GH Update Wednesday 2/1/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/1/06


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Manny is in the hospital mopping floors. He meets Elizabeth and tells her she looks nice. She asks him how his community service is going and walks away. Right then, Lorenzo enters and tells Manny that he needs to stick to their plan. Manny acts friendly to Lorenzo. Lorenzo reminds Manny that they are not friends and he can cut the act. Right then, Skye enters and asks Lorenzo what he’s doing talking to Manny.

At the Quartermaine house, Luke has passed out. When he comes to, he notices he may be running a fever. Tracy seems to be worried and demands to know what has happened and tells him he needs to stay put and not go running around when he may be sick. They also notice that the chimp is missing. Right outside, the guy who was on the island and now looking for Luke, is watching them. The chimp finds his way to Jason’s pool table.

At the hospital, Patrick finds his father and tells him that he’s come the realization that Noah is right. He should take his name off the waiting list for liver transplants.. Hearing that, Noah obviously assumes that his son wants him to give up and die. But Patrick surprises his father by telling him that what he believes is best is to have a living donor, so he will let Noah share part of his liver. Hearing that, Noah tells his son absolutely not.

Robin is on the phone talking to her mother and she reveals that she knows something about Luke Spencer down on the island passing himself off as a shrink. Maxie overhears her talking and she informs Maxie that her mother does private investigating.

After being seen by Skye, Lorenzo and Manny both attempt to play their “roles”. Lorenzo tells her that he just passed by Manny, noticed that he was staring at Elizabeth and warned him that he is on strict watch with his leg bracelet and all. Manny tells her that he is dedicated to reforming himself and winning the trust of the good people of Port Charles. Alone with Lorenzo, Skye tells him she does not buy either of their stories. She knows that Lorenzo has had dealings with Manny and his family long before the surgery changed Manny into “Mr. Congeniality”. She reminds him that she’s already made one mistake being with one man who lives on the edge and is not ready to go through it again with another. He tells her that she can believe what she wants, revealing that she is suspecting him before giving him a chance. She then apologizes and admits she’s being untrusting but asks him if he believes this whole “transformation” story about Manny. He tells her only time will tell. But he tells her that Manny makes him feel extremely lucky. She asks him what he means by that. He tells her he’s glad that he’s been able to be the boss and not the foot soldier. Otherwise he’d have ended up like Manny. Hearing that, she admits that she finds what he just said disturbing.

Right then, it looks like the chimp enters Jason and Sam’s apartment and greets them. Sam finds him cute and wants to keep him just like he’s her baby. But Jason says they must call animal control. She does not listen, reminds him that her brother Danny will soon be visiting and the monkey will be a good companion for him.

After Lulu has told Luke that she wants him to stay, he agrees. Lulu, Dillon and Georgie make jokes about the chimp missing. The guy looking for Luke is still ouside. Tracy asks Luke about the fever he’s contracted that caused him to pass out. He tells her that there was a kid he noticed that might have caught what he had. He knows the whole village suddenly disappeared when he woke up. And he has no idea what happened to the kid.

Skye tells Lorenzo she apologizes for being judgmental. She knows what it’s like to be on the receiving end of that. But she’s a little worried that he would compare himself to Manny. He tells her they have a lot in common having been cut from the same cloth. He tells her that the major difference is that Manny has obviously lost his soul. He admits he’s somehow salvaged some of that. She tells him it’s obvious he’s much smarter than Manny. And she thinks he’s suffering from a terrible fear of growing wings and a halo. She also admits that she does not know how much of her heart to risk. And she must proceed with her eyes open. He tells her he wouldn’t have it any other way. He tells her he’d like to cut loose. He asks her if she’d like to go to the ballet again. She asks him if that is his idea of cutting loose and she tells him that she has a better idea about what they can do together. He tells her he will let her make him putty in her hands. They join hands and go off together.

Luke is trying to decipher with Tracy., what could have happened to this island and how he could have caught what he did. At Kelly’s Dillon is searching on his lap top for information on strange occurrences happening on south pacific islands. Georgie and Lulu think he’s getting a little too dramatic and making this into another one of his movies. Lulu says she just wants to get her chimp back. Not far away, Sam overhears their conversation and asks them if she heard correctly about a chimp and informs them that their chimp is in her apartment.

When Jason is alone in the apartment, Michael enters and informs him that Sam told him there’s a chimp he can meet. He walks in and greets the chimp while Jason looks totally weirded out.

Right then, the guy who is tailing Luke gets off the elevator in the hospital. Not far away, Maxie asks Robin if she does not believe that Patrick is hot. Robin tells her she believes Patrick is too full of himself. Patrick tells his father that he cannot let him be a martyr. He then concludes that maybe he should just give up and drink hard liquor on his casket. He leaves and Noah tells Robin that he cannot let his son give up his liver for him. He tells her it would be too much of a risk for Patrick. And protecting his son is the last decent thing he can do, he tells her.

Emily is in the hospital hallway talking to Elizabeth. Right then, a priest enters and asks Emily if he can ask her father for a favor. He tells her that he’d be very grateful if General Hospital can donate flu shots to his shelter. Emily knows that they are running low but tells him she’s sure her mom can work something out. He asks her how Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos are doing. Hearing that seems to have struck a nerve with Emily. Elizabeth tells the priest that Carly is doing better and the two of them are taking it one day at a time. The priest tells her that’s good. He is looking forward to marrying the two of them again. He leaves and Emily informs Elizabeth that she just walked in on Sonny and Carly kissing the previous night.

Michael attempts to get Jason to “bond” with the chimp. He asks him to hold out his hand and shake the chimp’s hand

Lulu thanks Sam for taking care of the chimp and tells her she was afraid they’d lost him for good. Sam tells her no problem and asks how he got out. Lulu says they have no clue. Sam says she will go home and bring the chimp back to the Quartermaine house. She leaves and right then, it looks like Lulu is ready to pass out.

When Luke is resting on the couch and running a fever, Skye enters and he says he needs to talk to skye and tell her how much he loves her and that he’s been so wrong. He says he needs Skye before time runs out. Sky sits by him and seems almost interested. Tracy enters and Skye tells her that Luke is delirious and needs medical attention. Tracy tells her she can give Luke some “attention”. She then drops an ice cube on him. He stands up and screams. She calls him a bastard and tells him he’s faked the whole thing. He tells her it’s not true. He may have faked the delirium thing somewhat. But he meant it. Realizing that the “delirium act” also caused him to say he loved her, Skye is also ready to distrust him. He tells her she cannot get mixed up with Lorenzo. Tracy tells Luke that she knows he’s up to something. But he tells her that “this thing” is real as hell. And he coughs, not lying that he is sick.

Georgie and Dillon tell Lulu that she dos not look ok and maybe needs to see a doctor. Lulu reveals that she is having chills and bundles up to go home to her dad.

Patrick tells Robin that he’s given up on trying to save his father. If he wants to die, let him. He informs her that he gave his father a chance by offering his own liver. And his father wants to die. She tells him she cannot understand how he can be so brilliant in the O.R. but so clueless about real life.

Jesse comes and tells Maxie that as long as Manny is in the hospital, bracelet or not, he is not ok having her and Georgie working nearby.. She tells him that danger happens everywhere you go and reminds him that he puts himself in danger every day. It’s part of his life. Does he want her to lock herself away like a helpless princess? She tells him she’d like him to respect her decision to go about her business and live her life as she sees fit.

Again, Emily reveals to Elizabeth that she’s not over Sonny and she’s going to go to his house for the boys. Elizabeth knows she’s going there to see Sonny.

Patrick tells Robin with as little as she knows about him and his father, she has no right to judge the situation. She has not lived with what he has lived in having this constant failure from his father in his life. She tells him that he bludgeons his father over the head with that failure every chance he gets. He protests to her that he offered his father his liver in order to save his life. And that’s as compassionate as he gets.

Jesse then agrees that he will not fight Maxie in her decision to work at the hospital and not live in fear of Manny.

Nikolas is in Kelly’s reading the most recent letter Courtney wrote to him that she is choosing to be with Jax instead of with him. Alexis comes in and notices how bummed out her nephew is. Nikolas tells his aunt that he cannot believe that this could have happened. He knows that Courtney is not in love with Jax. She’s in love with only him. Right then Ric enters and Alexis informs him that she is seriously considering Durant’s offer to be his ADA. But he tells her he does not approve of that. He knows that Durant just wants to use her to be his little foot soldier and asks her how she would even consider working for a man who is more of a criminal than the people he prosecutes. She tells him that somebody has to keep an eye on Durant. Also, working for the DA’s will offer her a flexible schedule, job security and benefits. It might be a good deal for a mother of two small children. They get into a “sparring” match sounding like two conflicting lawyers in a courtroom.

Skey and Lorenzo return to his house and look like they are ready to get it on.

Sam brings the chimp back to the Quartermaine’s. Luke and Lulu are happy to see him. But Tracy wants him gone. Dillon finds it very fishy however that Luke was on an island where everybody suddenly disappeared without a trace and there was only the chimp left,.

Right then, the mysterious man who has tailed Luke from the island walks into the hospital computer room and attempts to hack the computer. At first it says ACCESS DENIED. But he manages to get into the system.

Skye kisses Lorenzo and they are ready to sleep together.

Jason tells Sam that he’s concerned about the story he heard from Luke about an entire island getting wiped out. Then, all of a sudden, the chimp Luke brought back wanders into their home. And then Luke gets deathly sick. He tells her he’s worried about Michael having touched the chimp. She tells him that she’s sure that Michael is exposed to much worse germs every day on the playground.

Right then, while Tracy is telling Luke and Lulu that she believes that Luke has faked his sickness, Lulu falls over again. Luke then discovers that he has obviously caught something. And everybody that comes in contact with him or the chimp could catch it.

Right then, we see Skye and Lorenzo having contact. Then Sam and Jason. Then all the people in the Quartermaine house and at Sonny’s are shown. They could all catch a deadly disease.

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