GH Update Thursday 1/12/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/12/06


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Tracy is enjoying a drink by herself in the library when suddenly Alice (the Quartermaines' maid) shoots a shotgun off and just misses Tracy. Tracy freaks out and accuses Alice of nearly killing her. Luke comes into the room and tells Tracy that they have had a nasty infestation of rats in the mansion -- but he knows how to deal with them.

GREYSTONE: Detective Rodriguez has come by to ask Sonny some questions about an incident at Jake's bar last night. Apparently a man named Buzz Ordwell was at the bar -- and Buzz was overheard threatening Sonny's life. Sonny says he has no idea who Buzz is. The detective remarks that Buzz made the threats while speaking to Emily at the bar. Sonny is surprised to hear that Buzz accosted Emily.

THE HOSPITAL: Someone has sent Emily a beautiful (and huge) arrangement of flowers. Patrick and Robin discuss the flowers -- Robin thinks that Patrick is jealous that Emily has caught another man's eye.

Meanwhile, Nikolas has tracked Emily down at the hospital to apologize for his behavior at Jake's. She warns him not to make a habit out of acting like a jerk. Nikolas comments that the flowers she received are nice. Emily turns to leave, and Nikolas checks the card to see who sent them to her. "Sonny?" he asks her, holding the card up for her to see.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Carly is at Courtney's loft -- she advises Courtney to do herself a favor and get herself out of town and away from Nikolas and Jax as soon as possible.

THE POLICE STATION: Sam verbally attacks Alexis for having Jason arrested. Alexis says that Jason attempted to kill Manny and deserves to be in jail. Sam smacks Alexis. Ric rushes over and orders John Durant to arrest Sam right away for hitting an officer of the court in front of witnesses. But Alexis doesn't want to press charges. Ric asks her why she is doing this and Sam interrupts and says that she knows what Alexis is trying to do and it isn't going to work, so the cops might as well arrest her anyway.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Luke and Alice assure Tracy that they are merely trying to get rid of the rats that have invaded the mansion. Tracy is sure there are no rodents running around. She orders Alice to put the shot gun away. Luke and Alice discuss getting rid of the "rodent queen" first. Tracy gets paranoid, assuming that they are talking about getting rid of HER. Luke has some rat poison out -- Tracy snatches it away from him and stalks out of the room.

At that moment, Luke calls his "conspirators" out from their hiding places behind the sofa: Skye, Dillon, Lulu and Georgie. They can't believe how terrified Tracy looked. Lulu comments that Tracy isn't stupid -- will she really believe Luke is trying to kill her? Luke thinks they can make their plan work, as long as they all help out. He does a secret handshake type thing and the rest of the group tries to imitate him as he nods in approval.

GREYSTONE: The detective informs Sonny that Emily and Patrick were out at Jake's when Buzz made the comments berating Sonny, Jason and their workers. The detective says that Buzz approached Emily, but she hit him over the head with a pool cue. Sonny is impressed. The detective is worried about mob violence breaking out again, but Sonny assures him that he has no idea who Buzz is. The detective leaves and Sonny calls Max to get the car immediately.

THE HOSPITAL: Patrick assures Robin that he doesn't feel jealousy -- that he is the one who usually makes OTHER guys jealous. Robin thinks that Patrick sees the flowers as a challenge. She points out that Patrick would do well not to get mixed up with Emily considering her relationship with Sonny and the fact that Jason Morgan is her brother. Patrick wonders mockingly why Robin cares whose cages he rattles, unless she wants to keep him intact for herself? Robin replies that it's his funeral.

Meanwhile, Nikolas is confronting Emily over the flowers Sonny sent her. He is obviously interested in the nature of Sonny and Emily's relationship. Emily tells him that the flowers are a present from Sonny thanking her for saving Michael's life, and that's it. She adds that since Nikolas is clearly fishing for info, she and Sonny are friends and nothing more because that's the way Sonny wants it. She turns to leave as Nikolas stares after her.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Carly points out that Courtney shouldn't be having to spend her miracle pregnancy playing referee between Jax and Nikolas. She thinks that Courtney should go away to some warm beach or a mountain cabin -- somewhere where she can spend her days concentrating on her unborn baby. Courtney tentatively says yes, but then changes her mind and says that she can't do it after all.

THE POLICE STATION: Sam is sure that the only reason Alexis isn't pressing charges is so Sam will convince Jason to testify on Manny's behalf at the trial. Sam says she would rather be arrested. Alexis wants to talk to Sam in private for a moment. Once they are alone, Alexis warns Sam that Jason has dumped her right in the middle of a very violent life. Sam interrupts and says that she feels safe with Jason, and that Alexis has no room to criticize considering she herself got involved with (and pregnant by) Sonny. Alexis says she has spent every day since then worrying about Kristina's safety. She is sure that if Sam were in her position she would do whatever was nessecary to protect her own child.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Luke asks Alice to go and make sure that Tracy stays away while he has a talk with the others. Alice leaves the room and Skye asks Luke how long it will take to accomplish their goal? Luke says that first they have to make sure that Tracy really believes that he's serious in wanting to kill her. Georgie speaks up, saying that she doesn't know if it's right to trick Tracy like this. The group reminds her of all the things that Tracy is doing to them at the moment: keeping Luke and Skye apart; blackmailing Lulu to spy on Luke; forcing Dillon to babysit Lulu...even Alice opens the door and chimes in that Tracy has been treating her like a servant. Alice closes the door again and Luke continues, saying that they have to do whatever it takes to get Tracy under control. Skye thinks Tracy should be thankful no one is trying to kill her for real. Alice pops her head in again and says, "You're right about that, Ms. Skye!"

JAKE'S: Elizabeth and Lucky are playing pool at Jake's when suddenly Sonny comes in to speak to Coleman. Sonny is upset that Coleman didn't protect Emily from Buzz last night. He warns Coleman that Emily is under his protection and should lead "a charmed life" from now on. Coleman agrees and Sonny adds that whatever happened last night should never, ever happen again.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Carly asks Courtney why she can't leave town and Courtney admits that she doesn't want to leave Nikolas. Carly asks Courtney if she's sure that she isn't sticking around for Jax. Courtney replies that if she were to leave the country Jax would come after her, and she doesn't want to be involved in a custody battle. She is comfortable with her decision -- she is staying put in Port Charles. Carly says fine, but that if Courtney ever changes her mind, she can help her disappear.

THE POLICE STATION: Sam accuses Alexis of knowing nothing about the world she (Sam) lives in. Alexis warns her that the crimes will never stop, and neither will the violence -- that Jason is never going to get out of the mob. She asks Sam if that's the kind of environment she will want her own kids to grow up in? Jason, overhearing this, interrupts and tells Alexis to shut up. Alexis says that Jason knows what she's said is true. They argue and finally Alexis and Ric leave the station.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: The doorbell rings -- it's a delivery for Luke. Tracy tries to intercept the package, which is from a hardware store. She is certain that Luke has ordered more rat poison. Luke won't let her see what's in the package so Tracy screams for Dillon. Dillon, flanked by Lulu, Georgie, and Skye, comes into the room. Tracy orders him to call the cops because Luke is planning to murder her.

JAKE'S: Coleman promises Sonny that Emily was taking care of herself just fine last night when Buzz came after her. Sonny vows that if something like that happens again he will hold Coleman accountable. He then talks to Elizabeth and Lucky, who are standing nearby. He asks Elizabeth if Emily has something going on with Patrick Drake?

METRO COURT: Ric and Alexis have arrived at the hotel to rest and work out a new strategy for the case. Alexis promises not to get into any more arguments with Sam. Carly approaches them both and says that since she is half-owner of the hotel she wants them to get out. Ric objects but Alexis points out that Carly is just upset because she had Jason arrested earlier. Carly, it turns out, is surprised to hear about the arrest. She promptly throws Alexis' drink in her face.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Mac has arrived and Tracy immediately tells him that Luke is trying to kill her because she won't give him a divorce. Luke denies that he's trying to kill her. Lulu pretends to cry over what Tracy is accusing Luke of -- she runs off to her room and Dillon tries to leave to go "comfort" her since Tracy made looking after Lulu his new job. Mac stops Dillon and asks him if he believes Luke is trying to kill Tracy? Dillon thinks that this is just another one of Luke and Tracy's married couple games. He and Georgie leave to go see about Lulu. Mac turns to Skye and asks if she has anything to add? Tracy accuses Skye of being in on the plot with Luke. She adds that Alice tried to shoot her earlier. Alice protests, saying she was shooting at rats. Tracy points out that Luke has just ordered a package of rat poison from the hardware store -- poison he intends to slip into her food to murder her. Mac looks at the package which turns out to be birdseed. Luke "admits" he uses the bird seed to feed the little birds out on the lawn. Mac, disgusted that his time has been wasted, leaves. Tracy warns Luke that she's on to him. She calls him a snake and Luke replies, "By the way, snakes eat rats, don't they?" He leaves the room.

METRO COURT: Ric defends Alexis from Carly, who is upset that Alexis had Jason arrested just after he got out of the hospital from having brain surgery done. Carly is also angry that Alexis is defending Manny Ruiz. Jax shows up and orders Carly to back off, because Alexis is his friend and Carly would be thrown out of this hotel long before Alexis ever would.

THE POLICE STATION: Jason tries to reassure Sam with little luck. She is worried because he is now on his way to jail. Just then John Durant comes over and tells them that Justus convinced a judge that there isn't enough evidence to hold Jason on, so Jason is free to go. Jason is worried because Sam seems preoccupied with something. She tells him she just wants to go home.

JAKE'S: Sonny is still talking to Lucky and Elizabeth about Emily's date with Patrick. Elizabeth explains that it was their first date, and it was Emily's idea to come to Jake's. She thinks that Emily has had a rough time lately and it's good that she got out and had some fun. Sonny asks them if they know anything about Patrick. Lucky says Patrick is pompous and fancies himself a player. Elizabeth says that Emily seems to like Patrick right now. Sonny thanks them and leaves. Elizabeth tells Lucky that this isn't good, that Sonny is possibly falling for Emily now, too.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Skye approaches Lulu, who is keeping watch for Luke. Skye says she was impressed that Lulu cried on cue earlier. She thinks that that's a lot like Luke. Lulu comments that she always thought she was more like her mom. Skye says that Lulu looks like Laura physically, but that she has Luke's spirit. Lulu is upset that bad people like Tracy always win while good people like Laura don't.

Meanwhile, Luke and Alice are setting up a meal for Tracy -- they want her to be scared that she has been poisoned. Alice worries to Luke that if he leaves she's going to miss having him around the mansion. She gives him a big hug and nearly chokes him in the process.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam are home...Jason asks Sam if Alexis got to her and she denies it. She finally admits that seeing how mad he got at Alexis, made her wonder if Alexis is right, that he knows what she was saying is the truth.

METRO COURT: Carly wants Alexis out of here, but Jax stops her, saying that Ric and Alexis are his friends and are always welcome. He apologizes to them for Carly's behavior and urges them to go upstairs and order whatever they like on the house. They leave and Jax turns to Carly and warns her that she's skating on thin ice. She points out that he needs her.

Alexis worries to Ric that it doesn't matter what she says, Carly and Sam are going to make it look like she's trying to get back at Sonny.

Jax tells Carly he's tired of their deal and wants her gone. She warns him that he better play nice because she is the woman who's going to deliver Courtney and his baby to him on a silver platter.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny is at the hospital and he wants to speak to Patrick. Patrick says that he has a patient to get to and Sonny notes that their conversation won't take long. He tells Patrick, "As a soctor, you know it only takes one second to lose or save a life, right?"

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Tracy has arrived and goes to take a drink, only to discover that there's something inside her glass. She freaks out, accuses Luke and Alice of trying to poison her, and runs out of the room. Luke is happy that Tracy took the bait. But Alice notes that there really is something weird inside the glass. She asks Luke if he really poisoned Tracy? Luke realizes that something's going on -- he runs to stop Tracy from leaving, but he's too late. Dillon informs him that Tracy has gone to the police station.

THE HOSPITAL: Patrick asks Sonny to please get to the point. Sonny wants to thank him for saving Jason's life. He admires Patrick's hands and asks him if he's ever had a hand injury? Patrick says he never has. Sonny says he hears those are extremely painful. He adds that he has also heard that Patrick is dating Emily. Sonny warns Patrick that he doesn't want anyone to take advantage of Emily, or else he (Sonny) would have to take it personally. Emily comes over to them and asks Sonny what he's doing?

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Nikolas stops by and he and Courtney make up from their argument before. She invites him inside and Courtney tells him that she has realized that she has been overcompensating with jax. Nikolas says that she is right to be concerned about Jax. He adds that he is not going to walk away from her.

METRO COURT: Carly tells Jax that she has made progress on the Courtney front -- that she will try to get Courtney to go back to Jax. She just asks Jax to try to be more sensitive of Courtney's condition right now -- no more stressing her out. Jax notes that Carly wants to remain partners in the hotel. She says that he's right, but more than that, she wants to remain partners with him even after he and Courtney get back together. Jax says she drives a hard bargain and she notes that the definition to a good bargain is when both parties get what they want.

Elsewhere in the hotel, Alexis and Ric are sitting down to eat. Alexis says that even though getting involved with Sonny was a mistake she does not regret Kristina. She adds that she didn't mean to hurt Sam, she just wanted to warn her of the consequences of mob life. She thinks that if she got through to Sam even a little it was worth Sam slapping her.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Jason tells Sam he never agreed with Alexis about anything. Sam points out that the way he keeps putting off having a baby with her makes her think that he does feel their lives are too dangerous to add a child to the mix. Jason asks her why she's even listening to Alexis and Sam replies that she is listening to HIM and that maybe they should just forget the whole thing.

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