GH Update Friday 1/6/06

General Hospital Update Friday 1/6/06


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JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Robin are arguing (as Sam looks on) about the fact that, years earlier, she told AJ that Michael was his son. Jason thinks that that event blew Michael's life apart. Robin disagrees, saying that Jason is to blame in the first place for lying about being Michael's real father.

GREYSTONE: Sonny and Carly are stunned when they realize that Michael is missing. Sonny has Max begin a search to find Michael.

THE LAKE: Michael has fallen through the ice of the lake. Emily hears his screams for help and rushes to save him.

SHADYBROOK: Luke has arrived after receving a call from one of the doctors that Lulu is attempting to visit Laura. Luke thanks the doctor and goes to Laura's room. He finds Lulu outside in the hallway crying. She tells him that she can't bring herself to go into the room to see her mother.

THE HOSPITAL: Alexis and Ric are about to leave the hospital...they talk amongst themselves about how Jason didn't show up for his deposition. Ric wants to subpoena him as a hostile witness. Justus comes over to them and informs them that he filed a motion asking the judge to take Jason off of the list of witnesses. Ric and Alexis realize that Jason is refusing to testify.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Robin and Jason continue their argument, with Jason accusing Robin of shattering Michael's world and Robin defending what she did, saying that AJ deserved to know the truth. Sam brings up the fact that AJ faked his own death and kidnapped Michael and Robin points out that while AJ was wrong to do that, he was only reacting a chain of events that Jason and Carly set in motion years prior. Jason snaps that Robin has appointed herself judge of what is right and wrong in everyone's life. Robin points out that if it wasn't for her, HE wouldn't have a life at all.

THE LAKE: Emily has rescued Michael from the lake...she checks his pulse and is relieved when he starts to cough -- he's alive. Sonny and Carly arrive and Emily tells them that Michael fell in the lake. Sonny gives Emily his coat and he and Carly worry over Michael. Emily says she'll just go back to Greystone to change. Carly is so thankful that Michael is alive.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Robin tells Jason that he always used to say that she was the one who showed him how to value live after the accident. She has never forgotten that -- she will always care about him, which is why she tried so hard to help him when he needed the brain surgery. Jason says that he will always be grateful for that. Robin replies that sometimes friends have to take a stand. Jason understands that when she told AJ the truth she made the only choice she could...but he doesn't feel the same way. Robin wishes that he could see the way Carly uses him, at least for Sam's sake. She leaves. Sam tells Jason that she understands now he was so cautious when they first got together -- she understands that he doesn't want her to try to judge him the way Robin did.

SHADYBROOK: Luke and Lulu talk about Laura. Lulu says that the last time she saw her mother, Laura was happy and Luke and Laura were planning to marry. Lulu didn't understand back then what was happening...that her brothers and her grandmother tried to explain to her that Laura was sick and had to stay in a special hospital. Luke tells Lulu that Laura is well cared for here. Lulu admits that part of her was hoping that she could come visit Laura and Laura would recognize her and smile -- and the other part of her is scared that she'll accidentally do something to upset Laura and make her freak out. Luke says he feels that way too sometimes. He offers to go into the room with Lulu and she agrees. They go inside, with Luke telling Laura, "Hi angel. Our little girl has come to visit."

After the visit, Luke and Lulu wish Laura happy new year and leave the room. Lulu emotionally tells Luke that she's never coming back here ever again.

THE HOSPITAL: A nurse is flirting with Patrick -- Robin overhears and interrupts, asking Patrick to stop flirting long enough to give her her M.R.I. notes back. Patrick accuses Robin of being jealous and admits that he wouldn't be flirting with the nurse had Robin's "Stalin-like charm" not driven him to seek company elsewhere. They continue to bicker and Patrick touches Robin's face, trying to get her to smile. She ends up slapping him.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam are talking about Robin -- Jason says he is not angry with Robin and hopes she lives a happy life. Sam promises never to judge Jason or try to control him. Suddenly there's a knock at the door -- it's Ric and Alexis here to take his deposition. Justus is with them -- he tells Jason that the judge is refusing to release Jason from having to testify. Alexis wants to take the deposition right this moment. Jason has no choice.

CARLY'S HOUSE: Michael is safe and snug in his bed as Carly takes his temperature. He doesn't have any fever. Sonny comments that last time Michael fell in the lake, Carly had to jump in to save him. Michael comments that this time, Emily was there, and he owes her his life. He apologizes to his parents and Sonny instructs him not to order the guards around anymore or disobey his mother. Michael agrees and tells them that he loves them both.

THE HOSPITAL: Patrick comments that obviously there is passion underneath Robin's glacial exterior. They continue to bicker. Patrick wants to invite her to dinner, but Robin declines. Patrick tells her that she might have a lot of fun with him, because he has a lot of interests, is educated and enjoys culture. He also warns her that if she continues to push him away, he'll move on and she'll be sorry. He walks away and Robin stares after him thoughtfully.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Alexis and Ric and Justus have come inside and they are taking Jason's deposition. Alexis asks him questions about the things that Manny Ruiz did to him and to Sam. Jason answers the questions with as few words as possible, saying "I don't know" a lot. Ric takes over questioning and asks Jason about when he used to be "Jason Quartermaine" before the car accident that left him brain-damaged. Ric wants to know what made Jason change his last name from Quartermaine to Morgan -- was it because he thought of himself as a different person entirely after the accident? Jason said he changed his name to honor his grandmother, Lila Morgan Quartermaine. Alexis warns Jason and Justus that if Jason doesn't answer the questions truthfully the jury will see it as him being evasive.

CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly comes downstairs to talk to Sonny -- she tells him that Michael is asleep. Carly is worried about what would have happened had Emily not been there to save Michael. Sonny just wants Michael to realize that he must obey them. They talk about how much Michael missed Carly when she was at Rose Lawn. Sonny offers to stay for a bit but Carly says she's fine. Sonny leaves.

A DINER: Luke and Lulu are eating in a diner as they talk about Laura's condition. Luke admits that there were times when he didn't come to visit Laura because he couldn't find the courage. When he realized he was more miserable the more he didn't see her, he decided that it was better to visit. Luke tells Lulu that she has memories of Laura the way she used to be -- brave and wonderful -- the woman he himself fell in love with at first sight. Luke talks about Spencer family history, about how he and Laura spent time in an old farm house in Beecher's Corners, and because Laura was married to another man at the time, she made Luke hang a blanket between their beds and told Luke that while she did want him as much as he wanted her, he had to stay on her side of the blanket. Lulu asks how long that lasted, and Luke replied that it went on for two weeks. By that time they had fallen in love and the blanket between their beds finally came down. Lulu asks him what changed, why Laura went crazy? Luke says it was all his fault.

CARLY'S HOUSE: Michael starts screaming for Carly, who rushes up to his room to check on him. He tells her that he had a nightmare about drowning and when he woke up he found that her that his arm was numb. Carly calls a doctor.

THE HOSPITAL: Patrick as at the nurse's station -- the nurse tells him that Carly Corinthos is on the phone for him. Patrick takes the call and Carly asks him to come over right away because she needs his help. Patrick asks if this is a "true emergency" -- he is under the impression she wants him to come over for sex. Carly says she can't describe the problem on the phone, he just needs to come to her house and see for himself. Patrick asks if it can wait until tomorrow and she says it can't. She gives him her address and he tells her he'll be right over. Patrick tells the nurse next to him to call Dr. Lee and cancel his dinner for tonight because he has an urgent house call. The nurse says "I'll bet," and he leaves. Robin comes over and asks the nurse where Patrick is going. The nurse says he is going to Carly Corinthos' house.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Justus tells Jason that he handled the deposition well. Jason thanks him and Justus leaves. Ric quips that he and Alexis are going to take Sonny's deposition next, so Jason should call him to make sure he has time to come up with answers as clever as Jason's were. Alexis warns Jason that his strategy is not going to work, that when they put him on the stand he will have to give real answers to the questions they ask or else she will be put in a position where she will have to charge Sam with perjury. Alexis and Ric leave.

GREYSTONE: Sonny is home and Emily is there waiting for him. He tells her that Michael is fine -- he thanks her for saving his life. Emily is just happy that she was there...she notes that she wasn't paralyzed by self-doubt about her ability to make medical decisions -- she just jumped in and did what she had to do. Sonny tries to help her warm up -- they both become aware of how close they are standing, that their faces are almost touching. There's an awkward tension in the room.

CARLY'S HOUSE: Patrick has arrived, but he is surprised to find that Carly asked him over, not for sex, but to look at her sick son Michael. She explains that she didn't want to call Michael's pediatrician because since she just got out of Rose Lawn she's worried that people might "misinterpret" Michael's accident. She tells Patrick that Michael fell in the a frozen lake after sneaking out of the house without her permission, now she's worried that if too many people find out they will think she's a bad mother. Patrick notes that Carly could have called her mother Bobbie (a nurse) but she replies that if she called Bobbie at the hospital, someone would have found out -- namely Robin. Carly sure Robin would just call children's services on her. Patrick agrees to look at Michael. Carly leads him upstairs.

A DINER: Luke tells Lulu that her mother was so strong and brave, but she was also very emotional. He believed she'd pull through the tragedies in her life that had always haunted her. He didn't realize how fragile she had become. That's why he blames himself for the state she's in now. Lulu notes that he did do his best. She asks him if it's true that she looks like Laura -- people tell her that but she's never sure she believes him. Luke replies that everytime he looks at her, he sees Laura -- Lulu has her looks, brain and spirit. Lulu wonders if she has Laura's mental illness, too...because sometimes she gets so angry she lashes out and does things without thinking. She's worried one day she might go crazy, too. Luke reassures her, saying that Lulu has something that Laura didn't have -- a toughness, an edge, cockiness that comes with being a Spencer. Luke thinks if Laura had that attitude, it might have saved her. Lulu knows what he means.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam doesn't want Alexis to even think about using her against Jason. Jason defends Sam, who asks to speak to Alexis alone for a moment. Jason agrees. Alexis tells Sam that Jason has given her cause to discredit Sam on the stand. Sam thinks Alexis is willing to do anything to set her clint free. Alexis asks Sam to convince Jason to tell the full and honest truth on the stand.

Out in the hallway, Jason is waiting with Ric for Alexis and Sam to finish talking. Ric warns Jason not to mess this up in court, and Jason replies that if Ric doesn't make Alexis back off of Sam, he'll back her off himself.

CARLY'S HOUSE: Patrick is checking on Michael, who remembers him from when he did the surgery on Jason. Patrick tells Michael that he saved Jason's life because he is the best neurosurgeon in the northeast. Carly asks if the spotlight could please be put back on Michael. Patrick tells her that Michael will be fine and his arm probably just fell asleep earlier, explaining why it was numb. He talks to Michael about how it was scary for him to fall in the pond. The doorbell rings and Carly goes downstairs to get it as Patrick warns Michael to stay off of thin ice because you can never tell when it's going to crack.

Downstairs, Carly is surprised to see Robin at the door. Robin has come by to see if they can make some kind of peace between them after all that has happened in the past. Carly is hostile toward Robin, telling her to just go back to Paris. She doesn't understand why Robin chose this night in particular to come by. Patrick suddenly joins her at the door. Carly tells Robin to hurry up because she is "pretty busy" (insinuating she is busy with Patrick). Robin looks at Patrick and asks, "So you two are --?" and Carly replies, "Uh, yeah, damn straight we are."

GREYSTONE: Sonny offers Emily some brandy to help her warm up. She agrees. He tells her how grateful he is that she was there to save Michael. They get close to one another and suddenly, they kiss.

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