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General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/24/06


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In the hospital, Robin tells Patrick that she has an idea. Why doesn’t he ask a woman to dinner who really wants to go and she will pick up the tab? He reminds her that they had a “bet” that if he saved tattoo boy, she’d go out with him. And now it’s time to come through on her end of the bargain. Carly corners Skye and tells her she knows that her timing is a little too convenient in her date with Lorenzo. Hearing that, Skye reminds Carly that Lorenzo is supposedly out of her life. SO why does Carly care if Lorenzo takes Skye out to dinner at the metro court? Carly responds that it just seems a little sudden. Skye tells Carly she needs to mind her own business. Jason then appears and Carly tells him if he needs answers about who shot Manny, it’s very simple. It was Lorenzo. Jason asks her how she knows this. She tells him it’s very simple. Lorenzo just asked Skye out on a date.

Right then, Lorenzo enters Manny’s hospital room. Manny asks Lorenzo if he’s there to finish the job. Lorenzo tells Manny that he needs him to never reveal to anybody that Lorenzo ordered the hit on him. Manny asks Lorenzo if he needs him to “cover” for him. Lorenzo tells Manny he needs him to do something much more involved. He needs Manny to work for him to destroy Sonny Corinthos.

In the empty courtroom, after the trial, Emily walks in and defends Sonny to Alexis. She passionately tells her she must realize that Sonny is a good man who is just trying to protect his family. And that includes Kristina. Hearing that, Alexis is very surprised to hear such devotion from Emily toward Sonny. She asks them what is up. Sonny answers that by telling Alexis that what is going on between himself and Emily is none of her business.

At the Quartermaine house, Lulu tells Bobbie that she does not believe that Lucas needs counseling. Bobbie tells Lulu she knows she means well but does not believe she fully understands what is going on. She takes her son aside and tells him that he is a teenager and should be “experimenting”. He asks her if she hopes he will find out he’s not gay after all. She admits she’s terrified for him and she knows that he has already put himself in danger, he lives in a society that judges him for his sexual orientation and is going to face a life of rejection. And she believes that counseling will help him to sort those things out. She tells him she loves him, wants him to come home with her tonight and agree to get counseling. It’s obvious that his life is not working the way things are going now. He somewhat reluctantly agrees to his mother’s wishes. She hugs her son and leaves. He later tells his friends that although he believes that his mother intends to help him, he questions how paying some shrink a fortune is going to help anybody. He tells them he knows that his mother does not accept who he is and expects him to change. Right then, Georgie and Lulu go after Lucas. But Tracy catches Dillon before he’s ready to join them. She tells her son she’s not going to let him go out the door. He’s forbidden to associate with Lucas. He asks her if she’s inquiring whether he’s gay.

Lorenzo tells Manny that when he gets out of the hospital, he will help him cover his tracks if Manny agrees to work for him. Manny asks Lorenzo how much good he can be to Lorenzo if he’s on death row. Lorenzo reminds him that it’s entirely possible that his brilliant legal team will get him acquitted. And when he’s a free man, he will work for Lorenzo. Manny tells Lorenzo that he might not agree to his terms. But Lorenzo tells Manny he might not have a choice. He informs Manny that he put a microchip in Sam McCall’s cell phone that will implicate him for trying to rape her. He knows that Manny has not changed a bit and is still dangerous. So he suggests Manny cooperates. Lorenzo tells Manny that he intends to take over Sonny and Jason’s territory. Manny will get them out of the way for him. Manny may do it in any manner he wants. Right then, Elizabeth enters and asks Lorenzo what he’s doing in Manny’s room. Lorenzo replies that he just stopped by to find out if Manny has changed. But he notices Manny is still sleeping. Manny pretends to be asleep.

Not far away in the hospital, Carly informs Jason that Lorenzo is right now talking to Manny to either get him to keep his mouth shut about Lorenzo getting him shot or he intends to frame Jason for the shooting.

Patrick tells Robin that he is now off the hook in saving Manny this time. It’s now all on her. But he believes that he can have a relationship with a woman. She tells him he would not know a relationship if it hit him in the face. He’s too shallow to understand the concept. Right then, Lorenzo meets Skye to go on their date. She informs him that Carly confronted her. He tells her Carly is no longer his concern. Carly tells Jason that she knows how to protect him from being falsely accused of shooting Manny. He tells her he questions whether she’s right about Lorenzo being the shooter. But he tells her he will go and question Manny. But Robin then comes by and tells Jason that he must stay away from Manny or she will be forced to call security.

Sonny tells Alexis that she must stay out of his personal life. She tells him that many people should do things that they do not do. She then turns to Emily and asks her why she does not understand what she’s trying to tell her about Sonny. She reminds Emily that they have had a long history and she’s been there for Emily through so many things. Hearing that, Emily tells Alexis that they used to be related by marriage when Emily was married to Alexis’ nephew. But she does not need Alexis to interfere in her personal life. Alexis tells Emily that she must realize that Sonny is dangerous. She is just worried about her. Emily must realize that Sonny could ruin her life. Emily tells Alexis she does not understand how she could be so wrong about the father of her child.

Right when Elizabeth is in Manny’s room, attending to him and assuming he is asleep and harmless, he grabs her wrist and startles her.

Tracy tells Dillon that Lucas is obviously deeply troubled and she does not want him getting involved in his problems. Hearing that, Dillon tells his mother that it’s “a little too late for that”. Hearing that, Tracy asks her son to elaborate. Dillon then tells his mother that Lucas was his roommate for a long time. She asks him to go on. He tells her he misses Lucas. That’s why he was upset about leaving the dorms and he and Lucas got “close”. Tracy then looks at her son in silent shock assuming the worst. She then tells him he better not scam her. Dillon tells his mother that his friendship with Lucas and the fact that he’s gay is not a scam. What’s a scam is the lie Lucas has had to live is a lie. Hearing that and fearing the worst, Tracy tells her son that she’s going to send him to a military academy to remove him from his current social circle. He then goes on with inferences that he could, for all she knows, be gay. He then tells her she may relax. He’s not gay. He tells her he just put her to the test and she failed it.

Carly invites Jason to the metro court and tells the staff that Mr. Morgan is her guest and he need not observe the “dress code” Not far away, Lorenzo and Skye are having their date. Carly observes them and tells them that Lorenzo has only invited Skye out with him so that he can create a diversion so he won’t be implicated for shooting Manny. Jason asks Carly how her theory about Lorenzo will get Sam out of lock-up and he tells her if it’s true that Lorenzo got Manny shot, then he will have to be “dealt with”. Hearing that, Carly asks Jason if that means he plans to kill Lorenzo.

After Manny has grabbed Elizabeth’s wrist, he awakens and appears polite to her. He apologizes for kidnapping her in the past, explains that it was before the surgery and tells her he hopes she’s not afraid of him any more. She does not know what to say or think and she leaves.

After hearing Alexis rant about the terrible thing that Sonny can do to “poor Emily”, Ric tells her that if he did not know better, he’d believe that she is jealous and still carrying a torch for Sonny. She assures him that he is the only man for her. She explains to him that he’s the right one for her. They can both be themselves together. With Sonny, she felt a need to save and rehabilitate him. It did not work. She knows better now. She no longer cares about Sonny. She’s just worried that Sonny will ruin Emily’s life.

Back at Sonny’s, once again, he’s having his doubts about hooking up with Emily. She protests to him that Alexis was out of line. But Sonny tells Emily that maybe Alexis was right. She knows that he is dangerous and arrogant and messes up people’s lives. He tells her he realizes Alexis is bright. She knows him. They used to be friends. He remembers that he and Alexis obliterated their friendship because they slept together. Now and for the rest of their lives they will be at odds and biting their tongues, forcing themselves to be civilized because of their daughter. He’d hate to see that happen with him and Emily. He tells Emily that if the two of them got together and she turned on him the way Alexis did, he does not think he could live with that. Emily then admits she doesn’t think she could either. For the first time, she seems worried about what it would mean if she got involved with Sonny. Sonny tells her that he’d rather have her as a friend than risk what could happen if they took it a step further. She looks at him and seems to agree.

Elizabeth asks Manny if he knows why he was in the hospital. He tells her that he was in the courthouse and during court recess, “somebody” shot him. Right then Robin comes in and asks if he remembers who shot him. Manny replies yes.

Ric tells Alexis that he does not believe that Sam should be thrown in jail and doubts she shot Manny. Alexis says that may be but Sam has really gone out of control in the courtroom. He tells her that he believes she can win a case without provoking a witness. She asks him if he believes that she purposely provoked Sam in order to make her look guilty. Right then, she gets a call from Robin who informs her that Manny Ruiz just woke up and has something very important to tell her.

Emily tells Sonny that she is a grown woman. She’s been through many things; breast cancer, rape, medical school and marriage and divorce to Nikolas. And yet everybody regards him as a child molester for his interest in her. She tells him that he is being judged for his feelings for her. And she is sorry that he has to be put through that. Sonny then concludes that neither of them have done anything wrong.

Jason privately tells Carly that he needs to make it clear to her that she cannot “protect” Lorenzo Alcazar. Lorenzo and Skye are at their table watching them. She tells him she can see that he’s noticing Carly. He tells her that Carly has told him that Jason is the closest person in her life. He tells her he thinks it’s some sort of twisted dependence on one another. He, again, tells her he’s over Carly. She reminds him she’s not going to sleep with him tonight. He tells her that’s ok. She’s worth waiting for.

Carly tells Jason that she realizes that Lorenzo never really accepted her. She is over him. He tells her that she just needs to be prepared if something were to happen. They have a plan. She asks him if Lorenzo will suspect that they are spying upon him. He tells her no. They are friends. This is her restaurant. He then gets up to leave. Lorenzo is right then observing him going out the door.

Skye invites Lorenzo to the Quartermaine house after their date and offers him some scotch. Unknown to them, Carly is hiding behind a chair unseen. Skye then notices that Tracy has consumed the scotch and goes to get some more for Lorenzo. Right then Carly stands up and tells Lorenzo he must be kidding her. He asks her what she’s doing there. She tells him she’s there to save his life.

Alexis and Ric go to talk to Manny while he’s in his hospital room about whom the shooter is. He tells them he knows exactly who it is without question. His name is Juan Escobar a member of a rival crime family

At the hospital, Patrick asks Elizabeth if she believes he is a heroic brilliant surgeon to have saved Manny Ruiz’s life or if she believes he’s a vain egomaniac who saved the life of a murdering whack-job. She tells him she believes he’s both a brilliant surgeon and an egomaniac. And she tells him she’s married and not interested in him.

Emily tells Sonny that he’s worked hard to win respect. He’s built up a family and a home. Does he deserve to be vilified because she’s interested in him? He tells her that he believes that she is beautiful and an awesome person. He admits that he’s tried to stay away. But she tells him that in spite of both of their efforts to separate, there they are. She also tells him that she can understand why people are worried about the two of them together. They have so much more baggage in both of their lives than just Carly or Nikolas. But she admits that when they are together, all of that fades away. She tells him it’s so easy to be around him. There are so many things that he understands about her. She asks him what they are supposed to do. She says that she cannot stop wanting him and she does not want to stop. Right then, Jason walks in.

Robin observes Patrick with Elizabeth and tells him that the nurses could all band together and get him charged with sexual harassment. She tells him he’s wasting his time with Elizabeth. She’s a happily married woman. He then asks her if she is jealous of his interest in Elizabeth. She tells him he needs to get over himself. He then tells her she needs to pick a night for the date she owes him. .

Carly tells Lorenzo that he must get out of the country tonight because she cannot protect him from Jason or Sonny much longer. She tells him he is alive because of her. She tells him she will not warn him again. He doesn’t seem to want to listen to her or believe her warning. Skye then comes in and demands to know what Carly is doing there and asks her if she has any idea of how pathetic she is.

After Jason walks in to see Emily with Sonny, Emily tells her brother that she’s really sorry that he is angry and cannot understand or support her involvement with Sonny. But she tells him he cannot take it out on Sonny. She leaves. Jason tells Sonny he has evidence that Sam did not shoot Manny. But Sonny tells Jason he’s not so concerned about Manny. He asks Jason how he can completely ignore the sister he believes he loves so much.

Skye tells Carly that Lorenzo is done with her and her head games. Carly then leaves. Skye tells Lorenzo that she will understand if he wants to go after Carly. But he tells her he’s ready to forget the past and move on. And he kisses her.

In Manny’s hospital room, Alexis tells him that they have a good chance of acquittal. She tells him he must get some rest and departs. She then informs Ric that she’s glad that Manny did not implicate Sam or Jason in the shooting. That could be an indication that he’s changed. And she tells him she feels a little better about representing Manny and setting him free. From inside, Manny hears their conversation and smirks.

Emily tells Elizabeth that what’s been happening is that Sonny has been vilified when it’s been she who’s been chasing him. She tells her she saw Jason’s major disapproval of her being with Sonny. She foresees that if she and Sonny got together, it could permanently ruin Jason’s friendship with Sonny as well as breaking her parent’s hearts. She tells Elizabeth that in her head, maybe she should just walk away from Sonny. But that cannot happen. And she admits that she is falling more and more in love with Sonny every day.

Sonny and Jason are obviously not on the same page about whether Sonny should be seeing Emily. Sonny tells Jason he needs to be supportive of Emily’s decision. Jason tells Sonny he needs to stay away from Emily. Right then, Sonny gets a call that Manny implicated this Escobar dude as the shooter and not Lorenzo Alcazar. They know they must work together. Knowing how strongly Jason feels about his decision with Emily, Sonny asks Jason if he can still count on him to work together in regard to Manny.

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