GH Update Wednesday 1/18/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/18/06


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Courtney meets Carly at Kelly’s. Carly tells her she cannot stay long because she’s been subpoenaed to testify at the Manny Ruiz trial. She says that’s fine with her as long as Manny is put away. She tells Courtney she has plane tickets for her to flee Port Charles. Courtney tells Carly it may not be that simple. She tells Courtney that there is a really nice hospital nearby the place she’s arranging for her to go. All she needs to do is rest up and take care of that little munchkin

Georgie and Dillon tell Lucas that he needs to get medical care after getting beaten up. But he tells them that he cannot do that. His mom is a nurse. Wherever he goes people will know him and find out he’s been beaten up because he’s gay. Right then, Maxie knocks on the door.

Manny’s trial is under way. Alexis and Ric are there to represent him. Sam is there hoping Durant can punish Manny for what he’s done.

Carly tells Courtney that she wants everything to be settled for her and her baby to flee. But Courtney tells her that she cannot leave Nikolas. She loves him so much and knows she will miss him. Carly tells her that this is not a permanent thing. It’s just temporary. She tells Courtney she’s been there to and had to go away herself many times for her children. They then conclude that if Nikolas really loves Courtney he will wait for her.

Maxie bangs on the door to tell Georgie that their parents tell her if she spends the night with Dillon, she is grounded. Georgie tells Maxie she does not care. Little does Maxie know that they are together for another reason when she sees Lucas coming out of the bathroom injured and Georgie and Dillon helping him walk. Maxie asks him why he’s hiding out there. He tells her that he has to hide because he’s gay.

Before the court hearing, Alexis asks Sam where Jason is. Ric reminds her if Jason does not serve his subpoena, he could be held in contempt of court. Hearing that, Sam asks him if that is what they plan to do; free the guilty and punish the innocent. Right then, Patrick and Robin walk in, obviously to testify in behalf of Manny for Alexis. Lorenzo walks in to serve his subpoena. Skye appears, informing him that she has no real obligation to be there except to offer him some moral support as she knows he is there all-alone without any friends. Durant approaches Alexis about her upholding the rights of Manny. Sam tells them all that she cannot sit back and let this injustice prevail. Right then, Manny arrives wearing a suit. The bailiff then calls them all to sit as the judge presides.

Maxie asks Lucas why he did not tell her he was gay before now. Why keep a secret? He tells her he does not want his parents to know. She tells him that the creep that did this to him cannot get away with it. But if he doesn’t go to the police, they will. Lucas tells her he is not ready to deal with this and reveal it to his parents. She urges him to believe that his parents love him and won’t hold that against him. But Georgie tells her that Lucas needs to deal with this when he’s ready and as he sees fit. Maxie then tells Lucas that she is very sorry that he did not feel comfortable telling this to her and had to keep this secret from her. He tells her it’s not about her and she should not take it personally. She tells him she loves him and departs.

At the hospital, Elizabeth notices a new watch that Emily has and assumes it was given to her by her mom and dad. Emily informs Elizabeth that Sonny gave it to her. Elizabeth asks Emily how it has changed when she just heard that she and Sonny were no longer going to see each other. Emily admits that Sonny finally admitted to his feelings for her. He took her out to dinner for her birthday and everything was great. But there was one problem. Nikolas and Courtney were also at the metro court. Nikolas was not ok about her being with Sonny. And Courtney got up and walked out on Nikolas very upset that he was concerned about Emily with Sonny.

Alexis calls Lorenzo to the witness stand to testify. She leads him to admit that he has no proof, necessarily that Manny is dangerous or violent and does not blame him for the recent outbreak of violence. He says he stayed out of what happened and Manny never threatened him. Lorenzo admits that he believes that Jason Morgan and Sonny Corinthos provoked Manny to come to town and commit his violent acts. Durant cross-examines Lorenzo and asks what he believes about Jason Morgan. Lorenzo replies that he believes he is a killer. And Manny simply acted out of self-defense. He then walks out the door knowing he’s made many people angry. Carly comes out and rips into him, telling him he is a bastard to trash Jason. She tells Lorenzo that he only used her and was never there for her. She tells him that Jason is a real hero who stood by her without any conditions. She tells him the reason he did what he did was because he knows that the love she has with Jason is pure and real and not selfish like he is. She walks out. Skye tells Lorenzo that he’s right now experiencing having his delusions shattered. She knows what it’s like. At first it’s devastating, but when you sort out the debris, you finally begin to have control of your life.

Courtney is in the process of writing a letter to Nikolas telling him that she needs to go away at this time. Right then, Jax is at her door.

Elizabeth asks Emily if she is ok with her arrangement with Sonny. Emily tells her of course she is. But she has to convince everybody else of this. Emily tells Elizabeth that everybody wants to push her back to Nikolas or convince her that Sonny is all wrong. Elizabeth tells Emily she is sorry and admits that this is coming from a selfish place. She’s not ready to accept her with Sonny. Emily tells Elizabeth she is her best friend and she will be there for Elizabeth no matter what.

Maxie goes to meet Jesse at Kelly’s. He asks her what is up. She tells him she needs his help and needs him not to speak a word about this. She tells him that one of her friends was beat up for no reason other than being gay. He tells her her friend should call the cops. She tells him that he is not yet out of the closet. He won’t even tell his own family. Jesse asks her what he expects her to do. She tells him she wants him to be her boyfriend and not a cop.

In court, Alexis calls Patrick to the witness stand and asks him about the surgery. She asks him if he believes that the behavior of her client was radically altered after the surgery. Patrick admits he cannot tell her that since he did not know Mr. Ruiz before the surgery. She asks him what condition he finds Manny in at that point. Patrick replies that Manny is alive and functional. And he does not know much else. Ric then asks Patrick to admit whether it’s possible that a personality shift could occur after this type of surgery. Patrick admits that it is possible. Right then, Alexis calls Robin to the witness stand and asks her about her relationship with Jason Morgan. Robin admits that she used to be in love with Jason.

Jax apologizes to Courtney about last night. She tells him he did not do anything. He tells her that that was what he did wrong. She’s told him she needs more time and more space and he could have been more sensitive to her needs, he tells her. She tells him that this is not working and she hopes he can forgive her too and realize that whatever she does is in the best interest of their child. He tells her he trusts her completely. Right then, there’s a knock on the door. It’s Emily. Jax goes out the door and tells Courtney they can talk later. Emily asks Courtney why she’s called her there and what she wants. Courtney tells Emily she wants her to know that she’s leaving so that Emily and Nikolas can have their opportunity to be together.

Nikolas goes to the hospital and admits to Elizabeth that he could not sit by and see Emily with Sonny. And he’s afraid he’s lost Courtney. He tells her that he believes that Sonny is bad news on every level. She tells him that the truth is that Emily cares for Sonny and there’s nothing he can do about it.

Maxie brings Jesse to talk to Lucas. Lucas tells her that he told her he did not want the cops involved. Jesse tells him he’s not there as a cop. He’s there as a friend and he wants Lucas to tell him the story. Lucas tells him that he met a guy who asked him about a place to get some pizza. The guy had a steal pipe. He could not defend himself. He’s angry and agitated and in pain. He tells them he’s been fighting his own battles all his life. And now he admits he’s gay and needs other people to protect him. Jesse tells Lucas he has a plan. He can go undercover. Lucas tells Jesse is this where he is the cop and Lucas is just the queer. Jesse says no. It will not be like that. He will do what he needs to do to catch the person who assaulted him.

Skye tells Lorenzo that she has a similar situation with Luke as what he has with Carly. She has decided to stop living her life in misery. He tells her that sounds good to him. She tells him he’s been a really good friend. And she’s there to return the favor. He asks her if he can buy her lunch. She tells him she’d like that.

Robin testifies that after the surgery where Manny’s anomaly has been corrected, she can assume that Manny is no longer a threat to society. Alexis asks her if she’s ever seen something similar with another patient. Robin admits that Jason was a very different person before his accident. Alexis then calls Jason Morgan to the witness stand. The judge asks where Mr. Morgan is. Alexis tells the court that Jason has been served with a subpoena and she wants to issue a warrant for his arrest. Sam protests that she cannot do this. And the judge calls order.

After hearing that Courtney is leaving town, Emily angrily tells her she is unbelievable. She tears all of their lives apart and now she bails. She tells Courtney that Nikolas is doing everything he can to sort out his life. But because Courtney cannot be the center of his universe, he does not suit her anymore. Emily tells Courtney that the damage is done. She cannot fix it by running. She will break Nikolas’ heart. Courtney then tells Emily that yes, she’s evil. She’s used and abused Nikolas. And now she will let him get on with his life and Emily can have him. Hearing that, Emily tells Courtney that she has now moved on with her life and has other things besides Nikolas. So Courtney can take her “noble sacrifice” and shove it.

Lucas tells Georgie that he loves her but she has no clue what he is going through. She asks if he doesn’t think his parents love him enough to accept him. He tells her that they love the “idea” of him. They want him to have a girlfriend, get married have children and do what they want him to do. And he concludes that he’s going to go on with his life on his terms.

Maxie and Jesse are at Kelly’s. She wants to help him. But he tells her he’s plotting a plan to set himself up to look gay, get a guy to come on to him, and he cannot do what with his girlfriend nearby. He tells her that she sacrificed her life for him. Now it’s his turn to do that for her. He kisses her and departs.

Sam then asks the judge if she can talk. She introduces herself and explains that Jason did not know that he was subpoenaed for today. She tells the judge that she believes that Alexis intentionally set Jason up to get cited for contempt. Alexis asks why she’d do that. Carly says she knows of many reasons why Alexis would do that. Right then, the judge calls a recess and tells them that they can have time to get Jason into the court before they reconvene. Carly tells Sam that she can go and find Jason without Sam’s help and Sam needs to stay there. Sam has her own plan, however. She hides herself behind the desk until everybody has left and she’s alone in the courtroom with Manny. She has a plan. She tells him that Alexis is wrong. She will personally see to it that he does not get away with what he has done.

Courtney meets Nikolas on a park bench. He tells her he’s so sorry that he fought with her. He admits to her that he still loves Emily, maybe similarly to how he knows she may still love Jason. He knows that although she and Jason are through, she must still think about him. That does not mean she wants to get back with Jason. And that’s how he feels about Emily.

Right then, Jax is knocking on Courtney’s door when she’s not there. He enters an empty apartment. He then notices letters she’s written in envelopes. He sees that she’s written to him that she will leave town for a while without either him or Nikolas. She promises not to keep him from their child but tells him he must promise not to try to find her. She tells him she needs this time alone. She also writes to Nikolas something similar.

Carly walks into Sonny’s. Emily is there and tells Calry that she should be helping Courtney pack so she does not miss her plane. She asks Carly if she thinks getting Courtney out of town is going to get Emily away from Sonny. Emily tells Carly there’s a news flash that that is not going to happen.

Alone in the courtroom with Manny, Sam confronts him. She tells him she wants him to be put away. She tells him he’s pathetic. She asks him what it’s like for him to be the helpless one now. She comes up to him and grabs his face. At that point he pushes her up against the wall and asks her if she wants him.

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