GH Update Thursday 1/19/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/19/06


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

THE COURTHOUSE: Sam has cornered Manny in a room at the courthouse -- as they are alone, she tries to provoke him into lashing out at her (as she secretly records the conversation on her cell phone). The plan both works and fails at the same time -- Manny grabs hold of Sam and gets up in her face, saying, "Is that any way to talk to your new boyfriend?"

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jax, alone in Courtney's loft, reads the letter that she has left for Nikolas to find -- the letter says that she is leaving town, and it asks Nikolas not to follow her.

THE PARK: Nikolas has run into Courtney at the park. He tries to reassure her that he loves her and not Emily. Courtney asks Nikolas, "What if I don't love you?"

GREYSTONE: Emily is arguing with Carly, telling her that she has no desire to return to Nikolas now that Courtney has decided to leave town. Carly snaps that Emily and Sonny will never be a true couple. Sonny enters the room and defends Emily from Carly. Carly insists that she cares about Sonny, but Sonny doesn't want to hear it -- he's angry that Carly barged into the house and attacked Emily. Carly insists that she has only come to warn Sonny that Jason is needed at the courthouse or he'll be held in contempt. She storms out of the mansion.

THE PARK: Courtney tries to get Nikolas to realize that while what they had together was wonderful, it wasn't meant to be. Nikolas argues with her, insisting again and again that he does not love Emily anymore. Courtney doesn't believe him -- she thinks Nikolas is jealous of Emily's new relationship with Sonny. They also argue about Jax. Courtney asks Nikolas again to please accept that they aren't meant to be together. She tells him goodbye and leaves the park.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Lucas is still holed up in a room at the Quartermaine mansion as Georgie and Dillon take care of him. Dillon thinks Lucas should report the guy who beat him up. Lucas doesn't want to do that. He talks about how he has felt his whole life that he was abnormal for liking guys -- until he talked to Georgie and found that she understood him. He wishes everyone in the world was as open-minded and tolerant as she is.

JAKE'S: Jesse has come to the bar, undercover in search of the guy that beat up Lucas. He orders a beer from Coleman and takes a seat. The suspect is there -- but so is Maxie. Jesse doesn't not look thrilled to see her, especially when she and the suspect end up sitting at the same table.

THE COURTHOUSE: Sam struggles to get away from Manny -- he rips her blouse in the process. He realizes that she was setting him up with the cell phone -- which he smashes on the floor. Suddenly Ric and Alexis enter...Ric asks what's going on?

THE PARK: Jax finds Nikolas at the park -- he informs him that Courtney has left town, that she left them both letters asking them not to follow her. Jax is happy that Courtney broke it off with Nikolas...he thinks Nikolas still has lingering feelings for Emily. Jax and Nikolas argue about how Jax rigged the paternity test...Jax swears he was only trying to protect Courtney from the Cassadines. Jax also swears that he is going to find Courtney -- he warns Nikolas not to come after them.

JAKE'S: Maxie strikes up a conversation with the guy, who tells her that he's new in town. He hits on Maxie. Jesse finally walks over to them and tells the guy, "Thanks for keeping my date company." Maxie, taken aback, confesses to the suspect that she is with Jesse. The suspect leaves. Maxie and Jesse argue -- Maxie says she was only trying to help, but Jesse warns her that she could have gotten herself hurt in the process.

GREYSTONE: Sonny gets on the phone to try to track down Jason...he tells one of his men to make sure that Jason heads straight to the courthouse as soon as possible. After he hangs up the phone, he turns to Emily and apologizes to her for the way Carly acted. Sonny thinks that Carly set up the uncomfortable situation at Metro Court earlier (when Sonny/Emily and Courtney/Nikolas both showed up for a date at the same time). Emily tells Sonny that she wants him, not Nikolas. Sonny reminds her that they have to take their time, not rush into anything. Emily says she won't rush, this is just their first bump in the road. She also tells him that she has to go to the courthouse, because she's been called as a witness in Manny's trial.

THE COURTHOUSE: Manny tells Alexis and Ric that Sam came in and tried to provoke him by ripping her own blouse open. Sam argues, saying that that's a lie. She picks her cell phone up from the floor and sees that it's still working. She plays the recording for them, but the recording ends before Alexis and Ric can hear that Manny actually attacked her. Alexis accuses Sam of trying to set Manny up.

JAKE'S: Jesse and Maxie argue over whether or not she should have gotten involved in the case. Maxie says she was worried about him, worried that the suspect would beat up Jesse the way he beat up Lucas. Jesse is upset that the suspect left before they could set him up. Maxie shows Jesse that she got the suspect's phone number written down.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Nikolas arrives at Courtney's loft and finds the letter she left him. In the letter she calls him a good and honorable man...she saysa they had a wonderful romance, but that she knows he still loves Emily. She asks him to let her have a new life on her own with her baby. Nikolas cries as he reads the letter.

AN AIRPLANE: Courtney is on the airplane headed to South Carolina. She calls Carly (who is at the courthouse) from the plane -- Carly is happy that Courtney decided to leave town, but a little worried that Courtney could not bring herself to tell Jax and Nikolas in person that she was leaving. Courtney begs Carly not to tell Jax or Nikolas where she is headed. Carly promises to keep Courtney's secret. They say goodbye and hang up. Suddenly, Jax appears over Carly's shoulder. He tells her, "I don't care what you promised Courtney. I want you to tell me where she is."

THE COURTHOUSE: John Durant has arrived and Alexis explains the situation with Manny and Sam to him. Sam claims that Manny assaulted her, but there's no proof. Alexis warns Sam not to approach her client again and that she'll get her chance to tell her side of the story on the stand. The bailiff comes in to tell them that the court is reconvening.

In the courthouse lobby, Jax is trying to convince Carly to tell him where Courtney is. Carly refuses over and over again. Finally Jax remarks that if he reunites with Courtney, that might be enough to send Nikolas back to Emily, which in turn might be enough to send Sonny back to Carly. Carly considers this.

KELLY'S: Nikolas shows up at Kelly's to talk to Mike. He wants Mike to tell him where Courtney is so he can explain to her that he still wants to get married. Mike is wary of Nikolas' intentions, despite the fact that Nikolas denies he is still in love with Emily. Nikolas insists he is only worried about Emily being involved in Sonny's dangerous life. Mike urges Nikolas to give Courtney some time to get everything straightened out. He adds that his own hands are tied. Nikolas asks Mike to give Courtney a message -- that he won't follow her because he loves her, and wants to give her what she wants.

THE COURTHOUSE: Emily is on the stand being questioned by Ric. Ric asks her about Jason and how he was a different person following the car accident that left him brain-damaged. Emily agrees that Jason is different now, but disagrees that Jason went from preppy to "ruthless," as Ric calls it. Ric tries to get Emily to admit that a person can change as a result of brain trauma, but John objects that Ric is leading the witness. Ric withdraws the question and Emily steps off the stand. Sam is called next -- she is sworn in.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Maxie and Jesse have returned, and they've filled the others in on what went down at Jake's. Jesse ran a trace on the guy's phone number and found out the guy's address and his name (Frank Rausch). But Lucas is still refusing to press charges. The others try to convince him to come forward, but Lucas is too terrified of coming out to his family. Jesse says the police department can keep an eye on Frank but unless he attacks someone else, without Lucas pressing charges there's nothing they can do.

A HOUSE IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Courtney has arrived at her new home in South Carolina. She talks a bit to Marsha, the woman Carly spoke with to set up the lease for the house. Courtney asks Marsha to make sure she is left alone. Marsha agrees and leaves. Courtney talks to the unborn baby, saying they are alone now for a new beginning. She is sure everything is going to be just fine. She doesn't see the shadow of a mysterious woman lurking in the doorway nearby.

THE COURTHOUSE: Nikolas has arrived -- he runs into Emily in the lobby, and they talk about how Courtney left town. Emily says that Courtney came to see her before she left, and that she told Courtney off for leaving town without filling Nikolas in. Nikolas admits to Emily that he will always care about her but that he is in love with Courtney. Emily thinks Courtney is still in love with Nikolas, too. Nikolas is upset because Courtney has clearly made up her mind not to be with him. Emily says, "She doesn't understand that I don't want to get back together with you any more than you want to get back together with me."

Inside the courtroom, Sam is still on the stand and being questioned by Alexis. Sam becomes frustrated that Alexis' questions try to compare Manny's situation to Jason's situation (that they both supposedly became different people after their respective brain traumas). Alexis brings up the things Jason has been arrested for in the past (murder, attempted murder, etc.) but Sam replies that Jason has never been convicted. Alexis reminds Sam that she is under oath and must tell the truth. She asks Sam if it's true that Jason is a professional killer.

JAKE'S: Frank, the guy who beat up Lucas, is still at the bar playing pool. Lucas arrives. He goes over to Frank, asks, "Remember me?" and then hits him.

A HOUSE IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Jax has arrived. He enters the house and is stunned to see that the place has been ransacked and Courtney is nowhere to be seen. Terrified, he calls her name but gets no response.

UNKNOWN LOCATION: When Courtney wakes up she finds herself in unfamiliar surroundings, handcuffed and unable to escape. Helena Cassadine is standing over her -- she says to Courtney, "Welcome to your new home."

THE COURTHOUSE: Sam tries to argue with Alexis -- she defends Jason and says that Manny is a killer who kills for pleasure. The judge warns Sam to stop yelling, but she keeps going, saying that Manny tried to rape her and is a pathetic coward hiding behind a brain injury. The judge pounds his gavel and again orders Sam to stop talking.

Outside in the courthouse lobby, Nikolas tells Emily again how worried he is that she is involved with Sonny. Emily says he doesn't need to be worried, that it's her life not his. Nikolas continues to try to argue with her, saying that Sonny uses women and he doesn't want to see Emily as the next in the long line of Sonny's whores. As he says this, Sonny enters the room and overhears him.

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