GH Update Friday 1/20/06

General Hospital Update Friday 1/20/06


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THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Lulu is carrying a bag of her stuff. She hides it in a closet just as Skye comes in and says, "I know what you're up to. It's not going to work."

JAKE'S: Lucas gets into a fight with Frank, the man who beat him up earlier. Coleman tries to break the fight up with little success.

THE COURTHOUSE: Emily and Nikolas argue about her decision to get romantically involved with Sonny. Sonny overhears and interrupts the argument, asking Nikolas to leave Emily alone. Nikolas warns Sonny that he'll only end up destroying Emily like he has destroyed everyone else in his life. Suddenly Jason arrives. Sonny advises Jason to get into the courtroom immediately before Alexis has him arrested.

In the courtroom, Sam is still on the stand -- she has errupted in anger at Manny, calling him a twisted pervert. Sam is excused from questioning as Jason enters. Sam rushes toward hm and tells him that Manny is lying and she almost got proof. Alexis, seeing Jason, calls him to the stand for questioning.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Lulu claims she's not up to anything but Skye is certain that she is planning to run away to help Luke. Lulu denies it. Skye warns her that Luke would want her to stay here where she is safe. Lulu accuses Skye of wanting to be some kind of "mom replacement" but Skye swears that she's not the maternal type anyway. She just wants Lulu to stick around and they will bring down Tracy together. Just then Tracy enters. She tells Lulu that she wants her to pack up and get out immediately.

JAKE'S: Jesse and Lucky arrive and they break up the fight. Lucas tells Lucky that he was trying to fight back for a change. Frank says that Lucas is the one who attacked him first. Coleman tells Lucky he didn't see how the fight started. Frank wants to press charges. Jesse asks Lucas if he has anything he wants to add and Lucas says, "No."

THE COURTHOUSE: Emily and Nikolas continue to argue over her relationship with Sonny. Nikolas says that he is only trying to look out for her as his friend. Emily wants him to just butt out of her personal life. Nikolas reminds her that people in Sonny's world get hurt -- his children get kidnapped, his first wife Lily was blown up in a car bomb and Carly was recently shipped off to a mental institution. Emily tells him again to leave her alone, telling him to go manage his own life because she never wants to have this conversation again.

Emily enters the courtroom, where Jason is on the stand being questioned by Alexis. Alexis asks questions that are designed to get Jason to admit that he was once a different man (before the car accident) named Jason Quartermaine...she wants to prove that brain trauma can make a person change drastically as Manny apparently has. Jason doesn't respond well to the questions, giving her very little to go on. Alexis finally asks him if he has witnessed change in Manny and Jason says that no, Manny is still the same twisted guy he always was.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Lulu tells Tracy that she was planning to leave the mansion anyway since Luke is gone. Skye begs Lulu to stay but she leaves anyway. Skye gets upset at Tracy, saying that Tracy knows very well Luke didn't try to poison her. Tracy replies that Skye shouldn't lose any sleep over Lulu because Lulu's a Spencer and Spencer's always land on their feet.

THE POLICE STATION: Lucky and Jesse have brought Lucas and Frank to the police station. Dillon and Georgie are there as well. Jesse admits privately to Lucky that Frank beat Lucas up the other night -- but he won't tell Lucky why Frank went after Lucas in the first place. Georgie and Dillon confront Lucas, angry that he went after Frank on his own. Lucas said it felt good to stand up for himself...but he refuses to tell anyone that Frank baited him and beat him up the previous night. He says he doesn't want anyone to find out he's really gay.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas is back at Wyndemere...he pours himself a drink, then flings the glass to the floor, smashing it into a million pieces. Lulu arrives and stops Nikolas from causing further destruction -- she asks him what's happened to make him so upset?

THE COURTHOUSE: Alexis is continuing to question Jason. She has him look at depositions from his parents and from Robin, his ex-girlfriend...the depositions say that Jason was a very different man before the car accident. Alexis asks Jason if that's true? Jason admits that he used to want to be a doctor before the accident, and now he doesn't want to be one anymore. Alexis is finished with her questioning. John Durant declines to question Jason further so Jason is excused. Alexis calls Manny Ruiz to the stand.

WYNDEMERE: Lulu wants Nikolas to calm down. He asks her why she moved out of the Quartermaine mansion and she says that she wants to try to find Luke. Nikolas doesn't think that's a good idea. Lulu argues with him and in frustration he yells at her to grow up. He immediately apologizes. Lulu asks him why he's so upset? Nikolas reluctantly tells her that Courtney has left town and now Emily wants nothing to do with him and there's nothing he can do about it. Lulu asks him why he is trying to control Courtney and Emily?

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Skye and Tracy bicker over how Lulu is now out on the streets all alone. Tracy thinks that Lulu can take care of herself. Skye thinks that the only reason Tracy threw Lulu out was to try to bring Luke out of hiding.

THE POLICE STATION: Jesse tries to convince Lucas to tell everyone that Frank is a gay-basher who should not get away with what he's done. Meanwhile, Lucky tries to get answers out of Frank. Frank tells Lucky that Lucas is a "queer" who came on to him the other night.

THE COURTHOUSE: Alexis is questioning Manny on the stand. Manny says that he no longer believes he is capable of the crimes he once committed, because the brain surgery changed him. He also says that he feels horrible about all of the things he's done. Sam explodes and calls him a liar. Jason pleads with her to calm down.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Skye thinks that Tracy wants Luke to come back. Tracy says that Skye obviously wants him back too and Skye replies that she realized finally that she doesn't want Luke anymore...she wants more than Luke can give her, she wants to come first in a man's life. She turns the conversation back toward Lulu and warns Tracy that if something happens to Luke's little girl, he might just come back and kill Tracy for real.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas tells Lulu that he loves Courtney and still cares about Emily and he wants to help them both but they won't let him. Lulu says she knows what that's like because she wants to help her dad the same way. She tells Nikolas that she finally went to go and see their mother Laura at the mental institution...and Laura didn't even know who she was. Nikolas thinks that Lulu should stop running and make a choice about what she believes in and who she loves. Lulu asks him to do the same.

KELLY'S: Mike and Bobbie are at Kelly's talking about how Courtney has left to go and have the baby in peace. Mike says that Jax and Nikolas have been acting like a couple of jackasses. He and Bobbie also discuss how they feel about their own parenting decisions (with Courtney, and with Bobbie's daughters Carly and BJ). Bobbie says that she thinks that she has been overcompensating with Lucas, because it's her last chance to get the whole parenting thing right. Mike thinks Lucas is a great kid but Bobbie feels that lately Lucas has been pulling away from her. She also worries that he is too isolated, he doesn't even have a girlfriend. She thinks he might get mixed up with the wrong crowd. Bobbie hopes that one day Lucas will get married and have a family and then she and Mike will be showing their grand-kids off to one another.

THE POLICE STATION: Maxie has arrived, she and Dillon and Georgie talk about how Lucas doesn't want anyone to find out that he's gay. Maxie says that she couldn't possibly keep a secret that big all to herself just out of fear of what strangers will say. Meanwhile, Lucky is trying to get Lucas to tell him the full story of what happened with Frank. But Lucas lies and says that the fight was about a pool game. Lucky says that that means Lucas will be booked on assault charges.

THE COURTHOUSE: Jason and Sam are in the lobby of the courthouse talking about Manny. Sam insists that Manny is faking the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Manny is still on the stand being questioned by Alexis. He tells the court what happened with Sam earlier -- that Sam tried to set him up.

Out in the loby, Sam tells Jason the whole story, that Manny tried to assault her, that he ripped her shirt open and luckily Ric and Alexis came in before he could actually rape her.

In the courtroom, Manny insists that Sam was obviously trying to provoke him, but that it didn't work. Alexis asks him questions about the kind of man he used to be. Manny insists that he is a changed man.

Back in the lobby, Sam finishes telling Jason the story -- that Ric and Alexis believed Manny when he said he didn't do anything to hurt Sam. Jason is upset that Sam went in and tried to provoke Manny on her own. He apologizes to her for not showing up earlier. Sam says that Alexis is trying every trick in the book right now to get Manny acquitted.

Meanwhile, back in the courtroom, Manny says that he is getting a headache, so the judge calls a ten minute recess.

Sam warns Jason that if Manny gets off, he's going to come after all of them unless someone stops him first.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Nikolas has brought Lulu back to the Quartermaines' -- Skye is happy to see her. Nikolas urges Lulu to have faith. He and Lulu say goodbye to one another. On his way out of the mansion, Nikolas runs into Ned, who asks to speak to him about Emily. Ned is worried about Emily spending so much time with Sonny. Nikolas says he can't get into that right now and Ned asks, "Not even to save her life?"

Meanwhile, Skye and Lulu are talking. Skye says that she has been discreet so no one else knows that Lulu left earlier. Lulu asks Skye how they can fix Tracy so they can get Luke back?

Nikolas and Ned are still talking about Emily. Ned is worried because he's tried to talk to Emily but she won't listen to him. He thinks she might listen to Nikolas. Nikolas says that he has tried but that Emily doesn't want to listen to him either. He tells Ned that it's not his place anymore to try to help EMily.

THE COURTHOUSE: Out in the lobby, Carly, Jason and Sonny are discussing the trial. Jason tells them that Manny is faking and that he attacked Sam earlier in the holding room. Sonny says that Alexis can't understand what a threat Manny is to all of them. Carly thinks they should do something. Sonny asks how Sam is and Jason says that Sam is edgy and angrier than he has ever seen her before.

Meanwhile, Ric and Alexis are also discussing the trial. Ric is worried that Manny was faking the headache for some reason. Alexis says that it's not her job to believe him, it's her job to defend him...she hasn't seen any evidence that he is the same man he was before the surgery. Ric wonders what really happened in the holding area with Sam and Alexis replies that Sam has a con artist past...she thinks Sam was simply trying to frame Manny just like Manny said.

THE POLICE STATION: Dillon once again urges Lucas to say something about the real reason Frank beat him up the other day, but Lucas doesn't want to. He doesn't think anyone would believe him anyway. Maxie blames herself for getting involved at Jake's earlier -- if she hadn't, Jesse might have been able to set Frank up and they wouldn't need Lucas' confession. Lucky still wants to know what's going on with Lucas.

Bobbie shows up and says that she would like to know the answer to that as well. Lucky and Jesse fill her in on the fight Lucas got into with Frank at Jake's. Bobbie questions Lucas, seeing that the bruises on his face aren't fresh, meaning that he was in another fight the day before. Lucas doesn't want to tell her any of the details. She tries to get him to go home with her. Lucas explodes and tells her that he's gay. Bobbie is stunned. Lucas tells everyone in the police station to look at his mother's face as the reason why he didn't want anyone to know he's gay. Bobbie says that she doesn't understand. Lucas is upset: "Let me clear it up for you. I am officially the biggest disappointment of your life. Let me ease the pain. Tell yourself I'm adopted. That'll make it a whole lot easier." Bobbie interrupts Lucas but he goes on, saying that it's not his parents fault that he's's his fault. "Right, Mom?" he asks Bobbie.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Lorenzo arrives -- Skye is surprised to see him. He says that he thought they could have dinner after their board meeting at the hospital. Skye tells him that she knows this isn't nearly as innocent as he'd like her to believe.

THE COURTHOUSE: Manny is in the holding area alone, remembering his confrontation with Sam earlier. He smiles to himself. Just then the door opens. Manny turns to see who it is and asks, "What do you want?"

Meanwhile, Emily is with Sonny, Jason and Carly -- she says there is no sign of Sam anywhere. Suddenly they hear a gunshot. Sonny and Jason rush off to see what happened, with Sonny directing Emily and Carly to stay put. Carly tries to run after them but Emily holds her back and reminds her what Sonny said.

In the holding area, Sonny and Jason arrive at the same time as Ric and Alexis. Manny is on the ground -- he's been shot. Ric asks what's going on and Sonny says that now it's over.

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