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General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/25/06


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Sam is having a nightmare that Manny is getting acquitted and he jumps out of his wheelchair and comes after her in the courtroom while nobody notices. She awakens, screams for Jason and discovers it was only a bad dream.

In Manny's hospital room, he tells Elizabeth that he hopes she can forgive him and that they can be friends. She tells him that her job is to take care of him no differently than if he were any other patient. He tells her he's sorry and did not mean to overstep. She walks out not knowing what to say or think. He tries to make nice to her. Lorenzo enters and reminds him that he can quit the "kinder gentler" routine and tell him if he's ready to accept Lorenzo's offer.

Carly is on the phone with Sonny having a conflict as to who is going to take the boys home. She tells him she cannot leave the metro court because she's too busy working and having to cover for Jax who's out. Nikolas comes and asks Carly where Courtney is.

At the hospital, Emily gets a call from Sonny asking her to pick up the boys. She tells Elizabeth that she needs to reschedule all of her meetings and everything se has to do today at the hospital. Elizabeth asks her why she is blowing off her work just to be with Sonny. Emily tells her that she’s going to spend as much time with Sonny as she can and she no longer cares what people think

Nikolas comes to the metro court to ask Carly where Courtney is. Michael and Morgan are with Carly. She can’t take them anywhere because she does not drive. Sonny is busy. And so they are stuck there with her. She tells him that Courtney needs to go somewhere to have her baby in peace. She also tells him that Courtney cannot be happy with him as long as he’s in love with Emily. She tells him that she wants him to get back with Emily so that Emily will no longer be with Sonny. Carly admits to Nikolas that he’s right about that.

At the Quartermaine house, a private investigator enters and informs the rest of the family the secret Tracy does not want them to know. She has hired him to find Luke.

In the court room Ric, Alexis and Durant all ask the judge for what they want in regard to when Manny’s trial is resumed. Ric protests that his client was shot and is still recuperating. Durant tells the judge that the defense attorneys are playing the sympathy card. The judge then tells them that the hearing can be postponed and it’s ok if Alexis and Ric have no time to plan a defense for their client. Durant tells Alexis she must realize what she is doing. She tells him she is just doing her job. Ric asks Alexis if she really does want to get Manny acquitted.

Lorenzo reminds Manny that he has all the evidence he needs to prove that he is dangerous by the microchip on Sam McCall’s cell phone that proves he did what Sam said he did. He tells Manny he can take this to the DA and have him put away if Manny does not help him with his plan.

Sam awakens from a nightmare and tells Jason that she dreamt that she was in court and Alexis and Ric ad Durant were all there. And Manny was in a wheelchair and he grabbed her and she screamed and nobody heard her. She tells him she knows she must let it go. He reminds her that Manny is in the hospital badly hurt. He’s not going to be back in court any time soon. She got cleared of suspicion for shooting him and Manny himself has named another shooter. Right then, Justus walks in and informs them that Manny is going to trial. Sam tells him that she has to go and face her nightmare by being there. Jason tells her he wishes she wouldn’t go but he understands. She then asks if he can go with her. He asks her if she thinks he’d let her walk into the courtroom alone. She tells him maybe if the judge and jury look at them and see the terrible things Manny has done to them, they won’t let him go.

Georgie goes to talk to Elizabeth in the hospital about when and how Lucas comes out about his sexual orientation and whether Bobbie can be supportive to her son. Right then, Bobbie and Lucas get off the elevator and she’s all ready to have him see a shrink.

Nikolas tells Carly that he is not going to “cheat” on Courtney with Emily. He’s concerned about Emily’s well being as a friend. And he wishes she would just tell him where Courtney is. Carly tells Nikolas if Courtney wants him to know where she is, she can tell him herself. Right then, Nikolas walks out. Emily enters. Carly asks Emily why she doesn’t rush to see Nikolas, throw her arms around him, tell him she loves him and live happily ever after with him. It will make everybody’s lives a lot easier. Emily tells her she’s not there to do that. She’s there because Sonny asked her to pick up the boys.

Sam and Jason enter the courtroom before Manny’s trial. Alexis tells her she doesn’t have to be there. Sam tells Alexis that she knows it would be a lot easier for Alexis if she is not there and the defense team doesn’t have to deal with the people whom Manny has hurt and who want him put away. Right then, Manny enters in a wheelchair.

Lulu tells Tracy she will never find her father until he wants to be found. Tracy says she can track Luke down. Skye tells her that Luke might come back if she’d drop the murder charge against him. But Tracy admits that she doesn’t plan to do that. She’d like nothing more than to have Luke Spencer put behind bars where he can no longer endanger her or her family. Right then, Lulu gets a letter from her father. Tracy demands to know where he is. Lulu tells Tracy that Luke does not want her to know.

Bobbie expresses to Elizabeth that she intends to get “help” for Lucas and it sounds like she wants to “fix” his being gay. Elizabeth asks her why she has a problem with that. Bobbie asks Elizabeth how she would feel if her son told her he was gay. Would she not be worried about the social isolation, suffering and hardship he will deal with and would she not want to fix him?

Lucas is talking to Lanie. He tells her that he just recently discovered he was gay. He always believed he should date girls. But he went to camp and had a soccer coach whom all the girls had a crush on. And he discovered so did he. But he knows that in his family, being gay is not an option. And he hates himself for not being what everybody wants him to be and knows he is such a disappointment. But he knows that that is who he is and no shrink, no therapy and nothing anybody can do will change it. She tells him that she does not intend to “fix” him. She does not believe he needs to be fixed and she wants to give him some positive ways to deal with his situation.

Carly tells Emily that she believes that Emily will hurt her children. She knows that Michael and Morgan adore Emily. And she won’t last with Sonny forever. Nobody ever does. Then she will abandon the children who have grown to love her and she will extensively damage them. Emily tells Carly she refuses to feel guilty or be blamed for what Carly projects. But Carly tells Emily that she is the last person she can let into Sonny’s life. She doesn’t care if Sonny moves on. He can see anybody he wants. Anybody but Emily. He can get back with Alexis or even with Robin for all she cares. But she believes that Emily is the one person who can destroy Sonny.

Durant tells the judge and jury that Manny Ruiz has had an extensive pattern of violence and homicide. Alexis argues that there is medical evidence that her client’s previous behaviors were caused by a brain anomaly. Durant says that there is no proof that Manny has changed. All they have is the opinion of his defense attorney who has her own record and some egotistical doctors who don’t care about the situation and Manny’s words and acts of looking like he’s changed. He asks if society wants to have blind faith that they are protected from future danger just because of this very unsubstantiated speculation that Manny has changed with surgery. He asks why the court could believe Manny’s word over the word of a woman who was stalked, almost raped, who watched her fiancé get shot and tied to a chair. Alexis then tells the court that she understands that Sam McCall would be upset. And it would only make sense that Ms. McCall would want somebody to pay. Of course she would want Alexis’ client to get put away. But they must realize this is a courtroom. Not a revenge bank. You may not like what happened. But you must follow the law. It is a fact that her client had a medical condition, which has been surgically corrected. She tells the court that they must follow the law and find her client not guilty.

Tracy demands that Lulu tells her where her father is. She tells Tracy that her name is not on the package. Tracy attempts to grab it from her. But Dillon restrains his mother. Tracy then threatens to send Dillon to the military academy and post his baby pictures all over the Internet. Lulu tells Tracy she can open the package and find out where Luke is if she drops the charges against him.

Lorenzo is with Skye. She tells him that there is a mysterious package from Luke that was sent to Lulu. He tells her that what he intends to do about this is for them to go to Manhattan, take in a ballet and spend time together. She tells him that that sounds like a date.

Emily tells Carly that they will never agree on whether Emily should see Sonny. Carly asks Emily if she’s going to be the one woman whom Sonny will never get angry at and whom he will toss aside and destroy. She asks Emily if she believes she can make Sonny a better man. Emily tells Carly she does not want to make Sonny a “better man”. Carly then tells Emily that she realizes that Sonny has probably already asked Emily to go away because he’s afraid he will ruin her. And why doesn’t Emily do that?

When the court is in recess, Sam tells Alexis that she is good. She makes Sam look like a criminal and has made Manny look like a lovely person. Alexis tells Sam that she’s “warned” her. Sam tells Alexis that she has every right to be at this trial. She tells Alexis and Ric that if Manny is set free and causes more death and destruction, they can have that on their conscience. Right then, they hear that the verdict is in.

Tracy calls Mac who confirms that he cannot drop the charge of attempted murder against Luke because he found rat poisoning on the cocktail shaker that she had in her car. Tracy then confesses to Mac that it was she who put the rat poisoning on the cocktail shaker. Mac tells her he’s so sick of these rich people playing these games and wasting taxpayers’ dollars. He agrees to drop the charges against Luke but tells Tracy if she pulls another stunt like this, he will arrest her. They then open the package that Luke has sent and are startled at what is in it.

Bobbie asks Elizabeth what she’d do if she got called to the police station because her son was badly beaten. What would she do about all the gay basher who want to hurt him? Can she change society? Elizabeth asks her why she is against her son being who he is. Bobbie protests that she is not homophobic. She has many friends who are gay. But she’s very worried about what will happen to her son. Elizabeth asks her why she believes that therapy will fix him. Right then, Lucas comes out of his therapy session and tells his mother that his session with Lanie went pretty good; not like he expected.

The jury reads the verdict. Manny is guilty ONLY of INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER. Durant and all the people that want Manny put away are upset. The judge tells Manny that because of the severity of the crimes he committed before the surgery, he will be on strict security watch and probation. He will have to do community service at general hospital, wear a bracelet and have a monitor watching his every move. Nobody is happy about that knowing it won’t prevent him from corrupting society again.

Lorenzo comes to the Quartermaine house to pick up Skye. They are dressed in formalwear.

Nikolas goes to the place where Courtney is supposed to be staying. The woman informs him that she has not seen Courtney ever since a tall blond guy showed up who said he was her husband. Nikolas obviously assumes that Jax kidnapped her. Little does he know what has really happened.

Helena has Courtney imprisoned. Courtney tells her that Nikolas will never let her get away with what she did. Helena tells Courtney if wants to keep her baby, she must break it off with her grandson. Courtney tells Helena that she already broke it off with Nikolas before she left Port Charles.

After the trial when everybody is distracted, Sam stares at Manny who approaches her and makes her look scared.

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