GH Update Monday 1/16/06

General Hospital Update Monday 1/16/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Jax approaches Carly and asks her where Nikolas and Courtney are. He tells her if she wants to stay in partnership with him, she better make sure that he and Courtney stay married.

It looks like that will not happen, however. Right at that moment. Courtney and Nikolas have decided to fly to the Dominican Republic and get married..

Sam tells Jason that maybe it would not be fair to put their child at risk with the choices they’ve made in regard to what he does for a living.

Sonny tells Emily that he believes she is so much better off without him. She tells him she does not believe that. But she will go if that is what he really wants. Once again, however, they cannot tear themselves away form the other. He kisses her and she does not stop him. He turns away and says he’s sorry. He tells her it should have never happened. She asks him why.

Carly then gets on the phone to check on Courtney. She finds out, from Mike that Courtney and Nikolas have gone off to the Dominican Republic. Jax asks how this could have happened. She tells him perhaps Courtney has gone to get a divorce form him without his knowing. He asks how she could do that. He’s not A. J. How could Courtney divorce him without telling him? Carly tells him perhaps she’s in the Dominican Republic with Nikolas in order for them to get married.

Right before the preacher is going to get them married, Courtney tells Nikolas that this might not be the kind of wedding she wanted. Maybe they should be surrounded by family and friends. He reminds her that all of the people they know disapprove of their getting married. So they’re not missing anything. And if they come back to Port Charles already married, then it might be easier for everybody involved to accept them as married. He tells her that there are many ways they can have their wedding. But all that matters is the two of them and what is in their hearts. She agrees. He then asks her if she will do him the honor of being his bride right there and then. She tells him yes and hugs him. The preacher then starts the ceremony.

Alan tells his family that he believes that Luke killed Tracy. Mac is there and tells Dillon, Georgie, Skye and Lulu that there was a martini shaker with vodka and rat poisoning found in Tracy’s car with Luke’s prints all over it. Lulu tells him it’s obvious that her father is a lush. That does not mean he killed Tracy. Georgie agrees that anybody could have poisoned Tracy. Skye tells Alan that Luke has his faults but he’d never kill Tracy. Alan tells her the evidence is overwhelming that he did. She got in her car and drove to the police station because she was fighting for her life. And she had an accident. Alan then notices that Skye might know something. He tells her if she has any secrets about Luke, even if it will get him in trouble, she must tell it.

Sam tells Jason that her brother, Danny would like to be able to have a normal life. He’d like to ride a bicycle, take a pretty girl out on a date and not have to hide. She admits that Jason has provided for Danny and his life is a lot better than it would be without him. Jason asks Sam if Danny’s disability could possibly be passed on to their child. She admits that his medical condition carries some genetic risks for her baby. But she doesn’t want to assume that it would taint their child. Plus she believes she could love her child regardless. He tells her they need to get all the medical facts.

Sonny tells Emily that she has a great medical career ahead of her. And he doesn’t want to mess that up for her. She tells him that she knows he has a reputation for being arrogant and selfish. But he’s never been that way to her. He’s been there for her. He’s been kind and generous and respectful to her. Only he believes he could be dangerous to her. Maybe others see him that way. But she can make her own decisions. She tells him if he wants her to go away, she’s gone. But unless that’s what he really wants, she won’t accept anybody’s opinion about him except her own. She asks him point blank if he wants her to leave. He admits that he does not.

Sam and Jason go to the hospital to find out the facts about what would happen if they were to have a baby. She tells him she has so many mixed feelings about whether it would be the right thing to do if she carries the genes that caused her brother’s disability. Right then, Robin enters and informs them that she is filling in for the regular OBGYN doctor. Sam tells Robin that this is kind of personal. It’s not like she’s just having stitches or something. Robin tells her whatever she discusses is covered by doctor/patient confidentiality. Sam tells Robin she knows Robin could probably remain professional and detached. But she’s not entirely comfortable discussing this. Jason tells her they can always come back. But Sam tells them she’s already waited long enough. She asks Robin how much she knows about the fragile x syndrome that her brother Danny has. Robin tells Sam she can test and give her a definitive answer about her risks of passing it onto her child after doing blood work. Sam then tells Robin she has the go-ahead to do it.

Lulu and Georgie consider the possibility that Tracy set Luke up to be falsely accused of attempted murder just to make him sweat. But Dillon tells them that his mom would never do that.

The Dominican preacher asks Courtney if she has any reservations about marrying Nikolas. She says no. He asks the same of Nikolas. He also says no. He asks them both of they promise to love honor and commit until death do them part. They both answer yes. But she notices there are no rings. He tells her they do not need rings for their solemn vows. The preacher is ready to tell them with the power vested, he declares them husband and wife. But Nikolas tells Courtney he does not want it to be this way. He concludes that when he marries her, he wants to declare his love for her in front of the entire world. He thanks the preacher for his time and they decide they will put their wedding off.

Jax tells Carly that he cannot understand how Courtney can pull a stunt like this. She tells him he should not be so surprised after he rigged the paternity test. He reminds her that if Courtney and Nikolas get married, then Emily will be free and might hook up with Sonny again. He knows Carly won’t like that. But Carly tells him she is no longer married to Sonny and it does not matter to her. And she tells him that it is his fault to get Courtney so angry that she’d fly to the Dominican Republic to get a quickie divorce and marry another man. He tells her it will not happen if he goes there to stop it. She tells him that whatever he believes, Courtney is her friend. If Courtney wants to marry Nikolas, then she wants her to be happy and not stop her from doing what she chooses. Jax laughs at Carly and asks her if she expects him to believe that. She couldn’t possibly be in support of anything that might affect her and Sonny.

Right then, Sonny and Emily talk about the different things they can do together. He then surprises her with a present that he’s been saving for her. She tells him he need not buy her a present. He reminds her that she got him and the kids a Christmas gifts and he knows that today is her birthday. She opens it to see a watch. She thanks him and kisses him on the cheek. He kisses her on the lips.

Dillon tells Lulu that it’s possible that Luke tried to poison his mom and that she cannot accuse his mom of falsifying her death. Even if she wanted to put Luke in his place, she would not keep a secret fro her own son. Skye them tells them she hopes that is true. But they must all make sure that nobody breaths a word about Luke’s desperate attempt to scare Tracy into divorcing him. Right then, Lulu turns around to see Tracy outside the window and she screams.

Nikolas and Courtney fly back and talk about their future plans to get married. He tells her she deservers a proper wedding. But when they get home he still wants to celebrate. He wants to toast her divorce and their almost wedding. She asks where he wants to go. He tells her the metro court. But she tells him that they must realize it would really provoke Jax if they celbrated at his hotel. He asks her if she wants to go somewhere else. She tells him that she does not want to hide out and then concludes that wherever they go and whomever the see will just have to deal with it. That includes both Jax and Carly. He asks her what Carly ahs to do with it. She explains that Carly is attempting to help Jax prevent her from divorcing him and it’s for her own selfish reason to get back with Sonny. Right then, Courtney gets a call on her cell phone from Carly. She informs Carly that she finalized her divorce with Jax and almost married Nikolas, but they decided they wanted a proper wedding. So they plan to celebrate at the metro court tonight. Carly gets off the phone and tells a very despondent Jax that she thinks that this will benefit both of them. She encourages him to know that Courtney had a chance to marry Nikolas but declined. So they still have a chance to formulate a plan.

Emily tells Sonny she needs to go to work but she can meet him later. He gets on his phone. He makes reservations for dinner for two.

Right when Carly is discussing her “plan” with Jax, the matre d informs Mrs. Corinthos that her husband will be dining in this very place with Emily. Jax asks her if she really is looking forward to having Sonny, Emily, Courtney and Nikolas all dining in the same room. Does she really think that will be fun? She smirks and replies that she would not miss it for the world.

Nobody believes that Lulu really saw Tracy from out the window. She tells them that she saw Tracy standing there with mud. Alan then comes out and asks them what they are talking about. Skye tells him that Lulu thought she saw a shadow from the trees.

Carly asks Jax if there is a way to get Courtney stuck on an elevator. He tells her that he already tried that on their wedding day and it did not work. He then tells her he’s considering maybe just getting a good custody lawyer to take the baby and cut his losses. But she tells him she’s not about to give up.

Emily comes to the hospital dressed in a lovely evening gown. Elizabeth and Patrick see her. Elizabeth asks Emily to please tell her she’s not going out with Patrick again. Emily assures Elizabeth she has no plans with Patrick. Right then, Sonny enters in formalwear and asks Emily if she’ ready to go. Right then, Sam and Jason come out of the room to witness them. Elizabeth tells Emily that she looks fantastic and happier than she’s seen Emily in ages. Sonny faces an unhappy Jason and tells him they can discuss this later. Jason then calls to Emily and wishes her a happy birthday. Sam asks Jason if he is ok. He admits he is not and asks what he’s going to do about this. Robin then finds Sam and Jason and assures Sam that she does not have the genetic risk for passing on her brother’s disability to her child. She’s absolutely certain. So Sam is safe to get pregnant. Patrick asks Elizabeth why she did not prevent Emily from walking off with the king of gangsters as he knows Elizabeth was worried. He asks Elizabeth if she, herself is turned on by the “bad boy thing”. Emily tells him in his dreams. Right then, Lucky gets off the elevator.

Alan goes outside in the cold and freaks when he sees his sister Tracy.

Lulu tells Dillon, Georgie and Skye that maybe she’s completely losing it to have thought she saw Tracy. They assure her she’s not crazy just because she thought she saw something she did not see. She tells them she’s afraid she will wind up like her mom at Shadybrook and then tells them she has to go outside because this place is creeping her out. They ask her not to breath a word to anybody about their plan.

Sam and Jason return home. She tells him that she’s happy to know she does not carry the risk gene and they can now have a baby whenever they want. They kiss He tells her now is good. And he carries her to their bed.

Sonny and Emily arrive at the metro court. He asks her if her plans really got cancelled. She reveals that she’d rather be with him. She talks about her birth mother being sick and how the doctors reduced her to a statistic. And she wants to make certain she never does that to her patients. He tells her he knows she is great at making everybody feel at ease. And she looks great in that dress. Right then, they hear Carly laughing. Her back is turned and she cannot yet see them. Emily asks Sonny if he’s uncomfortable about being seen by Carly. He tells her he’s totally ok. But right then, Nikolas and Courtney arrive. Emily sees them and her happy expression fades.

Alan and Tracy get inside. He tells her she did something completely immoral. She asks him how many times he’s faked his own death with much less cause than she has. He tells her he’s never upset his children the way she’s upset Dillon. She tells him that she knows that Dillon is in on Luke’s plan. She does not care of he and his little friends are upset with his mommy after this.

Lucky comes to see Elizabeth at work. She tells him they can go to dinner and a movie. But he reminds her that he had to pay the car insurance today and he cannot afford it. She tells him that’s ok. They can just spend a quality evening tonight with Cameron. Right then, Patrick gives Elizabeth some money. Lucky tells them he will go and check on Jesse and be right back. Elizabeth tells Patrick she does not want his charity.

Jason and Sam are sleeping. She is having a nightmare about her mother telling her she cannot get married because she will ruin everything like she always does.

When Courtney and Nikolas see Emily and Sonny together, he tells her if it makes her uncomfortable, they can leave. She tells him they need not leave. He agrees that they can celebrate tonight. They sit back down. The waitress then comes and gives Emily a birthday cake. Carly and Jax observe them. She tells him that she knows that both couples think they have a future together but they will all self-destruct. He asks her how she can be so certain of this. She assures him that they need not do anything. Nikolas will do it all for them. This whole thing is going to explode all by itself.

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