GH Update Tuesday 1/10/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/10/06


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After Manny’s cousin has shot Jesse and demanded that Manny comes with him to escape from his trial and help him with his dirty deals, Manny refuses. The cousin holds a gun on Manny but Manny turns the gun on him. Right then, Jason comes out of the bushes and is ready to shoot Manny. Right behind him, Alexis and Ric appear and she tells Jason that if he shoots Manny, he is in big trouble.

After Courtney has prodded him to tell her whether he rigged her DNA test, Jax finally admits that he did.

Emily is talking to Elizabeth about how frustrated she is with her love life. She tells her, somewhat in a joking manner, that from now on, she will just throw caution to the wind and that the next guy to walk out of the elevator will be hers. And right then, Dr. Patrick Drake walks out of the elevator.

Carly tells Sonny that she knows that Emily will never be able to satisfy him the way she can.

Max goes to Jason and Sam’s and informs Sam that Jason has found Manny and there’s been a shoot-out. Right away, Sam runs out the door although Max tells her she cannot leave.

Right then, after Jesse has been shot, Manny’s cousin is subdued, and he’s being watched by Alexis, Ric and Jason, Manny looks like he’s crying or showing he has a conscience.

Jax explains to Courtney that he rigged the test results with the help of Dr. Meadows. And the reason is because he’s concerned about Helena endangering Courtney and the baby if she believes it’s Nikolas’. He admits that he was wrong to do that. Right then, Nikolas appears and tells Jax that nothing has changed. Jax would say and do anything just to manipulate Courtney.

After Patrick walks out of the elevator right after Emily has “put her foot in her mouth”, she acts interested in him. He tells her that he knows her. She’s Emily Quartermaine, daughter of the chief of staff and his lovely wife. He also tells her she’s gorgeous. Hearing that, she beams and looks flattered. But he tells her that he knows she does not need him. She is in a major transition in her life and needs time to process. And he walks away. Emily looks baffled. Patrick may be arrogant. But he’s not stupid.

Carly tells Sonny that they used to be meant for each other. She knew that without him, she had nothing. He tells her he knows she’s better now. And things have changed. Sonny tells her that the reason why he came by her home is to check on Michael. She tells him the reason that she kissed him was in order to prove to him that she is strong enough to walk away. He relives with her all the times they went away with the boys and spent all that time on the beach together. He admits to her that those were great times they had. But they cost her. He did not mean for the time she was with him to hurt her. But it did. He tells her that he now accepts that being with him makes her less than what she is. And he loves and respects her too much to do that to her again. She tells him that she’s survived and is now on her feet. And what she wants is for them both to be ok. She tells him he need not protect her for her. She tells him he can take care of himself and she will do likewise. Hearing that, he asks her if that means she will stop butting into his business. She tells him of course and asks if he will stay out of her business.

After Patrick has left Emily and Elizabeth alone, Elizabeth tells Emily how arrogant Patrick is. She informs Emily that Patrick hit on her. Emily laughs and tells her she cannot believe that this man propositioned her best friend. She also tells her that earlier this night, she opened up her mouth to Sonny and told him that she was in love with him. And Sonny still doesn’t want to be with her. Her ex husband is in love with a woman who’s having another man’s baby. And Sonny wants to be her “friend”, whatever that means. She tells Elizabeth she must be sending out some type of vibe for every man that comes by to stay away from her. They laugh all the while. Right then, Patrick interrupts them and tells them that time is up. He tells Emily that he knows she asked him out and now he’s going to return the favor. He asks her if she will go out with him. She smiles and tells him that she thought he’d never ask.

Nikolas demands to know what Jax thought he was doing to lie to Courtney about the baby. Jax admits that it was not his finest hour. But he had his reasons. Courtney then asks them both to stop and tells Jax he has to leave. Nikolas tells Courtney that Jax thinks he can tamper with a paternity test and then walk away like it’s perfectly ok. And she overlooks every slimy thing he does. What does she think he’s going to do when the baby is born? She tells him she will not let Jax manipulate her anymore. He tells her she just did.

Lucky finds out, from Manny that Jason was ready to shoot him. Lucky tells Jason that after what happened to Jesse and what he was ready to do to Manny, he’s not going anywhere. He tells Jason he better give him the gun.

Nikolas tells Courtney that he could tell by the look on her face that she was completely falling for Jax’s line of b.s. when he talked about the miracle baby. She protests that she loves him and has tried to reassure him any way she knows how. He then tells her she needs to make a choice; Jax or him.

After Jesse has been rushed to the hospital, all the medical people rush to take care of him. Maxie rushes to be with him. Robin then finds Patrick while he’s in his conversation with Emily, and tells him they need to do emergency surgery on a cop that was shot in the back. Robin then asks Emily what the deal is with her and Patrick. Emily assures Robin that she and Patrick are not dating. He’s just a diversion. Hearing that, Robin asks Emily if there is another “guy” in her life. Emily evades the issue not wanting to talk about Sonny. But Robin knows and asks Emily to tell her it is not Sonny.

After Jason has been taken to the station, Carly tells Durant that he cannot do this to Jason. Durant tells his daughter that he’s doing his job and she needs to realize that. Jason is a criminal. But right when Durant goes to confront Jason, Ric tells Drunat that he might want to know that Jason might have saved Manny’s life. Carly protests to her father that he cannot arrest Jason. But Durant tells her again that Jason went out there for one reason and one reason only; to put a bullet in Manny’s head.

Courtney tells Nikolas that maybe Jas is manipulating her. But he’s really getting too upset about it. He’s right now giving Jax exactly what he wants. She tells him she doesn’t want him giving her ultimatums. He tells her that he is serious. She must make a choice. She tells him that if he keeps doing that, it’s just going to antagonize Jax. But Nikolas tells her that Jax needs to be stopped before he pushes it even farther. He knows that Jax sabotaged his plane. She tells him she believes Jax when he tells her he did not. And she tells him that they must face up to the fact that Jax is the father of this baby and they need to cope. He asks her why she’s fighting so hard to hang onto him. And he walks away.

Dillon and Georgie go to be with Maxie and ask her if she wants to go with them to get some coffee. She tells them she does not want coffee. She wants their dad to go after the person who shot her man. She’s very upset. Georgie hugs her.

Emily tells Robin that she and Sonny are not having a thing. She is just his friend. She’s been helping out with Michael and Morgan. They are her godsons. Sonny has been really supportive to her. And nothing is going on right now. Robin tells her if nothing is going on, then why is Emily so upset right now? Emily tells Robin she doesn’t want to talk about this right now.

Alexis tells Durant that they now have proof that Manny had a perfect opportunity to run but he chose not to. He tells her he does not buy that Manny suddenly changed after the surgery. But she tells him again that Manny refused to run when he had a chance. Durant then goes to ask Jason if he notices Manny’s failure to run when he had a chance. Jason admits that that is what really happened. Durant tells Jason he is then free to go. Jason then finds Carly and tells her that she cannot plot any more schemes. She tells him she won’t scheme anymore. Right then, Manny is looking at her through the window of the interrogation room and motions for her to come in and talk to him.

Courtney goes to Kelly’s. Mike tells her that he has some brownies with her name on them. Right then, he can tell that something is going on with his daughter and asks her what is wrong. She admits to her father that she doesn’t know what to do.

Elizabeth runs into Nikolas outside. She tells him she knows he’s upset. He tells her that Jax asked Dr. Meadows to rig the test. She tells him she cannot believe that Dr. Meadows would go through with that. But he tells her that Jax explained that he convinced Dr. Meadows that Helena would endanger Courtney and the baby if they believed that Nikolas was the father of the baby. Hearing that, Elizabeth tells him that Courtney must be furious. He tells her that Courtney is making every excuse for Jax. It then sounds like Elizabeth is making excuses for him also. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that Jax wanted to steal his child. He also wanted to take her child. She, of all people must understand why they all want Jax out of their lives. Elizabeth then tells Nikolas that Lucky got so angry at Jax and she was worried about it affecting the baby. He tells her he does not intend to do that. She tells him that Courtney, like herself, is becoming a mother. She did not intend to get pregnant by Jax. But she has to honor the child and it’s father. And she tells Nikolas he either needs to support Courtney in this situation or else have the honor to let go.

Patrick tells Maxie, Dillon and Georgie all about his egotistical approach in promising to save Jesse. They are all amazed at how arrogant and insensitive Patrick is.

Jason explains to Sonny that he witnessed Manny refusing to join forces with his cousin, who attempted to help him escape. He told him that he was a changed man, will accept the consequences and reform his life. After hearing that, Sonny tells Jason if he did not trust him with his life, he’d accuse him of lying about that. He tells Jason that he may have heard that but he cannot believe Manny for a moment. Jason assures Sonny that Manny will die. But they must realize the possibility that Manny’s surgery might have profoundly changed him.

At the station, Sam runs into Carly who tells her that her dad is out to nail Jason. Sam tells Carly that Durant let Jason go. Carly tells Sam she must realize that Durant only let Jason go in order to set him up. Right then, Carly walks into the interrogation to talk to Manny. She enters and Manny tells her there is something he needs from her.

Maxie tells her father that he mustn’t tell her that being shot is just part of being a cop. She tells him that she knows that he gave that assignment to Jesse, when he could have given it to any other cop, because he hates Jesse. He tells her he knows she’s upset. But she must realize that Jesse volunteered and he did not ask him. And sometimes being shot is part of the job. So is waiting in the OR, dealing with rude arrogant doctors, and being mad at God.

Emily goes Nikolas on the pier after his argument with Courtney. She can tell that he is upset about something. He tells her he will not burden her with his problems. But she tells him she is there if he wants or needs to talk. And right then, Patrick comes to announce to them that he’s ready for his date with Emily.

Sam reminds Jason that Manny broke into his home. What if Michael had been there? He shot Jason in the leg, tied him to a chair, threatened to rape Sam many times, kidnapped Carly and derailed the train and killed many people. Jason tells Sonny he realizes that and Manny will get what he deserves.

Alexis is talking to Ric about the legal theory in Manny’s case. But he reminds her that there is also human emotion. He asks her if she forgives Manny for causing the crash that could have killed her unborn baby. She tells him that she has been forgiven for her wrongdoings. So has he. So they should realize that others deserve that also.

Manny tells Carly that he may not get another chance to apologize to her. He tells her if he could take back the terrible things he’s done, he would. But he cannot. He tells her he realizes he cannot ask her for anything but he’s asking her to find it in her heart to forgive him. She’s almost ready to. But right then, Sam walks in and tells Calry she mustn’t believe a word out of his lying mouth.

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