GH Update Monday 1/23/06

General Hospital Update Monday 1/23/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Lucas drops the bombshell upon everybody that he’s gay. He tells his mother he knows she’s ashamed and he will tell everybody from now on that he was adopted in order to save her the embarrassment. He tells everybody that it’s not his parents’ fault and it’s not in his genes. He goes over to Lucky and portrays him as “straight as an arrow” and “a real Spencer man”. He gets very emotional and angry as he tells his mother that it’s his fault and he’s a terrible person because he’s gay. He turns to his mother to ask her if she believes that is right.

Lorenzo tells Skye that he’d like to think that their relationship is built upon a certain degree of trust. She tells him that she wants that also. She made a resolution to avoid “rebound” relationships. She learned the hard way with Luke and she knows it would be the same thing with Lorenzo, in regard to Carly.

Right then, at the court house, while court is in recess and nobody can find Sam, Manny gets shot but the shooter is not seen. Right then, Sam leaves in a taxi.

After Lucas has asked his mother what she thinks of his revelation, Lucky tells him that Bobbie just needs time to process. Lucas responds that that is a great, heroic thing for the newly wed cop to be telling him. Lucas tells Bobbie and Lucky that he knows they will never accept him for being gay. He leaves.Bobbie asks Lucky what she said or did that made Lucas assume that she would judge him. She then finds out that Maxie, Georgie and Dillon knew for months that he was gay but nobody told her. She asks them why her son would not bother to tell his own mother.

Lorenzo asks Skye why she would deny him the pleasure of her company. She tells him she would like him to be straight with her. He tells her after Carly’s recent anger outburst, he feels completely liberated. But he tells her that he’s been playing this little game with her for too long where he leaves her temporarily until something happens that gets them back together. And he wants Skye to break her similar pattern with Luke.

After Manny is shot, Sonny, Emily, Jason, Carly, Alexis and Ric are all wondering what has happened. Durant comes out and instantly assumes that Jason shot Manny. Jason does not argue with him although Sonny and Carly tell Durant he cannot do this to Jason. Carly tells Sonny he must know why Jason confessed to the shooting. He’s protecting Sam. And of course Sam has fled the scene and nobody knows where she is. Right then, Sam has returned home and is seen in her shower.

Skye admits to Lorenzo that she is “tempted” to agree to his idea of them seeing each other and getting over their respective relationships. She admits that she is attracted to him and is only human. He tells her that she is a provocative woman on so many levels. He tells her he admires how honest and loyal and brave she is. She tells him she feels she’s been more stupid than brave. He tells her that she’s been a true friend to him when he needed it. So he’d like to be there for her. She tells him that it sounds like he’s trying to seduce her. He tells her they can make a promise or a pact. No matter how much they enjoy each other or how intense it gets, they will promise not to sleep together until the end of the year. She replies that that sounds fair but admits that that is a major thing she’s been thinking about.

Manny is rushed to the hospital. Robin asks Emily what has happened. Emily tells Robin that Manny has been stabilized. Robin asks Emily if anybody has a clue as to who shot him. She admits she does not. Patrick then appears and tells Robin that he no longer wants any more confrontations from anybody for saving Manny Ruiz. Sonny Corinthos threatened to break his hands for a lot less. He tells her she must find somebody else to save Manny and he walks away.

At the station, Jason urges Sonny to help him cover for Sam so she doesn’t get nailed for shooting Manny. Alexis tells Durant that all evidence points to Sam.

In her home, Right when Sam is getting out of the shower, the cops come and tells her she is under arrest and must come down to the station.

Bobbie informs Elizabeth that she just got a page about the shooting. Elizabeth can tell that Bobbie has something else on her mind that she was taken away from. She goes to attend to her patient. Lucky then enters and informs Elizabeth that Lucas got beat up in a bar for being gay. And when he got taken to the station, he blurted out to his mother that he was gay and it was obviously a shock to her. Elizabeth reveals that she might have known for a long time. She asks her husband why Lucas would be so afraid to be honest about himself just because people are so narrow-minded. Lucky informs her that Lucas did not handle it well and has a real complex about the way Spencer men should be.

Right then, Lucas goes to the Quartermaine house and reveals to Lulu that he got into a real brawl because he’s gay. Hearing that, Lulu tells her cousin she should thank him for taking the “attention” off of her. Right then, Dillon and Georgie enter and tell Lucas that they’ve been looking for him and he needs to talk to his mother. He tells them that he cannot face her now.

Robin asks Patrick if he could not just act for once like he’s in this to help people. She tells him she cannot believe that he is that shallow. He then tells her that he has a deal to make with her. HE will operate on her guy if she agrees to go to dinner with him. She then tells him he is despicable but she realizes she does not have a choice. Nikolas finds Emily and tells her that what happened today was a “typical day” in the life of her new boyfriend. Anybody associated with Sonny gets put in danger. She asks him not to start this. He asks her if he is not supposed to be concerned that one of his oldest and best friends is about to have her life ruined and put herself at risk of getting killed.

In the empty courtroom, Sonny tells Ric that it’s very clear how much Alexis wants to win. But he wants Ric to get Alexis to back off from Jason and Sam. Ric defends his wife to Sonny and reminds him that Jason is a prime suspect and Sam was really out of line. Sonny tells Ric if Alexis keeps pushing it, she will regret it.

At the station, Carly finds Durant and tells him he must realize that Jason is innocent. Durant tells his daughter she must remember that she’s just gotten out of a mental hospital. Shouldn’t she be taking care of herself instead of worrying about Jason? Carly walks away and Jason tells her that he wishes she’d leave it alone. Right then, the cops bring Sam in. Durant tells them he bets Sam is the shooter. Sam tells Alexis and Durant that the cops broke into her home and dragged her out of her shower. Alexis tells Jason that he needs to know that Sam is really out of control.

Elizabeth asks Lucky if he will be able to arrest the guy who beat Lucas up. She asks what kind of a pig does that. He tells her he’s pretty surprised that Bobbie did not defend her son. Elizabeth tells her that when somebody becomes a mother, they cannot bear the thought of something causing their child all the pain and suffering that this will cause him. He tells her that Lucas did not choose this and he hopes his aunt Bobbie can offer her son the support he needs. Bobbie, right then, approaches them and asks them not to go telling anybody about her son being gay for now. Elizabeth tells Bobbie that Lucas needs all the love and support he can get. Bobbie admits that she has no clue what to do right now in regard to her son.

Lucas tells Dillon and Georgie that he is not about to go home or speak to his mother. Georgie tells him he must realize that his family loves him. Lulu tells him that Georgie is right. Lucas’ parents offer him a lot more support than her family does. But he tells them all that because they are all heterosexual, they do not have that situation with their families. He will always be seen as the gay guy and be a total embarrassment to his mother. Georgie protests to Lucas that she believes what has embarrassed Bobbie is that he waited this long to tell her. He tells Georgie that he was there and saw how his mother reacted and knows what she’s thinking and feeling. Georgie then tells him that she’d like to invite Bobbie over there so that they can talk to her and find out what she really thinks and feels about her son.

Sonny asks Ric just how Alexis could defend Manny Ruiz and what will happen if he is acquitted. He tells Ric that as Alexis’ husband, he needs to protect his wife from herself. Right then, Alexis walks in to hear their conversation and tells Sonny how arrogant he is to talk like that about her behind her back.

Georgie informs Lucas that she called his mom and left a message on her answering machine for her to come over there. Lucas tells her that he knows that it won’t work. Lulu tells him he mustn’t think like that. He admits to her that maybe if BJ hadn’t died and Bobbie had not conceived Carly the way she did, it would be different. But he knows that he is Bobbie’s last chance to “get it right” and she depends upon him to be the perfect child for her. He tells them they must know that there’s no “taking his boyfriend to dinner” at her home. Right then, Tracy enters and tells them that she does not want Lucas staying with them because he’s a Spencer. When Spencers move in, you cannot get them out. Georgie reminds Tracy that that is her husband’s family she is insulting. Tracy tells Georige that she finds her husband amusing. But she finds Lulu annoying. Right then, Bobbie enters. Tracy asks her if she can remove her son from this house because he is not welcome there. Lucas tells her he’s not welcome at his mother’s house either. Bobbie tells her son that that is not true. And he tells his mother that he knows he cannot say the words that her son is gay. Right then, Tracy walks in and, hearing that, admits that she is amazed to find out that there is a gay Spencer. She tells Bobbie that she does not want her son’s issues in her house. Dillon tells his mother that Lucas is welcome in his house. Tracy tells Bobbie she needs to be a good mother and deal with her son on her own. She tells Bobbie she’s spent enough time being burdened by enough people who want to stay at the Quartermaine house. Hearing that, Bobbie tells Tracy she better shut her mouth before she rips every hair out of her spiteful head.

Alexis asks Ric if Sonny asked him to throw the Manny Ruiz case out. She tells him it’s amazing that Sonny would have the gall to play the “brother” card in regard to this. Sonny asks Alexis how she can tell him that he is a danger. He tells her if she sets Manny free, she is putting Kristina in danger. Alexis tells Sonny if they want to talk about failed parenting, he knows all about that. Right then, Emily walks in there and tells Alexis to stop it.

Durant talks to both Jason and Sam in the interrogation room and asks if they planned Manny’s murder together. He tells them he can hardly blame them since Manny is a criminal who deserves to fry. Right then, a cop comes in and reports that there is no evidence that Jason shot Manny. Durant then asks them to book Sam on attempted murder.

Right then, Carly goes into Manny’s room. He is awake. She asks Manny if he remembers who killed him. Robin then walks in and tells Carly that Manny has just awoken from surgery and the last thing he needs is for Carly to be interrogating him. Carly protests that she wants to prevent Jason from getting wrongfully accused of murder. They both leave. And right then, a person opens the door to Manny’s hospital room and we do not see their face.

Tracy tells Bobbie that this is her house. Bobbie tells Tracy that this is Monica’s house. She tells Tracy she’s put up with her arrogance and rudeness long enough. She’s seen how Tracy has disrespected many people she loves. She tells Tracy that her son is a wonderful young man. She loves and respects him. And if Tracy makes him feel unwelcome, she will bitch-slap Tracy all the way to the Canadian border. She tells Tracy she can show her right now. She used to beat up spoiled rich girls like Tracy just for sport. So Tracy better lay off her son or she will do extensive damage to her. She asks Tracy if she understands her. And she demands that Tracy leaves. Tracy goes. Lucas then smiles and cheers and tells his mother he’s so proud of her and so surprised that she’d defend him. Bobbie tells him that Tracy Quartermaine is a mean old witch and she’s wanted to put her in her place for a long time. She admits to Lucas that she realizes she has not been that great of a mother and she believes they should get counseling together.

In the courtroom, Emily tells Alexis that she wishes she would stop judging Sonny. She needs to realize that Sonny is a good man who is just trying to protect his family and Sonny should listen to him for a change. Alexis admits that she is surprised to see Emily coming to Sonny’s defense and reveals that she knows the reason why.

At the hospital, Carly tells Robin that she has no loyalty to Sonny and Jason if she’s ready to save Manny again. Skye walks in and Carly tells her she looks smug and she knows “self-satisfying” when she sees it. Skye admits to Carly that she and Lroenzo have just completed a board meeting and are getting ready to go out. Carly demands to know just when Lorenzo asked Skey out. Skye tells Carly it’s none of her business but they plan to go out tonight.

Right then, the identity of the person entering Manny’s room is revealed. It’s Lorenzo. It sounds like he had Manny shot. Manny asks Lorenzo if he’s there to finish the job. Lorenzo tells Manny he’s there to help him be more discreet and not reveal to anybody that Lorenzo arranged for him to be shot.

When Sam is ready to be booked, she tells Jason that she did not shoot Manny. She tells him that what happened was after the confrontation in the courtroom, she went to the lady’s room to throw water over her face and calm down. But she could still feel the scratches from his hands on her. So she took a taxi home and jumped in the shower. She’s afraid she’s going to be charged with murder. But if somebody doesn’t kill Manny, he’s going to come after all of them. Jason puts his arms around Sam.

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