GH Update Thursday 1/26/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/26/06


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

THE COURTHOUSE: Manny has just been freed and everyone is leaving the courthouse. Alexis and John Durant are answering questions from reporters. Carly asks to speak to Jason for a moment. Meanwhile, Manny approaches Sam. She is obviously scared, but no one seems to be paying attention as Manny comes closer and closer to her. He tells her that he's sorry for the pain he cased her. She accuses him of lying.

Jason arrives and slams Manny up against the wall. Sonny tries to get Jason to back off of Manny, warning him, "Not here." John approaches the scene and tells Jason that he's going to arrest him for assaulting Manny. Manny says he doesn't want to press charges because he says he knows the pain he has caused Jason and Sam. John wants the police to take Manny to the PCPD to have him fitted with his ankle monitor (which will require him to stay within a five mile radius from the police station.

LORENZO'S HOUSE: Lorenzo and Skye are preparing to leave for the ballet. As Skye goes upstairs to get the opera glasses, Lorenzo takes a call on his phone -- it's one of his men, with the news that Manny has been set free with required community service at General, Manny will have to wear an ankle monitor. Lorenzo replies that that will be a complication, but he's sure that given some creativitiy Manny will still be able to eliminate Sonny. Lorenzo hangs up as Skye returns with the opera glasses. Suddenly Skye trips and hurts her ankle.

METRO COURT: Robin and Patrick have arrived for their date. They bicker a bit...Patrick wants her to loosen up and have some fun. Robin asks him why he cares, since he'll be on to some other conquest tomorrow. She thinks they could just sit and have a quiet dinner, that's all. Patrick asks her why she has to put up a wall all the time, and Robin replies that she has her guard up for the same reason he's always so cocky...they are both trying to hide what they're feeling.

THE HOSPITAL: Elizabeth and Lucky talk about how Manny will be doing his community service at the hospital. Elizabeth says that Manny gives her the creeps, and she thinks he's faking being a new, kinder and gentler man. Lucky agrees with Elizabeth and warns her to be careful. Just then Emily arrives with Michael and Morgan. Lucky asks Elizabeth to watch the boys for a moment...while she takes them over to the couch in the lobby, Lucky tells Emily that Manny was set free and will probably be going after Sonny. Lucky's worried that that will make Emily a target, too.

THE COURTHOUSE: Sam approaches Alexis in the courtroom and says, "Well, you must be so proud." Alexis asks her to please just let this be over. Sam says it's just the beginning. She thinks that next Manny will go after Alexis or one of Alexis' children.

Out in the courthouse lobby Jason tells Sonny he'll set up the elimination of Manny as soon as possible. Sonny says that that's too risky as John Durant could be watching. He thinks they should let Manny live a little longer.

LORENZO'S HOUSE: Lorenzo worries about Skye's ankle, which is sprained. Skye really wants to go to the ballet, but Lorenzo says he's not going to watch her grit her teeth in pain while she sits through the ballet with her ankle hurting. They decide to do it another time. He offers to get her dinner instead.

THE METRO COURT: Patrick tells Robin a story about a time he went to the concert and was distracted by an upcoming med school test. Robin talks about her wilder days as a teenager, and a time when she and her boyfriend Stone tried to sneak out to go to a Smashing Pumpkins concert together. Patrick is impressed. He asks her about Stone and she says that she still thinks about him, but when she does she tries to remember him with happiness instead of tears. She smiles as she says this and Patrick tells her, "You should smile more often. You're beautiful when you smile."

Elsewhere at the Metro Court, Justus is dining with Lainey. He tells her that Manny got off with community service. Justus comments that Lainey should watch her back while working at the hospital since Manny will be there serving his sentence.

THE HOSPITAL: Lucky tries to warn Emily to stay away from Sonny for the time being but Emily says that she is sure that Sonny can protect her from Manny if need be. She and Michael and Morgan leave. Elizabeth comments to Lucky that Emily is determined to stay with Sonny. Lucky replies that Sonny might have Jason kill Manny...if that happens, Lucky wonders, "If he does, what am I going to do about it?"

THE COURTHOUSE: Sonny wants Jason to find out if Manny is working with Lorenzo. Jason wonders where Sam went and says he's going to go find her.

Sam is still in the courtroom arguing with Alexis over Manny. Sam thinks that Manny could go after Alexis' kids next. Alexis thinks that Sam is harboring anger toward her over the fact that her (Sam's) baby died and Kristina lived. Sam denies that that's what's going on. Jason arrives and orders Alexis to back off. Ric thinks Jason should back off from Alexis. Jason and Sam leave and Ric asks Alexis if she's all right. She says, "No, I'm not."

THE METRO COURT: Robin asks Patrick why he had to go and spoil their evening by throwing out one of his tired old lines. Patrick swears that he really does think that she's beautiful when she smiles. He points out she just has a hard time accepting a compliment. Robin wants to know more about what Patrick's like. He says that his mom worshipped him when he was little and always wanted him to be a surgeon like his father Noah was. Patrick says that his mother believed Noah could do no wrong and it was that faith that ruined them all.

THE HOSPITAL: Noah has returned to the hospital...he runs into Elizabeth and she asks how his vacation was? He admits that he was in rehab, but that he's learning to deal with his problem with alcohol now. Elizabeth thinks that Patrick will be glad to see Noah, and she's happy Noah will be able to rebuild his life. Noah says, "I hope so."

KELLY'S: Ric and Alexis are dining at Kelly's. Alexis thinks they should start a law firm together. They bicker about whether it should be "Davis & Lansing" or "Lansing & Davis."

Just then Manny comes in -- he asks Mike for a room. Mike refuses, telling him that there are no rooms available for Manny. Ric interrupts and tells Mike he might want to rethink that.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam are about to enter the penthouse when Carly shows up and says she needs to talk to Jason. Sam goes into the penthouse alone so Jason can stay and talk to Carly. Carly expresses to Jason her fear that Emily and Sonny are getting too close. Jason agrees to talk to Emily about it.

GREYSTONE: Sonny has just come home...Emily tells him that Michael and Morgan are upstairs. Sonny apologizes for canceling their plans and needing Emily to pick up the kids. Emily says that she loves Michael and Morgan and she is just happy to have a reason to see Sonny. They are about to kiss when Michael comes downstairs and says, "Hey, Dad."

LORENZO'S HOUSE: Lorenzo has ordered pizza for Skye. They joke about how neither of them can cook. They kiss and Skye comments that his beard tickles her whenever she kisses him. Lorenzo says he'll lose the beard if she shaves it off.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Carly has gone and Jason and Sam are in the penthouse. Jason asks if she's all right and she replies that she is scared that Alexis was right and that she'll never get over her daughter's death. She's so angry with Alexis over the Manny thing and the anger won't go away. Jason thinks Sam should just stay away from Alexis for her own sake.

KELLY'S: Manny takes a moment to thank Alexis for defending him and giving him a chance at a new life...he promises her he won't forget it.

Mike tells Ric he doesn't want Manny at Kelly's. Ric points out it would be good to have Manny in a place where they can keep an eye on him. Mike finally relents and takes Manny upstairs to show him a room he can rent. Ric returns to his table with Alexis and tries to resassure her about Manny. Alexis worries that Kristina might visit Kelly's one day and run into him. She points out that even though she had to defend Manny and therefore set him free, she doesn't want to risk Kristina's safety on the fact that Manny might not be a changed man after all.

GREYSTONE: Michael is surprised because he thought Sonny was out. Sonny says he just got back. Michael runs back upstairs just as Carly arrives and says she is here to have dinner with Sonny and the boys. Just then Emily's phone rings -- it's Jason, who says he wants to meet her at Kelly's. She leaves. Carly tells Sonny that Jason is planning to tell Emily to break it off with him (Sonny) and she is here to tell Sonny the same thing.

LORENZO'S HOUSE: Skye has shaved off Lorenzo's beard and he is impressed with her work. They kiss and Skye teases him and says she thinks she might have liked the beard better. They kiss again to help her make up her mind.

THE METRO COURT: Lainey takes a phone call and then tells Justus that the person calling was from the mental hospital where her father is staying. She says that her father is having a bad episode and she needs to go to him. Justus offers to drive her there.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Robin are still having dinner. Patrick tells her that when his mother was hurt, she wanted Noah to operate on her because she had faith in him to do the he was the only one qualified to operate. He tried, but she died on the operating table. Noah didn't know how to deal with it so he started to drink. Patrick says that Noah trashed his career, which is the last thing she would have wanted. Just then, Noah shows up -- he is sorry to interrupt their date but he needs to speak to Patrick. Patrick is surprised to see him. Robin says she was about to leave anyway...she makes her exit. Noah tells Patrick that he's back and he wants to come to work at General Hospital to rebuild his career. Patrick says, "No way in hell."

KELLY'S: Emily meets up with Jason and admits that she was with Sonny when he called. Jason says that she is good with Michael and Morgan but that he knows it's more than that now. Emily replies that she is not going to hide what she feels for Sonny and she knows Sonny agrees with her. Jason warns her that she is going to get hurt unless she breaks it off with Sonny right away.

GREYSTONE: Sonny accuses Carly of trying to harass Emily. Carly says that Sonny can find himself any other woman, he can even go track down Brenda -- she just doesn't want him to get involved with Emily for Jason's sake. Sonny says that Jason will get used to it in time. Carly argues that Jason will never get over it, that Emily will get hurt, and Sonny will punish himself and then he'll lose Jason's friendship over it. Carly says Sonny should do the right thing and let Emily go.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam is just leaving the penthouse when she sees Manny out on the stairwell waiting for her. He says, "Hello sweetness."

LORENZO'S HOUSE: Lorenzo asks Skye if they're moving too fast and she agrees that she would like to take things more slowly, even if she is regretting it at the moment. Lorenzo picks her up and says that he's going to drive her home now. She thanks him for a wonderful evening and admits she's not even sorry they missed the ballet.

THE HOSPITAL: Robin and Elizabeth are talking at the hospital. They talk about Robin's date with Patrick and Robin admits that Patrick's not as shallow as he seems. Elizabeth says she'll take Robin's word for it and Robin replies that she's not saying he's a wonderful guy, she just thinks there are reasons why he acts the way he does.

THE METRO COURT: Patrick has ordered a drink for Noah but he doesn't want it. Noah says he's sober now, and he wants to go back to work to try to save more lives because it's what his wife and Patrick's mother would have wanted. Patrick says that he has build his career in the shadow of Noah's "spectacular flameout" and he doesn't want Noah to mess that up -- he doesn't trust that Noah is sober now and he doesn't trust Noah to work at the hospital.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Still in the stairwell, Sam warns Manny to stay away from her. He says he just wanted to apologize to her again. Lucky and Jesse show up and order Manny to freeze. Manny says again he just wanted to apologize to Sam. Sam admits that he didn't threaten her but she doesn't want him around her home. Manny leaves. Sam wants a restraining order against him but Lucky says they can't file one unless Manny threatens her.

KELLY'S: John shows Alexis the evening paper which lauds her for freeing Manny. He says now she will have psychopaths lining up at the door for her to defend them. He offers to let her come and work with him as his assistant D.A.

Emily tells Jason that though she loves him, she doesn't want to deny her feelings for Sonny anymore. Jason says that Sonny has problems Emily has never had to deal with and Emily should be scared of that. Emily says this is her life and she's choosing to be with Sonny.

GREYSTONE: Sonny tells Carly that he and Emily have done nothing wrong and are not going to ignore their feelings for one another. Carly warns him again that Jason will never accept this. Sonny replies that Jason will just have to accept it because he's not backing off of Emily.

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