if it's the same thing, the fever is supposed to pass quickly, at least it did with him and the sick boy on the islands. Elizabeth asks Luke, who seems weak, if he's sure he's past it? Lulu cries for Luke not to leave her and he promises, "I'm not going anywhere, baby girl. I'm right here, I'm right here."

AN OFFICE IN THE HOSPITAL: Robert tells Robin that there was an explosion on the boat, but that it was caused by the Bureau and not by Faison, as Robin had believed. Robert says that he survived the explosion and was taken to a holding cell, where he was told that Anna survived, but that unless he cooperated with them, she would be killed too. Robin snaps, "How did I know that this was going to end up all along that you were the hero?" Robert sighs and says that they had pictures of her, as well. Robin doesn't believe the WSB would really have killed her. Robert points out that as the daughter of two suspected double agents she would have been powerful leverage. Robin sarcastically thanks him for saving her life.

Robert says that he took the WSB's deal and transferred to covert ops where he "went about cleaning up the world one dead body at a time." Robin says that that sounds ominous and Robert says that, "Killing people, my dear, is always ominous, but that's what I did for 11 years, where and when I was told." Robin, realizing that Robert is an assassin, says that she knows "someone" (Jason) in his line of work. She is on the verge of telling Robert about Jason, but changes the subject and asks Robert to continue with his story.

Robert says that in 2003 there was a change of administration, and the new director let him out of the deal. He says that at that time Robin was living in Paris. He lists her address. Robin asks if he came to see her and he replies that he knew the route she would take to work, he even knew where she would stop to get a chocolate croissant twice a week. Robin asks, "That's supposed to win me over -- that you came to see me in Paris between jobs? I'm sorry, but the only thing that really proves is that you could've left any time and you chose not to, not because some agency was threatening my life, but because you were having too much hun with your work and you didn't want to quit!"

GREYSTONE: Sonny tells Emily that he cares about her deeply, but he doesn't know if he could call it love. Emily says, "It helps to hear that." Sonny says, "I should've stopped a lot sooner. I should've thought better, you know? It's just Carly's the mother of my sons and -- you know, we got this connection, this kind of push/pull thing we've got going, and then -- I thought I could move on. I can't. Carly will always be in my heart." Emily says that she appreciates his honesty and hopes it works out with him and Carly. They hug.

Jason arrives and Emily tells him that she was just there to say goodbye to Michael and Morgan. She leaves. Sonny thanks Jason for bringing the chimp over to see Michael, since Michael got very excited and can't stop talking about it. Jason says that it was Sam's idea. Jason tells Sonny that he wants to call in a favor at the PCPD -- he is sure that someone there is working with Lorenzo to help Manny. He turns to leave and Sonny asks him, "So that's it? We're not going to talk about anything that happened in this room just now?" Jason asks what he wants him to say? Sonny asks, "It's no fun playing god with people's lives, is it?"

LORENZO'S HOUSE: Lorenzo wakes up and sees that Skye has fallen asleep. He kisses her forehead and is surprised to see that she is burning up with fever.

THE HOSPITAL: Lulu is hallucinating from the fever...she begs Luke not to have her locked up at Shadybrook. Luke tries to reassure her and she begs him again not to leave her side. Suddenly, Luke collapses and Tracy rushes to help him.

AN OFFICE IN THE HOSPITAL: Robin asks Robert if he ever ran into Frisco on any of his spy sessions. Robert says no, and Robin replies, "Too bad. You guys could've compared notes. You know, Frisco bailed on Felicia and his daughters to work full-time for the W.S.B. Of course, he didn't pretend to be dead. You know, I'm not really sure what's worse because they can always hope for him to come home, but on the flip side, they know that they don't really matter. I -- I always thought that I mattered to you. I guess the joke's on me."

Robert says that the Bureau kept her under surveillance for him...he has pictures of her going to highschool, decorating a Christmas tree with his brother Mac, a shot of her "kissing some dark-haired boy in the park." Robin says that that was Stone, and Robert replies, "The boy who gave you H.I.V." Robin says, "The boy who loved me, the guy I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with. H.I.V. happened to both of us. And you weren't around for any of it, so I'd appreciate it if you don't start to judge me now!"

Robert says that he has a copy of Robin's blod test report showing that she was H.I.V. positive. He remembers the day that he got the report, and how he stared at it for hours, hearing her voice in his head, hearing her laugh, hearing her tell him that she wanted to be a dancer when she grew up. Robin replies, "H.I.V. is not a death sentence." Robert says he knows that, just as he knows that her prognosis is hopeful and just as he knows that he can't do anything for her. He says that he wanted to leave her with her childhood memory intact -- "memories of a father that could do anything. That Robert Scorpio -- he was a better man than I am. That's the father you deserved." Robin says that that Robert Scorpio was a lie. Robert says that he had all the best intentions, but that spies don't walk away from their past for too long. He tried to be a father to her, and to this day he's not sure if he would've been better staying out of her life for good. Robin says, "Well, look at it this way -- all these convoluted explanations would be even harder to swallow if I hadn't grown up with you."

Robert shows her some documentation that shows that he is working with the Medical Rescue Agency. He tells her that he's been tracking an epidemic that has made its way to Port Charles. Robin asks why, and he says that while he is not a doctor, he's learned a lot -- especially since learning that his own daughter had H.I.V. He says that he joined the agengy to help other kids since he couldn't help his own. He says that he's a containment specialist...when there's an outbreak, he tries to contain it, then tracks its origin.

Robin points out that this could be a ruse, he could be working for the W.S.B. still. Robert says that he was in the South Pacific tracking a lethal dose of encephalitis. He says, "We quarantined the village and then torched it, but two potential carriers slipped through the net. One was a chimpanzee, and the other was Luke Spencer." He says that he's been tracking Luke all over town. He also wants Robin to go home. Robin asks if he's really showing up here, after being dead for 15 years, to tell her what to do? Robert says that this disease is lethal and he doesn't want her hanging around to be exposed. Robin says, "Well, sorry, you don't get a vote. I am a doctor and on staff at this hospital."

Suddenly, the door opens -- it's Patrick. Patrick tries to leave, but Robin stops him and says, "Your timing is perfect for once. Dr. Drake, this is my father, Robert Scorpio." Patrick is confused, since he thought Robert was dead. Robin says, "He was dead -- yeah, that's what I thought. Crazy thing is, my father is a spy. He claims that he is here for the Medical Rescue Agency. I guess he's tracking a disease that Luke Spencer may have brought back from who knows where." Patrick says that Luke is in the ER with his daughter, and they both have fever. Patrick and Robert leave to the ER. Robert tells Robin again to go home and she says, "Go to hell."

THE HOSPITAL: Dillon is surprised to see that Luke is in bed. Tracy says that Luke collapsed. Luke wants to go sit with Lulu but Tracy warns him not to get out of bed or she'll pin him down. Luke apologizes to her for bringing this sickness to her door...he promises that when this is over their war will be contained in one hemisphere only. Tracy says that she'll pay him back once he's better.

Lucas asks Elizabeth if Lulu is going to be okay and she says that they got to Lulu in time, but now she's worried about Lucky possibly having caught the illness. She calls his cell phone, but he doesn't answer.

THE CABIN: Lucky has arrived at the cabin. He looks around and pulls some white sheets off of the various pieces of furniture. He looks as if he's very weak/dizzy.

GREYSTONE: Sonny says that he knows that he's usually the one who tells Jason what needs to be done...but now Jason has made the choice that Sonny and Emily should not be together, and Jason is going to have to live with that. Jason says, "I've always believed that people have the right to make their own choices, that it isn't my place to tell them what to do, and I did the exact opposite." Sonny notes that Jason was scared for both him and Emily. He says he understands that. Jason says that Sonny saved Emily and Sonny replies, "Knowing that should make it easier to lose emily. But it doesn't."

KELLY'S: Emily is at Kelly's. Carly comes in. She says she knows that she's the last person Emily wants to see right now, but she wants to thank Emily for taking care of the boys. Emily says that she loves them all and only wanted to help. Carly says, "Sonny really cared for you -- he wasn't leading you on. You know, it just -- it couldn't last, and I'm sorry that you walked in and saw..." Emily interrupts and says, "Carly, I know you're trying to help, but can you just do me a favor and please leave me alone?" Carly agrees and leaves. Emily sits at a table and appears lonely. Suddenly, Nikolas comes in and approaches her.

GREYSTONE: Michael and Morgan are playing in the living room as Sonny asks them what they want for dinner. He's going to be making pasta. Michael talks about Emily and how he is going to miss having her around. Sonny says that Emily is going to go make a great doctor. Michael agrees with Sonny. Just then Carly comes in. Michael asks her if she and Sonny are going to be getting back together now? Carly says no, that she and Sonny are divorced. Michael wants Carly to stay for dinner and Carly agrees.

KELLY'S: As Nikolas and Emily talk about what has been going wrong in their lives lately, Emily immediately realizes that Nikolas is burning up with fever.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Jason returns to the penthouse...Danny immediately tells him that Sam wanted to lie down and now she won't get up. Jason rushes over to the couch where Sam is sleeping underneath a blanket. He feels her forehead...she won't wake up. He realizes that she's sick.

THE CABIN: Lucky walks slowly over to the fireplace and prepares to light a fire. Suddenly he is overcome with a dizzy spell, and he collapses on the floor before he can even strike the match.

THE HOSPITAL: Luke asks Elizabeth if he can go see Lulu and she tells him that he can't, but that Georgie and Dillon are siting with her now. She leaves. Luke is stunned, however, when none other than Robert Scorpio approaches him. Luke wonders if this means that he's in hell. Robert says no, that he is actually alive. They talk about what has brought Robert back to Port Charles -- Robert says that he's been tracking a mysterious illness that Luke brought back from the Markham Islands.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Lorenzo rushes in with Skye in his arms...he says that she is sick and needs help right away.

Robert tells Luke about the illness he's tracking, and how dangerous it is. As he speaks, a montage is shown of the various people in Port Charles who have come into contact with the virus...

* Lulu sick in bed.

* Nikolas collapsing in Emily's arms at Kelly's.

* Jason carrying a sleeping Sam out of the penthouse as Danny follows behind them.

* Lucky, unconcious, on the floor of the cabin.

* Sonny, Carly, Michael and Morgan eating dinner together.

Luke asks Robert if they can stop the virus and Robert says that he's not sure they can.

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