GH Update Monday 1/30/06

General Hospital Update Monday 1/30/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Luke is flying on what looks like a private jet back to Port Charles. He has a chimp sitting next to him. He talks to Tracy on the phone. She informs him that she has reluctantly agreed to drop the murder charges against him and it’s ok to come home.

After Luke has left the island, there is a search party looking for people who might have been there in the last 24 hours. Two guys are wearing what looks like gas masks or fire fighting apparatus.

Patrick is ready to come on the Carly. Both are wondering whether they should go through with it and what they other’s motives are.

Sonny and Emily are kissing and ready to undress. Right then, Jason enters with a gun expecting to find Manny. They turn around and ask him what is going on. He informs them that he’s found out that Manny has taken his ankle bracelet off and he thought Manny might be on his way over to the place to murder Sonny. Sonny asks Jason if his barging in there has nothing to do with Sonny and Emily being there.

At the place where Luke has left, the investigator reports to his boss that somebody saw a white male alone there

On the plane, a flight attendant asks Luke about his chimp. He informs her that he saved the chimp from a burning building after he lost his family in the fire. She takes an instant liking to him. But he informs her that he’s “spoken for”. She asks him if he wants a drink. He tells her he will take a bloody Mary. Heavy on the “Mary” and light on the blood. And he orders a banana daiquiri for his “traveling companion”.

Carly tells Patrick that she just saw him charm the socks off of her boys. So it does not make any sense that he does not want any kids of his own. He then tells her that he knows something was going on between them and he suggests they explore that instead of theorizing about other things. He tells her that he does not want to have kids and have them see him the way he has seen his father; as a complete and utter failure.

Right then, Noah is being taken to the hospital in a wheelchair after slipping and falling. Robin greets him and instantly assumes that he’s drinking again. But he tells her he had an accident while stone cold sober.

Lucky goes to check up on Manny assuming he’s violated his probation rules. Manny answers the door, informs Lucky that he’s still wearing his ankle bracelet which he shows to Lucky and that he’s attended his first day of community service at the hospital. And he asks Lucky why he pays him so many visits.

Jason tells Sonny that he got notification that Manny left the hospital, knows for a fact that Manny picked up the post card that Sonny gave to Emily at the hospital about where they’d meet and he thought Manny was ready to “surprise” Sonny there. But Jason admits that he now realizes he was wrong to assume Manny would show up. Sonny tells Jason he did the right thing under the circumstances. But he tells Jason that he knows he wants to express his opinion about Sonny’s involvement with Emily. Hearing that, Jason admits to Sonny that he thought Sonny promised to leave Emily alone. But here he finds the two of them together. So who is Sonny lying to, he asks?

Lulu tells Dillon and Georgie that she was afraid her dad was in danger. Hearing that, Dillon tells her that Luke being in danger is a common and predictable thing for Luke. He tells her that with all the places Luke has been and all the things he’s seen, many people will never have so many experiences in their lifetime. Skye tells Tracy that Luke seems to be an adrenaline junkie who seems to look trouble in the face and says: “bring it on”. She tells Tracy it’s obvious when you consider who he married. Tracy tells the others that Luke would not be in trouble if they had not all helped him plot his plan. Skye tells her that they would not have had to resort to such drastic measures if it were not for Tracy’s refusal to divorce Luke

Right then, Dillon gets on his computer and discovers that there was a suspicious fire near the place where Luke may have been. Skey says she bets a million bucks that Luke is right in the middle of it.

Luke is then watching a movie on the plane with the chimp, talking to him just like he’s a person, about how the movie symbolizes that good guys always finish last. The chimp clings to Luke and Luke holds him in his arms like a child.

Carly attempts to explain to Patrick that raising children is much more complicated than performing surgery. You can’t just put them on an operating table and follow a set procedure because all children are different individuals with different issues. He asks her what you do in that case. She replies that you do what you can. She tells him she’s not unsympathetic to his situation. And the responsibility of taking care of a small and helpless human being is overwhelming. He tells her he knows she’s a great mom. She admits she was not always. She informs him that after giving birth to Michael, she suffered from post-partum depression and could not care for her child. She informs him that she’s telling him these because she knows if there is hope for what happened to her, there is hope for anybody. Right then, Patrick gets a call from Robin informing him that his father has been admitted to the hospital.

Jason concludes to Sonny that he cannot prevent him from seeing Emily although he highly disapproves of it. He tells Sonny that he must realize that Emily, unlike all the other women in Sonny’s life, cannot deal with the life that Sonny chooses for himself. He tells Sonny if he brings Emily in, he(Jason) will not watch. He tells Sonny he will work with him. But that’s all. Right then, Emily comes in and tells Jason that is blackmail. He cannot force Sonny to break up with her. She tells Jason that it’s a real disappointment that he would not at least try to be happy for her and that he would use his friendship with Sonny to try to break them up. She tells Jason she wants to be with Sonny. He wants to be with her. And to continue this conversation is pointless. Jason leaves and Sonny tells Emily that he believes that they must make their own decisions but he realizes that what the two of them are doing there is reckless and her brother is right. He tells her he’s pulling her into a life she knows nothing about and should not know about. He then goes out the door. She is very disappointed and upset.

Patrick comes to the hospital and asks Robin what happened to his father, very surprised that she does not report that Noah was drunk. He then tells her that he knows she called him only because she was jealous that he was with Carly. He goes on about her “repressed feelings”. She ignores him. And right then, Noah comes out to face his son.

Right then, Lucky meets Jason at Kelly’s and tells him he’s on Manny’s tail. Jason informs Lucky that he was ready to catch Manny at the place where Sonny took Emily after he got notification that Manny removed his ankle bracelet. Right then, Manny appears and asks Jason if he was looking for him. He seems very calm and content to see both guys totally frustrating themselves and chasing their tails over him. He asks if there is a problem. Jason replies there is a problem. He knows that Manny took off his ankle bracelet and went to find Sonny. Manny remind them that Sam lied in court and attempted to set him up and if Lucky does not back off, he can have him charged with police harassment. He then informs them that he has to leave and do his “work” at the hospital. Jason then tells Lucky that it is unacceptable that Manny can come and go as he pleases and terrorize the town. And the cops must do something about it or he will take matters into his own hands. Lucky tells Jason he better watch it or he will have to do his job and get Jason in trouble for what he’s just threatened to do. Right then Emily and Elizabeth enter and Emily informs Lucky that she met Sonny at the place and he told her he did not want to see her anymore. She also informs them that Jason came in with his gun claiming to be looking for Manny. Lucky informs her that Jason told him the same thing. But she doesn’t seem to buy that Jason was primarily concerned about Manny. Emily asks Lucky how he feels about her seeing Sonny. Lucky tells her he doesn’t wish to get into her business or prevent her from being happy but admits that he is personally relieved that she’s not going to be seeing Sonny again.

Sonny returns home and Carly bursts through the door. She tells him that she’s just there to pick up Morgan’s blanket. She asks him what is going on, knowing he’s got something on his mind. He tells her nothing is going on and she may get the blanket and leave. She asks if it’s about Emily. Max appears and Sonny asks him to get the blanket and drive Carly home. Sonny drinks. She tells him she did not come there to check up on him or get into his personal life. But she’s concerned about his slugging the whiskey. He tells her he apologizes if he appears rude and asks her, again, to leave. She asks if he she should call Jason. He demands that she does not call Jason. Hearing that, she asks if he and Jason had a fight and urges him not to let the thing with Emily destroy his friendship with Jason. Knowing she will not let this go, he tells her what happened where Jason walked in on the two of them right when they were ready to make love.

Right then, Jason picks the lock and enters Manny’s room after Manny has left to do his community service job. And right then, Sam climbs in through the window. He asks her what she’s doing there. She tells him she cannot just sit back and do nothing. He tells her that he needs to handle this alone and doesn’t want her wandering around by herself trying to catch Manny. He urges her to go home. She reluctantly leaves.

Skye tells Tracy that love is not a switch you can turn on and off. She informs her that she is over Luke but that does not mean that her feelings for him have ended. Hearing that, Tracy reminds Skye that she is foolish to be seeing Lorenzo and she believes that Skye is still hung up on Luke. Skey admits to her that she is terrified of being alone.

Dillon, Georgie and Lulu try to figure out what kind of “adventure” Luke got himself into now. Georgie tells Dillon she knows that although he says he doesn’t want to get involved in Luke’s situations, she knows he’s fascinated by them. He tells her that that may have been true when he was young and immature but he now has changed and no longer wants to get involved in Luke’s messes.

Robin asks Patrick if he’s ok after what has happened to his father. They have both discovered that Noah may need another liver. Patrick then goes to see his father realizing that he may feel as though there’s no point in getting sober right now. It’s too late. Noah assumes he has only a short time to live. But Patrick tells him they will find a transplant. Noah tells his son no. He does not want a liver wasted on him.

Emily tells Elizabeth and Lucky that it was Sonny’s CHOICE to listen to Jason and push her away. But she tells them that Sonny has made her happier than she’s ever been. She’s going to fight to be with Sonny. And that is her choice.

Carly asks Sonny whose idea it was for he and Emily to meet at the secret place. He tells her it was his idea. She tells him that although they are both moving on, it does not mean that she’s stopped caring about him. She asks him if Jason followed them up there. He admits that he did and realizes that Jason will never be able to accept or get over Sonny and Emily’s decision to be together. Sonny admits to Carly that he does believe that Emily does not see that danger in being with him. He tells her that he keeps trying to find some way to push Emily away. But he knows that Emily will not buy it. She will see, in his eyes that he is lying. Crly tells him in that case, he cannot let Emily see his eyes.

Sam reappears and tells Jason that she has to talk to him about some things. She tells him this whole thing goes far beyond what Jason does for a living or the legal consequences of going after Manny. This is personal. It’s about what Manny has done to her. He’s violated her, put his filthy hands all over her body and shoved his tongue in her mouth. And he was able to follow her whenever and wherever he wants. In the courthouse. In her shower. And now she is having nightmares about him. She tells Jason she had to follow Manny before he went after somebody else.

They guy who is investigating Luke finds out that Luke was on the island. He seems to know Luke.

After hearing Noah saying he refuses to have a liver wasted on him, Patrick asks his father if that is some form of cheap humor. Noah tells his son that there are people who desperately need a liver who should not be prevented from having a shot at life when he chose to ruin his life and drown it in a bottle. Patrick tells his father he will not let him give up on his life.

Carly asks Sonny if he thinks that Emily is better off without him or not. Sonny admits to Carly that he does not know what to do right now. Should he yell at Emily? Throw a tantrum? Let her see how sick he is? Or should he grow cold and tell her he doesn’t want her? He knows she will not buy his telling her that he doesn’t want her. Emily right then forces her way through the door and tells Max that he will not prevent her from seeing Sonny. She runs in and sees him with Carly. She is shocked and upset. Right then, he wants to go after her and “explain”. But she turns around to leave and tells him there is nothing left to explain. Right then, Sonny knows that Carly set this whole thing up to have Emily see them together. She asks Sonny if it has worked and if he now has what he “wants”.

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