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General Hospital Update Friday 1/27/06


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THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Dillon tries to reassure Lulu about her father, but she is still worried about him considering they have no way to contact him to let him know it's okay to come home. Suddenly the doorbell rings -- it's a delivery man with flowers for Skye. Skye accepts the flowers and Tracy, assuming the flowers are from Luke, immediately snatches the card away (despite Lulu's protests). But when she reads the card, she announces that they are actually from Lorenzo!

THE MAARKHAM ISLANDS: Luke is at a hotel in the Maarkham Islands, staying under a fake name -- Dr. von Skimmerman. Outside there's a lot of noise from the natives. Luke watches them from the window. The bellhop tells Luke that this is an unsettling time for the islands and Luke should stay on hotel property. Luke agrees and takes a drink.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily arrives -- late for her rounds. She asks Robin if the senior resident noticed her absence and Robin reassures her that the resident called in sick today. Emily thinks she'll hang around and try to make herself useful. Emily looks at a note with the name of a lodge on it - Skyline Creek Lodge. Elizabeth comes over and asks her what that's about? Emily says it's nothing but Elizabeth notes that since it's the most private and romantic place for 100 miles, Emily must be going there with Sonny.

GREYSTONE: Sonny is talking with Max (his bodyguard) about setting up a meeting to figure out how to deal with Manny. Sonny mentions that he will be handing the meeting over to Jason because he has other plans. Jason comes in at that moment and asks, "What plans?"

MANNY'S ROOM AT KELLY'S: Lucky has stopped by to check up on Manny. Manny assures him that he's doing fine and about to start community service. He mentions that he knows that Lucky's wife Elizabeth works at the hospital. Lucky leaves and it is revealed that Lorenzo has also stopped by to see Manny. Lorenzo comments that Manny put on a good performance for Lucky. He wants Manny to focus for now on destroying Sonny once and for all.

GREYSTONE: Sonny tells Jason that he has some personal business to take care of and that's why he has to miss the meeting. Jason warns Sonny to be careful about Manny. He also says that he spoke to Emily and told her to end things with Sonny before anyone gets hurt. He advises Sonny to be the one to end things if Emily doesn't. Sonny gets upset and notes that Jason has always been the one who has said that people should make their own choices, that they shouldn't be told what to do. Sonny is not going to let Jason micromanage his life because he gets enough of that from Carly.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Everyone is surprised that the flowers for Skye are from Lorenzo. They all start to talk about where Luke could possibly be. Georgie arrives and tells them that she showed the shrunken head to the head of archeology and was told that the head isn't human and that there's something inside. Everyone is grossed out by the idea of opening the head up but Tracy wants to do it to see if it contains a message from Luke. She is about to open the head up when Dillon tells her he has a better idea.

THE MAARKHAM ISLANDS: Luke is in his hotel room drinking when he is suddenly struck by a small, poisoned tipped arrow. The poison causes him to lose conciousness.

THE HOSPITAL: Manny has arrived to start his community service. Elizabeth welcomes him and tells him that he has to report to housekeeping. She advises Manny to change his clothes to comply with the strict dress code, and so as not to scare anyone. Manny agrees saying he doesn't want to upset anyone, especially Elizabeth.

Georgie and Dillon have brought the shrunken head to the hospital. Robin meets up with them and they tell her they would like to have it ex-rayed to find out what's inside. Robin says she hasn't seen one of these in years -- she asks if it has to do with Luke?

THE MAARKHAM ISLANDS: Luke wakes up in a hut filled with native people. There is a sick boy on a cot nearby -- one of the natives says that the boy is very ill, and they want Luke (who is of course known by the fake name "Dr. von Skimmerman") to help. Luke tries to explain that he is not a real doctor but the head native says that Luke must help the boy or die.

GREYSTONE: Jason tells Sonny he wants Emily away from this dangerous lifestyle. Sonny notes that he told Jason the same thing when Jason got involved with Courtney (Sonny's sister). Jason acknowledges that Sonny turned out to be right, but Sonny doesn't want to listen. He tells Jason to go to the meeting. Jason leaves and Sonny calls Emily. Sonny tells her that their plan to meet up at the lodge was a bad idea. Emily asks him why he's backing out and he admits that Jason has been giving him a hard time. Emily replies that their relationship has nothing to do with Jason, it's about them having a nice evening together. Sonny says that he'll go to the lodge and if she wants to meet him there, she can. Emily agrees. (She doesn't realize that Manny, nearby, has swiped her postcard with the name of the lodge on it.)

THE MAARKHAM ISLANDS: The native man wants Luke to help the boy. Luke tries to escape by saying he has to go back to the hotel to get his doctor's bag, but the native won't let him leave. Luke replies that he actually does have some powerful medicine in his pocket -- he withdraws a box of Tic-Tac breath mints (but the natives of course believe his lie that it's medicine). He gives one of the mints to the boy, who eagerly eats it. Luke thinks that this is good enough and wants to leave, but the native man wants him to stay to make sure it works.

THE HOSPITAL: Robin tells Dillon and Georgie about her father Robert's adventures with Luke, that also involved scary artifacts such as this shrunken head. She tells them that she'll take the head up to get it x-rayed and then she'll return it to them. Dillon and Georgie agree.

Jason approaches Emily and asks her if she has a moment to talk to him. Emily doesn't want to discuss her relationship with Sonny anymore...she says she has somewhere to be. She leaves. Max comes over and tells Jason that he can't find Sonny. Jason thinks Manny is involved.

THE LODGE: Sonny has arrives at the lodge before Emily. But he can't stop hearing Carly's voice in his head warning him against pursuing a relationship with Emily, for Jason's sake. After a little bit of this, Sonny leaves the lodge.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Lorenzo has arrived...he is happy to see that Skye got the flowers, but worried that she's already walking around after hurting her ankle yesterday. She assures him it was just a sprain and it's only slightly sore. Tracy, overhearing the conversation, buts in and starts to criticize Skye in front of Lorenzo, telling him that Skye is still hung up on Luke and Lorenzo shouldn't waste his time. Lorenzo thinks that Tracy is just jealous. Tracy notes that his beard was shaved off and the conversation turns to whether or not Skye and Lorenzo have slept together yet. Tracy leaves and Lorenzo turns to Skye and asks her if it's true that she is still in love with Luke?

THE METRO COURT: Carly is on the phone, and Michael and Morgan are making a mess in the restaurant. Patrick approaches the boys and shows them a trick -- hanging a spoon on his nose. This delights the boys. Carly approaches them and says that she gets that it's time for their desert now. She adds to Patrick that if he's not careful, he's going to start to look human after all.

THE MAARKHAM ISLANDS: One of the natives is surprised to see that the boy's fever is down. Luke tries to leave but the native wants to give him a gift first -- a native woman whose name, when translated, means "Sky." Luke declines, saying he has a "Skye" of his own back home. The native offers him alcohol instead and Luke happily accepts.

THE HOSPITAL: Robin returns the head to Dillon and Georgie and tells them that all the x-ray could determine is that whatever inside is thin and square. They bust the head open and discover a hotel matchbook with a phone number on it. Dillon is sure that's where Luke is hiding out. They resolve to take it to Lulu and Skye right away. They leave. Elizabeth asks Robin later what that was all about and Robin says it had to do with Luke. They talk about Robin's parents, who were friends of Luke, and the adventures they had together. Just then Jason comes over to talk to Elizabeth -- he asks her if she's seen Manny, and she says that he just came for community service but she sent him home to get changed. Jason urges her to be careful around Manny.

THE LODGE: Emily has arrived at the lodge but of course Sonny is nowhere to be seen. As she walks around the empty lodge she hears Jason's voice in her head telling her that a relationship with Sonny is a mistake. The lodge door opens and Emily turns and sees Sonny standing there.

THE MAARKHAM ISLANDS: Luke wakes up...apparently he passed out from drinking. There's no one in sight. He stumbles around and finds that the hut is on fire.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Skye admits that she has always been stubborn, and that was what made her want Luke. But now she doesn't want him anymore, because he doesn't seem to want her. She talks about Luke's great love with Laura and how Luke will never get over losing that, how Luke even protects himself from his daughter Lulu because she reminds him of Laura. Skye says she wants to be there for Lulu, and that she's very fond of her. (As Skye is talking, it is revealed that Lulu is listening to their conversation from the other side of the door.) Lorenzo asks what's important to Skye, and Skye says "Being first. Being considered." Lorenzo says that's the least she deserves. Skye says she can't make any promises about where they are headed and Lorenzo replies that he is not looking for promises, he just wants honesty. He says that if she is still in love with Luke that's not a wall he wants to bang his head against again.

THE METRO COURT: Carly asks the boys not to give Leticia a hard time. Michael agrees and leaves. Carly confronts Patrick about the spoon trick he was doing. She thinks he did it to try to impress her with how good he was with the boys. They bicker a bit and Carly turns the conversation toward his father. Patrick doesn't want to talk about Noah. Carly says that she came to town trying to get revenge on her mother Bobbie, and then they learned to forgive each other. Patrick asks her why she cares about his relationship with his father?

MANNY'S ROOM AT KELLY'S: Jason breaks into the room and finds that Manny's ankle monitor has been left tied to the radiator...Manny is nowhere to be seen. A postcard sits on the bed. Jason picks it up and sees that it's a picture of a popular resort lodge nearby (the same lodge that Emily and Sonny are meeting at, though of course Jason doesn't know this).

THE LODGE: Sonny tells Emily that he was here earlier, then he left, and then he came back because he thought he owed her an explanation, he didn't want her to think he blew her off. Sonny says that she is sweet, tender and fragile, and she's been through hell. He knows there's so much to consider about their relationship. Emily reminds him that no one forced them to this lodge. Sonny points out that it makes sense not to take this any further than they already have. He gets teary-eyed and emotional. Emily reassures him. They start to kiss.

THE METRO COURT: Carly asks Patrick why he can't give his father a chance to try to fix things. Patrick offers to take her out to the terrace to dance instead. As they dance, they talk about Carly's sons. Carly says that he is going to be a good father one day. He promises her that that is one thing that isn't going to happen.

THE LODGE: Sonny and Emily are kissing...Sonny asks if she wants to go down to a restaurant downstairs, but they just keep kissing. Suddenly the door opens up -- it's Jason and he's pointing a gun. But Jason looks just as surprised to see Emily and Sonny as they are to see him.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Lulu and Skye talk about the possibility that Luke is coming home. Lulu doesn't want Skye to give up on him. Dillon and Georgie have returned -- Dillon informs everyone that the head contained a phone number to a hotel. Skye convinces Lulu to call the number. Lulu does and asks for Luke Spencer. The bellhop at the hotel informs her that there's no one there by that name. Everyone waits as Lulu gets off the phone and says that the bellhop told her that the person staying in that particular hotel room goes by the name Dr. von Skimmerman. Skye points out that Luke has used that alias before. Lulu tries the phone number again and turns to Tracy and says that she will be very sorry when her dad comes home.

THE ISLANDS: Luke stumbles through the raging fire -- no one else is around. He rescues the chimp and makes it out of the fire alive. After Luke has gone, a shadow-y figure emerges from the jungle -- it's Robert Scorpio! Words flash on the screen: "And so it begins..."

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