GH Update Thursday 1/5/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/5/06


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Alice (the Quartermaine maid) brings Luke a drink. Lucky enters the room and tells his father that Lulu is completely out of control.

THE HOSPITAL: Ric and Alexis are talking about the Manny Ruiz case. Alexis tells him that Robin and Patrick must testify in court that Manny is a changed man.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Robin comes upon Patrick and tells him that they need to get a few things straight.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Carly has interrupted Jason and Sam's quiet evening at home together by her insistance that Jason must stop Sonny and Emily's date. Sam blows up at Carly and begs Jason not to let Carly pressure him.

GREYSTONE: Emily, a bit tipsy from the wine she and Sonny are having, admits to him that she is falling in love with him. She tries to backtrack and explain tat what she meant was that she just appreciates him so much. She asks him to please forget that she said anything. She tries to leave, but Sonny tells her to wait, and that he understands.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Lucky informs Luke that Lulu was pulled over the night before for speeding -- in Edward's Bentley. Lucky wants Luke to do a better job of parenting Lulu. Lulu comes in and gets mad at Lucky for ratting her out. Lucky tells her that he is worried she is a tragic headline waiting to happen.

THE HOSPITAL: Robin wants to talk to Patrick before he makes his deposition. Patrick doesn't want to discuss it, but Robin urges him to tell Alexis that Manny has been calm and remorseful since the surgery. Patrick doesn't really care about anything except the fact that Manny is still alive. Robin thinks that he should try to take a stand for something for once in his life. Patrick notes that he stirs up passion in Robin. Alexis tells Patrick that they are ready for his deposition now.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam defends Emily and Sonny's right to date one another. Carly is outraged and she and Sam start to argue. Jason tells Carly he is not going to go break up Emily and Sonny's date.

GREYSTONE: Sonny doesn't think Emily should have to apologize for saying what she feels. He appreciates that she is honest, and says that she has wonderful qualities -- she's an amazing woman and he thinks the world of her. They agree to just be friends.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Lulu is upset with Lucky for trying to stop her from having the same kind of fun he used to have when he was his age. She thinks that there is a double-standard going on here. Lucky tells her that someone has to set limits for her, and now he has done his part. He leaves. Luke sets down new house rules for Lulu -- no more joy riding in the Bentley. Lulu asks him, "Or what?"

THE HOSPTIAL: Patrick has finished his deposition and now it is Robin's turn. Robin goes into the room to meet with Alexis and Ric. She tells Alexis that she believes that based on the surgery, Manny Ruiz is now a changed man. Alexis asks her how well she knows Jason Morgan -- a question Robin seems surprised by.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam goes upstairs so Carly and Jason can talk alone. Jason tells Carly that he is not going to fight with her, and he doesn't undertsand why she cares so much about what Sonny does with Emily or anyone. Jason thinks that Carly wants Sonny back. He pleads with her to just let Sonny go. Carly tells him that this is why she needs him in her life, because no one else understands her. She leaves.

GREYSTONE: Emily is worried that things will be weird between her and Sonny now. Sonny tries to reassure her, but at the same time tells her that he is not the right man for her because of how complicated his life is. Emily is so tipsy she trips and knocks over a small table. Sonny calls in Milo, one of the bodyguards, to drive Emily home. Before she leaves he tells her again how much she means to him.

CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly is back home and surprised to see Michael about to leave with Max so they can go to Greystone to pick up a game he left over there earlier. Carly admonishes Michael for using Max has his personal chauffeur. Max leaves and Michael gets mad at Carly, because she was gone for so long and now suddenly she's back and telling him what to do.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Lulu and Luke argue about his role as a parent in her life. Lulu doesn't want him to start trying to be her father. She gets into it about his marriage to Tracy and Luke explodes at her and asks her what it is she really wants? She yells that she wants her mother!

THE HOSPITAL: Robin talks about the differences between Jason Quartermaine and Jason Morgan -- Jason Quartermaine was warm and outgoing and generous, a good friend and a good man. She admits that she had a crush on him when she was little. Alexis asks her to explain what Jason Morgan is like in comparison. Robin says that Jason doesn't usually trust people very well. She says that in his heart, he's a good person. The bottom line is, that Robin believes that people can change, the way Jason did and the way Manny did. Alexis and Ric tell Robin that they are finished...Robin walks out into the hallway and Patrick is there -- he was eavesdropping, and he notes that he didn't realize how hung up Robin is on Jason. He asks her who dumped who? She tells him to back off and he realizes that she was the one who blew her relationship with Jason.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam comes back downstairs and apologizes for jumping in earlier during his conversation with Carly. Sam thinks that no matter what Jason does, Carly is going to find some way to put an end to Sonny and Emily's possible relationship...because Carly keeps herself in Sonny's life no matter what. The phone rings for Jason -- it's Sonny. He tells Jason that they have a problem: Emily.

THE HOSPITAL: Ric and Alexis are still in the hospital conference room following the deposition. He ordered food for them from the Gold Star Grille. Alexis thinks that the fact that they are working together is cause for a romantic celebration.

CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly explains to Michael that the way he is talking to her right now is unacceptable. Michael talks about how Emily has taken care of them all this time that Carly was away. Carly replies that while she is sorry that they have had such a tough year, she will not indulge his every whim...if he doesn't like that, he can go to his room. Michael yells, "Fine!" and runs to his bedroom as Carly remains seated on the couch looking worried. In his room, Michael goes to the window, opens it and starts to sneak out.

THE HOSPITAL: The policemen have been escourting Manny around the building lately...Elizabeth comments to Patrick (while they are both at the nurse's station together) that Manny creeps her out. Patrick compliments her and says that she would make a great O.R. nurse. Elizabeth says that she is happy with the nursing job she has. Patrick invites her out to dinner with him and she tells him that she is married to Lucky and she's very happy with him. Patrick says, "My loss," and leaves. Emily comes over to Elizabeth -- she had Sonny's driver bring her to the hospital because she can't go home to face her parents after what happened at Greystone. Emily explains to Elizabeth that she got tipsy on red wine and had the most humiliating experience of her life.

GREYSTONE: Jason has arrived to speak to Sonny about Emily. Sonny tells her that Emily had too much wine and admitted that she is falling in love with him. Sonny continues, saying that he was flattered and tried to let her down gently. He is worried that Emily was hurt and embarassed by her actions. He further admits that he lied to Emily when he said he didn't have feelings for her -- because he kind of does.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Tracy comes in to speak to Luke...she is upset about Lulu taking the Bentley for a drive. Luke is upset because Tracy was right all along -- she was the one who told him that Lulu shouldn't move into the mansion. He is waiting for Tracy to tell him "I told you so." Tracy tells him that it's just the voice of experience.

CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly goes up to Michael's room with some cheesecake as a peace offering. She is stunned to find that he has snuck out.

THE LAKE: Michael is playing near a frozen lake. His basketball falls on the ice and he tries to reach out to get it, but his arm isn't long enough.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Robin has stopped by the penthouse -- Sam answers the door and tells her that Jason had to go out for awhile. Robin wants to wait for him. Sam asks what's so important and Robin tells her that she gave her deposition for the Manny Ruiz case today. Sam is upset that Robin is trying to set Manny free. Robin says she has come to explain to Jason why she testified the way she did. Sam asks Robin if she really expects Jason to be okay with the news that she (Robin) is trying to help the man who shot Jason and tried to rape her (Sam) twice.

GREYSTONE/THE HOSPITAL: What follows is a montage of Sonny/Jason and Emily/Elizabeth scenes in which Sonny and Emily try to explain to their friends what they are feeling. Jason says that this thing with Emily and Sonny is not okay. Elizabeth notes that it's obvious that Sonny cares about Emily. Sonny tells Jason that he did the right thing -- he let Emily go.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Tracy tells Luke about when her son Ned was born...she was so young and she paid no attention to him. She told herself when her second son, Dillon, was born that she was going to do things differently. She kept Dillon with her everywhere she went thinking that was what he needed. Now she sees that the truth is she was just a bad parents, and if Ned and Dillon have anything to offer the world it's in spite of her, not because of her. Luke tells Tracy that he never wanted kids -- he had good times with Lucky when Lucky was younger, but Lucky's grown and a cop now, so that's over. Then Laura got sick, saddling him with a child (Lulu) that he didn't want. He is upset because he doesn't know how to raise Lulu...she's so angry all the time, she's especially angry that Luke was gone for Christmas. Tracy asks Luke where he did go for Christmas and he says he went to visit Laura in the mental hospital where she's located. He's worried the more he tries to be Lulu's father the more he'll hurt her. Just then, he gets a phone call -- he tells the person on the other end that he'll be right there.

THE HOSPITAL: Ric and Alexis are playing a game where Ric is blind-folded and Alexis feeds him food as he tries to guess what he's eating. Ric thinks that since Jason is not going to show up for his deposition, they should move on to dessert. They start to talk about a precedent Alexis has found that is a slam-dunk, with similiarities to the Ruiz case. Ric has blind-folded Alexis now -- they they kiss.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Emily worries aloud to Elizabeth about how telling Sonny she is falling in love with him was a mistake that will ruin their friendship. Elizabeth wants Emily to give it some time, the awkwardness will fade. Elizabeth brings up the time that Lucky thought he was falling in love with Emily...and notes how they've all gotten past that. Emily points out that Elizabeth said Lucky THOUGHT he was in love with her. She leaves.

GREYSTONE: Carly arrives at Greystone, certain that Michael is there. She tells Sonny that they need to straighten their kid out because he is spoiled. Sonny tells her that Carly isn't here. They both realize that Micahel is missing.

THE LAKE: Michael tries to get the basketball by reaching his arm down to grab it.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam is arguing with Robin about what "the right thing" in this case would be. They argue about Manny and Robin tells Sam she is a hypocrite because she accepts violence from the people she loves but no one else. Robin brings up the time she told the truth about AJ being Michael's father -- that it was the right thing to do and she won't apologize for that, either, just like she won't apologize for defending Manny. Jason comes through the door in time to hear her talk about AJ. She asks him if he realizes now that she was right to tell AJ he was Michael's father. Jason says that Robin blew Michael's life apart and he is still paying for it even now.

THE LAKE: Michael loses his balance and falls, crashing through the ice of the lake.

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