GH Update Tuesday 1/17/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/17/06


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Tracy and Alan are arguing about her staging her death. He tells her that doing that to Dillon is cruel and unusual even for her. Lulu listens in at the door. Dillon and Georgie are nearby. Tracy and Alan do not know that they are being overheard. Tracy tells Alan that her son needs to learn a “lesson” in family loyalty after what he and his friends have conspired to do. Right then, they all burst through the door and Dillon hugs his mother telling her he’s so grateful that she is alive.

Lucas reveals to Brooke Lynn that he is gay. Hearing that, she tells him she was wondering how long it was going to take him to figure that out.

Carly and Jax observe Sonny with Emily and Courtney with Nikolas. She tells him she’s not worried about anything She can sit back and watch the fireworks and she doesn’t even need to light the fuse. Courtney tells Nikolas that maybe they should go some place else. But he tells her there’s no reason for them to go anywhere. Carly sits back and says let the games begin.

Tracy tells Dillon, Georgie and Lulu that she knows that Luke wants her out of the way so that he can shack up with Skye. Dillon doesn’t seem to buy that. Right then, Skye enters and tells Tracy that she’s surprised to see the “rat queen” alive and well.

Brook Lynn asks Lucas just whom he’s told his secret to. He replies Georgie and Dillon. She tells him that his secret is safe with his friends. She also informs him that she is leaving town and does not believe that she belongs in Port Charles.

Nikolas admits to Courtney that he’s somewhat distracted and cannot believe that Emily would spend her birthday with Sonny. Courtney is not ok with her fiancé’s preoccupation with his ex wife. Jax tells Carly that he does not want Courtney hurt. She tells him she does not either. Courtney is one of her best friends. But she has to put this plan into motion. Nikolas is too distracted to order anything on the menu. Courtney then gets up and leaves. Sonny and Emily notice her departing. And Carly pulls some money out of Jax’s hand, tells him thank you and reports that they have one down and a few more to go. She asks him what he’s waiting for. Courtney is still in the lobby, she reminds him. Now is his chance to ride on his white horse to her rescue. After noticing Courtney fleeing the restaurant, Sonny asks Emily if she is uncomfortable. She tells him that she wants to enjoy her birthday with him and not worry about anybody else. Nikolas goes after Courtney. She is very upset. She tells him that this is so insensitive of him to be spending their almost-wedding day being obsessed about Emily. He apologizes and protests that this is Emily’s birthday. But she tells him that all of his doubts were all about Emily. She tells him she wishes he would just admit it.

Skye tells Tracy that she knows that she set Luke up by putting the poison on the martini shaker to falsely accuse him of attempted murder. She protests that she knows what they were all up to. And her car did actually run off the road. But they know that she staged the whole thing and Alan helped her by bringing her home. Alan admits that he did. Tracy then protests that somebody could call it self-defense. She protests that Luke had motive and means to kill her. Skye asks Tracy just whom she believes the authorities are going to believe.

Dillon and Georgie go to meet Lucas and Brook Lynn. She asks if he has any news on his mother. Dillon admits that Tracy is alive and well and he doesn’t want to talk about what just happened. They talk about just who might be unaware that Lucas is gay. He tells them all that as heterosexuals, they may think their lives are complicated. But not quite like his.

Jax tells Carly that her “work” is not done yet. Because Sonny and Emily are still together at their table and looking quite cozy. Sonny asks Emily if she is uncomfortable. She replies that she’s fine. If people want to stare, let them. He asks her what her idea is of a perfect birthday. She replies a dinner with an attractive somebody. She also admits she’d like to dance. Sonny then stands up, takes her hand and asks her to dance. She kind of hesitates but smiles and stands up with him and they go to a private room. Right then, carly is not ok and tells Jax this is a little too cozy. Jax tells her that she cannot cut in right now or she will blow her entire cover. And she’ll be revealing she is not over Sonny. Right then, Sonny and Emily go up to their private place and hold each other. Carly is not far behind and very upset.

Nikolas protests to Courtney that he has done the best he could be with her. And he wishes she’d be more understanding of him. She asks him if this is the way it will always be. Every time he runs into Emily, is he going to be so engrossed in her? Right then, Sonny and Emily come by. Sonny asks Courtney what is wrong. She tells her brother he may ask Emily.

Skye tells Tracy and Alan that Lulu was scared to death and thought she saw a ghost and asks them how they could do that. Right then, Mac enters and tells Tracy she looks pretty good for a dead woman. He demands that somebody starts talking. Skye admits that Luke had to come up with a way to scare Tracy into giving up on the divorce. So they came up with a plan. Mac tells her that regardless of Tracy’s stunt, Luke is in trouble. Until he turns himself in, he’s a wanted man. And once again, it looks like Luke has fled the scene.

Brook Lynn tells Lucas that she knows what he wants is somebody who will make him feel special. She encourages him to go and talk to a guy he sees playing pool. Lucas approaches a guy.

Lucky goes to meet Nikolas. He asks his brother why he’s called to meet him and tells him this had better be important. Nikolas admits to his brother that he asked Courtney to marry him. She said yes. And they went to celebrate at the metro court. Lucky knows that was not a good move knowing Jax was probably there. Nikolas tells Lucky that it was not just that. Emily was also there with Sonny. Lucky tells Nikolas that it sounds as though he cannot let Emily go.

Right then, at the metro court, Courtney tells Emily and Sonny that Nikolas proposed to her. Her divorce is final with Jax and Nikolas’ with Emily. But she admits to Emily that she knows that Nikolas is not over her(Emily). And the feelings he once had for Emily have never gone away. Courtney tells Emily that no matter how much Nikolas tells her he wants to spend his life with her, he’s still in love with Emily. Courtney cries. Emily tells Courtney she may be mistaken. Sonny asks Courtney to go home and rest for the baby. Right then, Carly comes to see Courtney. Courtney cries. Carly puts her arms around her. She then asks Courtney if she wants to “do something” about this or not.

Skye asks Tracy what kind of “bizarre connection” she has with Luke. She tells Tracy she must hold onto Luke no matter the cost. Tracy tells Skye that it’s $15 million. But Skye tells Tracy that she believes that there is something much more than that between Tracy and Luke. She tells Tracy that she knows they are both loving their sick, convoluted relationship. But she tells Tracy that she doesn’t want any more of it. And for her own sanity, she’s getting out.

Lucas is ready to see Brook Lynn off before she departs. He tells her she must take care of herself. The cab honks. They hug. She leaves. The guy comes out to talk to Lucas and assumes that Brook Lynn might be his girlfriend. But they confirm that Lucas is gay and the guy informs Lucas he’s new in town and Lucas might want to help him find his way around.

Carly tells Courtney that it might be a good thing that she finds out early on that it will not work out with her and Nikolas. Courtney then admits to Carly that maybe her first idea was the right one. She should disappear until the baby is born.

Nikolas tells Lucky that he knows Lucky wants him to be with Emily. But she does not want to be with him and she does not love him anymore. Lucky tells his brother he just wants him to be happy. Right then, Lucky disappears and Jax tells Nikolas that he knows he’s (Nikolas) really hurt Courtney.

Sonny and Emily return to his home. They seem to be the only ones who are happy. He tells her he thinks she wants to go home. He tells her that everybody has been warning them about the pain that they will cause each other. And then there’s her career. They may tell themselves that they can deal with it all. But the one thing he did not consider is her.

Dillon tells Georgie that he loves his mom but is so tired of dealing with her stuff. He tells Georgie that she is the only one he really trusts deep down in his soul and perhaps they should go away together. Right then, they find Lucas on the ground. It looks like he’s been injured.

Lulu finds Tracy who assumes Lulu knows where her father is. But Lulu admits to Tracy that she has not heard a word form Luke. She also informs Tracy that she understands Tracy’s motives with the stunts her dad wants to pull. Tracy tells Lulu that she needs to decide whose side she’s on.

Skye goes to the metro court and sees Lorenzo sitting alone. She asks him if he ever thought that they ever stood a chance. He tells her that today he told somebody they need to get a life. And he now realizes that he should have taken his own advice. She reminds him that he has not answered her question. He tells her that he seriously does not have an answer and he gets up and leaves.

Courtney tells Carly that she does not want to be caught in this pressure cooker between Jax and Nikolas. It’s not good for her, or either of them or the baby. She tells Carly she has to break it off with both of them. She tells Carly she must promise her not to tell either guy where she is going. Carly says she promises not a word and she will help Courtney make the arrangements.

Nikolas tells Jax he must stay out of his life. Jax tells Nikolas that he believes that Nikolas will destroy Courtney. And he knows that Nikolas is obsessed about Sonny and Emily.

Emily tells Sonny that what she believes is the problem is that he does not believe in her feelings for him. She assures him that she is not rebounding. That’s not what this is all about. But he tells her that if she “comes back” to him and decides that she’s over Nikolas, then they will see what happens. But he has to let her go and not keep her living at his home.

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