GH Update Monday 1/9/06

General Hospital Update Monday 1/9/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Jason tells Ric he better get Alexis to back off of Sam or he will get her to back off. Ric tells Jason that he better not threaten his wife. Inside Jason and Sam’s apartment, Alexis warns Sam that she needs to motivate Jason not to play games in the courtroom. Sam asks Alexis how she can live with herself, not only in defending Manny. She asks Alexis if she ever remembers that her(Alexis’) daughter is alive because of her (Sam)

In Manny’s hospital room, before his trial, Durant some finds a guy who looks just like Manny and brings him to meet Manny and Alexis. Manny asks who this is.

Robin comes by Carly’s to find Patrick. She sees him with Carly and assumes they are having a “thing”. Carly tells Robin that that is true. And she rubs Robin’s nose in it.

Sonny and Emily are together in his house after she saved Michael. He tells her how grateful he is to her for saving Michael. He tells her he cannot thank her enough. She turns to him . They hesitate for only a moment and then they kiss. He then pulls away and shakes his head and tells her he’s sorry. He should not have kissed her. And he promises her that this will not happen again.

Courtney and Nikolas go to the hospital for a checkup and notice that Jax is there waiting. He tells them that this child is his and he wants to be there to experience everything that happens in his or her life. Courtney goes off with the doctor. Jax tells Nikolas, looking like he’s gloating, that he knows Nikolas is not happy with this.

Manny asks Durant what the deal is with this dude who looks just like him. Durant explains that the “body double” will be a decoy to look like him and “be” him and he will be put in prison in his place. While Manny, himself, will be snuck out in a laundry cart, taken secretly to the PCPD and put in solitary confinement where he will be safe and society will be safe from him. Manny explains to Durant that he knows he’s done a lot of bad things but he’s reformed and doesn’t plan to make another escape. Durant tells him he finds his word hard to believe. Manny then tells Durant that he will be willing to take whatever consequences lie before him.

Alexis tells Sam that she must do her job. The justice system will not just let her assume that Manny is guilty and have him put away. He has the right, under the law, to due process. Sam tells Alexis that Manny is not just some “abstract legal concept”. It was she whom he stalked and tried to rape several times. Alexis might not understand that. But she must realize that Manny also shot Alexis’ husband and almost caused Alexis to lose her unborn baby. And again, Sam reminds Alexis that she would not have Kristina alive and well if Sam’s baby had not died. Hearing that, Alexis says nothing and goes out the door. Jason comes back in and asks Sam how it went. She tells him that she hopes she’s gotten through to Alexis.

After Sonny and Emily kiss, he tells her that it was a mistake. She then tells him that she knows he’s made it loud and clear that he does not return her feelings. She leaves and Sonny looks very bummed out that she did not fight to prove that they can have a future after all

After hearing Carly informing Robin that they’ve slept together, Patrick gloats and assumes that Carly has feelings for him. But she tells him that her main concern about Robin is that when she finds out what happened to Michael, she will try to have social services take him away from her. So she told Robin that Patrick was there to sleep with her so that Robin would not assume to know the real reason why he was there. There’s no other reason she told her that. They get into an argument about each believing the other has the hots for them and each denying the other’s accusations. He tries to kiss her but she dismisses him and tells him goodnight.

Back at the hospital, Robin reveals to Elizabeth that this whole day has been one big disaster for her. She thought Jason had come to accept and understand the fact that she told Michael, all those years ago, that AJ was his father. And he still has not forgiven her for that. Then there’s the situation where he cannot accept the fact that she’s telling the truth about Manny’s medical condition. And she went to Carly’s in an attempt to “make peace” and it looked like Patrick is now having a thing with Carly. Elizabeth tells her the best way to deal with Carly is to ignore her. And she assures Robin that even if Carly and Patrick hook up, they will only end up making each other miserable and they’ll both get what they deserve.

Sam tells Jason that she really noticed something that indicated that Alexis might be “coming around” and realizing she cannot go through with defending Manny. He tells her she shouldn’t count on it.

Alexis and Ric catch Durant with Manny. Jesse is dressed to look like a hospital laundryman carrying a laundry cart. They ask what is going on. Alexis tells Durant that her client is in no condition to be taken from his hospital room. He tells her that maybe he’s saving Manny’s life. Manny explains to Alexis that Mr. Durant found a dude who looks just like him to follow a “plan”. Durant informs them that Detective Beaudry is going to secretly send Manny out of the hospital in the laundry cart and take him to solitary at the PCPD, unknown to the press and everybody. And meanwhile, the decoy will be publicly escorted out of General Hospital where he will be greeted by the fan fare. Ric asks Durant what he hopes to accomplish from this. Durant tells Ric that he knows that Sonny or his henchmen are planning something. And he’s ready to catch them.

Right then, Sonny and Emily conclude that it’s time for her to leave. He gives her his coat to wear. It looks obvious that they are both very bummed out to be parting company.

Nikolas tells Jax that he does not mind sharing responsibility for Jax’s child, but they most definitely will not “share” Courtney. He tells Jax that he knows he expects to get Courtney back in his bed and must realize that will not happen. Jax tells Nikolas that he realizes he’s messed up with Courtney and it will take some time. But he believes, one day, Courtney will come around and realize that they love each other and belong together. Hearing that, Nikolas tells Jax that he’s dreaming and completely off the mark if he thinks that will ever happen. He tells Jax if he really believed that he(Jax) truly loved Courtney, he might be willing to respect his motives. But he knows that all Jax wants to do is pump up his ego and “win his trophy”. Courtney then comes out and seems “torn” between the two men. Nikolas then gets on the elevator and departs. But Jax does not leave. She tells Jax that he’s not making this any eaxier. He tells her he’s merely exercising his parental rights. Right then, Elizabeth tells Courtney that Dr. Meadows has come out of her coma and is asking to see Courtney.

Alone with Jason, Sam tells him that she wants to make a “compromise” with him where he goes up and takes a bubble bath with her and she will do away with the bubbles if she can have the bath oil. He doesn’t seem interested in her compromise. She tells him that it reminds her of Hawaii and she asks him to come back there with him and promises that his sacrifice will be greatly rewarded. Right then, Max comes by and informs Jason that he got word that Manny got moved tonight. Sam goes upstairs. Max asks Jason what he plans to do about Manny being free. Jason grabs his shotgun. From upstairs, Sam watches him.

Courtney comes to see the injured Dr. Meadows in her hospital room, right after Dr. Meadows has regained consciousness. She tells Dr. Meadows she’s very happy she’s pulled though and asks why she wanted to see her. Jax is standing outside, eavesdropping upon their conversation.

Emily goes by the pier in the snow, right where she rescued Michael. She relives her encounter with Sonny and she cries. Nikolas comes by and asks her what is wrong.

Patrick comes to talk to Robin and taunts her about how he knows she must be jealous of what he might be doing with Carly and she must be interested in him. She tells him that he has the morals of a farm animal in heat. And she tells him if he’s serious about going after Carly, he’s a dead man.

Sonny goes to Carly’s to see how Michael is. She informs him that their son is asleep but he may take a peak if he wants. She has a smirk on her face and he asks her what is up. Michael then comes down the stairs to greet his dad. They both tell him he needs to be in bed. He goes back up but reveals that Dr. Drake was there not long ago. Sonny asks Carly why she consulted Dr. Patrick Drake. She tells him that with what happened to Reese, she does not entirely trust Emily’s medical expertise. She taunts Sonny about how Emily always ends up back with him. Sonny tells her there is nothing going on between himself and Emily. She then notices a hair of Emily’s on his coat and asks him if that is entirely true.

Robin asks Patrick if there is no end to his ego. She is not jealous of him and Carly. She tells him that Sonny and Jason are the ones who will get him in trouble for his thing with Carly. Not to mention, Jason’s sister, Emily.

On the pier, Emily tells Nikolas that she’s lived with so much fear and so much doubt. She tells him that she did not want to complicate Sonny’s life. He tells her he knows the way she is. But what she’s just told him about does not explain why she’s crying. She does not reveal to him what is really going on with her. He asks her if she is really ok. She smiles and assures him she is. He tells her he knows she will be a brilliant doctor. He then tells s her he probably should go and get back to the hospital and tells her he will see her. She then stands alone, looking depressed.

At the hospital, Elizabeth notices Jax and asks him if she can “help him” with something. He tells her he’s just waiting for Courtney. He asks her if she might know something about Courtney’s conversation with Dr. Meadows but realizes she is bound by doctor/patient confidentiality. He admits to her that he’s concerned that Dr. Meadows might be sayhing something to Courtney that will upset her. Right then, Courtney comes out and admits to Jax that Dr. Meadows did not remember much about the hit and run. He asks her if that is why she wanted to talk to Courtney. He asks Courtney if she will walk with him. She asks him why. He tells her because he wants to talk to her and it cannot wait. Not far away, Jason is lurking in the hallway looking to find Manny.

Courtney goes outside with Jax and tells him she knows what type of damage he’s capable of. But she believes that not even he would be capable of attempting to commit vehicular homicide of Dr. Meadows. He thanks her for the vote of confidence but does not seem convinced. He tells her that he did not have the father he wanted and needed growing up. He is determined to give his child what he never had and be the father he never had. He tells her he realizes that he’s lost her trust but wants to get it back. And he hopes that she will not hate him for it.

Emily admits to Elizabeth that she and Sonny kissed earlier that evening.

Sonny admits to Carly that he and Emily have a relationship of warmth but one that is innocent. She tells him that he needs to realize that Emily is in love with him in a way that will be very damaging for both of them.

Right when Jesse is ready to transport Manny in the van, a shot is fired at Jesse and he falls over. The guy with the gun comes up to Manny, pulls off his mask and reveals he’s Manny’s cousin. Manny asks him what he’s doing. Manny’s cousin replies he’s there to get him out of there. He goes to see that Jesse is still setting there on the ground, unable to get up and unconscious. Manny tells his cousin he’s not going anywhere. Jason is not far away, lurking in the bushes watching them. The cousin asks Manny what he just said in response to their “plan” to get out of there. Manny repeats that he is not going. The cousin tells him he must cooperate with their plan to go with him and do what they always used to do together. But Manny tells him that he has a conscience now and is a different man. The cousin tells Manny he does not have a choice. He points a gun on Manny and tries to physically force him. But Manny restrains him and pushes him to the ground and pulls his gun on him. Right then, Jason comes out of hiding and pulls his gun on Manny.

Courtney tells Jax that she does not trust him. She knows he’s rigged the results of the paternity test because he wants to break up her and Nikolas.

Emily tells Elizabeth that her “hopes and dreams” with Sonny will not materialize. He kissed her but told her it was a big mistake and it was only out of gratitude for her saving Michael. She tells Elizabeth that Nikolas has moved on and so should she. And she does not mean an all-consuming love affair. She tells her that she will put it all in the hands of fate. She (jokingly) declares to Elizabeth that the next guy that walks off the elevator is hers. They stand by the elevator. It opens and Patrick walks out. Right then they both know that she’s put her foot in her mouth.

Sonny asks Carly just why she insists that he and Emily will never work out. It’s only because she’s jealous, he tells her. She tells him he knows all the reasons why he and Emily do not have a future. And it starts out with “this one”. And she grabs a hold of him and kisses him.

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