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General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/11/06


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Carly is on her phone making plans to revamp the metro court. Right then, Luke comes and takes her phone from her and tells her that she’s getting ahead of herself and calling all the shots when she cannot. He tells her that he needs his finder’s fee from her. Right then, Jax informs Carly that Luke knows that he’s taking back the hotel.

Robin tells Elizabeth that it’s a strange coincidence that Patrick and Emily are on a “date”. She tells her she thought that Patrick would have cancelled it because he had to perform emergency surgery on Jesse. Right then, Courtney gets off the elevator and Robin informs both Elizabeth and Courtney that Patrick is a slime ball and she should not be surprised if Emily walks out half way through dinner. But right then, she is proven wrong when the two of them get off the elevator together talking and laughing.

At the bar, Lucky tells Nikolas that Emily got into a bar fight and the cops were called last night. Nikolas laughs and tells him he could not believe that Emily would ever be involved in a bar fight. But Coleman comes and tells them that it is true. And as the bar owner, he did not appreciate it. He has a big ice bag on his head, revealing that he got injured.

Maxie is sitting by Jesse’s bedside after he’s awoken from surgery. Alexis comes in and tells him that he must know he was shot by Manny’s cousin. She asks him if he saw anything else that she needs to know. Jesse replies that he cannot be sure but he believes that Jason tried to kill Manny.

Right then, Sam is having a nightmare that she is having a baby. But she cannot find him/her. Manny has her baby and takes the baby away on an elevator. She awakens. Jason tells her she’s just having a nightmare. She tells him that Manny has taken her daughter from her.

Emily parts from Patrick and looks happy. Patrick tells Robin that he knows she is not happy like he is. Emily talks to Elizabeth and Courtney. Elizabeth knows that Emily is late for work. She seems unusually happy. She asks Courtney about the baby. Courtney tells her they are fine. For the first time, Emily is really happy. She tells her that she(Courtney) and Nikolas are not the only ones having a good time. Courtney leaves and Elizabeth tells Emily she must realize what a dog Patrick is. Emily tells Elizabeth that Patrick is exactly what she needed.

Coleman tells Nikolas and Lucky the entire story about what happened the previous night. Patrick arrived at the bar and he told her that he did not picture her to be the roadhouse kind of girl. A guy came up to Emily and asked if she is Jason Morgan’s sister. She confirms it. He informs her that Jason Morgan made some serious trouble for him but he knew of a way to “wipe the slate clean”.

Jax informs Luke and Carly that Courtney had the paternity test to prove that he is the real father of her baby. So, he informs them that neither of them have anything “on him”. And he will no longer do business with them. Carly tells him that she will fight him. He tells her he knows that she has embezzled from him. She tells him that that did not happen. He tells her she needs to back out gracefully without all the kicking and screaming and public displays she always makes. He walks off. Carly tells Luke he better get Jax to change his mind or Luke can kiss his money good bye.

Jesse informs Alexis he believes that Jason tried to kill Manny.

Sam tells Jason that she had this dream about Manny taking her baby. She felt so afraid and helpless. And she kept seeing that face and that twisted grin on his face. He tells her she need never be afraid of Manny again. She will no longer have to worry about him. She tells him that she knew she cannot ever again give Manny so much power over her and let him invade her dreams. She then informs him that she went to the police station to attempt to motivate the cops to have him put away. And she tells him that that is not the way she wants to live her life. She wants to live her life where she is in control.

Carly tells Luke that she will not give up on having this hotel. He tells her that she must realize that this whole deal was predicated on his helping her get the ownership in exchange for her giving him what he’s asked for. She tells him that he’s never helped her with her personal life. Why should she help him with his? And she reminds him the last time she checked, he was married to Tracy Quartermaine.

Coleman tells Nikolas and Lucky the story about how Emily hit a dude with a pool cue after he threatened her brother, Jason. He tells them no wonder her “date” was smiling when they left.

In the hospital, Robin hears Patrick and Emily talking and liking each other. He tells her that she will be a good doctor to not be thinking and second-guessing herself all the time, like Robin does.

Lanie goes and talks to Manny. She asks him about Sam McCall and Jason Morgan. He tells her that he knows that they are both angry with him for what he’s done to them. Outside, Justus and Ric talk. Justus tells Ric that he knows that although he intends to help Alexis defend Manny, he does not believe for a moment that Manny has reformed. Alexis is nearby, telling Durant that he needs to release her client from custody because he has not broken any laws (not recently).

Sam tells Jason that she no longer wants to worry about Manny or anything else. She wants to start to have what she wants most; a family. He tells her that that is what they intended to do in Hawaii. Hearing that, she tells him she can sense that when the baby topic comes up, he appears uncomfortable. She asks him if he no longer wants a baby. She asks him what is up. Does he doubt his ability to be a father? If so, she knows he would make an awesome father. She tells him that there is never a “good time” to plan to have a family. She asks him if he has doubts about her. He tells her he has no doubts about her being a good mother. But he’s worried about her health. Dr. Meadows told them that they’d have to wait another year before she can get pregnant again.

Nikolas goes to the hospital and asks Elizabeth if she knows what has happened to Emily the previous night. He heard that she got into some “trouble”. She tells him he may look for himself. Nikolas goes and finds Patrick and Emily. Emily tells Patrick that this is her ex husband. Nikolas tells Emily she cannot be serious about this egotistical jerk. Patrick tells Nikolas he must have been a real loser in the sack and his loss is Patrick’s gain. Nikolas then hauls off and punches Patrick. Patrick tells him he’s a Neanderthal and he must realize Patrick is a surgeon who cannot perform surgery after having hand injuries.

At the Quartermaine house, Tracy informs Skye, Luke, Lulu and Alice that she now holds all the cards and calls all the shots.

Courtney runs into Carly and informs her that she and Nikolas had a fight. A big one. Calry asks to sit with her and tell her what happened. Courtney informs Carly that Jax rigged the first pregnancy test. Carly hears that and asks if he rigged the second one. Courtney tells Carly that she realizes that Jax did wrong. But he is the father of her baby and she wants to get along with him. And this whole conflict is making her crazy. She asks Carly what she should do. Carly tells Courtney that she knows she has a lot of stress going on and that’s not good for the baby. She asks Courtney if she wants her advice. She tells her that she should run away from Nikolas and back to Jax.

Tracy tells everybody how things are going to be. Lulu better stop her behaviors and start showing some respect or she will find her ungrateful butt out on the streets. Luke will stop his foolishness. Alice will stop pampering “Mr. Luke”. And Skey will leave Tracy’s husband alone. He is still her husband She informs them that they have no more power. Dillon then comes out and tells Luke that he hopes Luke has some “plan” to take care of his mom. Luke has no clue at this time but assures Dillon that a plan will emerge.

After hearing Carly encouraging her to get back with Jax, Courtney cannot believe what she hears. She tells Carly she knows she dislikes Jax. She asks Carly if she believes she is stupid. The only reason Carly is encouraging Courtney to get back with Jax is in order to kiss his behind so he will “owe” her. All she cares about is herself. Carly tells Courtney that she is her friend. Courtney tells Carly she will never change and is only looking out for herself.

Justus tells Lanie that they need to leave their jobs behind for a while and go to lunch. Ric tells Alexis that maybe it’s not such a great idea to go after Jason. Durant could turn it around and use it against her. She tells him that she knows that that cannot happen.

Sam tells Jason that he has to go for it. He cannot be afraid to have a baby. He must grab onto all the joy the world has to give. Nobody knows what will happen between now and next June. The world could end. But they cannot sit back and wait. He must trust her and know that she’s right. They kiss. But right then, there is a knock on the door. It’s the PCPD. A cop tells Jason he is under arrest for the attempted murder of Manny Ruiz.

Lulu talks to Skye about the problems she’s having with Tracy. She tells her that she realizes that her mother is not coming back and her dad is not getting back with her mom. So if she’s forced to choose between Skye and Tracy, she will take Skye any time. Skye tells Lulu she’s really happy to hear that.

Dillon tells Luke that he knows because he’s seen it in a movie, he can enable Luke to win in the war with Tracy. He talks about the rich wife pushing her husband until he threatens to kill her to get her off his back.

Courtney and Nikolas go to her home. She knows that he has Emily on the brain. They had just one fight and he’s sticking his nose in Emily’s business, she tells him. Nikolas just wants to be the hero with Emily. But he demands that she cuts Jax out of her life. He tells her that it’s totally different. Jax has falsified a paternity test and done some really bad things. And she’s playing right into his hands. He tells her he knows he cannot make her see what Jax is all about so he is giving up. And he goes out the door.

Carly finds Jax and tells him how she can “help” him. She knows he is not over Courtney. She knows how to give Courtney a nudge in his direction. He asks her how she plans to do that believing there’s no way that can happen. She tells him that although Nikolas presents himself like he doesn’t think he’s better than anybody, he is still a Cassadine. He’s just as snotty and uppity as all the people Courtney does not care for, whether she realizes it or not. And she can help Courtney see that and enable her to dump Nikolas and go back to Jax.

Jason and Sam go to the station and Durant tells him that he is ready to nail him for the attempted murder of Manny.

Luke tells Tracy that she has the gal to gloat after she humiliated him right in front of his daughter and Skye and all those people. He tells her that he can kill her and get away with it. He could kill her and drag her down to the boathouse and drop her lifeless body in the lake. And nobody’d ever know. Alice stands by him ready to help him with his plan. Tracy almost looks scared. He leaves and Alice asks if she heard that. Tracy then looks really afraid that Luke means to kill her. Alice laughs, walks away and tells Tracy she did not hear a thing and won’t implicate Luke.

Lucky and Elizabeth meet in the bar. They declare that they are both off work and have better things to do than go home and do their laundry. They want to spend some quality time together. And they kiss.

Nikolas leaves Courtney and returns to the hospital. He apologizes to Emily for getting into her business with Patrick. Emily then notices an enormous assortment of flowers on the hospital counter. She notices a card. It’s from Sonny, thanking her for all she’s done for Michael.

Carly tells Courtney that when she was pregnant with Michael and really hormonal, Courtney was really patient with her. So she tells Courtney, now it’s her turn to return the favor. She asks Courtney what she can do. Courtney admits to her that she does not know. There’s Nikolas. She loves him but they are always fighting. Then there’s Jax. She should be furious at him. But she finds herself all forgiving of him. So she asks Carly what she should do. Carly encourages Courtney to go for it with Jax.

Sam asks Durant how he could do such a thing to Jason. He assures her it was not his doing. It was all Alexis. Sam tells Alexis she is a malicious bitch. Alexis tells Sam she must control herself and realize that Jason is a murderer. Sam then hauls off and slaps Alexis really hard.

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