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General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/31/06


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At the Quartermaine house, Luke and his chimp appear at the door. The chimp immediately runs into the living room to greet Tracy. She looks startled and knows her husband is home.

Noah tells his son that he knows that he’s already lost enough years that they can never have back. But Patrick tells his father that the point is he doesn’t want to lose any more time he could have. Robin says she can find a liver. But Noah tells her he’s not going to take an organ from somebody who’s waited for months and who is more deserving than he is.

Sam tells Jason that this whole situation with Manny is much more than just what Jason does for a living. It’s personal. It’s about what he’s done to her. He’s put his filthy hands on her body and shoved his tongue in her mouth. He’s been able to violate her privacy wherever she goes; in her shower and in the courtroom. And he is now in her dreams. She tells him that she could not take the chance on Manny going after someone. She had to follow him.

Carly grabs Sonny and kisses him right when Emily is ready to walk in. Emily runs out. He asks Carly what she was thinking, immediately knowing she had another trick up her sleeve. She tells him that she had to think of something. She tells him she doesn’t want him to get mixed up with Emily because she’s worried about him.

Jason tells Sam that she needs to put the whole Manny thing behind her. But she tells him that Manny needs to be stopped. She tells him that she knew he was there or at least she thought he was. He was free to attack another woman like he did her, Carly and Elizabeth. And she had to stop him.

After hearing Noah and Patrick debating the issue of whether Noah lives longer by taking a liver transplant, Robin tells them they need to step aside. Emily then comes and reveals that she’s lost her notebook.

Carly tells Sonny that she is worried about him. She saw him drinking. He got into a fight with Jason. She knows he cannot live like this. Emily needs to move on and get on with her live. He asks her what he will do when Emily finds out they are no longer together. She tells him she will think of something.

Nikolas goes to the hospital and tells Lucky and Elizabeth that he’s concerned about Lulu being all-alone in the Quartermaine house. Her father is gone. Tracy does not care about her. And Lucky agrees that Lulu should live with Nikolas.

Back at the island where Luke was staying, the guys are trying to find him.

Carly tells Sonny that maybe he should just go to the island. Although Michael cannot go, Morgan can and they can build sand castles together. She tells him that she knows he hates snow and could use a little distance. Right then, Jason comes in and asks them what is wrong. Carly explains to him that she came in to get Morgan’s blanket for him. And Emily walked in and saw her kissing Sonny. He asks her why. She explains that it was her idea to get Emily to give up on Sonny. Alone with Jason, Sonny asks him if he is now “happy”.

Robin tells Emily that she highly doubts that Sonny is back with Carly. She reminds Emily that they are divorcing. Carly is a parasite that will forever hold onto anybody who will put up with her. But she and Sonny are thorugh. Emily reminds Robin, however, that Sonny and Calry still have two great kids together. And maybe the best thing to do is let it go.

Lulu, Dillon and Georgie all seem to like the chimp and ask Luke what they should feed him and what Luke will name him. They also know that Luke disguised himself as Dr. Schemermann. He tells them that he got abducted because there was a sick child in the area. He gave the child a breath mint. And they rewarded him by giving him some booze. He admits that he passed out, awakened to a fire and found that only the chimp was with him. So they returned home together. Tracy asks Luke if he burned the place down. He tells her he is no arsonist. Right then, Nikolas rings the doorbell and tells Lulu that maybe she and the chimp should live with him at Windermere. She reminds him that she once showed up at Windermere and he didn’t want her there. He tells her he’s reconsidered and now knows that she must live with family. Luke informs Nikolas that his daughter is with her family. Nikolas tells Luke that Lulu needs to live with a family that will not abandon her. He knows Luke will never change. Luke protests to Nikolas that while he was away, his daughter was in the best of care, assuming that Skye played “mommy” with her. But he now finds out that Skye was preoccupied with something or somebody else. She’s moved on. She’s no longer hung up on Luke or trying to win him over with his daughter. She’s now seeing Lorenzo.

Emily goes to Jason’s. He’s not there but Sam is. Emily informs Sam that she now knows what Jason is up to. Sam tells her that she’s glad that she confided in her and maybe she can help her with something she’s had to learn to do herself; get over Sonny. Sam tells Emily she knows that whenever Sonny gets over somebody, he goes back to Carly. Emily tells her that right when she went to tell Sonny that she wants to be with him and forget what people say, she caught him with Calry , kissing.

Jason tells Sonny he must realize that he cannot protect Emily from himself. Sonny asks Jason if he believes that he will lose it with Emily. Jason tells Sonny that he has seen what always happens when something happens to Sonny. He asks Sonny how he can protect Emily the next time he has a breakdown. Emily will not survive it because she will have a need to protect him. But Jason then tells Sonny that if Sonny tells him once again that it’s over between him and Emily, then Jason will back off.

After Lorenzo comes by to see Skye, Luke tells Skye that he missed her so she must dismiss “tall, dark and gruesome”. But she reminds him that she no longer intends to wait around for him. She tells him she’s glad he’s back for Lulu. But she could care less about anything else involving him. She tells Luke she hopes he gets over her. And right then, she kisses Lorenzo right in front of everybody. Lulu suggest they “get a room”. They leave together. Luke asks her where they are going. She tells him she and Lorenzo are going to spend the night together.

Robin tells Patrick that he needs to reconcile with his father and realize that Carly is just using him.

Sam tells Emily that she must know that Sonny and Carly are a sick addiction for each other. They share a bizarre connection but both know that they should not be together. Emily tells Sam she maybe shouldn’t be so emotional after sharing only a few kisses with Sonny. She asks Sam how she got over Sonny. Sam tells Emily she knows it will get better as it did for her.

Sonny tells Jason that so far, he has never hit a woman or endangered anybody. He does not believe he could do that to Emily. But he cannot take any chances. He tells Jason that he needs to be there for his sister. Emily has been through a lot. She was raped. Her husband abandoned her. And Emily turned to him. So Jason needs to look out for his sister. They agree that it’s better in the long run that Sonny and Emily separate. Jason assures Sonny that Emily will heal and get over Sonny. Sonny tells Jason that may be. But he admits that he hates what he “did” to Emily tonight by lying to her that he and Carly are back together and that he does not want her.

Skye tells Luke that his leaving this time hurt everybody especially Lulu. He tells her that he believes that Lulu was in her capable hands and he had nothing to worry about. She reminds him that she is not Lulu’s mother. She’s not even her stepmother. Dillon, Georgie and Nikolas all agree that Luke will never change, comes and goes as he pleases. Lulu cannot be put in this environment. He tells them all that he wants his daughter to stay with him. She thanks the others for caring but announces that she is staying with her dad. The chimp claps his hands.

At the hospital, Bobbie tells Lanie that she is very worried about her son and wishes she could attend his therapy sessions with him. Lanie tells Bobbie she understands but until Lucas consents, she has to respect her client’s wishes. Noah comes in. Bobbie tells him that she knows she might need somebody to talk to. She tells him she believes right now he needs to focus on his health. He tells her he’s a great listener. She tells him she does not know how to deal with the fact that her son is pushing her out of his life. He tells her he knows all about what it’s like to have an angry son.

Carly takes Patrick to a room at the metro court. He tells her he knows she is using him. She tells him that this is the new and improved Carly. She knows that he has something going on that is eating him up. It’s something he does not want to talk about out in public. She asks him what is going on with his father. Is he really in bad shape? He informs her that his father is dying.

Sam tells Emily that when she lost Sonny, she was pregnant and had no clue what she was doing with her life. And then Jason stepped in. She tells Emily in all honesty, Jason was probably the last man she expected to care about. But Jason was so good to her. And she tells Emily she knows she will find something just like that. Jason walks in and Emily informs him that she and Sonny are over and it turns out he is back with Carly. Emily tells Jason that maybe he was right. This whole thing was a mistake. He tells her he’s so sorry that she is hurting. She then goes out the door. He then concludes to Sam that maybe he’s the one who is hurting Emily. He tells her that he’s always believed that people have the right to live their own lives and love who they choose to love. Sam tells him he has every right to be concerned. Emily is his sister. But she wants to know why he really disapproves of Emily being with Sonny. He tells her he knows about the big disaster Sonny got into with Brenda. But he realizes Sonny had the good sense to let Brenda go. She tells him that losing Sonny was the best thing that ever happened to her. Because when she lost Sonny, she got Jason.

Bobbie tells Noah that she’s always wanted what was best for her kids. But now she’s finally come to the realization that she was the one who is causing them pain. He tells her when his wife died, he just lost himself to alcohol. And his son had to go on by himself, finish med school and be a surgeon without any help or support. She tells him it’s never too late to bond with his son. But he tells her that he believes his son is better off without him.

Carly tells Patrick that she really identifies with how he feels about his dad. She’s felt the same way about her mom. She asks him if he ever knew that the two of them were once lovers. He tells her he knows. And once again, his father is going to make him an orphan by refusing to go on the transplant list because he does not believe he deserves to live. She tells him that it is now settled; they are going to go and convince Noah to go on the transplant list. He asks her if she really believes anybody could convince his father. She tells him she knows they can.

After hearing that Lulu chooses to live with her dad, Tracy tells the others that will not happen. Lulu seems to know that Tracy does not want her there and gets up to leave. Tracy remarks that at least somebody knows when they are not wanted. Right then, alone in the room, Luke falls over on the floor.

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